Buguese finds out that somebody broke into the fortress and isn’t happy about that. He tries to figure out who it might’ve been. Meanwhile, Corona’s light and dark sides, materialized in the form of pixies, argue with each other over what she should do about her feelings for Hunter. Hunter interrupts the mess going on in Corona’s mind when he calls her to tell her that the sun seems to be fading. He asks her if she knows what it means, since she’s a handmaiden, but Corona doesn’t know either. Back at the fortress, Beerain searches for Buguese, to tell him about what happened with Mantid. However, Mantid sends Buguese out with several soldiers. Beerain witnesses his ship flying away and is upset that she lost her opportunity. However, Aqune then shows up to confront her. She’s angry at Beerain for being a traitor. They both prepare their weapons. Hunter discusses with the others his plans to go to Mantid’s main castle. He wants to try and negotiate with Mantid. (Yeah, like that’ll work.) Shadow thinks his plan is crazy. To get there, they will first have to cross the field of fog, which contains mists that are poisonous to humans. Hunter is determined to do something though. He’s bothered by the fact that they were able to save Nuuma, but can’t do anything for Arachna. Corona is very unsure of herself, due to still not remembering her past, and suggests that they talk it over with the other Spider Riders first. Back at the fortress, Aqune fights with Beerain. Aqune hurts Beerain badly. She prepares to finish Beerain off by clipping her wings, but she’s stopped by the Oracle and so Beerain escapes. Aqune is upset that the Oracle abandoned her, but wonders if maybe she was the one who abandoned the Oracle. Corona goes to make some dinner, while Hunter talks with Shadow. Hunter wonders if he’s a fool, but Shadow tries to explain to him that Hunter has a lot of good qualities but nobody can be perfect (except him of course. XD) Hunter just has to do what’s best now. This is eating Corona’s cooking. That will surely be an act of bravery. Then Buguese shows up and releases his soldiers on Hunter. Hunter is having trouble, because he can’t release the Oracle Key’s power. Buguese is happy about this because the Oracle now must’ve abandoned the Spider Riders. Corona goes to help Hunter and Lumen, Mamga and Igneous also show up. However, they’re still losing. Buguese retreats though, because he’s content with the fact that the Spider Riders will soon be in despair, so it’s like he’s won already. Still, he wonders if maybe there’s another reason that the Oracle’s power was cut off. Mantid now believes that he’s lost Aqune’s loyalty, due to the Oracle. Still, he doesn’t seem too concerned about it. As Buguese flies back to the fortress, Beerain watches his ship and is upset that she can’t fly to him, due to her wings being too damaged. She starts to cry.

ZOMG! That was so unintentionally funny. Also, Aqune got to do something for the first time in several weeks. What was even better to me is that she pwned Beerain. I always thought it would be an amusing thing if those two fought, but I never actually expected to happen. It would be funnier if they fought over Buguese though. Actually, I’m not quite sure why they were fighting, but I thought it was funny how Beerain claimed she didn’t want to fight Aqune, yet had a weapon out before that and she said it in a tone of voice which makes me think she actually did. This was just fine though, especially because Aqune won. It’s a shame she couldn’t finish Beerain off completely. From the start, Beerain was my least favorite character. I had thought that after episode 35 though, my respect points for her couldn’t go down any lower. I was wrong. She even got to the point where she was crying. I know I was supposed to feel bad for her, but I was secretly thinking “Ha ha! You can’t fly anymore. I hope your wing damage is permanent.” I’m a prick sometimes, I guess. Actaully, I was kind of mad at myself for thinking that. Many apologies, but I try to post my honest opinion here on my blog and that really was what crossed my mind. The other part that was completely funny to me was Buguese’s reaction to seeing that Hunter lost the Oracle’s power. He was super happy over that. He’s wrong though that the Oracle abandoned the Spider Riders. Actually, it was all Mantid’s fault. Plus, they used Buguese’s constant “why?”in this episode. That made the Japanese version amusing, especially in episode 23. It’s a shame it was changed in the dub. Oh and Hunter/Corona fans, you’ll like this episode.

Edit: And I was thinking, since I never got a chance to mention it here, it was reported like two weeks ago that the Japanese version of Spider Riders will continue. It will apparently be premering in April.

20 Comments so far

Best episode so far, for me at least…I mean CORONA BLUSHED ZOMG, this is getting serious. Character development is growing better and better. I know you don’t like Beerain, but I thought she was really interesting in this ep, and I really can’t wait until she tells Buguese about the treachery: it’ll seperate the good from the bad Invectids, I hope. A true letdown for me however is that the other riders showed up. This was a perfect episode for Hunter and Corona, but hey, there will be that one ep from what I saw from the spoiler that will pwn this one about this! Anyways I could write as long as you did ^^, I just can’t wait for the next episode! Keep up the good work on your blog!

Comment by Arnaiyus 02.25.07 @ 11:59 pm

Ok, here are the stuff i wanna talk about:
1. About the fairy people. Ok, that was so funny! So, about the good one. It wanted Corona to spend time with hunter. Apparenly its the time she’s been waiting for. And guess what? The fairy is the fairy of HEART and ROMANCE!!! Interesting!!
2. I agree, Corona wouldn’t stop blushing! WOOHOO!
3.I loved how the others reacted when Hunter wanted to eat corona’s cooking! “Hunter, we’ll get you a doctor!”
4. Beerain truly was annoying. Who does she think she is comparing herself to Aqune. I had no intension of her winning. Can’t wait to see Buguese’s face. Probably won’t believe her.
4. About Hunter wanting to eat the cooking. Ok, so he told Shadow it was because it was “really courageous.” But, it could also be because Corona was so mad at him it would probably stop her bomb of angyness. But i think its because some one’s in looooooove.
5. Now, i was so mad that hunter actually TRAPPED his girl friend to be. But i completely forgave him after he said he would protect Corona. It was a crying moment.
6. I think Buguese left when his weirdo army was winning because all he wanted to confirm was that Hunter’s keys didn’t work anymore.
7. What made me happy, was that Hunter finally got the big idea. Going to Mantid’s castle. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this, and 9 episodes left his fine. It will take 5 to get there, and maybe 4 for the fight. Just like going to Nuuma, and fighting there. Thanx alot Shadow for spoiling it, but i hope the others agree in the next ep. But how will they get past those mists? Hm….wondering if Corona’s glowing thingy will be like a lantern to get across, or they might fly over.
8. For that scary bad fairy (i never thought i’d see Corona with fangs). So, she mentioned that since Hunter is focused on being a champion, and Corona is a oracle maiden, they’ll never be together. I totally disagree. I think that maybe, just maybe, to become a champion you have to have…well, love. Cause love is like the thing that the bad guys dont have. Remember, Buguese doesn’t have any friends? When he and Hunter were fighting in Nuuma i mean. And why can’t an oracle maiden have love either. It’ll make them stronger in my opinion.
9. Loved when Corona was like “Get off my battle partner!” There goes the battle partner again.
10.Ok this is for you TL chan. So, i completely agree about you’re hatred for Beerain, but please don’t spend the whole time talking about it. So, this one, just like ep. 40 and 16 is one of those episodes that just focus on Hunter and Corona…and their relationship! So talk about Beerain, but talk about that too when its one of those episodes. And same for the pics. But be sad that she can’t fly…now buguese won’t know…
11. So, Aqune now. She kind of realised that, well, she’s a traitor too. She said, “Oracle, why are you abandoning me? Or am i abandoning you?” So, maybe the mask isn’t strong enough for it. Do you think Oracle has abandoned her like for real? She won’t give her powers to Aqune anymore?
12. So, again, we have two keys on each side. But..two keys on the good side don’t work, and i think its because Oracle doesn’t have her powers anymore. But, what about the two with Mantid? Since he has the powers, won’t they work with him? Thats bad for the spider riders, but i think Corona can use her powers to bring the keys back to work, just like in the last episode. But she can’t do that all the time, can she?

So thats it. I know, this is definatly my fav episode.

Comment by Vicky 02.26.07 @ 5:06 pm

@Arnaiyus- A very good episode, but not enough to replace 12 or 23 as my favorite. Corona’s blushing was so cute. Yeah, it was kind of disappointing that everyone else had to show up.

Comment by TL-chan 02.27.07 @ 6:48 am

@Vicky- I think that’s the longest comment I ever got. <3! Let me see how long it takes to reply.
1)The fairys were funny
2)Yes. The blush was amusing too
3)Even more funny stuff in this episode. Still not as funny to me though as the seen in episode 32 involving Corona’s cooking. I remember nearly dying from laughing in that episode.
4)I wonder what Buguese will think if/when he does find out. Kinda worried to see.
4)That’s something that can be read in many ways. I was probably a combination of reasons.
5)Yeah. It all worked out in the end.

Edit: My response can’t fit in one whole comment.

Comment by TL-chan 02.27.07 @ 6:49 am

6)That’s true. And he ws soo happy about it too. XD
7)I suspect Corona will be important for getting over. Or maybe Grasshop will help them in some way.
8)I loved it when the bad fairy hit the good one with her fan. She was funny. I don’t think Hunter being a champion and Corona being an Oracle Maiden can really keep them apart. Love is supposed to fight impossible odds anyway, and it seems even more romantic if two unlikely people fall in love. Actually, I’ve met people who are so caught up in their unusual pairings, that they never ship normal couples at all. Hunter/Corona could definitely happen.
9) Yeah, after hearing that part I was thinking “Okay, I finally heard it.”
10)Sorry. Oops. I’m the master of going off on tangents and then realizing how far I strayed from the point after I already wrote way too much.
11) I doubt the Oracle will stop giving her powers to Aqune, especially now that she realized that she was the one to betray the Oracle. Thought it was quite interesting that her mask seemed to stop working. I wonder if this will be permanant.
12) I don’t know exactly what Corona can do. I think she technically could make the keys work again, but I’m not sure if there’s a limit to such power.

Comment by TL-chan 02.27.07 @ 6:50 am

sorry if it was too long…but right after the first half….i knew i was in love with this episode…..WHY WONT THE EPISODE WHEN CORONA AND HUNTER GET TOGETHER COME ANY FASTER!

Comment by Vicky 02.27.07 @ 5:18 pm

@Vicky- Nothing wrong wih lenghty comments. They’re kinda cool, because I don’t get crazy long comments often.
I heard somewhere that Hunter and Corona might not get together by the end (or at least not fully) because since the producers want to make more seasons, they want to go slowly with their relationship. But they will get together someday.

Comment by TL-chan 02.28.07 @ 6:25 am

It sounds like Corona is having trouble deciding on what to do about her feelings for Hunter. I wonder if Hunter is having problems with his feelings for Corona too.

Comment by Matt Gross 02.28.07 @ 4:39 pm

It sounds like Beerain is in love with Buguese and hates Aqune.

Comment by Matt Gross 02.28.07 @ 5:09 pm

it would be kinda creepy if beerain was in love with bugesse!but it does sound likes she hates aqune by being more important than her.

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.02.07 @ 12:27 am

@Matt Gross- Much agreed. I kind of wonder why Hunter’s feelings for Corona get little development at all.

@bb/puppyface- Beerain is very much in love with Buguese. If one thinks about it, that was even visible from the earlier episodes. Whether Buguese likes her in return is still unknown.

Comment by TL-chan 03.02.07 @ 6:08 am

how many seasons do you think are going to be made? Because, it makes total sense if there are more seasons, and hunter and corona don’t get together by the end of the first one. Because, wouln’t it be kinda awkward if the two are like, girl friend and boy friend, and their still saving arachna? But, if the invectids get defeated (or join the spider riders, whatever happens), what evil is there to beat? And if the invectids become friends, then everyone will be even more powerful, so the new evil has got to be strong. So, if there are more seasons, then the invectids will probably stay enemies by the end of this season.

Comment by Vicky 03.02.07 @ 10:45 am

@Vicky- From what I hear, the creator wants to make seasons for as long as the Japanese producers will keep animating it. I don’t know whether the Invectids will stay enemies. Seeing what’s been happening with them now, I’m guessing that they probably won’t be and there will be new villains in later seasons.

Comment by TL-chan 03.02.07 @ 11:19 am

i’d love to see the new villains! Although they’d have to be much more powerful if the invectids join the good side.

Comment by Vicky 03.05.07 @ 5:02 pm

id acutualy like to see that 2.but couldn’t see mantid going all goodie goodie…i do see bugesse trying to fight the thought he was betraded.i kinda see mantid dieing.or swering 2 come back(4 a second season of course!)

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.06.07 @ 10:22 pm

Whoever wrote the paragraph after the episode summary, you are so mean and cold and all of you who agree with him or her! I mean, I think Beerain been through enough. I mean, look at her! She was trying to save the Invectids by telling Buguese that Mantid want the Oracle’s power for himself. Then Aqune, obviously being lied to by Mantid that Beerain is a traitor, finds her and attacks her and damages her wings. I think it is a good thing the Oracle stopped Aqune from killing Beerain. I think maybe the Oracle saw that Beerain was just trying to help the Invectids or maybe she shined that light at Aqune because it would have been dishonor if Aqune did kill Beerain.

I feel sorry for Beerain and all of you should too. I mean, the way she cried at the end because she felt useless. I have never seen her like that before. You would think in previous episodes that she was evil enough not to show emotion. And she did. She deserves your sympathy. It is upsetting to me that maybe she migt not be able to fly anymore.

Comment by mayabelle 05.12.07 @ 3:01 pm

First of all, does anybody know the exact reason for the Oracle shining the light at Aqune? Could it be, like I said before, that the Oracle saw how Beerain was trying to help the invectids or was it because Aqune was dishonorable? Please answer this.

Aqune was dishonorable because even when Beerain was badly hurt, she was about to kill her. I learned in another one of my favorite TV shows that you must never strike an enemy when he or she has fallen or is helpless. Beerain was helpless that moment. I bet the Oracle saw that and wanted to stop Aqune from killing someone who obviously has a heart. The Oracle stopped Aqune from making a terrible mistake. I think that Aqune abandoned the Oracle because of her dishonor.

Comment by mayabelle 06.12.07 @ 7:51 pm

This episode does indeed show signs that Corona has feelings for Hunter. It wasn’t only the pixies showing some evidence. When Hunter said to Corona at the beginning of the episode that it was only him and her holding the fort, she blushed. And by what she said after that about her and Hunter having to have a conversation, that showed that she was starting to become uncomfortable around Hunter, at least maybe when alone.

Since I just saw the season finale, I hope those two start showing stronger evidence about being in love. There might conflicts though since Aqune is back to normal in the end and when she is around, she and Hunter are inseparable, obviously due to her soft-spoken, gentle, and sweet attitude, a foil to Corona, who is sometimes ill-tempered and rough on Hunter when he does crazy things. I believe that Hunter and Corona are meant for each other, since he has been with her more than Aqune.

I also think Aqune and Magma might start to like each other in the second season. They never really talked to each other too much during the show, but their spiders are siblings. Their spiders cannot be apart. If they can’t be apart, Aqune and Magma cannot be apart.

Comment by mayabelle 07.21.07 @ 12:22 am

@Mayabelle- I’d considered Magma/Aqune, but at the time, there’s really been little interaction between them. Plus, Magma loves Quake. XD Joking aside, it doesn’t have enough basis or build-up to interest me.

As much as I love Buguese/Aqune to death, Hunter/Aqune was always cute to me. However, Hunter and Corona really can’t be broken up. They were together from the start. I’ll just keep Aqune with Buguese, since they’re also pretty cute together. Beisdes, Aqune won’t be a teenager forever.

Edit: Oh, and about Brutus and Portia being inseparable, I doubt they’ll have to be together always. That would be the same as saying that Aqune and Corona would have to be together all the time, because they’re siblings. I’m sure the two spiders could get along on their own.

Comment by TL-chan 07.21.07 @ 6:48 pm


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