While rushing to school, a pink-haired girl spots a butterfly and starts to chase after it. She bumps into a boy and falls over, but he catches her and asks if she’s okay. Embarrassed, she pushes away from him and apologizes, but the butterfly got away during this time. The boy is able to call it back and shows it to the girl, but tells her not to touch it. He asks her if she likes the butterfly and she replies that she thinks it’s pretty. The boy asks her name next, which is Yumehara Nozomi. It turns out that someone is watching them. The boy senses this and runs off, also letting the butterfly go. Wanting to know his name, Nozomi calls after him but can’t find him anywhere. However, Nozomi still has to get to school. Her friend Rin calls her, and so Nozomi hurries to the bus. She makes it though, and they arrive at school. A blue-haired girl, Minazuki Karen, is also dropped off at the school in a limo. She greets Nozomi and Rin, as well as a green-haired girl(didn’t catch her name) who was also on the bus. Karen, who is revealed to be the student council president, walks toward the school with the green-haired girl. As for Nozomi and Rin, they’re surrounded by representatives from various sports teams, who are trying to recruit Rin. Nozomi goes ahead on her own, but looks a little left out. She winds up finding a blonde-haired girl reciting some kind of script, whom she recognizes as the idol who’s picture was on the bus. The girl introduces herself as Kasugano Urana. Nozomi is very excited to meet her and find that Urana is practicing for a dorama. Later, after arguing with Rin over the fact that she should be searching for a purpose in life, Nozomi she sees the boy from earlier out the window. She chases after him again, following him into a library. There, she finds only Karen and the green-haired girl, but asks them if they saw a boy come in. They haven’t, but Nozomi is surprised and impressed that Karen known her name. It’s apparently her duty to know every student’s name. Nozomi then goes to continue searching for the boy. Everytime she thinks she spots him, he keeps vanishing though. Nozomi does find a gold, glowing book and curiously pulls it from the shelf. The glow fades but she notices a butterfly on the cover. The boy seems shocked to see it and refers to the book as the Dream Collette. He wants Nozomi to give it to him, but first she wants to know just who he is. While they fight, the boy accidentally reveals that he’s from another world. Nozomi and the boy have a tug-of-war for the book, which Nozomi wins. In a puff of smoke, the boy accidentally transforms into an animal, which says “Coco.” Nozomi think’s it’s an adorable tanuki and hugs it, which the animal doesn’t appreciate. He gets the book though and reveals that his name is Coco. Then the person from earlier, who was pursuing Coco, shows up. He’s called a Nightmare. The Nightmare asks what Coco wants with the Dream Collette. He replies that he just wants the Nightmares to not get their wish. The Nightmare transforms into a bug and starts to attack Coco. Nozomi tries to save him, by throwing the book which carried the Dream Collette at the Nightmare, but it’s sliced in half. That gives her the time to escape with Coco though, but the Nightmare chases after them. Hearing all the commotion, Karen and the green-haired girl go to investigate, but only find a mess of books and a slashed up floor. Meanwhile, Rin and Urana also hear something from outside. Nozomi and Coco are eventually cornered, but Nozomi still refuses to hand over the Dream Collette. Knowing that dreams are important things, she wants to protect Coco’s dreams. The butterfly from earlier comes to Nozomi and it starts to glow. It then turns into a watch on her arm. Coco notices it and realizes that with it, she can transform. Nozomi then becomes Cure Dream. Coco is surprised to see that Nozomi is one of the Legendary Soldiers, Pretty Cure. To fight back, the Nightmare transforms a painting into a monster, called a Kowaina. Nozomi starts to run in fear, but learns from Coco that she can fight it. However, the Nightmare grabs her and tells Coco to exchange the Dream Collette for her. Nozomi tells Coco not to though. Declaring that she won’t lose, Nozomi escapes. Using Precure Dream Attack, she defeats the Kowaina. The Nightmare escapes for the time being. Coco is very grateful though. He reveals to Nozomi that there are five members of the Pretty Cure, so she’ll have to find the rest.

Point one: Don’t expect me to write this much for this show ever again. I went on an accidental writing spree. Point two: I have no idea if all of my spellings and names are correct. There was a bit of engrishy stuff here. Point three: I’m very impressed. Of course, the first episode of Splash Star also impressed me highly, but this one was possibly an even better first episode. What surprised me is that the entire team wasn’t formed in one episode. They all made appearances, but there’s just one member of the Pretty Cure for now. So far, I think my favorite is either Karen or Rin. Nozomi is utterly generic (though could be a decent character.) The other two are also alright. Coco is pretty cute in both forms. It will be an interesting concept to have the animal be able to turn into a human, because that could lead to shipping with the Precure girls. I could see a Nozomi x Coco pairing. I doubt romance will be developed too much though. Barely anything came out of the romance in Splash Star. Still, I think it would be interesting. I have high hopes about this series so far. It’s going to be a long ride, but I’m going to try to watch it to the end. Also, I enjoyed the OP and ED much more than Splash Star’s first set of themes.

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Akimoto Komachi is Midorikawa Retasu. Yumehara Nozomi is every shoujo heroine out there. But… I love this show. XD;

Comment by Sana Jisushi 02.10.07 @ 10:49 pm

@Sana Jisushi- Tokyo Mew Mew was my immediate thought when watching this.

Comment by TL-chan 02.11.07 @ 11:06 am

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