Now this one was weird, not at all what I expected, but I really liked it. It’s basically a bunch of little stories taking place within the same world, based off an RPG game. First, the games concept is explained a bit and then we’re introduced to the regular characters. The orange-haired human girl Kuro(who’s hair is for some reason pink in the actual series, but retains its original color in the OP and ED animations) was saved a large number of times by a man named Lono and is pretty incapable of doing anything herself. Realizing this, she trains to become stronger by fighting against a giant ogre-like thing. She manages to win, though it’s more of a fluke, and decides to keep traveling with Mono. The other girl is Warage pink (don’t know if she has a real name). She’s a member of a sentai team. They save some people being attacked by a bunch of guys wearing masks. Both stories were pretty cute. The initial thing with the news reports and explanations wasn’t as interesting, but I’ll keep watching for now. The rest was very entertaining, partially just because it was so cute and fluffy. (Warage Black is so far the cutest thing about it.) I doubt there’s going to be much plot development or anything, but there were quite a few characters on the OP/ED that haven’t been introduced yet and I’d like to see how they fit into this RPG world and what they’re like. It would also be neat if the two stories crossed more.

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I thought this was quite funny, especially Warage Black making loads of mistakes…and the little bat skeleton after it gets eaten! Cute!

Comment by Hazel 01.09.07 @ 2:02 am

Glad to see that more people are liking this one. It’s definitely the cutest show of the season for me, especially the bat-eating was so cute. ^_^

Comment by psgels 01.09.07 @ 2:33 am

In the MoE MMORPG, Sacrifice Dinner is the spell where the PC “consumes” her pet monster to heal her HP.
BTW, the game official site is:

Comment by Don "Gamera" Chan 01.15.07 @ 1:53 am

Why do they say that Kuro is a boy on the inside? I mean, I get the whole usage of “boku” is for boys, but why would there be a boy in a girl’s body? Does it mean that a male is playing the game through the female character?

Comment by Marina 03.21.07 @ 7:11 pm

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