Apparently, Buguese and Aqune must’ve went off somewhere in the time before Quake entered the room and what they’re doing will be left up to my twisted mind because they’re not there when Quake stops Hunter from making his deal with Mantid. Quake also reveals that Mantid was indeed the one who blocked the sun from reaching the Invectid world. Mantid refuses to confirm this and instead sends soldiers to attack Quake. He stops them by use of a weapon which gives them the illusion of peace. Quake proceeds to explain to Hunter and Shadow that the Oracle gave life to the once-barren Inner World by creating its sun. Her ultimate life-giving power is in the Oracle Keys. Once, Mantid tried to forcefully extract their power and this caused the light to disappear. According to Quake, Mantid knew in the first place that there would be such dire consequences. Quake then argues with Mantid, who wishes to try it again. Hunter is angry at Mantid for lying to him, but Mantid thinks that his goals are worth whatever negative things may result. The fact that he’s been using the other Invectids angers Hunter, who tries to attack, but Mantid retaliates. Quake saves Hunter from being sliced up, and they escape on Shadow. Buguese returns and Mantid tells him that Hunter was taken by Quake. He orders Buguese to destroy them. Once outside, Quake yells at Hunter for being foolish. Shadow asks whether the Oracle sun will disappear if Mantid gets all four keys, which Quake confirms is true. He reminds them of the incident that occurred when Mantid got the 2nd Oracle Key. He adds that if not for the fact that Hunter also had two Keys, things would’ve been worse. Hunter and Shadow realize that they made a poor decision. However, Hunter still wants to stop the fighting. Quake thinks that the humans and Invectids both need a hero and Hunter wonders if maybe he’s that hero. Back at the citadel, Mantid thinks about how he needs to get the Oracle’s power quickly, so he can destroy the Inner World. He also reveals that he didn’t even know that Quake was alive. Buguese sends out soldiers to look for Hunter. He regrets following Mantids plans, thinking that he should’ve taken care of Hunter when he had the chance. While they hide, Hunter asks Quake if he’s ever fought Mantid before. According to Quake, he’s messed up Mantid’s plans before. Hunter next asks about the past Spider Riders. Quake says that they were all very different and one came from the surface world. Hunter wonders if it was Digger Steele, his grandfather. At this point, the two have to wait for the other Spider Riders to return from the labyrinth. Quake predicts the time of their arrival. Buzzrays then attack, but Hunter is reluctant to fight, due to the fact that the Buzzrays are only being manipulated by Mantid. Quake approves of Hunter’s thinking. He then converts his staff into what he calls the Sword of Surrender. It causes the Buzzrays to fly away, because it attacks the fighting spirit of one’s enemies. This validates the legend that Quake had saved the world without killing. He tells Hunter that his motto is “never give up,” which is of course the same as Hunter’s. Hunter finds Quake even cooler after hearing this. Afterwards though, Quake falls over from back pains and needs Hunter’s help to get up, lowering his cool factor. Hearing what Quake did to help the Spider Riders angers Mantid further. He decides to move ahead with his plans. Back in the labyrinth, Igneous finally finds the exit. The Spider Riders are shocked by how desolate the land is. They soon see Hunter, much to Corona’s joy. She and Igneous both start to run to him, but Magma stops Igneous, saying that Corona should say hello first. Corona is about to hug Hunter, but Quake jumps in the way and she hugs him instead. She’s freaked out by this. Magma is of course excited to see Quake. Corona throws Quake off of her, hurting his back further.

Aside from the hysterical bit at the end where Corona accidentally hugged Quake, this episode was kind of boring. There were indeed some revelations in it, but they were mostly things we already knew or could’ve guessed. For example, I didn’t doubt that the legends about Quake were true (unlike a certain other person I know) or that Mantid was the one responsible for taking the Oracle sun away from the Invectids. I already knew Quake would stop Hunter from giving Mantid the Oracle Keys. I honestly didn’t expect much from this episode, but I was hoping they would surprise me and do something interesting or shocking and that wasn’t the case. I know slow-paced is one of the first words one should use to describe a Bee Train anime, but I just wish they’d get to the point sometimes rather than having episodes based upon explaining the obvious like this. At first, I was a bit annoyed over the fact that Buguese and Aqune didn’t get to hear what Mantid and Quake revealed in the beginning, but I think it was actually clever of the writers to keep it from them. It might create problems. Though we already know that Buguese is against Mantid, he doesn’t believe that Mantid was responsible for what happened to the sun and I don’t think he knows that Mantid wants to destroy the Inner World. Having him find out this much might’ve created craziness and it’s a bit too soon for that. In Aqune’s case, she’s still very much in the dark (no pun intended) about everything. I wonder if she’d be so willing to help the Invectids if she knew what Mantid was really planning. I doubt that, and it’s also a bit soon to have Aqune switch sides. I’m getting way off topic though, so I think I’ll wrap this up.

Only the basic 4 caps, because there’s only so many pictures I can take of Quake and Hunter talking for the whole episode.

38 Comments so far

I thik it is kinda funny how wvery one except hunter knows that corona likes him. and that their basicly a couple. I do wish they had added a bit more to the episode like the only thing i really liked is how quake was perposly pertending that he didn’t know hunter grandfauther. I wonder why?

Comment by su 03.26.07 @ 3:27 pm

Hey there everyone. In Vicky’s weekly post, i’ve added two heart-throbing sections of book three, since i’ve finished that.

1. It was very interesting, the part where Quake and Hunter were talking to Mantid, but i wasn’t quite surprised with it. Hunter should learn not to trust people that quickly! Sheesh!

2. Buguese came at the wrong time, SO close to hearing what happened. Actually, i think he might’ve over heard it, but he probably knew all this anyways.

3. Mantid mentioned that he does this because he has “big goals” bigger than just for amusement. I wonder what these goals are. If the Inner world was destroyed, wouldn’t he just kill himself? Maybe his “big plans” were to do something in the outer world, because he doesn’t seem to care much about the inner world at all.

4. When Quake was talking about the keys, i got a little confused. But i got it anyways in the end. I know this has absoloutly nothing to do with my ideas of this episode, i’m just saying that Quake is confusing to understand, for me at least.

5. The series is becoming more serious. I’m hoping that in the next episode, we can have the SR just relaxing. Check out my “my plans for the next episode” section to see whats going on in my head.

6. I seriously thought Hunter would battle Mantid while at his castle. This whole adventure there was kinda a waste of episodes, no? You think the SR are going home to Arachna to plan what they will do next, or are they going back to the fortress?

7. Meh, Hunter should’ve quit the talking with Quake and gone to Corona sooner. She would seriously explode (i wonder who’d clean that up)

8. I think you are right su, Quake DID pretend he didn’t know Hunter’s grandpa. Hunter was pretty smart thinking that, but i’m sure Quake has a better memory than that. What do you think?

9. Intersting how hunter reffers to the other SR as “corona and the others” Notice the very first word? In the book, thats also used. It could either be he considers Corona his closest human friend (which is true since he met her first and, well you get it), or he likes her (which better be true)

10. That hurricane move that Quake did could prove to be the only way to stop mantid, besides Killing him. I’m starting to think Hunter will learn this attack, and use it on the invectid tribe. i’m not too sure it’ll be on Mantid, but i think this move will come in handy sooner or later.

11. I was glad Corona wasn’t crying. That scene at the end, it really made me cry, like for REAL! I was plain BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! But…QUAKE YOU RUINED IT ALL!!!!!!! he’s officially my second least favorite character. What a dummy!
I know that was meant to make everyone laugh, but i didn’t laugh at all…i was ANGRY! Tl chan, remember in my other comments for the last episode, i said they’d hug? Remember? Well, i was right, but mister “I broke my back” spoiled it. Oh well, as long as they tell eachother they love eachother, i’ll be fine! Anyone think they WONT get together?

12. Su, you are right. Everyone probably knows Corona likes hunter. Actually, you think they know if Hunter likes her too? Since we barely see his affection for her, i think that would be good if someone showed that they know that to us.

My plans for the next episode

Alright, i think they’ll all go back to Arachna castle to settle down, and plan what they’ll do next. It seems like the right thing to do, instead of barging back where Hunter is being looked for, right? I think that this will be Corona’s big chance to reveal her feelings to hunter. I don’t think it’ll be after defeating Mantid, well, in the original plans from Teletoon Corps, thats what it said. Hopefully, the hilarious fairies of Corona will return to help her out here. I’m thinking Quake will teach Hunter that hurricane-get-your-enemies-to-the-good-side trick while they’re there. Share your thoughts!

Two heart-pounding parts from the third book

In my comment from episode 46 in Tl chan’s blog, i showed two parts from the second book as well. Check them out if you want. This is a warning to pure Hunter Corona fans. Please sit down SECURLY in a chair, because you might fall off of it.

In this one, it is the very beginning of the book. Hunter and Corona are splashing eachother in a lake, and Shadow and Venus think that all the peace and quiet has gotten them to turn mad. Hunter and Corona say that they are just having fun. After soaking eachother, they lie in the grass, and Corona asks if Hunter misses his old home. Hunter has a burning desire to go home, but he isnt ready to share his feelings about that. He lies, but Shadow sees right through him and says he does really care. hunter confesses, and Corona seems a little sad. This is what he says

“But i like it here. I didn’t at first–i mean, i was afraid of spiders and all–but since becoming a spider Rider, things have been great. Well mostly, exept almost getting killed and stuff”
“You’ve been a huge help to the Turandot people (thats what they are called), Hunter Steele,” Corona said, looking at him straight in the eye,”
Hunter flushed slightly. “Well, its been awesome to help,” he said. “And i really like you–and everyone here, i mean.”

So, how was it? Now, the next part is when Corona suddenly says she’s enjoying herself and throws a mud ball towards hunter…who doesn’t suspect a thing…

The mud ball caught Hunter full on the side of the head.
Shadow’s hissing laughter echoed in the Earthen boy’s mind (they use spider telepathy a lot).
“I’ll get you both for that,” said Hunter playfully.
He sprinted after Corona, pausing only long enough to toss a handful of mud towards Shadow.
Shadow moved deftly out of the way as Corona hit Hunter with another mud ball.
She laughed then squealed happily as Hunter ran after her. They splashed along the shoreline of the huge lake for several minutes until Hunter finally caught her at the water’s edge.
Corona drenched him with a cleverly executed splash. He plowed throught the water and tackled her. The two of them fell laughing beside eachother onto the sand.
(***WARNING*** Super hunter corona) He looked at her bright blue eyes and suddenly realized he’d seldom been this close to Corona before. He was very close indeed–Close enought to kiss her. She looked back at him, as though sharing the same thoughts.
(You’ll hate the oracle for this, at least i did) Thats when the voice of the Oracle–the mystical protector of the Turandot and the Spider Riders–shot throught Hunter’s mind. The Oracle’s tone was forceful, urgent, almost frightened. It sent a shiver down Hunter’s spine. Usually, the Oracle was the picture of tranquillity, and confidence. her telepathic message was brief.
“Calling all Spider Riders!”
Hunter looked at Corona.
“Something is wrong in Arachnia,” Corona said.
(i feel sorry for him since he just lost his chance to kiss her) He nodded, all thoughts of romance instantly banished (aww)
“Let’s go”

Wasn’t that good? Well, don’t worry, they finish up their kissing buisness at the very last page of the book, after defeated Sklar the soul eater, a creature that can make friends hate other friends, and actually made Corona try to kill Hunter!!! There is a party, and hunter is leaning on the balcony.

Corona stepped out onto the balcony and leaned on the railing next to Hunter. “Hi,” she said, sounding a bit nervous.
“Hi,” he replied.
The two of them stood silently at the rail for a while.
“Nice party,” she finally said.
“It’s missing something without moonlight,” Hunter observed.
“I know you’ve explained moonlight to me before,” said Corona, “but i still have a hard time understanding it and the affect its supposed to have on people.”
“I did too,” Hunter said, “until i couldn’t see the moon anymore. Somehow having a party under a sun that never sets (the oracle sun, remember?) doesn’t seem right.”
“I can’t image it any other way,” Corona said.
“Maybe someday, i’ll show you,” Hunter said to her.
“You’d like to show me your world (***Warning**Extreme Huner Corona. Please stay tightly in your seat)?” Corona asked hopefully.
He nodded. “Of course!!”
She leaned forward and kissed him (never said the cheek did it? Hallelouia. If we don’t get it in the show, at least we got it in the books!). “I’m sorry i tried to kill you,” she said.
Hunter’s face reddened (cute)”Hey, forget about it,” he said. “It happens all the time.”
“Maybe where you come from!” she siad. She leaned against the balcony railing again. “So, what are you going to do next?”
“Next, i think i’ll take a little rest and relaxation. Maybe go back to that lake we were enjoying before this all started.”
She nodded and smiled, yet looked sad at the same time.
“Whats the matter?” Hunter asked.
“Oh, i’m glad the battle is over, but i don’t think we’ll ever be able to rest, not while Mantid is out there plotting against us.”
Hunter took her hand. She turned to him and he gazed into her clear beautiful eyes (just to tell you, they hold hands more than Corona says “HUNTER!!!” in the show, which is A LOT!).
“You’ve got it backwards,” he said. “It’s Mantid who will never be able to rest, not so long as we work together–not so long as there are Spider Riders.”

pure beauty! Tell me what you think. Tl chan, you said that they would make another book, are you sure? I must know!

Vicky ^_^

Comment by Vicky 03.26.07 @ 5:02 pm

hey who’s the aother of the spider rider books? and where can buy them in regina? AND FOR THE LAST TIME WHAT DOES TBA MEAN I HAVE ASKED THREE TIMES NOW TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 03.26.07 @ 5:32 pm

The authorS of the books are: Tedd Anasti and Patsy Cameron-Anasti

Do you have Chapters or Indigo shops in Regina? I got mine from there.

Comment by Vicky 03.26.07 @ 5:44 pm

we have chapters but i’m not sure about indigo. please tell me what does TBA mean? (i will keep asking this question until someone answers)

Comment by Michele 03.26.07 @ 6:10 pm

@su- Yeah. Hunter looked a bit freaked to see Corona hugging Quake though. Maybe he’s jealous. :D
Quake is just weird. I bet he wants Hunter to figure out about his grandfather for himself.

@Michele- TBA means To be announced. Sorry about taking so long to respond.

Comment by TL-chan 03.26.07 @ 7:17 pm

1. Yeah, but at least it all worked out, and Hunter realized his mistake.

2. That’s true. He could’ve overheard.

3. I have a feeling his “big plans” concern the girl in his closet.

4. Quake is meant to be confusing. He’s supposed to be some kind of wiseman that practically speaks in riddles I think.

5. That would be alright with me, as long as they at least do something with the Invectids not named Beerain.

6. I knew it was too early to start a fight. I don’t know if they’ll go back just yet, especially because they’d have to cross the labyrinth again.

7. *Nods* (and it would be a mess)

8. See my response to Su

9. I did notice that, and immediately though Hunter/Corona

10. It’d almost be sad to see that used on the Invectids. I don’t care about the random soldiers, but I certainly don’t want him doing that to Buguese.

11. I remember your comment and thought of it during that scene. But I also had it spoiled for me before I watched it, so I knew that was coming. Quake can be annoying. I like him though, which I blame 100% on my brother’s stupid theories about him secretly being evil. He shouldn’t have messed up a touching reunion though. I have to admit though, I was breifly mad at Quake for taking Aqune away from Buguese in episode 31. He was so funny in 32 though that I got over it.

12. I hope someone does notice that Hunter likes her (well, aside from the whole thing in episode 16.) It might be cute if Aqune pointed it out.

I like your plans, though I’m not sure how possible they are.

Wow, that’s a LOT of Hunter/Corona. I have to fidn the third book somewhere. Very cute.

Comment by TL-chan 03.26.07 @ 7:32 pm

what about that old prophecy? The one in the first episode where it says that earthen would bring evil to the inner world? Could that be Mantid? After all i read in the teletoon discription of mantid that he has the body of a human.

Then if mantid is the one that is the earthen that is bring evil (wither earthen or not he causing evil) then he could be hunters grand father, which is why Quake doesn’t want to mention him. Although that is really a far strech, and I can’t see that happening. But you never know.

Comment by su 03.26.07 @ 8:12 pm

@ Vicky
WOW I really want to get the books!

Comment by su 03.26.07 @ 8:12 pm

Hunter has to like corona, if he didn’t corona would be heart broken, and that would mess up the happy ending!! IT MUST HAPPEN.

Comment by su 03.26.07 @ 8:14 pm

i agree completely
I don’t wanna see her heart break after all that she’s been through through the whole series.

here is another two parts from the book

They were on a mission to get these jewels, and Magma and Corona were on their own team. igneus was with hunter, lumen with sparkle. Corona and Magma haven’t returned yet.

“Centipedians (centipede invectids) have been here–recently,” said Magma
A shiver ran through Corona’s heart. “Do you think…” she started. “Do you think they ambushed igneus and hunter?” she asked, worriedly.

And here’s one in Hunter’s point of view, when they return to the castle.

“Hunter felt a swell of pride at his part of helping Petra come to health (petra is a good spider rider who got killed, and by restoring the oracle, they brought her back to life too)That made him remember Corona (our boy doesn’t get distracted from the real prize! Unlike another Hunter we know….grrr….) and the worry swelled up inside of him again. Where was she and Magma? Was she in danger? Had something terrible happened to her? He tried not to think about it (switching places with Corona from the show when hunter fell from the labyrinth, isnt he?), but the notions kept nagging at him.

One more!

“What about Corona and Magma?” hunter asked. “Are we having a rescue party for them? I volenteer to lead!!!!!”

I just found that funny!

Vicky ^_^
I sense the day is coming closer!!!

Comment by Vicky 03.27.07 @ 5:15 pm

su- first of all i don’t think mantid is hunter’s grandfather because in the very episode hunter said that his grandfather had always talked about the inner world back when he was ALIVE. SOOO i think DIGGER STEELE died i kinda can relate to that *sigh*. anyway second of all like vicky said if it doesn’t happen in the show it will happen in the books.

Comment by Michele 03.27.07 @ 5:18 pm

Su: If he was, that’d be another Star Wars copycat, though that would be very unexpected.

Aqune/TL-Chan: If Quake uses the Sword of Surrender on Buguese, I’m going to personally murder him. Painfully.

Comment by Pherret 03.27.07 @ 5:48 pm

@Su- It would be a neat twist if Mantid was Hunter’s grandfather, but I highly doubt it. Also, Hunter more than likely does like Corona.

@Vicky- More great quotes. It would be neat if Hunter acted that way in the anime.

@Pherret- Yay! He’d better not do it.

Comment by TL-chan 03.27.07 @ 6:45 pm

True and hunter also alluded to the fact that his grandfather was dead in the first episode. but another of my crazy ramblings.

Comment by su 03.27.07 @ 7:56 pm

tl chan you made one mistake for episodes 45 and 47. episode 45: you said that mantid wanted aqune to help duggobeet capture the SPIDER RIDERS it’s supposed to be hunter.
episode 47: in this one you said that mantid wanted BOTH quake and hunter destroyed when in the show he wanted quake destroyed but wanted hunter back immeditly. no problem everyone makes mistakes well exepet me….. wait a minute what am i saying i make a tons of mistakes! anyway bye.

Comment by Michele 03.28.07 @ 9:22 am

can you get spider rider book in california.i bet i cant.there isn’t enough stuff like that here!*pout*

Comment by bb/puppyface 03.28.07 @ 6:24 pm

@Michele- I know I make mistakes. It just happens sometimes.

@bb/puppyface- Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can. They’re out in the US.

Comment by TL-chan 03.28.07 @ 6:34 pm

Hey everyone. More quotes!! For your pleasure of course!! Hunter/Corona 4ever!

Remember, Corona and Magma haven’t returned from their mission, so Hunter is extrememly worried.

Could they defeat the monster? He didn’t know. He hoped so. And he also hoped, more than anything else, that Corona and magma (who cares about Magma) were safe–wherever they were.
Eventually, despite his worries, Hunter Steele drifted off into and uneasy sleep.
Sometime later, he becama aware of a gentle voice calling his name. at first, he thougth it was Corona, but when he opened his eyes, he didn’t see anyone.

See, that was the oracle, talking to him in his sleep. Normally, you should be polite to the oracle, but here’s what hunter says:

Hunter nodded, understanding. “Is Corona (no magma) okay?” he blurted.

Awww!!!! Here, hunter finds Corona!!!

“Hunter!” Corona cried seeing him. She leaped from Venus onto Shadows back and gave Hunter a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re alive!”
“M-me too,” Hunter sputtered (aww cute). “I mean, i’m glad you’re alive too!”

Ok, here is the best one of all! Adorable!! Magma, Corona and Hunter are on a mission in Salacia, a place where warriors and stuff bet and fight. magma is welcomed her, no duh, but they need to pretend they aren’t spider riders, so they hide their spiders and manacles.

Strolling casually in his wake, Hunter and Corona attracted no attention at all.
“Pretend we’re a couple (hallelouia!) so that it doesn’t look odd, us walking together,” Corona whispered.
‘Why would us walking together look odd?” Hunter asked.
“Mercenaries and assassins don’t get along with eachother very well.”
“Yeah, okay,” Hunter said. He moved closer (my heart is beating, and theirs too , i’m sure) and took her hand (they do it just as much as Corona yells HUNTER in the show!). Corona’s fingers felt soft and warm (cute). He looked at her face (let’s hope its to kiss her) and found her blushing (good enough).
“It-it’s just a disguise,” she said. (oh, yeah rite, like i believe that!)
“Of course,” he replied.

I don’t think Hunter believed her either!! Please send a comment with your thoughts. I sent some quotes from the second book in a comment for ep.46 here in TL chan’s blog, and another few in my first comment in this chat room, as you’ve probably noticed the longest comment ever sent in this site. Here is my third post with quotes.

I’ll send more if i find them. If you havn’t already, please check out the other quotes from the book i put.

Comment by Vicky 03.28.07 @ 7:40 pm

I love these quotes thanks, Vicky

Comment by su 03.28.07 @ 10:51 pm

i love your guote thingy too vicky!!!!!!!!!

Comment by bb/pupppyface 03.29.07 @ 11:42 am

Sad news, and good news. Sad news, i’ve finished the book, good news, i have some final quotes, until the next book. TL chan, are you sure there will be another book, just to make sure?

Alright, so Sklar the Soul Eater wants to get these gems that Hunter stole from him. But, Hunter says no because it’ll give Sklar like, alot of power. But, the Soul Eater is like, “Oh, you will definatly give me those gems because i have something that is very dear to you,”, and, yes, you guessed it, he captured Corona. What a smart guy!! Hunter is on his way for the rescue, when Shadow asks if Sklar hurt Venus.

Hunter Took a deep breath and continued. “If it has hurt Venus or Corona, nothing in the whole Inner World will stop me from killing it. And this time, I’ll make sure it STAYS dead.”

determination RULES!! NOw, he’s found Corona, and Shadow is telling him that this is a bad plan, and that if they lose, all will be lost. This is hunter’s reponse:

“I don’t care,” Hunter thought back (they use telepathy to talk to their spiders) “I have to save Corona.” He could see the Sould Eater moving within the dust cloud now, and he could make out Corona (or rather, WANT to make out with Corona!!), held tight in the moster’s grasp.
“The affection you have for this girl (THIS GIRL????? THIS girl???) is illogical (shadow’s gone mad),” Shadow thought. “You’re both warriors in a great cause. You should give up her life–or yours (which choice would Hunter take? Give up his own life,, no duh!)–rather than return the gems to the moster.”

That was quite awesome, wasn’t it? By the way, i’m flattered that you all like this so much, but we have to cross our fingers and hope there will be another book, i’ll buy it for sure, and we’ll have some more quotes! See, this book was published in 2006, so let’s hope they are making another one!

Ok, so, hunter sees Corona dazed and in pain, and here we go:

A flash of anger shot through Hunter. He hated seeing Corona like that–she was usually so strong, so brave, so noble (how about so pretty?). But he forced himself to put his anger aside and concentrate at the task at hand.

Feeling sorry for Hunter, are we not? Hunter makes a deal with the Soul Eater, that he has to let Corona walk halfway towards him and he’ll throw the gems to Sklar. Sklar agrees. Corona is having a hard time walking to him, stumbling and everything, and Hunter can’t go to help her.

Hunter longed to leap from Shadow’s back and run to her. “If we get much closer, we’re all dead,” Shadow reminded him. (what a spoilsport)
Slowly, Corona steadied herself amd made her way across the sand towards them. She still seemed dazed, or perhaps stunned, her movements slow and mechanical.
Hunter’s heart ached with an anxiety (awwwww!) that he didn’t even try to hide from Sklar. The soul eater chuckled.

I feel just the same as when in the show i saw Corona crying for Hunter. That’s why i was so angry at Quake! Just to pursuade you to cry, here’s another quote. Hunter has just given the soul eater the gems.

Corona stumbled and Shadow moved forward. Hunter held on to an edge of Shadow’s armor, leaned down, grabbed her hand, and lifted her onto Shadow’s back.
“Are you all right?” he asked.
Corona nodded but said nothing. She looked very pale and listless.

POOR CORONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, Sklar decides to kill them anyways, i mean, what else do you expect from this guy? They are running away, and he takes control of Corona and makes her hold an energy knife and try to kill hunter. Now, thats not something we see everyday! Now, Hunter had no choice but to beat her up! He punched her in the chest and did energy beams and stuff at her that made her fly throught the air!! Such CHAOS!!!!!! Did NOT like this part AT ALL.

“Sorry”, Hunter whispered to his friend as he lashed her down with strands of webbing.

Well, at least he said Sorry, and Corona apoligizes too when she kisses him. That quote was in my first comment for episode 47. So, Hunter and Shaodow have not defeated the soul eater, and Corona is ok. This is what she says after asking “where are we’ and stuff like that.

“You gave it the gems!” Corona gasped. “How could you?” She looked angry, betrayed.
“It was the only way to save your life!” Hunter explained.

Alright, lets move on. They work together and defeat the soul eater, because Hunter actually put like a bomb in the bag instead of the gems. Hunter is like about to pass out because of the battle.

“Oh!” Corona cried, seeing the bloody puncture in his thigh. “you’re hurt! Hunter, i didnt realize!”
“No big deal,” Hunter mumbled. “I just….need…a little…rest.” The world spun around, and darkness closed in over him.
“No,” a far-off voice said. “Stay with me…”
Suddenly, Hunter felt much warmer. The spinning stopped, and the ache in his leg faded away to nothing.
Hunter shook his had and opened his eyes to find Corona using her healing-hand power to close his wound.

What disgusted me is that Magma saved Venus and Corona kisses him on the cheek, no worries though, its just like ep.34 in the show, i mean, Venus is important to her, right?

Thats all of the quotes for this book!! If you haven’t already, check out my other quotes from the books in comment room for Ep.46 and here in Ep.47.

thats it, and if anyone knows, please tell me if there will be another book.

Vicky ^_^

Comment by Vicky 03.31.07 @ 8:42 am

above all else, id say this is my fav episode so far. especially the ending. priceless.

Comment by (v-man) 03.31.07 @ 5:28 pm

just to respond to earlier comments, (keep in mind this is just an opinion) maybe quake doesn’t want to tell hunter about his grandfather because maybe he could turn out to be Mantid himself. He technically is a human and Digger Steele (if that is his name) was mentioned as being a spider rider alongside quake so who knows?

Comment by (v-man) 03.31.07 @ 5:46 pm

v-man like i told su, in the first episode hunter said that his grandfather died.

Comment by Michele 03.31.07 @ 9:19 pm

oh yeah, for the books what order do they come in? you know BOOK 1: BOOK 2: and BOOK 3:.

Comment by Michele 03.31.07 @ 9:39 pm

you don’t have to answer my last comment because i googled tedd anasti and saw the order of the books. ohhhhh yeah, vicky i have good news about the spider rider books. you see as you read earlier i googled tedd anasti i clicked on the picture of book 1 to see the summery, and above the summery in black lettering said “first of FIVE books.

Comment by Michele 03.31.07 @ 10:09 pm

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much Michele. Can you try to figure out when the next book comes out? Don’t worry people, i’ll give you the quotes. Speaking of quotes, i just remembered that i haven’t given any about the first book, so i scanned through it yesterday and i’ve found some yummy parts, but they are not as crispy as the other ones though.

So, when Hunter arrives in the Inner World, everyone thinks he is a spy working for the invectids. Corona is now protesting against Lumen to make Hunter a Spider Rider.

“He did help save the village,” Corona finally said. “And he protected my back from a Centipedian attack. Igneus may think Hunter Steele is a spy, but i do not.”

Not the best, but it is the first time that Corona expresses anything for him. Now, Hunter is in Spider Canyon, looking for a spider. He can’t have any help either.

Hunter’s heart sank. He plopped down on a rock on the canyon floor and looked disconsolate.
Corona climbed off Venus’s back and put her hand on his shoulder. “Hunter, you can do it. I’ve seen your bravery. You have what it takes to be a Spider Rider.”
Her words comforted him. He stood and dusted off his clothes. “So, how do i do this mind talk?” he asked. “Do I just think really loud at the spider? Can Venus ‘hear’ me thinking now?”

That is another part too. Now, Corona is injured, and Hunter needs to drag her all the way home.

Hunter glanced at Corona and smiled. They were home free! The scorpion rider was the only roach in the chamber. Hunter grabbed the shard and tucked the precious crystal into his pants pocket.
Corona smiled back at him, then wobbled and fell face first onto the floor.
“Corona!” Hunter gasped.
He raced to his friend’s side adn lifted her onto her feet.

Now that everyone is back together, Hunter is worried if Corona will be okay.

“I’m okay,” Hunter said. “How’ s Corona?”
“Venus is unsure,” Shadow replied. “She is very worried about her.”
Hunter nodded. He felt worried too, both for Corona and for Darkness.

This part is also from when Hunter is in Spider Canyon.

“The prince wants me to fail,” he thought. “He’s sent me into this canyon to get rid of me.”
Would Corona be part of such a scheme? Hunter didn’t think so. SHe seemed to genuinely like him. And she was the only one who really believed his story about coming from the surface world. Maybe Ingneus would dump Hunter into a spider filled pit to die, but not Corona.

Now the spider riders are camping out, and its Hunter’s turn to watch.

Hunter woke up to see her standing next to him. SHe looked concerned.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. He felt slightly surprised that it wasn’t night outside. Then he remembered that the Inner World had no nights.
“It’s your watch,” she said.
He nodded sleepily.
“I’ll sit up with you for a bit,” Corona said.
“Because i’m inexperienced?” hunter asked. He felt embarrassed having to be helped all the time.
“No, she said, “Because I…i feel something’s not quite right.”

Hunter faints from battle, and this part is near the end of the book

“Hunter, come back!” someone said.
It was a pleasent voice, one Hunter recognized.
“Shadow?” he asked.
“No,” the voice replied. “its me.”"
THe darkness drew back as the world swam into focus once more.
“its me,” the girl standing over him repeated. “Corona.” She was scraped and bruised but otherwise okay. She was wearing her pedestrian clothing, not her armor.
Hunter tried to smile but found that every muscle in his body ached.

now, the last one, when hunter finds out that Petra, a spider rider, is now dead, and they need the eight shards to revive her.

Corona took his hand and led him out of the chamber.
“We’ll get those shards,’ Hunter told her. “We’ll revive Petra some day.”
Corona looked into his confident eyes and nodded. “I’m sure we will,” Corona said. “For now, you should return to the imfirmary.”

So, thats it everyone. Quotes until i read the fourth book!

May the Oracle smile above you!

Comment by Vicky 04.01.07 @ 8:12 am

sorry vicky it didn’t say anything sepific this is all it said: This basis for an action adventure anime television series to launch in 2005–the first of five novels introducing the world of Arachnia, for 9-12 year-olds–this is the story, of a boy and his spider. Only his spider happens to be ten foot tall. again, sorry vicky. here, this is the website so you can see.

Comment by Michele 04.01.07 @ 1:14 pm

Eep… episode 48 was exciting. 49 is only a week away… and I think I know what the creator dude meant now on the forums. ::Grin::

Comment by Pherret 04.01.07 @ 2:55 pm

@Pherret- TL-chan orders you to expand on that.

Comment by TL-chan 04.01.07 @ 2:59 pm

that episode was great and bugesse knowing what mantid planed and aqunes wired thing that she did was so unexpected. I loved it except that aqune’s new is so so soooooo creapy. Like just plan wired.

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 3:43 pm

hey vicky in your quote who is darkness? and tl-chan how long does it take you to write your blogs.

Comment by Michele 04.01.07 @ 3:43 pm

I meant to say aqunes new mask was creapy but forgot the mask word

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 3:43 pm

darkness is a spider, an elder to shadow who binds hunter and shadow together as his last dying wish.

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 3:45 pm

oh ya i have the books too and that last comment was to michele

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 3:46 pm

@Michele- It depends. I’d say about a half hour.

Comment by TL-chan 04.01.07 @ 5:24 pm

oh su, you gave the books too? Why didnt you say so! They rule don’t they? Its good to know Hunter and Corona can get together in the books, incase they don’t in the show…but i’m mostly into the show so i want to see that more.

Comment by Vicky 04.03.07 @ 4:06 pm

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