Michiru and Kaoru combine their powers with Mai and Saki’s Spiral Star Splash (which also receives power from all the fountains) to attack Akudaikaan-sama. They win, or so they think, but Akudaikaan comes back. However, Gooyan shows up and kills Akudaikaan by extinguishing the flame of his life. It turns out that Gooyan was really the one who created Akudaikaan and he’s the one with the ambition to turn everything to ruin. Simply by powering up and transforming into his stronger state, he shatters the dimensional walls of Dark Fall. Before it’s all destroyed, he teleports himself and the girls out. Gooyan’s next goal is to destroy the real world.

Would’ve wrote something about this earlier (especially considering that episode 48 airs tomorrow) had I not been sick for several days. That was SOME plot twist, that would’ve been even more shocking had I not read spoilers. But let’s pretend I didn’t and marvel at how awesome it was. I miss Akudaikaan already. I thought it was kind of funny that Gooyan was still calling him “Akudaikaan-sama” even as he was killing him. Too bad he stopped afterwards. I’m also amazed by Gooyan. I never expected him to be the final boss. I knew he wasn’t as weak as they wanted you to think, but having the ability to destroy worlds by powering up is quite extreme. I think this show has become Dragonball Z. Good thing it’s almost over, because it could only get worse. Still, I’m disappointed that there won’t be a second season, because despite the lackluster 3rd quarter, it’s been a very awesome ride.

Combo attacks... are super... awesome! Oh Noes! Akudaikaan-sama! He was the main villain all along So much for Gooyan being puny looking

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