So it’s Nerine’s turn for a recap episode now. This episode featured Nerine learning to cook omelet’s for Rin, lots of havoc by the KKK, RRR and SSS, the girls helping Rin around the house when Kaede got sick and Nerine’s reaction to Rin and Sia’s relationship. Okay, I don’t care much for Nerine. I find her more interesting than Primula, but she’s not as likable as Asa or Kaede. (If you’re wondering, she’s on about equal terms with Sia for me, because they’re practically the same.) The earlier Nerine episodes actually featured the better part of her story before it gets into the boring double-personality thing, so this was kind of cute to watch. I’ll always wonder how Rin could tolerate eating all the omelet’s she made for him. Maybe it’s just because I don’t like eggs, but Nerine should create a new menu. Her most redeeming quality is constantly stopping the fanclubs, because they’re just so annoying. Plus, it’s funny to see her blow stuff up. Other than having destructive powers, Nerine never seemed particularly demon-like to me. Sia should’ve been the demon. Speaking of which, I guess Sia’s episode will be next. Hopefuly they’ll pick some interesting footage, because this show now has even resorted to recapping the recaps. The OPs and EDs are also getting more dull (though major points for changing them every episode.) Nerine’s OP was alright, actually, but her ED was really boring.

Even if this was recapped twice already, it still looks cool Attack of the vacuum cleaner I just like their expressions here A little angst is always nice

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Well, I’ve always found Nerine kind of boring anyway…

Comment by Zyl 01.30.07 @ 3:39 pm

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