Hunter survives being crushed because Shadow protected him with a web at the last minute. However, he’s still hurt. Meanwhile, Buguese and Aqune are able to get into the room with the oracle key. Illuma and Solan are surprised to see that Aqune has a manacle. She uses it to transform and defeat Lumen and Igneous. Grasshop hears that something is going on and decides to investigate, telling Sparkle to wait and be cute. While Magma and Corona argue over who should continue on, they find out that Stags has been ordered to contain them all. Hunter is angry because he used to respect Stags for his honor. Stags explains that he’s following his duty as a soldier, who is battling for the future of the Invectids. Stags then challenges Hutner to another fight. Hunter isn’t interested, but Stags attacks him, forcing him into it. Regardless, Stags wonders if the cause he’s fighting for is really justified. During their fight, Hunter drops his Oracle Keys. Corona eventually realizes that Hunter should use them and she powers him up. However, she continues to glow afterwards and manages to give Hunter the power of Nuuma’s Oracle Key as well. He and Shadow make a third transformation and knock Stags out onto the balcony. However, Stags still stands. He states that Hunter broke his warriors spirit and so he has no more reason to fight. He then purposely falls off the castle. Meanwhile, Buguese attempts to steal the Oracle Key. Grasshop, who was spying on them, is worried about this. Fortunately for him, Buguese can’t get through the barrier. Aqune can though, much to the surprise of Illuma. That would have to mean she’s one of the Oracle’s handmaidens. Illuma tries to reason with them, stating that if they take the key, the castle will crash. Then Buguese and all of his men would also die. Buguese says that he doesn’t care about this and he has no true comrades or friends. That’s only something that humans would have. But anyway, Hunter’s appearance stops them from taking the key and so Buguese calls out a machine-sector to fight Hunter.

Ho hum. Not a bad episode, but not particularly inspiring. Hunter’s new transformation was cool. Each one just looks freakier and freakier. Corona is also just getting weirder. She somehow managed to power Hunter with a third Oracle Key, even though it was nowhere near her and continued keeping Nuuma castle levitated. Stags was also fairly interesting this week. For a minute there, it looked like he was committing suicide. He managed to live though, even though he purposely threw himself off the castle. Now I’m just wondering how he’s going to get back in, or if he will at all. Since he says that he lost his spirit as a warrior, maybe he’s going to give up fighting (and perhaps being an enemy) now. I’m still not so certain though. It is good to see that Stags didn’t just forget about his code. He was pretty insane last week, but now we see that what he was doing was still a part of his code because he had to loyally obey orders whether he agreed with them or not. Of course, what interests me most is still Buguese and Aqune and their true love. There was nothing I could really use this week to add to my cracky ship, except maybe that Buguese was being a tad bit possessive again. Drives me crazy though that he sometimes refers to her as his pet in the dub even if maybe it is semi-true. I just hope that someday the second half will air in Japan, so I can watch the episodes as they were meant to be. I’d probably like them a lot better that way. Anyway, Buguese is still carefully following his nonsense plan and stating things that obviously weren’t true. I don’t buy his line about having no care about what happens to his comrades for a second, especially considering his past interactions with Aqune and Beerain. Likewise, during his speech, they were showing a still shot of Aqune for a bit. Secret symbolism, maybe. Obviously, he just has to keep making people think he’s so heartless, but hopefully it will show again that this isn’t the case. Next week, Buguese should at least get a lot of screentime, since this episode set up for a battle against his latest machine-sector/robo-beetle/whatever you want to call it. Now that Hunter has all this extra power, I shouldn’t see it being that difficult to take out.

Yes, I took this screencap solely because they're in the same cell XD Stags trains under waterfalls Corona's powers are getting weirder Hunter's most freakish transformation yet Yes, I still think that pissed-off Buguese is cute I don't blame her for being confused. This show makes less and less sense as it goes on Aqune hardly changes her expression anymore I'm under the impression that Stags is immortal

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