Grasshop talks with Beerain, who is beginning to realize that humans and Invectids will have to start getting along. Still being unsure of herself, she goes off, but not before leaving Grasshop with the information that the only way to get to Mantid’s castle is through something called “the labyrinth.” Magma and Igneous watch them and decide that they’ll have to start trusting the Invectids, in order to set an example to them to hopefully win their trust. Meanwhile, Buguese apologizes to Mantid for not getting the Oracle Keys. Mantid forgives him due to the circumstances and shows him a new weapon created with the power of the Oracle Keys. He gives it to Buguese. Slate and various soldiers catch up to the Spider Riders and they discuss their plans. They decide to cross the labyrinth. However, Lumen doesn’t want Sparkle to come with them. Ebony tells him that it’s important for all eight Spider Riders to be there. Everyone is shocked by the fact that Ebony spoke, but apparently, he can speak. It just has to be under really important circumstances. Therefore, Sparkle has to come with them. Having knowledge of the labyrinth, Grasshop is terrified of it and doesn’t want to go, but Sparkle and Lumen convince him to come along as their guide. Dungobeet watches as the Spider Riders begin there journey and brings news to Mantid. Mantid sends Aqune to the labyrinth to help Dungobeet capture the Spider Riders. Using a combination of their power, all the spiders and riders open the door to the labyrinth. Once inside, Lumen tries to protect Sparkle, but Sparkle isn’t worried, due to having Grasshop with her. Lumen isn’t particularly pleased to hear this. Corona is worried over the fact that something bad will happen, just as she was in Nuuma. Back at the castle, Buguese is unhappy over what he had to do to Beerain. He thinks to himself that once Mantid gathers all four keys, he’s going to take them and face Mantid himself. In the labyrinth, the Spider Riders are faced with a large cliff, with no bottom in sight. They’re going to have to be very careful in crossing it. Sparkle starts to get worried, but chooses Grasshops protection over Lumen’s, making her brother quite jealous. Dungobeet and Aqune spy on them and Aqune signals Dungobeet to do something. He plays an instrument, which disturbs a bunch of slug-like creatures native to the labyrinth. Though according to Grasshop, they’re usually docile, they now start to attack the Spider Riders. Magma is anxious to fight them, but Igneous states that it’s too dangerous to do so here. Instead, everyone starts to run. However, Hunter and Shadow are knocked from the cliff. As Hunter falls, he throws the Oracle Keys to Magma and Igneous. Corona is incredibly concerned over Hunter and doesn’t want to leave, but the others force her to. She continues to call out to Hunter though, through the manacle. Hunter survives his fall, but is badly injured. He hears Corona’s voice and realizes that he must be alive. Upon seeing a figure, he believes it’s Corona, but then realizes that it’s Aqune. Then Hunter loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Quake reaches the labyrinth and comments that Hunter’s lack of patience might’ve doomed everyone. Hunter and Shadow wake up in Mantid’s room. Hunter asks if he’s a guest or a prisoner, in which Mantid responds “we shall see.”

Enjoyable, except for one scene which made me cringe heavily. I’ll see if anyone can guess which one I’m referring too. (Hint: It’s not the one with Beerain.) Lumen was hysterical this week, with getting jealous over Grasshop. Actually, it makes me wonder who Sparkle really does like best. Probably Lumen, but I don’t know. Aqune was at least in the episode, although she didn’t do a whole lot. She was probably the one who bought Hunter to Mantid, although that was off-screen, so nobody knows. Maybe it’s because I have little-to-no care for his character, but I never even noticed before this that Ebony couldn’t speak. I just thought of him as “Lumen’s personality-less Spider.” Maybe he didn’t have a personality because he never spoke before. He still doesn’t have much of one. Spiders other than Shadow and Brutus have gotten little development though, so I don’t really think they matter too much. I’m watching the show for the humans and Invectids anyway, even if Hotarla is one of my favorite characters. I’m still not keen on the idea of Hotarla speaking English, but she was super-cute in this episode. For the Hunter/Corona fans, more stuff for you to enjoy. Corona was hugely worried over Hunter, yelling his name more times than usual. XD And I personally thought it was funny when Hunter thought that Aqune was Corona. They really have little resemblance, despite being sisters. Perhaps it means that Hunter likes Corona better. Points for you, Hunter/Corona fanbase. I get nothing again in the lines of Buguese/Aqune. *sigh* Maybe next week in some alternate dimension.

46 Comments so far

Interesting episode…they FINALLY left Darkland Fortress, I was getting tired of seeing that place…However I really feel that 20 minutes isn’t enough for that show

Comment by Arnaiyus 03.11.07 @ 8:04 pm

Gah my message was much longer than this but it seems it got cut and now I can’t remember much of it >_

Comment by Arnaiyus 03.11.07 @ 8:15 pm

see… i knew that hunter would be captured in someway i told you so TL-chan… but i am very worried. Anyway it was funny to see everyones faces when ebony talked! apperently they didn’t know he could at all. AHHHHHHHH I WHAT KNOW HAPPENS NOW! this week had better go by FAST!

Comment by Michele 03.11.07 @ 8:22 pm

oh and by the way TL-chan my has ONE “L” everyone ALWAYS spells it with TWO and its getting very anoying.GOT IT!

Comment by Michele 03.11.07 @ 8:30 pm

Here it is folks:
1.Beerain really should’ve stayed. She’d probably be able to tell Corona more about her past, because she owns the buzzrays. Where’s she going? Maybe, the same place as Stags, wherever he went.

2.Grasshop makes a good tour guide, talking about the labyrinth

3.I couldn’t believe Ebony talked. I thought it was Flame who only said wise words whenever he had to talk, oh well. finally, off to the adventure.

4.Corona barely talked. Well, she probably cried most of the time…i LOVED HOW SHE CRIED! She really is starting to superly love him.

5.I love how Hunter and Mantid will fight eachother (maybe), but Corona better do something, because hunter can’t survive without her super power. By the way, from the last episode, does that mean the keys are working, because if not, hunter’s in trouble.

6.I wonder what Buguese meant when he said “I’ll deal with Mantid after i obtain the four oracle keys” Does this mean he wants to get rid of mantid, so he can rule? if so, GO BUGUESE!

7.I loved how Lumen was jelous of Grasshop, although i hate Magma now, because he is so obsessed with fighting battles now.

8.I loved the action of this episode, but i HATED the beginning. All that time wasted could’ve gone to the end part which has kept me stranded. I CAN”T WAIT TILL THE NEXT EPISODE! I NEED TO KOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

9.I can’t believe Hunter gave Igneus the keys. Wait a second. HE GAVE THE KEYS AWAY! How will he fight against mantid? Anyways, he should have given them to corona, but i suspect he thinks Igneus is more suitable, because he’s the commander and all.

10.It was good to see Quake here. I wonder if he’ll be the one to save hunter when he’s about to get his life knocked outta him from Mantid. Will he help the spider riders get to him? What’ll he do? I need to know!

I think this episode is my fav (second 43, third 16, fourth 9). Can’t wait till Sunday. I seriously will die.

Comment by Vicky 03.11.07 @ 8:39 pm

i think hunter should of gave the oracle keys to corona…but i guess he didn’t have much of a choice.since he was falling…i loved lumen this week…I KNEW EBONY COULD TALK!!!!…i just didn’t know when he would!all together i thought this episode was really good since there hasn’t been many…grrrr….I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.11.07 @ 10:23 pm

@Arnaiyus- Sorry about your comment getting eaten. My comment thing does that from time to time. Yeah, Darkland was getting boring.

@Michele- Yeah, when I saw that I was thinking that my commenters were right. I expect this wek will go fast for me, but good luck with yours.

@bb/puppyface- It might’ve been cool if he gave them to Corona. I’d just be interested to see soemone other than Hunter use them.

Comment by TL-chan 03.12.07 @ 5:35 am


1. Ooh, I didn’t even thionk of that. Beerain might have at least some idea about Corona’s past. I’m not sure how much she knows though, because I remember in episode 34, she sounded surprised to hear that Aqune was an Oracle’s chosen. Who knows?

2. Yes, Grasshop was funny playing tourguide.

3. Neither Flame or Ebony seem to talk much.

4. Yep, Corona’s love for Hunter was shown again.

5. I don’t know if the keys are working yet. I’m guessing that Corona (and all the others) will play an important role in the battle against Mantid. Ebony did want all 8 Spider Riders to be there.

6.I think so. ^_^

7. Lumen was funy. Magma’s starting to get annoying. I used to really like Magma, but I don’t as much now.

8. Sometimes, I think this show is way too slow-paced. Actually, I think it could’ve even been less episodes, but thye waste too much time on dumb little things.

9. It was a pretty smart move, because the keys can be protected now. If he didn’t give them away, someone might’ve stolen them. Since the Invectids think Hunter has them, it will also probably throw them off. Hunter probably couldn’t beat Mantid on his own anyway, so I don’t think it really matters whether he has keys or not. I’m sure Igneosu will give them back once Hunter is found again.

10. There’s several possibilites. It might be Quake. It might be the Spider Riders. It might even be Aqune. Or it could even be Stags or Beerain.

Comment by TL-chan 03.12.07 @ 5:46 am

i hate how i need to wait a whole WEEK to see the episodes! Why couldn’t they be everyday? This episode really wants me to get excited for Sunday, because it left so much to be learned. So, whats really bugging me, is if Hunter loves Corona. I know its kinda weird to be thinking about that, since alot of people think he does, but i’m starting to think that it might be true that he doesn’t. He COULD like Aqune, or maybe not anyone.

Comment by Vicky 03.12.07 @ 9:51 am

i’m not sure it will be stags or aqune, don’t forget stags said his warrior spirt was broken remeber. Besides that mask is more powerful than the last one, and aqune did BRING hunter to the castle. and the other spider riders do think that he’s…gone(i think you know what i mean).TL-CHAN MY NAME HAS ONE “L” NOT TWO IT IS SPELLED “MICHELE” ALRIGHIT…..SHEESH!

Comment by Michele 03.12.07 @ 6:56 pm

@Michele- Sorry. Comment edited. I should not try to respond to things so early in the morning. I don’t know about Aqune’s new mask. Sure, it is stronger, but in episode 43, she still realized that what she was doing might’ve been betraying the Oracle, despite still wearing the mask.

@Vicky- While I can’t provide much proof that Hunter loves Corona, there’s always been one big thing that makes Hunter/Aqune an impossibility. That would be episode 21. The way I saw it, all of Corona’s dreams were meant to be negative alternate realities. Because in one of them Hunter and Aqune were a couple, I think that was supposed to be shown as a bad thing. It’s weird that despite the fact that the episode was terribly animated comedy filler, I’ve always seen it as significant to Corona’s development and perhaps a bit dark.

Comment by TL-chan 03.12.07 @ 7:51 pm

Hey tl-chan what country do you live in?i live in canada sorry if i’m being a bit nosey but i’m curious. anyway what about stags and the spider riders? and how the heck did they get shadow into the castle? what do think will happen next? respond as quikly as possible(thanks for spelling my name right explain later).

Comment by Michele 03.12.07 @ 8:31 pm

I loved the way grasshop did that corny dance when him and beerain were talking about they labyrinth and he’s like “oh no not the labyrinth. they’ll never survive.” good stuff

Comment by (v-man) 03.12.07 @ 9:34 pm

@Michele- I’m in New York. About Stags, I figure he’d know how to get there if he wanted to. His spirit might not stay crushed forever. I don’t think the other Spider Riders will just give up on Hunter, so they might keep moving through the labyrinth as planned and eventually reach the castle. About Shadow, I really have no clue. The thought has crossed my mind though.

@(v-man)- Pretty much everything Grasshop does is funny.

Comment by TL-chan 03.13.07 @ 5:27 am

Hey guys what do you think when ebony said “all eight spider riders must be together” i mean with hunter there are only six. dose that mean that mean aqune will break free of her mask and help the spider riders and will quake help them and will a mystery spider rider help? what do you think will happen next? i don’t know if i will be able to wait until sunday.I THINK THAT THIS IS THE MOST SUSPENSFUL EPISODE YET! I JUST CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

Comment by Michele 03.13.07 @ 9:14 am

oh by the way can anyone tell me what URI means please and thank-you.

Comment by Michele 03.13.07 @ 9:22 am

@Michele- The other two Spider Riders are Aqune and Quake. I think that the final battle will somehow be everyone vs. Mantid. At least, that would be really cool.

An url is the address to your website, which is why it’s just an optional field. Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s even asked for, but it’s just a default setting.

Comment by TL-chan 03.13.07 @ 2:26 pm

hey how do you think the spider riders will find out that hunter is alvie will quake find them and show them using magic stik thingy or whatever it is? what will mantid do to hunter will he battle him or lock him up in some kind of duogin? PLEASE tell me what you think will happen next.

Comment by Michele 03.14.07 @ 9:10 am

@Michele- All I can really do is guess, since I don’t have the answers either. I really don’t have a good guess for your first question, but both your ideas seem like possibilities. Also, I don’t think Hunter and Mantid will fight just yet. It’s a bit too early for that. I bet they’ll wait for a final battle, so it’s more probable that they’d lock him up or something.

Comment by TL-chan 03.14.07 @ 3:42 pm

what do you think mantid will do with shadow will he despose of him or lock him up to with hunter because i think mantid mainly wanted hunter? how do think buguese will react when he finds out hunter is their prisoner… NOT GOOD

Comment by Michele 03.14.07 @ 5:26 pm

@Michele- I don’t think it will be very easy to lock Shadow up. Maybe they’ll come up with something. And Buguese’s reaction will probably be amusing. Either he’ll really flip out or love the idea and want to torture Hunter even more.

Comment by TL-chan 03.14.07 @ 5:41 pm

TL-chan i agree about buguese i think he will enjoy it very much. what do you think will happen to grasshop’s family since he’s considerd a traitor? and WHAT do you think mantid has planned for hunter?(sorry about so many questions)

Comment by Michele 03.14.07 @ 6:29 pm

@Michele- Questions are fine, as long as you don’t expect the correct answer. I think that in the end, somehow the Invectids will be able to get their sun back. Then Grasshop will eventually move back in with his family. Of course, he’ll probably want to visit Sparkle often. Maybe he can move his family (and himself) into the castle. I think that Hunter will probably be a prisoner until someone comes to save him, because I don’t think he can take on Mantid by himself, especially without the Oracle Keys.

Comment by TL-chan 03.14.07 @ 7:07 pm

24 comments! Popular Ep for sure…that’s because IT WASN’T LONG ENOUGH >_

Comment by Arnaiyus 03.15.07 @ 12:42 am

yeah lumen jealous….hehe love it…he wants all of sparks attention

Comment by marii 03.15.07 @ 1:06 am

do you think the other spider riders will argue about what to do next because i’ve got a feeling that might happen. do you think the oracle will contact corona and tell HER that hunter is alive and might tell her about her past?

Comment by Michele 03.15.07 @ 6:08 pm

Just discovered your blog and love all the screencaps. Helps me decide what I should watch.

Comment by Danny Choo 03.15.07 @ 11:46 pm

I think all they (the spider riders) have to do is use their spider’s threads and like, use it as a rope, and go all the way down where Hunter fell (i’d expect Corona would just JUMP down to get him)

Comment by Vicky 03.16.07 @ 8:40 am

vicky what do you think will happpen next?( this question is for everyone who LIKES SPIDER RIDERS).

Comment by Michele 03.16.07 @ 8:50 am

Well, if my other comment about them using thier spider’s thread’s doesn’t work, i expect when Mantid is about to finish Hunter off (i think he wants to get rid of him in battle) Corona (and the spider riders) or Quake (i’m thinking Quake, he might’ve taken a different route than the spider riders and made it there first) might come and save him. He probably will get saved either way. When everyone is there (i mean the eight spider riders) they’ll finish Mantid off. I think that Buguese and Beerain and maybe stags (i think he went off to another world or something!) will realize that its right to be on the good side. I think when the Oracle appears (someway or another Aqune will get her mask off) she’ll use the Oracle Keys or something to get the sun back, and give the Invectids all the grass and stuff they want! Then, Corona will make her move towards hunter to win his heart!(yes, by the way the series is goin’, it seems Corona is super in love, so i suspect she’ll ask him) and Hunter will agree that he likes her and…well, the end!

Yes, i’ve been thinking alot about this. What sucks, no Spider RIders on weekdays and Saturday because of Teletoon’s STUPID march break movies!

Comment by Vicky 03.16.07 @ 8:56 am

@vicky-achlly i like looney tunes and scooby-doo but yes it does suck

Comment by Michele 03.16.07 @ 9:14 am

Actually, since you live in Canada like me, just to tell you, i checked the teletoon schedule, and at 4:00 Sunday there is a premier of a new show or something, so we’ll have to wake up early to see the 10:00 new episode instead. Just don’t want you to miss a new episode!

Comment by Vicky 03.16.07 @ 9:18 am

thanks vicky, but they just show those times. they’re for diffrent part of the world i think in the states. the real times are: 11:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. don’t worry it took me years to figure it out, sometimes i still can’t figure it out because of the time changes. by the way which province and city do live in? i live Regina,saskatchwan.

Comment by Michele 03.16.07 @ 5:32 pm

Oh, here, its 10:00 and 4:00! Probably cause you live in saskatchuwan and i live in Mississauga, Ontario! O CANADA! Love this country!

Comment by Vicky 03.17.07 @ 5:30 pm

oh ok, well for some reason they didn’t show it at 5:00 instead they’re showing “jonny test” and i what to see spider riders NOW!

Comment by Michele 03.17.07 @ 6:16 pm

Let me attempt to catch up on replying.
Note to self: Make hiatus notes more obvious the next time I go on a trip out of state.

@Arnaiyus- They’re never long enough.

@marii- Funny indeed

@Michele- All seem like possibilities. Still don’t really know.

@Danny Choo- Thanks. Glad I can be of help.

@Vicky- Corona probably should’ve jumped down. She was probably too worried to think of that. And hmm… interesting predictions. I’m not sure about Quake taking another route though, because I think the only options are the labyrinth or the area with the poisonous atmosphere, which could kill Quake. Of course, he could just take another road in the labyrinth, because there were three different paths.

Comment by TL-chan 03.17.07 @ 8:40 pm

oh i’ve woundering why you haven’t been answering lately where did you go? oh i just got another thought. maybe mantid will make a strike for hunter but shadow blokes just by an inch and pushes it back. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!!

Comment by Michele 03.17.07 @ 9:32 pm

@Michele- Yeah, I did mention it in my most recent post, but since it’s not viewable under the category filter for Spider Riders, I guess the people who read there wouldn’t get to see it. I was at a robotics competition in Connecticut, by the way. Kinda hard to explain, but there’s this big organization known as FIRST Robotics which holds these each year. I’m in a robotics team through my high school. I don’t actually get to build any robots there, I just write for them. I’m actually the club’s secretary. Since I do so much though, they bring me along on all the trips, so I get to go on mini vacations each year. ^_^

Comment by TL-chan 03.17.07 @ 9:51 pm

COOL!!! but what about the other part of my comment? and where do think the spiders come from like do they just waunder around the inner world or have they got their own little spider village?(i want all of you anwser this one because i want different opinion).

Comment by Michele 03.17.07 @ 10:21 pm

@Michele (from Vicky) Ok, well, i think it’s pretty similar to how Corona grew up in that village, i think it was called Araja or something. They probably just got born like we all do with a family and all, but i’m not sure how they get their manacles. I don’t think they get born with it. Hunter got his cuz it fell on him, wonder if that happened with the others. I don’t think it’ll be important in the future, but it’s quite interesting actually.

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 8:20 am

OH!! Sorry, i thought you said where do the SPIDER RIDERS come from, ok, you said spiders. Stupid me! ok, well, again, i think they just get born and i think they have their own little families, but i just think that some spiders, like shadow, wander around. Shadow did some “deeds” when he was alone, so he was just like some sort of hero on his own, but, i think the main reason he’s alone is that his family might’ve died.

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 8:22 am

Just finished watching episode 46!! I never thought i’d say this for a spider riders episode, BUT I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning Tl chan, THERE IS SOME SUPER ICKY HUNTER/AQUNE, and yet again, the ending keeps us stranded. Ugh, what a waste of an episode. Also, Mantid just revealed his big plan to us, the audience….but not Hunter, so listen very closly….

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 10:08 am

@Michele- Yeah, that might be cool.
About the Spiders, I think their lifestyle is actually explained in the Spider Riders book series. I’ve only read book two (was the only one I could find) so I don’t know the answer. It’s probably explained in the 1st book, when Hunter meets Shadow.

@Vicky- *sigh* Well I have a weird aversion to the number 46 anyway. Probably not something worth explaining, but I’m a very strange person. I still think that Hunter’s feelings for Aqune are nothing more than being devoted to the cause of saving her. Aqune likes Hunter, but he’s already taken.

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 12:46 pm

Really? You think Aqune likes Hunter? Not me, i actually see the other way around a possibility. Hopefully, we’ll have our hunter/corona in the end, OH PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!!! About the book series though, i have the first book (i loved the show so much i’m reading all the boooks!) on hold and i’m picking it up today!

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 12:56 pm

Can’t blame Beerain for not trusting humans. She spent possibly most of her life despising humans. You cannot expect her to trust the Spider Riders that easily. I least she does not seem to be evil anymore, proving it by giving Grasshop information about how to get the Spider Riders to Mantid’s castle. I thought it was wierd the way she giggled, since the way she did it, I am not sure if she had ever laughed like that before. She even is really unhappy by what Buguese did to her in the last episode. The way she said his name, I think she looked like she was going to start crying again.

As for Buguese, I think he might have had feelings for Beerain. He sounded sad when he thought to himself on how he had to turn her away.

Comment by mayabelle 05.12.07 @ 12:11 pm

@Vicky -About your comment on the manacles. I think from what Corona said in Episode 2 and Shadow in Episode 1, I think you have to feel like you will never give up in order to have your manacles attached to your wrists. Hunter got hs mamacle because he proclaimed honestly that he would never give up. I bet the others felt like the same way before they got their manacles. It should be revealed in the second season how Aqune and Corona got their manacles. Sina and Mina found Corona with a manacle and when Buguese found Aqune, she had hers. They had no memory of their past, except their names. How they came to be Spider Riders is very mysterious.

Comment by mayabelle 06.22.07 @ 11:21 pm

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