The fight against Gooyan continues. He creates even more destruction to the empty planet, leaving only a bit of land left. However, Mai, Saki, Michiru and Kaoru refuse to give up. All together, they use their ultimate technique, Precure Spiral Heart Splash Star. Gooyan is sucked inot a massive ball of light, but still hasn’t lost yet. He tries to take Mai and Saki with him, but Michiru and Kaoru grab them, saving their friends. Gooyan, however, is disintegrated. After that, the Earth is restored and all life is returned. However, not all is well. Michiru and Kaoru will still disappear. As they die and fade to nothingness, a miracle occurs though. (This is a mahou shoujo title. What did you expect?) The earth’s spirits restore their life. Once this is done, Filia leaves Korone’s body and returns to her world. Flappy, Choppy, Mupu and Fupu go back as well, but it’s only temporary. The four girls continue their regular lives. After one of Saki’s baseball games, she receives a trophy.

Yay! A satisfying conclusion to a fun series. PCSS was highly ridiculous, but I don’t regret devoting a year of my time to watching it. That’s not something I can say about a lot of anime. I’ll admit that there were times when I considered dropping this. I wouldn’t call it amazing, because it was, predictable, repetitive and very slow-paced. However, it had a lot of good things going for it too. When Michiru and Kaoru first showed up, the series surprised me for the first time and all faith I lost in it was restored by their arc. It was full of neat little plot twists that were perhaps a bit displayed but were highly emotional to watch. As much as everyone watching probably knew Michiru and Kaoru would become good, there was still that looming fact that they were servants of Akudaikaan-sama and thus bad guys at the time. Then there wasn’t any big plot twists until that whole thing at the end with Gooyan turning out to be the final boss. However, there were still a lot of entertaining things between then. Of course, we all probably know by now what my favorite thing about the show was. Minori-chan! Even from the early episodes, her character was my favorite for whatever unexplained reason. Maybe it’s just because she’s cool. She came closer than anyone in the show to finding out Mai and Saki’s secret, she was quite essential to the conversion of Michiru and Kaoru, she’s one of the few characters in this show with intelligence and she’s quite a good artist for her age. Did I ever mention she’s adorable? Darn, I wish this show was getting a second season so I could enjoy more Minori. For now, I’ll settle for Yes! Precure 5. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a fun show.

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Where did you find a RAW??? l33t-raws and S*M didn’t relased it yet. I can’t wait :)

Comment by Kaito 01.31.07 @ 5:57 pm

@Kaito- I used Winny, a P2P program. I was too impatient to wait for the raw.

Comment by TL-chan 01.31.07 @ 6:24 pm

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