In the first half, Momoko’s constant intake of sweets leads her to getting a cavity. At the same time, Mojo gets a cavity from too much sweets and they’re both forced to go to a dentist. Due to Mojo’s disguise, Momoko doesn’t recognize him and decides that they should stick together since they’re there for the same reason. However, they’re both afraid after seeing a boy and his mother leave crying after their experience with the son getting a filling. Momoko is first to receive the local anesthetic and she has Mojo read her a story while this is happening. Mojo is up next and very afraid. He manages to get through it, but it causes him to break out. After that Momoko succeeds in getting her filling. When it’s Mojo’s turn,. He tries to escape, but is surrounded by a cheering squad and has to stay. However, he moves around too much and his teeth get chipped. This causes him to reveal his identity. However, Momoko transforms into Blossom and sends him to the moon, where he’s strapped into another dental chair. Back at home, Momoko starts eating sweets again, only to this time get a stomachache. The second part featured an abused business man who liked disco getting zapped by the black light. The PPGZ are invited as guests to a disco dance and everyone comes along, even though Ken isn’t happy about it. While Ken stays in the bathroom though, Monster-of-the-week winds up transforming into Fever Man, his monster form. He turns everyone there into disco dancers, complete with puffy hair. The PPGZ transform to fight him, but become disco dancers too. When Ken returns, the Professor tries to inform him of the situation, but Ken can’t hear him. When Ken tries to lower the volume, he ends up getting zapped too. When he tries to escape the disco dancer controlling the booth, he accidentally trips the wire and saves everyone. He has no clue what he did though.

The first half was definitely one of the funniest episodes yet. It was additionally amusing because on the date I actually watched it (which was earlier this week) I had just come home from the dentist. I didn’t have to get any fillings though. :P Seeing the torture of Momoko and Mojo was amusing. I don’t care that the fear of a dentist visit plot is clichéd because I just loved all the randomness, such as the cheering squad that Momoko somehow got to show up and the fact that there was an alien dentist waiting for Mojo on the moon. Sometimes this show can be pathetic, but occasionally there will be episodes like this that make it all worthwhile. The second half wasn’t as great, but still proved to be entertaining. Ken rules and I like it when he gets to be the hero, even if it is by complete accident like this time. Fever Man was a really idiotic villain though. The engrish was amusing at points, but he himself was lame. Stick with the Great Michel for awesome engrish villains. I hope he shows up again soon. Next week will be another Him episode though.

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I dunno, any dental episode that’s not Keroro Gunsou’s halerious journey into the Sargent’s mouth is not realy an episode for me.

Comment by Masked Bandit 01.24.07 @ 2:11 pm

I like how Momoko and Mojo were buddy-buddy in the dental clinic. ^_^ And the dancing and the afros in the second half was just so crazy. ^O^

The next episode is a doozie! I love the Oedo Chaki-Chaki Musume.

Comment by wrex 01.28.07 @ 11:23 pm

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