Hunter is easily able to Buguese’s most recent Machine-sector thingy, or so he thinks. Buguese isn’t at all concerned and this is because it has the ability to heal itself. To improve his situation, Buguese uses it to trap Hunter and Shadow, which leaves them suspended upside-down to a pole. Much to Buguese’s annoyance though, Hunter still refuses to give up, even though he’s being fired at and has no means of escaping. Eventually though, the pole gets destroyed and so they escape. Because Grasshop removed the device allowing the robot to regenerate, Hunter is able to defeat it. However, Buguese is still confidant that he’s won. Everyone forgot about Aqune, who made it to the Oracle Key. She takes it and escapes with Buguese. Nuuma castle begins to fall, so Hunter decides to save it by using one of his own Oracle Keys. Unfortunately, he’s not an Oracle Maiden so he can’t get through the barrier. Corona helps him and together they save Nuuma castle. Buguese is annoyed by this but Stags is impressed and fully acknowledges that he’s lost.

That was brief, but since the episode is already up on Youtube, anyone can check it out for themselves now. It was actually a pretty satisfying episode, although a disappointment compared to the endings of the first two quarters of the series. Now only one quarter is left, but there’s still a lot that needs to happen. Hopefully they can pull it off, but I trust Bee Train. The series has gone pretty well so far. About this episode though, the first half was quite funny. It wasn’t intended to be so, yet I seriously love the Buguese/Hunter rivalry, so their back and forth arguing over the same things was really amusing to me. The fact that Hunter was upside-down only added to the amusement though. I’m really questioning now if the Big Four is down to the Big Two. Stags discarded his armor at the end, so I wonder if that means he quit. I remember when they kicked Grasshop off, they took his away. If so, then that’s a pretty interesting development. Since neither Buguese, Aqune or Beerain are especially loyal to Mantid (though Buguese wants everyone to think he is) it seems like the Insector side is really going to lose soon. They may have two keys at the moment, but without anymore strong servants of Mantid, that might not matter. Then again, since the Oracle Keys are so powerful, maybe Mantid will turn out to be a threat on his own. I can’t wait to find out. I can’t have a whole post without doing this, now can I?

Hunter looks too happy for someone being in his position This was obligatory It's love! This kinda reminded me of the Buguese/Aqune thing in episode 11, only with Hunter/Corona. Gotta love combo attacks. Solan/Illuma fan here. Sorry Igneous. Stags is still cool.

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you know what i think, i think hunter just said those things for two reasons: 1)to annoy buguese(which worked). 2) to buy grasshop time to remove the regenerate divice.

Comment by Michele 03.16.07 @ 6:37 pm

@Michele- Probably. In any case, it was highly amusing.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.07 @ 5:16 am

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