Mai, Saki, Michiru and Kaoru begin a Dragonball Z-esque fight against Gooyan. This includes powering up, screaming, abnormally fast movements in which the characters seem to be teleporting and leave shockwaves behind them, and Mai and Saki getting thrown to the other side of the city. After they get back, Saki fires a massive kamehameha unnamed energy beam at Gooyan which nearly finishes him. However, Gooyan comes back and doesn’t even look scratched. Filia and Korone intervene but sicne they drop the Carafe into the ocean, Gooyan is able to get the sun fountain. He creates a black hole to suck virtually all the life on Earth away. The population count will soon lower, as he reveals that Michiru and Kaoru will disappear. Mai and Saki are quite distressed. However, due to Flappy and Choppy, they realize that the sky and Earth still exist even if there’s no life left. Flappy, Choppy, Mupu and Fupu power the four girls up and Michiru and Kaoru are given a new transformation. They’re now prepared to fight Gooyan.

The DBZ-style fighting thing was totally ridiculous, but very funny. It’s amazing how strong the girls got so quickly. Ever sicne the Kintoresky arc, they’ve just been turning into these amazing martial artists. Anyway, this was a really cool episode. I probably should’ve watched it sooner. The fighting genre is really boring, but the occasional insane battle is always a lot of fun to watch. The fact that nearly all life on Earth was sucked away was also cool. It’s obvious that they’ll get it back (even if the preview didn’t give it away) but sudden moments of peril that put the fate of the entire Earth at stake are just cool, even if that means Minori-chan currently dosn’t exist. Wait, that’s not fair! Bring back Minori next week. ^_-

In other news, Gin-iro no Olynssis has finally been subbed. Now my favorite psychotic duo can be multilingual!
*Is amazed that I managed to find some pictures of Koichi and Misuzu in which I hadn’t yet capped. I’m well aware that these are way too spoilerish. ^_^;*

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Did you read what Shinsen wrote about Olynssis?


Comment by KT Kore 01.25.07 @ 9:39 am

@KT Kore- You’ve just inspired me to check. Very funny. I love watching the awful stuff.

Comment by TL-chan 01.25.07 @ 10:08 am

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