Rin and Nozomi have decided to keep the whole being Precure thing a secret now (darn!) but there still exists the fact that Urara knows at least something about them. She eventually confronts the two and asks them what they mean by “Precure” but the girls (Rin in particular) are of course reluctant to fill her in. While in a school auditorium, Nozomi and Uraha later get to talk about their dreams for the future. Urara enjoys performing and making people smile, but she’s not happy because she doesn’t have any friends. Therefore, Nozomi decides to be her friend. She also explains the concept of the Precure to Urara, as it’s now become her purpose in life. They’re interrupted though when Rin and Coco show up, as well as a new member of Nightmare, who was spying on them. This one looks kind of like a frog. Of course, he’s trying to steal the Dream Collette, so he transforms the stage curtain into a Kowainaa. Nozomi and Rin transform to fight it as they have Coco take Urara to safety. Meanwhile, Karen and Komachi are in class and can sense that something is again happening in the school. Back at the auditorium, Urara is told to run away, but she refuses. Coco gets hurt trying to protect her. After this, Nozomi is able to convince her to flee. However, she still feels the shockwaves from battle and can hear Nozomi scream Concerned about her new friend, Urara returns. A yellow butterfly comes to her and so she’s now able to transform into Cure Lemonade. She attacks with Precure Lemonade Flash. Rin and Nozomi are able to escape the Kowainaa’s hold. They finish it off and the frog Nightmare flees. Afterwards, Urara is welcomed as the third Precure member.

Alright, so now we have Cure Lemonade. I personally think she’s got a ridiculous name, but I can get used to it. Speaking of names, the bug Nightmare is Girinma and the boss is Bunbii. Now I just have to figure out the frogs name. His character design kind of creeps me out. I think Girinma’s kinda cute for a mutant bug (although after Spider Riders, I have new respect for mutant bug people) but I don’t like this guy much. I find it interesting that although Girinma wasn’t defeated yet, the next villain has already shown up. It’s not that I wanted this show to be exactly the same as Splash Star, except with more magical girls, but I half expected it. Differences like this will make it interesting. It would be neat if maybe Girinma turned out to be a Gooyan-like character though. Perhaps I should shut up about him now. Fangirling over the villains seems to be what I do on this blog though, as of late. The Precure girls (or should I call them Pretty Cure. My usage of both terms probably gets confusing) are the central focus and also cool characters. Then again, it was Minori, Saki’s little sister, whom I was obsessing over in Splash Star. I wonder if the families of these girls will be developed. Nozomi’s father appeared in this episode, but that’s the only sign we’ve gotten of them. I must remind myself once again that this is not Splash Star. My goal between now and the airing of the next episode (which is only in a few days. Darn my vacation brain.) is to drill that factor into my mind. Next time, Komachi becomes Cure Mint.

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Urara’s aerodynamic hair! This one looks fun, I haven’t seen it yet because I’m lazy. Next time is Retasu, hm? I’ll have to watch for that.

Comment by Sana Jisushi 02.21.07 @ 10:02 pm

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