This week was part 1 of Asa’s story. If I wasn’t a fan of Asa, I wouldn’t have even had the patience to watch this, because the quality of my file for this episode was horrific. The voices and the images weren’t matched up and I couldn’t even see everything. I really wanted to savor the new Asa OP. (Surprisingly, the ED played quite well.) There were actually some new things this week, so I’m just a bit annoyed. Nothing different happened, but some of the footage was different from in the original series. Anyway, this episode covered the Asa storyline up to the part where she was explaining to Rin about how she was so cruel to her mother as a child, before everyone leaves to go save Primula. It also seems pretty likely that they’ll be doing an Asa ending again, because on the OP they showed scenes from later in her story arc. It would be nice if I was wrong about this though, because I want some variety. I was pleased that Asa won, but she doesn’t have to do so twice. Maybe they’ll fool me and do everyone’s ending or something. I doubt that, but at least this episode gives me some hope for more new footage in the future.

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>>> Maybe they’ll fool me and do everyone’s ending or something.

Definite possibility with Asa being such a good first wife material.

Comment by wontaek 01.23.07 @ 9:39 am

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