After Beerain makes it safely away from those who were still pursuing her, she falls off a cliff. In Arachna Kingdom, Slate reports to Lily in a Panic that Sparkle and Grasshop are missing. Lily thinks the only thing to be worried about though is that Grasshop might not be able to keep up with Sparkle. That’s quite the case, but Sparkle encourages Grasshop not to give up. The two hear something in the bushes and are surprised to find Beerain. Meanwhile, Mantid sends Buguese off to get the Oracle Keys once again, telling him not to return until he has them. The Spider Riders are all questioning Hunter’s plans to try and negotiate with the Invectids. They don’t think that it will do them any good, but they do want peace, so they let Hunter test his theory when Buguese arrives. Grasshop tries to help Beerain by bandaging his wounds. Apparently, he’s become quite skilled at doing such, due to all his defeats at the hands of the Spider Riders. Sparkle apologizes for this, but Grasshop is okay with it. The two then decide to go and find lunch. Beerain is touched to see a human and Invectid getting along the way those two do. Meanwhile, Hunter proposes his idea of negotiation to Buguese, who thinks it’s a trick. Hunter says that this isn’t true, asks what the Invectids want and offers to help. Buguese replies that all they want is the Oracle Keys. The attempts at negotiation get them nowhere, but Hunter decides that he will give Buguese the Oracle Keys. Beerain finds out from Grasshop that Buguese is in Darkland. She’s still very weak, but is determined to get there. Back in Darkland, Igneous stops Hunter from handing over the Oracle Keys. The other Spider Riders are also against the idea, so Buguese decides that the only way to settle their differences is to have one final fight against Hunter. Magma, still angry at Buguese, wants to fight instead, but Hunter states that it’s his fight and accepts the challenge. While they fight, Grasshop and Sparkle discover that Beerain has disappeared. Buguese is confident that he’ll win the fight, due to the fact that Hunters Oracle Keys still don’t work. Because he’s stronger, he takes the upper hand. Hunter is saved though at the last minute when Corona’s powers suddenly activate. The battle is then interfered with again when Beerain appears. She tells Buguese the truth about Mantid, but Buguese refuses to listen. Even though Beerain brings up the fact that Buguese was doubting Mantid, Buguese has decided now to remain loyal. He leaves, making Beerain very upset. Back on his ship, Buguese regrets no listening to Beerain, but thinks to himself that he has to keep following Mantid, only because he’s the Invectids only hope to get their sun back again. Magma and Igneous are now very set against the idea of negotiation, but Lumen and Corona agree with Hunter. Hunter believes that because of what happened with Grasshop and Sparkle, it is possible for humans and Invectids to get along.

Quite an interesting episode, even if Aqune wasn’t in it. Boo! The negotiation thing was quite funny to me. Negotiating with Invectids probably would be difficult, but doing so with Buguese is like a death wish. He’s the most set on following Mantid’s orders and now he’s extremely loyal again. He should’ve listened to Beerain though. I can’t believe I’m typing that. The whole point was that Mantid has no plans of restoring the sun to the Invectids. Maybe it’s true that he could and he’s the only hope, but that doesn’t mean he intends to do so. I can kind of understand Buguese though, because I tend to put blind faith in things that could happen, even if I’m explicitly told that they won’t. This will only lead to consequences though. Beerain was again really whiny in this episode. She didn’t really bother me as much as she did last week, but she still could’ve toned it down a bit. I blame it partially on the voice actor though. She doesn’t sound nearly as bad in the Japanese version. Maybe I also found it a small bit hypocritical that she commented how she always wanted to see humans and Invectids get along, but personallydislikes the only other close relationship between a human and an Invectid. But then, theirs is quite, quite screwed up and always has been(and that’s probably why I find it fascinating), while the Grasshop/Sparkle thing is super-cute and innocent. Another really interesting point in this episode is how by the end, the Spider Rider team is divided on their opinions of the Invectids. While Hunter, Corona and Lumen (and of course Sparkle) believe that peace is possible, Magma and Igneous’ opposing viewpoints were proven true. Seeing that Buguese and Beerain couldn’t even trust each other, it will definitely take a lot of effort to get the two races to live in peace. Personally, I’ve always thought it could happen, but maybe that’s just another example of hoping for something that’s not going to happen. Then again, this is an optimistic show. It’s going to be happy in the end (unless you’re me, who wanted to see Buguese and Aqune get together Mantid.) There’s definitely a good chance that someday peace will be obtained.

Not really a visually interesting episode, so no pic-spam this week.

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ok. Its time for Vicky’s chat thingy.
1) So, we have Hunter, Corona and Lumen wanting to go. What was the only Hunter/Corona here, was how positive Corona was when she said “of course i’m coming with you!” But, as for Lumen, i didn’t expect him to want to go. I mean, he doesnt seem like the guy who likes to travel. But i really liked him in this ep. because he was so reasonable. Now, igneus and magma don’t want to go, so, will just the other four, sparkle, hunter, corona and lumen go, or will they join them? IF they stay to protect arachna castle, i’ll be sad, because they’re both really powerful (although hunter does most of the fighting)

2) Now, Buguese was way too harsh. Beerain went all that way, yet she got put down. What was freaky was that Buguese wanted to hit her with his sword. Wow. During the first half, i was happy to see beerain would tell him, but through the middle comercials (which are WAY too long) i just figured he’s so loyal, that he would never believe her. it seems that mantid is the only one that can tell him its true.

3) Boo, no aqune. I hope we see more of her while the spider riders are journeying to Mantid’s castle.

4) Well, now we have Beerain on our side (i think, because she might not accept it and leave the sp). What was cute, was that Sparkle called her “Aunty Bee” But when Beerain said “i’m not an aunt” did she mean like, your mom’s sister aunt, or the insect?? I know, its kinda obvious.

5)FINALLLY!! The spider riders have got the big picture. Well, Mantid’s got the right idea too. I was always hoping he’d consider fighting with Hunter face to face, instead of stay in his tower, or wherever he always stays.

6)To add onto Mantid, he was all like “that hunter steele is more powerful than i thought.” He said that after realising Oracle’s power was being restored to her (does this mean the sun’s working?), so its possible he was thinking hunter did it, when it was really Corona. I’d love to see Corona and Mantid fight, and hunter would have to suffer instead of Corona.

7)I already guessed immediatly that Corona would use her power to save hunter. Whats sad though, is that hunter has never thanked her for saving his butt. I know that they didn’t know of her powers for a while, but didn’t he notice her glowing? Well, actually, no. But now that he knows she’s an oracle maiden, has he not seen that?


9)I really don’t think there will be another season. If they make it to mantid during the next 8 episodes, won’t they beat him? And if they do, will Buguese be the new leader or something? But, if the invectids dont fight anymore (for whatever reason) what will the spider riders have to battle with?

10) I was looking forward to seeing the scene with Hunter trying Corona’s cooking and resisting it. And i hope we can see Corona’s light and dark fairies again. Hey, maybe we can see Hunter’s light and dark fairies !

11) Dungobeet was ordered to be there watching, wasn’t he? I really wonder if he’s up to something important. He’s always bothered me with how sneaky he is, and mantid obviously has something planned for him…i just don’t know how i know.

12) I really am looking for more of Hunter’s affection for Corona, because i see WAY too much of her affection for him. Plus, TL chan, why didn’t you post about episode 9 and 16 (two of my favorites along with 43)???

13)I hope we can see Aqune and Corona use their oracle powers together, that would be so powerful. But, better yet, what if they used their powers…against eachother?

14)I think Buguese wanted Aqune because she was an oracle maiden, and that would help the invectids a little. But, how did he know? How did Corona and Aqune get seperated? It probably could be for another reason besides Corona’s dream. Why didn’t Buguese take Corona instead (not that i want that)? Perhaps Beerain can tell Corona, as she owns the buzzrays, and they were in Corona’s dream!! So, did Aqune end up in the forest of bewilderment right after seperation, or a while after (i don’t think she went in there on purpose or on orders)? When buguese captured her, was she just in the forest for a little while, so he got her when she was little (she mentions in ep.34 she’s been trained in the ways of battle ever since she was a little girl)?? But again, how does Buguese know all this?

15)Corona seems to be getting more and more powerful with her oracle power, because she’s been able to restore oracle’s power. She had this cool scene when she was using her power in this ep.. The backround changed and everything and it was great. Again, Corona ONLY does it for Hunter. She does it cause she’s worried for him (”Don’t you see? I worry about you!” Ep. 40), but she gets worried for the others, doesn’t she? And yet, she only glows for him (although he’s the one who usually gets in danger)

16) Its a relief oracle has her power back, although, is the sun restored as well? I don’t think all her power was restored, mantid might still have some more. But i think the keys are working again (and Corona can make them anyways), what a relief.

Thats all for now, i know, i write way too much.

Comment by Vicky 03.05.07 @ 4:59 pm

@Vicky- Here goes.

1. I was a bit surprised by Lumen going with them too, especially because he seemed to be more with Igneous and Magma earlier in the episode. It seems fitting for him though, because he’s tried negotiating with the Invectids before, and then there was that whole thing with loving Beerain in episode 19 (although I think that was meant to be more of a joke.) I’m sure all the Spider Riders will fight together in the final battle.

2.Yeah. I almost didn’t want Buguese to listen to Beerain, but he didn’t have to attack her.

3. Aqune doesn’t do nearly enough. Even when she does appear, she just stands there and does nothing most of the time.

4. I’m not sure if Beerain will stay with the Spider Riders. It would be an interesting twist though. The ant thing was just a play on words I think, so you could read it any way you want. It surprised me when Sparkle called her that though. I wonder if she’ll ever have cute nicknames for Stags and Buguese.

5. I don’t think Mantid can leave very often. He was sustaining his life from the Oracle Key there.

6-7. I don’t think Mantid knows who did it, but Buguese might know, since he was there. If so, he’ll probably tell Mantid. I don’t expect to see Mantid fight Corona, but it would be a nice plot twist.

8. I’m wondering the same thing.

9. There’s no proof of a new season, but I’ve heard that the creator wants to make more.

10. That would have been funny to see.

11. I always thought Dungobeet was just a spy. I never put too much thought into his charatcer. Perhaps there is something more about him.

12. More Hunter/Corona is always nice. I didn’t blog 9, 12, 16, 19 or 20 just because I was unnable to get raws for them at the time they aired. I wound up watching them several weeks after they initially aired. The same applies to 18, but I had to write about it anyway after finding it just because it had several notable differences.

13. Either one would be cool (all though I’m a bit more partial to evil Aqune, so I’ll vote for the fighting for now)

14. Based on the original spoilers and the fact that I put way to much thought into it, I suspect that Aqune and Corona were separated before Buguese found Aqune. Therefore, Buguese probably wouldn’t have known about Corona. Corona seemed to be alone when she was on the ship that got attacked by buzzrays. I don’t know why Aqune wasn’t with her though. Also, (because of the spoilers) I never saw Buguese taking Aqune from the forrest as kidnapping. (Kidnapping would be closer to what he did in episode 34.) If she was going to be forever lost in there, I think it was helpful in respects, especially because according to those original spoilers, Aqune really couldn’t go back to her home. (Don’t know how true that is in this version though.) Now, if I had a clue as to how Corona and Aqune lost their memories, I think I could finalize my theories so they’re more coherent.

15. Corona loves Hunter. If she didn’t, she probably wouldn’t use her powers so often.

16. I don’t think the sun is restored.

Comment by TL-chan 03.05.07 @ 6:24 pm

ok um… well i got two possibilites for Mantid and Hunter: 1)that mantid will leave the fortress to fight Huntr.2)i’m actully kinda of hoping this happens because it will be cool to watch. if Mantid will order Buguese to kidnap Hunter because i’ve been wondering what would happen.

Comment by Michele 03.05.07 @ 8:40 pm

in addition to my last comment that if they do have him kidnapped i hope that he’ll be rescued by the other spider riders before they destroy him .

Comment by Michele 03.05.07 @ 10:40 pm

@Michelle- In interesting idea. It could be a posibiity, yet I still don’t see it happening. I’m thinking that at this point, Mantid will leave to fight Hunter, since now he has some power.

Comment by TL-chan 03.06.07 @ 6:29 am

can’t wait any longer…must know what happens next………

Comment by Vicky 03.06.07 @ 10:51 am

4 a second season im hoping they don’t completly deafet mantid and he comes back.i also heard hunter gets a new GIRL battle partner and im sure they are making a second season. i heard from a very reliable source….but i forget!!!!it for sure will make corona jealous!…….i hate not knowing what happens next!

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.06.07 @ 10:39 pm

@bb/puppyface- Hope there is truth to that. Jealous Corona is funny. I kind of want to see Mantid get defeated for good this season though.

Comment by TL-chan 03.07.07 @ 2:56 pm

if he is deafeted this season i just hope theres more powerful villians next year and a little more personal episode since we didnt see any this season.

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.07.07 @ 5:48 pm

Well, as much as i’d love to see Corona get jealous, i’d probably fall apart seeing Hunter getting a new battle patner. Actually, i’d die if it was Aqune! Actually, that might even be true. I’d love a second season, but….i don’t like this rumor…sorry to spoil the fun

Comment by Vicky 03.09.07 @ 5:16 pm

I really loved this episode. It was interesting, but also very sad.

I can’t believed Buguese turned Beerain away the way he did. I mean, Beerain tried to get to him and tell him the truth about Mantid’s true intentions in Episode 43. She even ended up getting her wings damaged when she ran into Aqune. He should have listened to her. I also cannot believed that he threw his sword at her, even though I bet he did that just to threaten her. He could have killed her.

I think Buguese is afraid of Mantid in some ways. The reason I think this is because Mantid’s spy Dungobeet had a Messenger Bug listening on his argument with Beerain. He did not want Mantid to think he was no longer loyal. He rejected Beerain obviously to get Mantid to think he was loyal to him.

I bet many fans would not believe the way Beerain behaved in this episode. She was extremely upset and unhappy when Buguese turned her away. The way she reacted when Buguese threw his sword at her and when he left, she sounded like she was going to cry like she did in Episode 43. I think that Beerain is now the opposite of how she was during most of the show. In the past, she was so dishonorable, so wicked, so uncaring, and extremely cold. I did not think she cared at all about anybody, especially Buguese and the invectids. But this episode, episode 43, and 42 prove that she is now more caring, more emotional, and more sensitive than she was before. She showed that she does care about the invectids. I also really believe she does have feelings for Buguese. Trying to tell him the truth aabout Mantid and her sadness at being rejected are very strong evidence to this.

I also hope that Buguese really starts to regret later at what he did to Beerain. I think he might have feelings for her too because of how he said to himself of how sorry he was for what he did. Like I said earlier, I think he is only loyal to Mantid out of fear.

Comment by mayabelle 06.08.07 @ 12:29 am

@mayabelle- Um… because Buguese is irrational? He’s been doing really extreme things even before this episode. He did regret it though.

And I still don’t like Beerain, but I’ll give you credit for defending her actions. She had a right to be unhappy, and (as well as the rest of the Invectids) isn’t truly evil.

Comment by TL-chan 06.08.07 @ 5:54 am

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