Whoa! This episode just ruled. I don’t even care that the animation looked horrendous. I’ll quickly present just how much Akudaikaan-sama (and other aspects of this episode) made my day.

1. Even more evidence was given that while Minori dosn’t get to do much, she more or less runs the show behind the scenes. While Michiru and Kaoru almost wanted to return to Dark Fall, it’s because of Minori that Kaoru realizes that they were wrong. She’d be sad. ^_^ Seems everyone secretly adores the girl.

2. Big, scary Akudaikaan-sama demonstrates his power. When his one-handed blast doesn’t do the trick, he upgrades to two and soon he becomes a whole new threat.

3. Akudaikaan is huge! His fingers are bigger than Saki. I feel a little bad, but I’ll admit that I was rooting for him. He’s that cool. Michiru and Kaoru actually support him still, to an extent. That took me by surprise. He did technically give them life though. However…

he’s going to take it away now! He wants complete destruction. *insert fangirl squee here* He destroys his whole fortress and finally stands up so we can see just how tall he is!!!

4. He’s totally winning in the fight against Mai and Saki. He was this close to killing them but…

Michiru and Kaoru aren’t pleased that he hurt their friends. They protect Mai and Saki with a barrier at the last minute. However, Akudaikaan-sama hasn’t lost yet.

5. He’s just too awesome to lose! I suppose it’s sick that I think he’s so cool, but there’s some odd charm about a giant monster with fiery eyes on a destructive rampage. Next week, it looks like he’s going to transform into an even stronger form.

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