It’s time for me to write something for Shiori already? I guess that’s not too surprising. Whether the Shiori arc ends next week or not, which I think it might, it will have to end soon considering Ayu and Nayuki’s arcs will probably need ample time. They’re supposed to be the main girls after all. On the other hand, they’ve been getting small bits of development as the series went on. Ayu was pretty interesting last week with the whole Akiko drama. Getting back to Shiori, I’m enjoying her arc so far. It still feels too drawn out, but at least it’s interesting. I also think that out of Makoto, Mai and Shiori, she’s the best match for Yuichi. Their relationship is quite cute. So… Shiori’s gonna die? I hope not, but it seems pretty inevitable. Considering what happened with Makoto, I know this series isn’t afraid to off characters. I just hope the ending of her arc is decent. Makoto’s ending was pathetic, especially considering all the dramatic buildup. Since this arc bears a lot of resemblance to Makoto’s, it might have a similarly poor ending. I enjoyed Mai’s ending though, so there is hope that Shiori’s will be enjoyable. About Kaori, I have a difficult time sympathizing with her. I feel that she’s being a bit selfish. She may be losing her sister soon, but I think she should savor the time she can have with Shiori, especially because Shiori wants it too. Hopefully she’ll realize this before it’s too late. I won’t keep my hopes up though, because Shiori’s time is running short.

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I’ve enjoyed the Shiori thing more than i expected.. although it did seem a little too soon after the whole Mai climax to be putting us into tear jerk mode again

Comment by crayotic rockwell 01.27.07 @ 6:31 am

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