So let’s see. Yes, I’m a closet Naruto fan (not to be mistaken with Narutards, but expose me to the series enough and I might become one again.) I ignored the entire filler mess, but I’m quite happy to see that the series is back on track. There’s been a bit of a time jump, during which Naruto trained with Jiraiya, Sakura trained with Tsunade, Gaara became kazekage, Tsunade’s face got carved into the mountain, etc. Anyway, Despite the fact that the Sasuke mission was a failure and there’s a lot to be concerned about, everyone seems fairly optimistic about the present (or are at least temporarily satisfied about the fact that Naruto has returned from his training.). However, there’s something secret and evil going on, involving an organization called Akatsuki. And that’s as much as I’m going to say. I don’t really feel like summarizing, as I’m just trying to get used to the swing of things in the series again. I kept myself *gasp* relatively unspoiled about anything that occurred after the time jump (not much of a manga reader anymore), so I really don’t know what’s going to happen yet. I suspect most people who are watching this have read the manga and have kept up to date, so there’s no real point in summarizing what’s been known for years. ^_^; Anyway, I hope this turns out to be an enjoyable arc and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I’m also looking forward to the OP and ED changing, because this set is fairly disappointing. The ED at least has a decent song.

And now… pic spam!

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*pops up beside the last picture* Yeah! Naruto!!

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