So this week, Rin joins the Precure as Cure Rouge. I have major love for the fact that Nozomi doesn’t have Saki and Mai’s behavior of keeping their secret from the world. Yeah, just a silly pet peeve of mine. She actually tried to recruit Rin to help her. Of course, not knowing the details, Rin turned it down at first. In the end though, she faced her fears and gained the power to save Nozomi from the Kowaina-of-the-week’s bondage. Anyway, a lot of interesting things happened this week besides that. I’m surprised by how chock full of details and character development this episode was, considering this is only episode two. We got to learn about just how close Rin and Nozomi are. They’ve been friends for a long time and each is very important to the other. When they were little, Rin would help Nozomi feel better whenever she got hurt and in turn, Nozomi would help Rin when she got scared of things. Next, it was revealed why Coco needed the Dream Collette. Apparently, a close friend of his is sleeping inside it. I wonder how he’s going to get him out. Perhaps capturing the Pinkys will help. That’s another thing that was explained. I was totally lost last week by the concept of the Pinky Catch. I thought the watches were just for transformation, but I guess not. The final interesting thing was that we got to see the big boss. Or at least, I think he’s the boss. I didn’t catch his name though. What’s interesting enough is that he seems to be human. I’m a bit disappointed, because I hoped he’d be cool-looking like Akudaikaan-sama. Although, I guess it’s possible that he could transform into something else like that bug guy who’s been the main enemy so far. Another thing I got out of this episode is that the Nightmares seem to be an organization, rather than a species. I wasn’t sure just what they were last week (thought it could’ve even been the bug’s name) and I’m actually still not sure. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll pick up on things eventually as I watch this. Speaking of which, I’m not certain as to whether I’ll blog weekly. If anyone wants me to then I definitely will, but if not I’ll just keep this on the side for a while like I originally did with Splash Star. Then when I get more into it I’ll have more to say about it. If this keeps up with it’s fast pace though, then it might turn out to be exciting all throughout and require to be talked about more. I don’t know though and I don’t have my hopes up, despite liking the show so far. Next week, Urara joins the precure. She already knows about it, due to watching Nozomi and Rin this week, after chasing a butterfly to their location.

Their relationship amuses me much You're not cool like Akudaikaan-sama! Cute! Cure Rouge Now it's actually futari wa precure... but not for long.

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Thanks for this :) Now I can understand everything :) With you I didn’t need to wait for fansub :)

Comment by Kaito 02.13.07 @ 6:35 pm

My five years old half Japanese daughter has always been totally into these series. As soon as I can learn who’s who and what is going on, the show changes and the toys I just got her are out of date. She thinks Cure Mint is the next to join. Your info is helping me share this part of her life. Thank you!

Comment by Mr . Kelli 02.21.07 @ 10:49 am

@Kaito- Thanks. Glad I can be of help.

@Mr. Kelli- I am very much flattered. And yes, Cure Mint is next. If you’re looking for even more resources, I suggest checking out here:
I sometimes use it myself to look things up.

Comment by TL-chan 02.21.07 @ 6:10 pm

I haven’t looked at your newer blogs (do you have some?) but there’s one thing: The evil guy in the chair is not the Big Boss, because he keeps on saying “We have to make the dream of our great Deathvaria true” Deathvaria, maybe deadvaria (Dessuwaraia). Does that help?

Comment by Jitsch 03.01.07 @ 2:43 am

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