The remaining Spider Riders and Grasshop ponder about what to do involving Hunter. Corona is particularly worried and stares at the Oracle Keys. Meanwhile, Hunter finds that Mantid just wants to talk with him. Shadow doesn’t believe this, but Hunter allows Mantid to continue. Mantid reveals that the Invectid world is in an eternal darkness and that the Oracle is responsible for it. Therefore, they began a war to get the Oracle Keys, so that they could have something to thrive on. Though he’s surprised to hear this, rather than sympathizing with Mantid, Hunter believes that the Oracle must have a reason for it. Shadow, however, doesn’t see it as justified. Mantid then presents Aqune to Hunter. Hunter is still mad at Mantid for imprisoning Aqune. Mantid tells Hunter though that Aqune is not a prisoner and to prove this, he removes her mask. He tells Hunter that he can take Aqune if she wishes. Hunter takes Aqune’s hand, wanting her to leave with him, but Aqune states that she can’t, apologizing to him. Back in the labyrinth, the Spider Riders attempt to find the correct path, but are having difficulties. At Mantid’s citadel (fine, I’ll start calling it by it’s proper name now) Aqune cooks for Hunter. She tells him that her place is with the Invectids and this is by her choice. If she didn’t the Invectids couldn’t get any sunlight at all. After serving her soup to Hunter (in which she apparently had the recipe for before she lost her memory), she’s excited to see that he likes it. Hunter then asks Aqune to take him to a particular place, which turns out to be Grasshop’s house. She has Hunter disguised as an Invectid, so they can safely travel through the town. Hunter wonders why the Invectid town is bright, but Aqune explains that they got some light back after receiving their second Oracle Key. Although it’s still not as good as real sunlight, it’s made many of the Invectids a lot happier. Aqune seems happy about this too. Back at the citadel, Buguese requests to Mantid that he get to deal with Hunter (for the purpose of revenge of course ^_^). Mantid doesn’t allow this, as he says he wants to get Hunter to trust them. He does tell Buguese to watch Hunter though. Secretly, Buguese sits there wondering to himself if Aqune and Hunter are on a date. Kidding, we don’t even get to see him watching them, and this disappoints me, because it would probably be hysterical. I must write a fanfic about that! Hunter and Aqune eventually reach Grasshop’s house. His family is pleased with the news that Grasshop is doing well and his kids are excited by the thought of Grasshop being a Spider Rider (which technically isn’t the case, but their fantasy is adorable.) During this time, the Spider Riders begin to fight against the slugs in the labyrinth, while Corona protects the Oracle Keys. Dungobeet is watching them. He makes the slugs retreat. Hunter gets the chance to communicate with Corona, but his signal dies. However, they at least know that Hunter is alive. They decide to continue through the labyrinth. Quake creates a portal so that he can get to the citadel quickly. Hunter tries to get the signal back, but he and Shaodw come to the conclusion that they’re too far underground. They watch Aqune, who’s began praying to the Oracle again. Shadow belives that Aqune’s desire to aid the Invectids is honorable, but Mantid’s probably isn’t. Neither Hunter or Shadow can really figure out the logic behind what’s going on, but know that they should try and help everyone. Buguese enters the room, saying that it’s all the Oracle’s fault. Hunter tries to convince him that maybe the Oracle didn’t take the sun away and somebody else is blocking it, but Buguese disagrees with this. Knowing Hunter’s implication that Mantid was the one responsible, Buguese argues that Mantid watches over his people, so he has no reason to go against him. Buguese wants to save the Invectid world, but needs the keys to do so. Tired of fighting, Buguese wants to just take the keys from Hunter now, but can’t because Hunter doesn’t have them. Depressed, he starts to leave, but Hunter tells him to wait. He wants to know if Buguese will really end the war if he can restore his world. Buguese says that this is true. Because Huinter has had all the Invectids lack for years, he takes it all for granted and doesn’t understand what a difference this will make for the Invectids to have their sun. Seeming interested in their talk, Aqune turns around to listen. Hunter tells Buguese that he believes in him. Buguese is surprised to hear this. He asks Shaodw if he agrees and Shaodw says that he doesn’t want anyone to have to live in such conditions. Therefore, he also believes in Buguese. Aqune smiles at them. Buguese is surprised that Hunter, his enemy trusts him more than Mantid, his master. Mantid then appears, asking if Hunter will give him the Oracle Keys. Hutner says that once he gets them back, he will. Then, there can be peace. Mantid pretends to be touched and says that he’ll stop the fighting, but he smiles evilly and laughs to himself. However, they’re interrupted when Quake appears. It’s revelaed that he’s met Mantid once before.

I positively despise the number 46 for one stupid reason, so I spent all day dreading this episode, convinced that something would happen that would really upset me. Thankfully, it didn’t do anything of the sort. In fact, it was quite good. My highlight was the ending by far, in which Buguese and Hunter were actually starting to *insert loud gasp here* come to an understanding. Even better, Aqune seemed really happy about it. Hunter and Buguese seem to be the two people Aqune care about most and seeing that Aqune’s been against the fighting the whole time, I suspect she’d like them to get along. I was also surprised by the way in which Aqune was rid of her new mask. Mantid himself removed it, to prove a point to Hunter. Aqune got to be cute and awesome again, now that she wasn’t acting all zombie-ish. (Well technically, she was still cute and awesome sometimes in zombie mode, like when she was practically hugging Buguese in episode 34, just not as often.) I’m sure some fans will read this differently, but I really didn’t see anything romantic in all the Hunter/Aqune interactions this episode. They were just all cute and fluffy in a different way and seemed more like best friends or siblings to me. Sure, she cooked for him, but Aqune’s just a sweet person. This episode ultimately proved the questionable point of whether she wants to help the Invectids or not. As I thought, she does, because she really does feel bad for them. While episode 31 really threw me off, making me wonder if she didn’t really want to be with them at all, I suspect that was more to show how she just wanted to be with the Spider Riders more, to avoid having to fight. Actually, I spent too much time theorizing things about Aqune yesterday. This is way off topic from this episode, but I had been wondering if Aqune ever had to fight at all before Mantid ordered it of her in episode 4. After all, Buguese seemed surprised (and perhaps a bit unhappy) by the idea. In the following episode, Corona acted as if she had never seen Aqune before, but it’s been proven that she did fight against Invectids before Hunter’s appearance in the inner world. If that’s the case, it just shows even more how much of an evil creep Mantid is. It was slightly chilling at the end to see Mantid laughing evilly to himself once he got Hunter to trust him. While I think Buguese’s trusts in Hunter were sincere, Mantid’s clearly weren’t. I also loved Hunter’s theory that perhaps the sun was never taken away and someone else somehow blocked it. Of course, the person he was referring to was most likely Mantid. That sounds like a very valid possibility, because I don’t think the Oracle is evil enough to just steal the Invectid sun for no reason. In the dub she had more of a reason, due to the whole Invectids devouring all the plant life thing, but in the Japanese version, there was no reason at all for the Oracle to do it, and the plant life was taken away due to the loss of the sun, not by the Invectids. I totally think that 1) The dub made a big mess of things by changing the facts and 2) Mantid is Buguese’s real enemy. My next point is the appearance of Quake at the end. Finally, he’s reached Mantid, and apparently they’ve met before. I’m betting that he’ll join the battle soon. Now all they have to do is to get Aqune and Buguese to fully switch sides, and perhaps find Beerain and Stags. I’d rather they ditch Beerain altogether, but I know that won’t happen.

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::Sneaks in::

Rar. You’ve gotten me obsessed with Buguese/Aqune now… Spider Riders is not exactly the kind of show I’d normally watch (’Never give up!’ really gets on my nerves, and the good guys always seem to win) if it weren’t for the Invectids.

About Aqune being happen about Hunter enjoying her food, maybe it’s the only time when she ever gets to cook for someone else, and that’s why she’s happy about it?

Comment by Pherret 03.18.07 @ 4:30 pm

Sorry Tl chan that i kinda made you not look forward to this one!

1. Go Corona! luckily, she stopped the others from going back to Arachna. See, i really didn’t want that to happen! “I can’t be away from Hunter and Shadow. Not even for a minute,” yep, thats what she said. Wow, a minute! Maybe she’ll hug him when she sees him again!

2. Mantid disgusts me! his plan to get Hunter to believe the Oracle doesn’t care about them or something like that is just EVIL!! Not that i’d expect something not evil, but, its just so….whatever. In case no one noticed WHAT his plan was, it was to convice hunter to give up the keys by telling him all the saddy waddy stuff so he’d give the keys to him, even, as we all know, he only wants them for himself.

3. I can’t believe Hunter fell for the trick! Actually, he doesn’t exactly know “Mantid’s secret” about keeping the keys for himself, but still! Beerain should’ve told them while she had the chance! Makes me hate her even more!

4. Seriously, i felt like throwing up when i saw Hunter hold Aqune’s hand. How can you not think it’s a Hunter/Aqune thing Tl chan? Not that i want it to be, infact i like your idea MUCH MUCH better! I just hope Hunter doesn’t like her, as i’ve mentioned many times before.

5. My best theory i could come up with for my comment above, is that her soup has some affect on him. I know, i’m desperate for any chances! Maybe it will actually cause something in the future, or maybe it actually worked on making Hunter wanna give away the oracle keys.

6. Magma is becoming my least fav spider rider. Stop picking on grasshop! Whats with him and fighting? Its like his fav thing to do!

7. I really feel sorry for Corona. She’s feeling so sad, and there really is nothing she can do about it. Hurry up spider riders! At least Quake came.

8. Speaking of Quake, i wonder what he has in store for us. Hope he will tell hunter NOT to give the keys away, even if he doesn’t know that Mantid wants the keys for himself.

9.I enjoyed the fact that spider riders besides hunter fought today. Hunter took a little break from all the attention of fighting, and gave the others a chance.

10. The part with Grasshop riding shadow was funny! anyways, Corona seems to be getting stronger with her powers. Now, she can basically call for the power any time she wants. This time, she didn’t do it because she loves and was worried about Hunter, but just to save herself. I’m glad about this. Also, i’m glad Hunter called her, because, although i love how she’s worried about him when she cries, i just don’t like seeing her cry in general.

11. I did enjoy the understandment between Hunter and Buguese. Although, Buguese (in my eyes) knows Mantid is a faker, but he just doesn’t wanna accept it. Now he does, seeing beerain being put down, and hunter trusting him so much. I think he’s staying with mantid so he can “deal” with him later on. If any invectid deserves the keys, its him. The last of the big four is crumbling away!

12. What happened between Quake and Mantid in the past? I know they probably fought against eachother, no duh, but i’m wondering if Mantid has some big grudge against him, kinda like he has against King arachna (i think corona talked about it in the episode, Memories of Champions)

13. I didn’t enjoy the grasshop’s family part as much as i wanted to, i don’t know why.

Hey everyone, i got the first spider riders book! There are SO many differences. I’ve only read up to page 57 or something, but believe it or not there already is some Hunter/Corona. Hunter wants to save Corona’s life alot, and Corona tries to act tough against hunter when she really has a soft spot for him. I really hate how Buguese, beerain (not really), stags, and GRASSHOP aren’t in the book, but Aqune is. I hope there won’t be Aqune/Hunter in the book later on. TL chan, you’ve read the second book right? Did you see any couples in there? Maybe the Hunter/Corona relationship was one thing that came from the books! When i finish reading the books to the end, i’ll know. I know there are three books so far, but are they making more?

Your all about Spider RIders fan

Vicky ^_^

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 4:32 pm

@Pherret- Awesome. I must spread the love of Buguese/Aqune more. I guess I’m a bit insane. I’ve always been more interested in the Invectids. Of course, I like the other charatcers too, but they’re sometimes too simplistic. At least they’ve developed as the series moved on, especially Hunter and Corona.
I won’t deny the fact that Aqune cares a lot about Hunter, so I think she’d just want him to like her cooking because of that.

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 4:47 pm

Yeah, it’s probably the Aqune-cares-about-hunter factor… but she normally only cooks for herself, doesn’t she? ::Imagines Aqune acting cook to the once Big Four::

And… wasn’t there a spoiler or something that Buguese was built by Mantid or something?

Comment by Pherret 03.18.07 @ 4:54 pm


1. Yes, that scene was very Hunter/Corona. A hug seems possible.

2. Mantid’s plan was very sneaky, but it works. Getting sympathy is a good first step to getting someone to agree with you. I loved it just because it shows how dangerous Mantid is.

3. Yeah. I hate to admit it, but I understand Beerain’s reasoning not to tell them. She’s just that unsure of herself. It would’ve made things so much easier if she did, but she doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

4. Okay, so I cringed for a second. It didn’t take me too long to realize what the scene was really about though. It was just to show that Aqune wasn’t going to go with Hunter, even when given the perfect oppurtunity. Actually, that was shown in episode 10 as well. Hunter wants to save Aqune and I really never thought it was anything more. Hunter always goes on about how he wants to be a hero. It’s a natural hero instinct to want to protect people, and he feels that Aqune is in need of his protection. That’s what brings his motivation. Hunter knows Aqune is lonely and needs to be loved and Hunter is giving her love, but not in a romantic way. There’s different levels of love. He wants to be a friend to her.

5. I like that idea. Aqune did seem all broody when she was cooking for him (although on the other hand, she’s always like that.) If that is the case though, it was probably on Mantid’s orders and not on Aqune’s own free will.

6. I thought the scene with Magma and Grasshop was kind of funny. Magma does need to find a new hobby though. I likes him best when he was obsessing over Quake.

7. Yeah, Corona was really upset in this episode. She needs to see Hunter again soon.

8. I bet he will stop Hunter from giving away the keys. If he knows Mantid, he probably knows what he’s planning. Quake is substantially older than the others, so he probably knows a lot. Maybe he even has answers involving Corona and Aqune’s pasts.

9. Yep. The other’s deserve a little spotlight.

10. Grasshop on Shadow was awesome. What I liked about that seen is that Hunter also seemed upset when he lost the signal. It was also his own decision to want to tell Corona he was okay. He cares about her.

11. Of course Buguese knows. Beerain told him, and he even commented in episode 45 about how he was going to face Mantid himself. He couldn’t tell Hunter this though, because he really doesn’t trust him. It looks like that’s starting to change though.

12. I bet they did fight. Maybe that’s why Mantid is in such a bad physical condition.

13. I thought it was cute. Grasshop’s kids are just adorable.

There’s more Hunter/Corona in the books.
*MAJOR SPOILER* I’ve been told that in the third book, they kiss. *END SPOILER* It disappoints me that the Big Four are involved so little. Also, there will apparently be more books in the future.

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 5:04 pm

@Pherret- Maybe she does cook for the Big Four. I’d like to see that. Sadly, she and the Invectids aren’t in the show nearly enough, so we don’t get to see enough of their lives.

Yes, according to the spoilers Buguese was built by Mantid. The spoilers are pretty much inaccurate now. As of episode 27, the show took a different turn from its original plans. Although some details were kept intact, the rest were all changed (including some things I really wanted to see.)

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 5:07 pm

Then again. There’s been a lot of things they didn’t quite get to. like that body in Mantid’s closet.

Comment by (v-man) 03.18.07 @ 5:37 pm

V-man: If it weren’t for the fact that this is a kid’s show I’d think he was a necrophiliac.

Comment by Pherret 03.18.07 @ 6:03 pm

@(v-man)- I’d like to learn more about her. I think they’re going to wait as long as possible to explain her. It’ll probably be tricky, considering she hasn’t even been in the dub yet.

@Pherret- Maybe he is. They don’t cut things without a reason. For instance, I think it was obvious why they cut the Lumen/Sparkle thing in episode 6 and maybe they had similar concerns in mind.

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 6:19 pm

what do think would’ve happened if hunter was NOT able to throw the keys to the others would the plot of the episode be totally diffrent?

Comment by Michele 03.19.07 @ 9:11 am

THAT’S IT! I’VE TOTALLY HAD IT! every time i see quake it keeps making wounder how he knows hunter’s grandfather. was he a spider rider too? if he was, it would explain how hunter’s manicle was ended up in the priymid in the outer world.

Comment by Michele 03.19.07 @ 9:23 am

You know, what if Quake /is/ Hunter’s grandfather?

Comment by Pherret 03.19.07 @ 1:39 pm

@Michele- I don’t think it would’ve differed that much, except that Hunter may have given the keys to Mantid in the end rather than having to wait for the others to get there. Then that may have led to all sorts of trouble.

According to the original spoilers, Quake (known as Brade in the Japanese version and those spilers) was a Spider Rider. That was why he knew Hunter’s grandfather. You’re also probably right in the fact that Hunter used his grandfather’s manacle.

@Pherret- Actually, I think it’s been stated officially that Quake is not Hunter’s grandfather.

Comment by TL-chan 03.19.07 @ 2:03 pm

Wait a second? TL chan, are you kidding? In book three Hunter and Corona KISS!!!!! WOW!!! I CAN”T WAIT TO GET TO THAT PART!!!!! So, if they kiss, the probably have love going on (basically the fact of “getting together”) I know this for sure though, the shows are very different from the books, but maybe Hunter/Corona in love was one of the things they put in the show that actually was in the books as well!! I mean, they’ve already shown Hunter/Corona ALOT, so maybe they are going along with the books and making them like eachother. I know, i’m completely sick with the Hunter/Corona love thingy, but i don’t care, its so awesome!!!! I hope they’ll write the fourth book and others by the time i’m done the third book. Actually, i don’t think so, because i’m already almost done book one and i’ve only owned it for one day! i should go a little slower, but i can’t help it! It just says stuff in my head like “you know you wanna read me!! READ ME!!!” Lol, me and Spider Riders, *sigh* a wonderful connection!

I’m wondering how many more books they’ll make, and if it will cause the show to have just as many seasons. So, i’ve been told the creator wants to make more seasons, although i don’t think they’ll become any closer to the books then they are now, and actually, book one is basically episode 1 to 3 (Hunter tries to prove himself to be a spider rider the HOLE time, and to get his spider for the HOLE time, but there is the fighting alot. Apparently PART THREE of Book one is called “The fight for Arachna” Hunter also learns about the eight “shards of the oracle” (pretty close to oracle keys i guess) but they start chasing for them in the second book i believe, so it seems that the series and its seasons won’t have anything to do with the amount of books there will be. Sorry, i know i write too much, but i love to brainstorm!

Comment by Vicky 03.19.07 @ 4:49 pm

Also, to add onto the “hunter’s grandpa thingy”, in the books there was only one human who made it to the surface of the earth though. This person was the “arachna-master” Seems like “arachna-master ” is like what in the show is called “champion” I think maybe it was Hunter’s grandpa that was that person (maybe not in the books because there isn’t any mention of Hunter’s grandpa in the first book at least. Hunter makes it to the inner world by Hiking with his friend Dave and yeah, he falls or something through this…whatever, you get the idea) I’ve been thinking ever since the beginning that Hunter’s grandpa became a champion, and some how he could go back home, and apparently he wanted to. The manacle probably is his. This also explains how he knew about the Inner World and how he knows the sayings “Arachna Power and Never give up” Also, Quake knew him, so probably the two fought together and they both became champions, but Quake isn’t Earthen so he stayed.

Comment by Vicky 03.19.07 @ 4:53 pm

@pherret-i do realize its a kid show. (no duh). The only thing I’m getting at though is theyre missing some detail though. After that one episode with that girl, they left it at that. For all we know that girl could have (keyword could have) had a relationship with the girl before she passed on. Whether they actually reveal it now or next season is a diff. story.

Comment by (v-man) 03.19.07 @ 5:10 pm

i meant to say mantid. for all we know that girl could have had a relationship with mantid and he somehow has issues considering he wants power.

Comment by (v-man) 03.19.07 @ 5:16 pm

vicky i bet you are so right!! what do think will happen next? oh do think quake will tell hunter about his grandfather when safe? and if he does how will hunter’s reaction be?

Comment by Michele 03.19.07 @ 5:28 pm

@Vicky- Hunter/Corona is the only real pairing in Spider Riders (though others get their little implications) so it exists in both the books and the anime series. There’s very little in common between the two versions though. This has a lot to do with the fact that different people worked on them. I guess the anime staff saw Hunter/Corona as something worth retaining.

I really have no idea how many books they’re going to have. I guess that will depend on how many ideas the authors have. Now that the anime exists though, maybe they’ll take ideas from that to use in the books.

@Michele- Quake will probably tell Hunter about his grandfather eventually. I don’t know how Hunter will react, but he’ll probably at least be happy to be able to hear his stories.

Comment by TL-chan 03.19.07 @ 5:36 pm

i bet he will be really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really surprised. what do you think will happen next? will mantid accidently blab out his plans making hunter not trust him?

Comment by Michele 03.19.07 @ 5:52 pm

@Michele- Mantid is far from stupid. I don’t think he’ll give away his plan. I bet Quake will figure it out though and make sure Mantid doesn’t suceed.

Comment by TL-chan 03.19.07 @ 6:15 pm

how do quake will get hunter too safety will he open up a portal? and will he try bring aqune and grasshop’s family with him? and if hunter does escape will mantid try too re-capture him and this time lock him up? you know i pictured this episode A LOT different.

Comment by Michele 03.19.07 @ 6:47 pm

@Michele- I think Quake will try to fight Mantid first. I also don’t think he’ll take Aqune away, because Aqune doesn’t even want to leave.

Comment by TL-chan 03.20.07 @ 5:33 am

oh ok well… what about grasshop’s family after all they miss him and he misses them so won’t they what to go with hunter to see grasshop? and if hunter does escape will mantid try and re-capture him and this time lock him up? (yes this was from my last comment but you didn’t answer this one). oh by the way do check your other blogs on spider riders because i made a comment for episode 40 a few days ago but i don’t think anyone has answered yet.

Comment by Michele 03.20.07 @ 9:01 am

Well, if Quake fights Mantid, then he’d have to tell Hunter why, and then maybe he’ll reveal Mantid’s evil intentions. Then Aqune and Buguese would be either leave the castle or try to continue trying to help the Insectors without Mantid, wouldn’t they? They can’t exactly miss all the noise Quake’s arrival made.

Comment by Pherret 03.20.07 @ 1:38 pm

@Michele- okay, I don’t always comment on everything because I don’t have anything to say really. Grasshop’s family, I suspect will leave eventually, but I don’t know whether Quake will move them. Maybe Grasshop will take them back with him, after the others get through the labyrinth and into Invectid territory. Unless it’s before Mantid has the keys, if Hunter did try to escape, then I don’t think Mantid would try to recapture him. After all, he didn’t care whether or not Aqune left and he technically needs her power to activate the keys. He probably wants to kill them all eventually, so it doesn’t matter to him where they are right now.

I probably saw your comment on episode 40, but never got a chance to respond. I do read all my comments, but if I have a lot at once to look at, it’s possible that I’ll forget about some.

Comment by TL-chan 03.20.07 @ 1:40 pm

you know what, i bet that in the final battle mantid vs. all the spider riders, hunter will somehow bond with all four oracle keys. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!!!!!! what do you think?

Comment by Michele 03.20.07 @ 7:05 pm

@Pherret- Yep. I’m sure Buguese and Aqune heard what happened, being there at the time, and they’ll probably be interested enough to see this through. After finding out Mantid’s intentions, Buguese will really just have confirmed what he already knew and continue on with his plans, I think.

@Michele- Let’s just say that if Hunter doesn’t get to bond with all four Oracle Keys, I’m fully prepared to die from shock.

Comment by TL-chan 03.20.07 @ 7:34 pm

oh very funny you are real wise guy you know that. hey how would you feel if you were in hunter’s postion? i mean think about it you’re in a seriosly creepy place inhabited by invectids who would want destroy you instantly. personnly i would scared and be very nervous. what about you?(once again this question is for everyone)

Comment by Michele 03.20.07 @ 10:45 pm

oh by the way i don’t mean to burst your bubble but in my opinion i don’t think it’s a aqune/buguese I think it’s more of a beerain/buguese thing and if you think i’m wrong then i think you need to watch the episode called “spies and lies” again because notice when buguese tells her too distract the spider riders they’re kinda acting all lovey-dovey YUCK i hate seeing lovey-dovey stuff with anyone including my parents.

Comment by Michele 03.20.07 @ 11:20 pm

@Michele- Sorry if I was being mean. Having the abillity to joke around about anything and everything (and usually have someone actually think I’m being funny)is fun, so I tend to overuse it.

If I was in Hunter’s place, I’d probably be scared. I might think it was kind of cool though, because I’d actually get to be in the same place as the Invectids and that would be awesome for me.

I’ve known since the day the idea came into my mind that Buguese/Aqune was not canon and would not happen. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that Buguese has also been lovey-dovey to Aqune and has used Beerain. (So now they’re tied, I guess. ^^) It depends what kind of perspective you look at it in. I’d be lying if I said I wanted Buguese/Beerain to happen, but I could accept it so long as Buguese and Aqune still get to keep whatever weird relationship they have now. Some say it’s like a parent/child thing. I’d say that if it is, then it’s a very creepy one, but whatever.

Comment by TL-chan 03.21.07 @ 5:31 am

hey i’ve been woundering how did corona and aqune lose their memories in the first place? oh and vicky i agree MANTID DISGUTS ME!!! the big creep.

Comment by Michele 03.21.07 @ 8:58 am

@Michele- My current theory is that maybe Mantid was responsible for their loss of memory. It was seen that Buzzrays were attacking the ship that Corona was on in her flashback, so maybe that was a part of some kind of plan.

Comment by TL-chan 03.21.07 @ 3:29 pm

i guess so… maybe for aqune it was the mask that made her lose her memory and for corona maybe she fell from the blimp and hurt her head maybe that’s how she lost her know what else, i think MANTID IS A REAL JERK!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 03.21.07 @ 5:15 pm

i always thought they lost their memory from the crash.mantid IS A JERK!

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.21.07 @ 6:22 pm

bb/puppyface- i’m glad you agree with me about mantid. if you don’t mind me asking why did you pick your username bb/puppyface? is it because you love dogs?do have any? i do, his name is SHADOW he’s a huskey. i’ve been around huskeys since i was a baby.

Comment by Michele 03.21.07 @ 6:54 pm

BB/Puppyface: Well, Corona and Aqune could have been separated before the crash.

Comment by Pherret 03.21.07 @ 9:40 pm

@Michele and bb/puppyface- Lol at the Mantid hate. Personally, I don’t hate Mantid (only character I dislike is Beerain) but Mantid is certainly a creep. I think though that some of his character’s depth will be seen once his backstory is revealed.

@Pherret- I was thinking that too. I’m not sure why. But, Corona was alone in her flashback. On the other hand, it was really too short to be able to tell whether Aqune was with her.

Comment by TL-chan 03.22.07 @ 5:16 am

I have two things to say,
one) I think that Quake already has a very good idea what mantids plans are, because didn’t mantid say that he paid dearly for the miscalculations that he made acentury ago, personly I think he was refuring to trying to get oracles power, if he was Quake probley stoped him.
Two) WHen Hunter bonds with the four oracle keys (I say when because if it didn’t happen then it seriosly will disapoint me) Shadow and Hunter will become one, because remember the last transformation with three keys, Shadow had hands coming out of two of his lags, and another peice of evidence to support my my idea is that when hunter only had two keys, he was asked how it felt and he said it was like he an shadow became one body. What do you think

Comment by su 03.22.07 @ 8:55 am

oh, and I think that the way magma was treating grasshop was all good natured. I have three older brothers and they plaied around like that too.
sorry I type so much

Comment by su 03.22.07 @ 8:58 am

ONe last question, if Aqune was helping the infectids, out of her own free will, then why would mantid make her where that gross mask? And once the mask was off, wouldnt she be able to feel all the pain she has chaused the Oracle?

Comment by su 03.22.07 @ 9:00 am

oh i have a theroy about aqune cooking for hunter! aqune has been the only human at the citadel for a long time so i bet she was happy to cook for another human and she is a very very nice person(when she doesn’t have her mask on).

Comment by Michele 03.22.07 @ 6:49 pm

hunter has to eat, and i don’t think he feels at home enough to make it him self, and i don’t think any infected would be caught dead cooking for him so aqune is left with the job. people you have to stop fussing over that incedet, it was nothing, no aqune/hunter going on relax

Comment by su 03.22.07 @ 9:12 pm

oh and by the way, thatlast comment was directed to michele with one l, and I never did netroduce myself, I am su, I have known about this blogging site for a couple weeks but this is the first I relized that I can comment on it.

Comment by su 03.22.07 @ 9:20 pm

1)Probably. There’s probably a reason as to why Quake was dubbed “the hero.” Saving Nuuma Kingdom probably wasn’t his only heroic deed.
2)That also sounds likely.
3)Yeah, i didn’t see it as hostile. Magma likes revenge, but I don’t think he ever seemed interested on carrying it out on Grasshop. Just Buguese.
4)Aqune said that she wanted to help the Invectids. However, she also said that she didn’t want to fight. I think that the mask is just used to make her fight. She usully didn’t wear her first mask unless in battle. (I guess she had to wear her second one all the time because either a)they figured it would be too painful to put on her all the time b)maybe nobody other than Mantid could remove it, c)They were too afraid of losing her again, after what happened in 31-34), or d)Mantid’s a creep I also don’t think Aqune had the time right now to worry about what she did to the Oracle. She probably already did though to an extent after 43.
5)Correct. As I said, it wasn’t romantic at all to me. Nothing worth worrying over, and it was even cute to me).

@Michele- Yes. That would make sense.

Comment by TL-chan 03.23.07 @ 5:48 am

Hey guess what everybody i got the second and third books. WOOHOOO!! First one was awesome, and i’ve read only three pages of the second one and there is already A LOT of Corona/hunter. Here’s two quotes:

“Just after his arrival (they mean when he comes to the Inner World)Corona had rescued Hunter from a giant deadly bug that she called an insector (yup, not invectid, insector). Later, Corona and Hunter had become friends-and maybe more.

Hallelouia! Tl chan says that she heard they kiss in the third one too. Can’t wait to read the third one now! here’s another quote

“He immediatly regretted his harsh tone. Aside from his battle spider, Shadow, Corona was Hunter’s closest friend in Arachna”

Another part in the first book says:

“In the entire Inner World-human or spider- Hunter trusted Corona the most”

Then again, they’ll be much more than that later on, i’m positive. Sorry i didn’t comment for a while, i’ve been quite busy these days ^_^

Comment by Vicky 03.23.07 @ 12:24 pm

hey im new to this thing…i read on teletoon that on episode 47 corona admits her feelings to hunter…can anyone tell me if this is true or not because where im too i dont have teletoon.i just tried the site and its not working…im just really curious about this next episode please tell me thanks


Comment by mygirl 03.25.07 @ 8:35 am

mygirl- hi i’m michele nice to meet you. well mygirl i just watched episode 47 *spoiler begins* when the spider riders reach the gateway they see that hunter got there first (tanks to quake probaly) corona runs towards hunter igneous is about to run towards him to but magma stops him saying they should let corona say hello first and just as corona is about to hug hunter… quake comes out of nowere and gets in the way so instead corona hugging hunter she ACCEDENTLY hugs quake *spoiler ends* personly i think quake totally ruins the moment but then again it was really funny *giggles*.

Comment by Michele 03.25.07 @ 1:26 pm

yes. quite funny

Comment by (v-man) 03.25.07 @ 3:40 pm

Hey mygirl! My name is Vicky, and you’ll probably see my comments everywhere around the site. I am a really DEEP thinker for the site, and i’m the SUPER Hunter/Corona fan. I hope you turn out to be one to, please don’t be a Hunter/Aqune fan, PLEASE i can’t stand that at all. I send HUGE comments, and i usually number the particular subjects i talk about. Now that i have the books, i send really good parts every chance i get!
So, again, welcome to Tl chan’s anime blog and i’m sure the other bloggers here agree, so i hope you’ll get to know us all better. Do you live in the US? Michele and i live in Canada, so we can see the new episodes at 10:00 in the morning on Sunday’s.

PS I love Hunter/Corona TOO much

Comment by Vicky 03.25.07 @ 5:34 pm

Oh and about the episode 47 thing. I saw that too, that was wasn’t it? Well, those were the ORIGINAL plans from Teletoon Corps.

Comment by Vicky 03.25.07 @ 5:35 pm

I’ll join you. Hope TL chan does. Problem is i’m only eleven right now…well, that doesn’t matter! I think TL chan is somewhere right now because usually she has the blog ready by now, and she hasn’t replied to anything. I’m sure she’ll be back by tomorrow. I have all my ideas for my comment ready, and i’m posting two EXTREMELY Hunter/Corona parts from book three. yes, i’ve finished book one, two, and three, and i don’t think they are making another one. Sad. In the books, it is just plain shown that the two are in love, its no crush, its plain LOVE. But the books have NOTHING in commen with the show (example: the whole plot, and Aqune is a REAL traitor and she joined the Big Four on purpose when Stags died) so maybe Hunter/Corona was one thing that they took from the books for the show.

Comment by Vicky 03.25.07 @ 6:36 pm

hey you’re right tl-chan usally has her blog up by now i hope shes okay. WHAT AN EPISODE! IT WAS AWSOME! we even find out what hunter’s grandfather name “digger steele” i’ve always woundered what his name was. MAN! mantid was super scary and creepy he wanted quake destroyed but wanted hunter back immedetly creepy much. hey vicky or tl-chan what does TBA mean because it’s on oh and tl-chan YOU HAD BETTER GET BLOG UP SOON OR I’LL BE REALLY MAD! okay

Comment by Michele 03.25.07 @ 7:07 pm

@mygirl- Nope. That was only in the original plans. The actual episode 47 is different

@Vicky- Yeah, I was somewhere, but that’s not the reason I didn’t post yet. And yeah, the books have lots of Hunter/Corona, but most everything else is diefferent from the anime.

@Michele- My next post will be up tomorrow, probably after school. I’m not really feeling well today. I mean, I’m healthy, but I just can’t think straight. Therefore, I’m not really in the mood to watch Spider Riders right now, especially if there’s nothing going on for me to squee about. No Aqune at all. *sigh*

Comment by TL-chan 03.25.07 @ 7:29 pm

is something wrong tl-chan? so what does TBA mean because i don’t know? do know a website that has summiers of spider rider episodes 1-52? pleeeeeeeeease tell me.

Comment by Michele 03.25.07 @ 8:53 pm

i picked ”bb/puppyface” because my friends tease me about liking dogs(thats were the puppyface part comes in)im not obsessed with them!i do have a stuff dog(husky-my mascot 4 school!!!)named lucky though!!i’v been around dogs when i was little…i used to wrestle with the ones me and my mom baby-or dog sat…too much *blush* im too much of a deep thinker.leave it to a 12 year old to keep babiling.oops!were can you get spider rider books.(srry it took so long to respond….i forget)

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.25.07 @ 10:27 pm

@Michele- I agree with you completely. I always did think that Mantid was one of those creepers you find downtown. (shudders) Definetely not a pretty sight.

Comment by (v-man) 03.25.07 @ 10:56 pm

Hay, my girl, this is from su, i am also new at this blogging thing. So welcome. and I love this episode, it was great, I loved how musch Quake was in it.

Comment by su 03.25.07 @ 11:52 pm

i thought that the episode was great!!but i would like to see more action.i loved that quake was in it!!@_@

Comment by bb/pupppyface 03.29.07 @ 11:48 am

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