-Kyoushirou, Mika and Soujirou take simultaneous showers/baths while contemplating interesting things that I should’ve actually tried to translate. AT least, we find out that Kyoushirou and Kuu’s prince aren’t the same person, but that guy is actually Kyoushirou’s brother… I think.
-Kuu watches Setsuna cook and makes commentary on how much she’s like a princess. Kuu decides to help.
-Kuu, Setsuna and Kyoushirou eat dinner. This has got to be the cheesiest scene in the whole show thus far, complete with dramatic face-wiping.
-While taking yet another bath with Setsuna, Kuu is thinking again about Kyoushirou and Setsuna’s relationship. She tries to remind herself that the absolute angels and humans don’t love each other. Seeing that Kuu is sad, Setsuna kisses her to cheer her up, but this just freaks Kuu out more.
-Soujirou and the cat girl (who’s name I really need to figure out) make eachother’s lives miserable while at a pool. This goes on throughout the episode and I was enjoying every minute of it.
-Kaon is getting violently smashed by something. I think this proves that Mika is a sadist. Himiko can’t get her to stop and is quite concerned by this.
-Kyoushiurou and the girls prepare for their next mission. Kyoushirou kisses Setsuna, which gets Kuu upset. When Kyoushirou finds out about this, he explains to Kuu that it was just for his duties. Setsuna is not his girlfriend, but he needed to charge her eternal mana so that she could fight.
-Catgirl attacks, which eventually leads to Kuu, Kyoushirou and the horse plummeting off a cliff to their doom. Yes, I’m also concerned about the horse. ^_^;

I hate to say this pathetic thing is my favorite new show, but it is. I love the crazyness and the melodrama. It’s weird because half the time I want to take it seriously and half the time I just stare blankly, wondering if they honestly wanted viewers to take a part seriously. The only thing I can find in this show that might be serious is the love triangle between Kuu, Kyoushirou and Setsuna. Despite the fact that Kyoushirou doesn’t love Setsuna, and Setsuna said that she doesn’t love him, I have a feeling that she does. Maybe I’m just feeling the same deception as Kuu, but there’s something odd about Setsuna when it comes to Kyoushirou. She seems like more than just some kind of battle doll. I could say the same for the Kaon/Himiko relationship. Ow, even this show is thought provoking. I must remind myself of the stupidity of this show. I mean five characters bathed/showered this week and there was also a pool scene and more yuri kissing. This is just an insane show. Also, I still love the relationship between Soujirou and the cat girl. It was so adorable this week. How does he put up with all the catgirl’s abuse? I don’t think that really matters though. I just hope to see more of their adorable interactions and more Soujirou shower scenes!

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Eternal Mana refilling, eh? At least it didn’t happen in an abandoned cottage and the whole scene being replaced with CG dragons…

That being said, it seems that KyoSora has 4 things that would be coming in great quantities: kissing (hetero or homo, either way), mecha fights, painful experiences and lots of yuri. Mmm…

Comment by meganeshounen 01.21.07 @ 4:48 am

2 things:

- yuri kissing is HOT

- catgirl is annoying and lame -_-

Comment by Danny 01.23.07 @ 7:12 am

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