Cut due to large amount of caps.

As the Spider Riders try to find a way to peacefully stop the Invectids, Quake tells them a story about one of his previous fights against Mantid. His sword of surrender didn’t effect Mantid and Quake eventually lost after falling from a cliff. He claims that he no longer has the fighting spirit to face Mantid. He wanted it this way, because rather than fighting, he wants to win without beating his enemy, in order to obtain peace. He brings up the fact that when all eight Spider Riders are together, the Oracle will release the full power of her light. Hunter tries to list the eight Spider Riders, but he only knows of seven. Quake then reveals to Hunter that he’s the eighth. He also states that he has more tricks up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Mantid sends Buguese out with Dark Opal, his final weapon. Apparently, it works like a super robot. Mantid tells him to take Aqune, and so they go off to face the Spider Riders. When Buguese arrives, Hunter tries to tell him the truth about Mantid. Buguese replies that he already knows it and doesn’t care. The sacrifices he’s made, such as abandoning Stags and Beerain, were all for the purpose of gaining Dark Opal’s power. It’s even strong enough to defeat Mantid. Buguese demands the Oracle Keys and refuses negotiation, forcing the Spider Riders to fight against him. Quake comments about Buguese’s purpose for fighting, thinking that because it’s too strong and true, his “special attack” won’t work on Buguese. Because the combined power of Hunter, Corona, Igneous, Lumen and Magma is too strong, Buguese has Aqune power up Dark Opal. Corona senses Aqune’s power and realizes this is a trap, but it’s too late. The Spider Riders are hurt by a powerful blast from Dark Opal and Corona is worried about Hunter. However, Hunter comes out alright and prepares to use the power of the Oracle Keys. This is stopped though because of Aqune. Her mask begins to transform and she refuses to listen to Buguese, saying that now she only serves Mantid. Because Buguese gave Mantid control over Aqune, Mantid is now using her to prevent Buguese from betraying him. Buguese can only watch in shock as Aqune takes the power from Hunter’s Oracle Keys, giving it to Mantid. Now, Mantid possesses all the power.

<3 x 1000! In other words, wow! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! *insert other expressions of happy here* That was just so good! I expected this episode to suck but was not disappointed. It’s the triumphant return of Buguese/Aqune, and no, I’m not joking this time. If I was, I would’ve done this. If it wasn’t awesome enough to see them piloting the gundam Dark Opal together, the last few minutes were so cool. But perhaps I liked the robot thing for entirely different reasons, being a mecha fan. Anyway, Buguese’s expression ruled! He certainly wasn’t happy to see what Mantid was doing to Aqune or maybe he was just scared of her mask’s new form. I honestly didn’t think it could get any creepier than what it already was. Mantid has reached new levels of evil. I figured he’d do something about Buguese’s betrayal, but I didn’t think he’d come up with actually using Aqune against him. Now, Mantid is even stronger than ever. We know he’s always been a dangerous force, seeing how he beat Quake in the past, but with the power of all four Oracle Keys and Hunter’s keys no longer working, now the Spider Riders are in real trouble. On the other hand, they might have a chance of being saved, because technically all eight Spider Riders are in the same place now. I’m wondering now if the Oracle will be able to come like the prophecy said though, because Mantid said something about her being out of his way now. I’m wondering how the Spider Riders are going to get out of this mess, but more importantly, what will happen to Aqune. Next week’s episode has the potential to be amazing and have more Buguese/Aqune, so I can’t wait to see what will happen. I keep telling myself that if I’m hyped, of course I’ll be disappointed, but it’s hard not to be excited.

75 Comments so far

::Claims first comment, even though she’s saying nothing of substance::

Comment by Pherret 04.01.07 @ 5:28 pm

you really picked some good pictures for the summary.since i don’t get to watch it right away i come here. it looks really awsome i can’t wait to see both rodays and next weeks!!!^-^

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.01.07 @ 6:39 pm

i wanted first comment!!!!!!!^_^

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.01.07 @ 6:39 pm

@Pherret- Congratulations.
@bb/puppyface- Maybe next week. It was awesome indeed.

Comment by TL-chan 04.01.07 @ 6:55 pm

[…] Original post by TL-chan and powered by Img Fly […]

Pingback by Canada 411 Directory » Spider Riders 48 (Canada Version) 04.01.07 @ 7:30 pm

tl-chan want to know what cap i liked and which one didn’t like? well i liked the one when hunter and shadow leaped into the air you know as quake was talking about hunter and a big light appered behind him that was so cool. the one i didn’t like was that one with aqune with the RED EYES it was super creepy *shudders*

Comment by Michele 04.01.07 @ 7:34 pm

vicky where are you? you always have your weekly post by now. where in the world are you? *gasps* you wearn’t transported to the inner world were you? ANSWER ME!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 04.01.07 @ 8:44 pm

::Sets up a tent in the blog and plans to sit there until episode 49::

I’m going to die of anticipation. :3 It’s THE 49th episode… I hope the creator dude was right when he said Buguese was going to do something. >

Comment by Pherret 04.01.07 @ 9:09 pm

I don’t think that anything can happen with the oracle untill she has some power and when sparkle transformed. Even if all eight SP’s are transformed and the oracle does get power, aqune would need that super creepy mask to come off (Corona that is up to you and hunter and maybe bugesse). Befroe whatever is suppost to happen when all the spider riders are present.

Oh and what about the other two keys, thsy didn’t go black like hunters did. Does that mean there is still a little power in them?

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 9:13 pm

Pherret: what is this creator dude, thing your talking about

Comment by su 04.01.07 @ 9:15 pm

I think Buguese is also going to try to get that creepy mask off, yeah.

Comment by Pherret 04.01.07 @ 9:15 pm

Su: Well, in a forum, one of the creators of SR said that something was going to happen in episode 49 involving Buguese doing something/for Aqune.

Comment by Pherret 04.01.07 @ 9:18 pm

uh hello isn’t ANYONE woundering where our good friend vicky is right now!! she should of had her post up a long time ago? i’m starting to get really worried about her:(

Comment by Michele 04.01.07 @ 10:36 pm

aqune’s mask just keeps getting weirder everytime i look at it.

Comment by (v-man) 04.01.07 @ 10:56 pm

@pherret: i guess we’ll just have to wait till and see what happens.

Comment by (v-man) 04.01.07 @ 10:59 pm

All I had to say is on Mantid’s Fortress…and now, let’s hold our breaths for the last 4 eps :x

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.01.07 @ 11:10 pm

it’ll be cool when they show hunter fight mantid. i constantly get excited just thinking about it.

Comment by (v-man) 04.01.07 @ 11:41 pm

@Michele- I put that picture of Aqune just because it was creepy. ^_^ And umm… I’m also curious to see what Vicky will post.

@Su- Yeah, I was thinking that Sparkle would probably have to transform (and Quake and Aqune too.) Hopefully someone can get rid of Aqune’s mask soon. (preferably Buguese.)

@(v-man)- Hopefully, Aqune’s mask is at its worst. The Hunter vs. Mantid fight will probably be awesome.

@Arnaiyus- Okay. I read your comments there.

@Pherret- I need episode 49 now.

Comment by TL-chan 04.02.07 @ 8:01 am

Pherret- do you have the link to that form from the creators or whatever. I would like to loo at it

Comment by su 04.02.07 @ 11:55 am

I have a feeling that corona is going to be the one to help alot with getting aqunes mask off. I mean she is her sister and i think that when aqune hears that I am sure it will make a big difference

Comment by su 04.02.07 @ 11:56 am

for some reason youtube is slowly deleting spider rider episodes because some people are flagging them!now i can’t watch them.:sad face: OMG!!!WHAT HAPPENED TO VICKY!!!i hope she’s felling ok…..:looking around being worried:……..

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.02.07 @ 2:08 pm

@su-no doubt about that. I mean it would be pretty surprising to me if i just found out some random guy was my long lost bro and all. But that’s just me. Who knows how Aqune will take the news?

Comment by (v-man) 04.02.07 @ 5:07 pm

bb/puppyface how long did it take you to notice that vicky is missing! i’ve put up 2 commets about her! VICKY ANSWER MEEEEE!!!!! *starts to cry*

Comment by Michele 04.02.07 @ 5:10 pm

@bb/puppyface- its too bad. i can only find up to episode 45 on some of my searches. (excluding youtube) Dumb ppl. :madface: They just don’t know what they’re missing.

Comment by (v-man) 04.02.07 @ 5:12 pm

Sorry everyone, its been real busy here for me, see, my culture has this huge celebration. Guess what, me got 100 bucks!!

Anyways, i’m REALLY flattered you all were worried about me and all, and i was really worried myself that i’d be missing out everything. Again, so sorrry.

Now, this episode’s post:

1. For the past weeks i’ve been considering what would have happened if Corona had been in Aqune’s spot. For one, Hunter/Aqune would most probaby happen, for two, i would’ve been obsessed with Aqune and not liked Corona, and all the madness too.

2. I was personally hoping the spider riders would go back home, but i guess it was too much of a drastic situation.

3. In the battle between young Quake and Mantid, i think Quake was much like Hunter, being so sure of himself when fighting. And he calls Hunter a fool! So much for the Sword of Surrender. I was thinking that you had to use it on Mantid to stop this all. Guess we have to kill him. No nicer way to get this guy to stop his plans, is there?

4. Why was everyone surprised that Quake was a SR? He seemed like the type.

5. I was right, Buguese DID know Mantid’s plan. But why just stand there? Is buguese mad? I don’t think so, cause remember he wanted to get the keys and “deal with Mantid”? I think that means he wanted to get the keys from hunter, and finish off Mantid. He would be Insector Leader, wouldn’t he?

7.So, it looks like Corona will tell Hunter her feelings at the end of the series. Actually, Hunter might get super hurt, and she’ll like cry over him and blurt out her feelings. Who knows? There is also the possibliliy that there won’t be any couples in the end, but i doubt that since there have been a countless amount of Hunter/Corona scenes.

7. Hey just wanted to say the voice actors for the Canadian spider riders. Hunter is played by A GIRL!!!! Corona is played by the person who speaks for Nikki in 6TEEN (ew i absoloutly hate that show) and Prince Lumen is played by the kid who speaks for…ARTHUR!! (you know, the kid who has a dog named Pal, and a sister named DW)

8. I’m glad that everyone got to get in the spotlight, not just hunter. So, are the other spider riders besides Hunter and Corona (because they were not hit by the energy bolt thing from the big bug) too injured to move on? It was a seriously powerful attack, and it would be so cool to see Hunter and Corona, with Quake, to be the only ones fighting. Actually, wait…we need ALL the spider riders to bring the Oracle, right? So, forget about that.

9. Just when you think Aqune’s mask can’t get any scarier, you get proven wrong. OMG, it was like WEIRD!!!!!!! Buguese was so surprised huh? I thought Aqune was more devoted to him, but i guess thats the unmasked version of her. She seriously has to get that mask off, because i think its going to stay the freakin’ way it is.

10. Buguese has now been proven wrong completely. Will he join the spider riders? I am not quite sure, but i think he might just leave along with Stags and Beerain, wherever they went. I hope they come before the end.

11. There was barely any Hunter/Corona here, exept for the same old HUNTER!!!! from Corona that we see in every episode. I’m quite scared now, because we have four episodes left, and we need like three for the battle, and only one for the whole conclusion and everything, so will Corona do it soon? She’d better…

13. That big bug that Buguese used was shown in like episode 45 or so, and i’ve been wondering when it would be used ever since. I wasn’t surprised it was used in this episode.

14. For everyone here and on YouTube, the question who the eighth spider rider was, is now answered.

My plans for the next episode

I’m pretty clueless of what would happen next, but i’m guessing that they will move on to Mantid’ fortress once more. I think Buguese might not come with them now, but save Hunter and face Mantid later on. I think that somehow they’ll get Aqune’s mask on, perhaps with the Sword of Surrender, and use the Oracle’s full power to finish off mantid.

Thats all for now, as usual, please reply with your thoughts! Sorry everyone, i really am sorry that i got you worried!!!

Vicky ^_^
I’m sure ready for a VICKYtorius episode of spider riders!

Comment by Vicky 04.02.07 @ 5:30 pm

michele i only had to look here and found…..SHE WAS GONE!!!but now she’s back!!:happy face again:ita okay now shes need to worry anymore!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.I totally understand vicky!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.02.07 @ 6:19 pm

@Vicky- Time for a lengthy response

1.If Corona were in Aqune’s spot, I would be obsessed with Corona and Buguese/Corona. XD

2. Yeah. They definitely couldn’t have gone back at this point.

3. I don’t expect there to be any charatcer death in this show. Maybe they’ll find another way to beat Mantid. Personally though, I’d like to see him killed. I like Mantid, but it would be sort of cheap if they didn’t give him justice.

4. Who knows. I thought it was a bit weird that they were surprised too.

5. Buguese is confusing. He knows now, but I guess he just wanted to finish what he started. He was still planning on betraying Mantid eventually. He might be the leader after Mantid is defeated, considering he had the highest rank.

6. Hunter/Corona is inevitable. I think even if they don’t officially get together, they’d still very much be a couple, considering all the evidence that there’s soemthing between them.

7. XD. Hunter is voiced by a girl in the Japanese version too. I enjoy watching the sereis Skyland(though I haven’t watched in a while), because it has a lot of the Spider Riders voices in it. I always thought it was fun to see what charatcers shared the voices of others.

8. All the Spider Riders will probably be in the final fight, although I guess it’s possible that all of them could lose other than Hunter and Corona and they’d be the last two left.

9. Aqune is only under Mantid’s control now, so regardless of her previous loyalty to Buguese, she can now only obey Mantid. Hopefully Aqune’s mask will get destroyed next week. Anyway, I though Buguese’s reaction was great. ^_^

10. I don’t know if he’ll join the Spider Riders, but I could see him helping them in the final battle. They do share a common enemy and I can’t see Buguese just forgetting about wanting to beat Mantid.

11. There will probably be more Hunter/Corona. There always is.

13. Yeah. i knew they’d get to it eventually. I totally love it too, so I wish it was used earlier.

14. Yep, though I thought it was obvious already.

Comment by TL-chan 04.02.07 @ 6:27 pm

I. WANT. 49. NOW.

::Sulks immaturely like an infant::
At this rate, I -know- I’m going to get disappointed.

Comment by Pherret 04.02.07 @ 8:54 pm

… you know what would -kill- me? If Aqune attacked Buguese, and he somehow was in a vulnerable position, then Beerain pops out of no where and jumps in front of him just as Aqune was about to deal the blow… and then she gets injured and Buguese angsts. -.- I would -die- of disappointment and thwarted fangirlness if that happened.

Comment by Pherret 04.02.07 @ 9:10 pm

@Pherret- Whenever I find myself mentally writing the episode, I stop myself. I don’t want to be diappointed.

Noooo! Don’t give me bad ideas like that. Of course, Beerain would have to find a way to get inside Dark Opal first (unless it gets destroyed, which seems possible.)

Comment by TL-chan 04.03.07 @ 6:51 am

id think they’d have to kill Mantid. Quake’s Sword of Surrender didn’t have any effect on him and last time i checked Mantid’s not gonna just up and quit using the oracle’s power for himself.

Comment by (v-man) 04.03.07 @ 8:12 am

otherwise how else would they get rid of him.

Comment by (v-man) 04.03.07 @ 8:13 am

YAY! Lots of Mantid-sama! That’s all I have to say ^^…..

Comment by Grasshop 04.03.07 @ 11:30 am

althought this is a kids show i really want to see mantid dead. Nothing except death will work on him. oh and i hope stags will be back by next ep. (I guess i should include beerain in that too) Not that i am a big fan of either, but it would just make sense. Anyway what is your favorite characters everyone? Mine are igneous and aqune and mantid. some people don’t understand igneous or slate but i think they make perfect sense.

Comment by su 04.03.07 @ 12:30 pm

@(v-man)- There’s all sorts of dumb plot devices other than killing that can defeat a bad guy. If you’ve ever seen the endings to Mai HiME or Zoids Fuzors, they provide two of the lamest ways ever.

@Su- My favorite characters are Aqune and Buguese (and I also like Sparkle, but the other two are way ahead.)

Comment by TL-chan 04.03.07 @ 3:43 pm

well, i guess my favorite characters are Hunter and Corona, because, well, the biggest thing i like about this show is the two of them together ^_^

Comment by Vicky 04.03.07 @ 4:01 pm

I’m sorta sticking to ratings too. I mean if they did the stuff Mai HiMe and other shows, people wouldn’t even bother wanting this show to continue. Not like I haven’t heard rumors of them only sticking to just one season anyway, but still something to consider.

Comment by (v-man) 04.03.07 @ 5:17 pm

Su- Ditto of TL with the favourite characters.

TL- Well, there’s no way you could possibly be disappointed if you pretend that you know 49 is going to have Beerain and Buguese kissing, because it can’t be worse than that… can it?

Comment by Pherret 04.04.07 @ 12:46 am

tl-chan what time does spider riders come on in new york? oh and su i can’t give you a straight answer because i like all the characters exept that creep mantid. oh and tl-chan BTW i have 2 favourite invectids the first one is grasshop because he’s funny and the other one is BEERAIN so i don’t really like it when you like say something kinda mean about her:( oh hey vicky what is your culture and the celebration you were telling us a little about. and one more thing i can’t wait until april 25th can anyone guess why:)

Comment by Michele 04.04.07 @ 9:19 pm

@Michele- It used to be on Saturdays at 11:30, but I don’t even see it on the scedule anymore. I wonder why. I watch the Canadian broadcast, because it’s way ahead. I think they’ve only shown up to episode 20 in the US.
I try being nicer to Beerain. I’m less annoyed at her than I am at the fact that they took a character (initially strong and with attitude) and turned her into this weepy, defenseless, lovesick thing. I can’t see any reason why they did this to her except to put her into a romantic relationship with Buguese, who was otherwise obsessed with Aqune. While I never cared much for her, I didn’t dislike her until after seeing episode 35. In fact, I thought she was funny sometimes before that.

Comment by TL-chan 04.05.07 @ 7:45 am

vicky what is your culture and this celebration you were telling us about? so can anyone guess why i can’t wait for april 25th:) :) :) :);)

Comment by Michele 04.05.07 @ 10:26 am

michele:Are you excited because it is the last ep for spider riders and youwnat to see how it ends?

Comment by su 04.05.07 @ 3:49 pm

your b-day?

Comment by su 04.05.07 @ 3:50 pm

tl-chan where do you get your pics from?

Comment by su 04.05.07 @ 3:51 pm

su-your second answer was right it’s going to be my birthday on april 25th i’m going to be 15 i can’t wait:) whens your birthday? (this question is for everyone)

Comment by Michele 04.05.07 @ 3:57 pm

@Michele- Cool. Happy early birthday. Mine’s December 4th. This year I’ll turn 18 ^^

@Su- I make them myself, using a program called Intervideo. I can take screencaps from the video files, which I have saved.

Comment by TL-chan 04.05.07 @ 4:16 pm

well my b-day is march 19th…wich has already passed.everyone on this site is like 5 years older than me :gets ready for people to gasp: i just turned 12.i bet no one is as old or younger than me!i like everyone on the show…except for some kind of crazy way…i like him just a little(little!) that wrong since hes the enemy?

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.05.07 @ 5:22 pm

Su - May 13th, Mother’s Day. I go by Mother’s Day and Friday the 13th once in a while… yay for unlucky dates and shared holidays with my mom. ::Sarcasm::

Comment by Pherret 04.05.07 @ 6:16 pm

tl-chan i have favor to ask to ask you, there’s this other anime show that i like called “shaman king” is there ANY blogs on it in this website? *sad/hopeful expression on*

Comment by Michele 04.05.07 @ 11:18 pm

@Michele- No. I’ve seen some of the series, but it was long before I started this blog.

Comment by TL-chan 04.06.07 @ 7:15 am

well if you find any blogs on a diffrent website let me know please *sad sigh* :(

Comment by Michele 04.06.07 @ 8:28 am

my b-day is may 21st. but i don’t celbrate my b-day. I am a jehovahhs witness. but i get resents all through the year and those presents are funnier because they are a suprise

Comment by su 04.06.07 @ 10:41 am

i meant to say i get presents not resents

Comment by su 04.06.07 @ 10:41 am

my b-day is so off its insane. (oct. 18)

Comment by (v-man) 04.06.07 @ 8:05 pm

V-man: Why’s it off?

Comment by Pherret 04.07.07 @ 2:14 pm

11 hours until 49 here…i’m hyped!

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.07.07 @ 11:30 pm

@Everyone- Warning you in advance that I will not be home until later in the evening. Therefore, posting of epidsode 49 will be delayed.

Comment by TL-chan 04.08.07 @ 8:04 am

You poor soul, having to wait that long for 49.

::Squeals to self in B/A happiness over what happened in it::

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 9:39 am

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! aw man what an episode!! i think that was the best episode yet! yayyy stags came back i like him because so honerable:) . . . . . . *sad sigh* i… i can’t… belive it… is buguese really…gone? his second final act was to free aqune and portia:( it’s it’s it’s impossible. they wouldn’t get rid of buguese… would they? to tell you the truth i think that towards the end it was really sad:( and don’t worry tl-chan we’ll just keep talking about episode 49 on this blog until you get the next one up. sorry vicky but i think that means you won’t be able to put your post up until later. hey speaking of vicky where is she? oh-no she’s disappered again!!

Comment by Michele 04.08.07 @ 1:04 pm

the episode was ok, most of what i expected to happen did happen. the only thing i didn’t expect was buguese attacking mantid that last time. I dont think he is dead though. Oh and i hope buguese did not like aqune in a romantic way, but a gardian/parent way. if it was romantic that would just be wrong.

Comment by su 04.08.07 @ 2:55 pm

what i really want to see is quakes spider, if he has one. in all of the flash backs they never show him fighting with a spider, just by himself. but how can you be a spider rider if you don’t have a spider?

Comment by su 04.08.07 @ 2:57 pm

@pherret- its off cuz plenty of ppl have b-days in like march, april or may. My b-day is also off cuz, u could guess it, the date 2day as well.

Comment by (v-man) 04.08.07 @ 3:27 pm

Buguese was more emo this episode than my mom or my aunt at a wedding.

Comment by (v-man) 04.08.07 @ 3:30 pm

In ep. 49 that is.

Comment by (v-man) 04.08.07 @ 3:31 pm

I think he’s dead. The music, their tones, the expressions, it all points to it being a futile and hopeless act. I mean, even Buguese was kind of pessimistic about it. It was rather suicidal.

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 5:07 pm

V-man: He’s got a right to be, considering what just all happened to him.

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 5:08 pm

@pherret- Remember shakespeare.”Never judge a book by its cover.” I also realize he has a right to be as well. (no duh) I’m just saying he shouldn’t be too surprised. Every odd episode I’ve seen with him he’s always had some form of doubt about Mantid.

Comment by (v-man) 04.08.07 @ 5:49 pm

V-man: Actually, I don’t think he was too surprised by Mantid’s betrayal, just surprised at his power.

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 6:09 pm


Comment by (v-man) 04.08.07 @ 6:31 pm

uh… guys what exactly are you talking about? cuz i don’t really understand .oh and once again HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! oh and one more thing are you guys on spring break? i am:)

Comment by Michele 04.08.07 @ 7:09 pm

hey guys, i’m FINALLY back! Sorry i haven’t been replying! I’m just SO busy lately. So, for those of you who asked what culture and celebration i was talking about, i’m Iranian, so, the Iranian new year is in March. Money and presents for me!!! So, there have been tons of parties to celebrate.

And for my birthday, i was born May 20th 1996, so i’m only 10! Hey, i’ll be 11 soon, right? Guess why my name is Victoria (vicky’s just my nick name)? Its cause May 20th 1996 was Victoria day in Canada!

Comment by Vicky 04.09.07 @ 2:15 pm

Oh and happy easter to everyone! By the way, guys who’ve watched the episode that comes next, like me, lets not talk about the next episode in the wrong blog chat room okay? Dont spoil it for the others! Not acusing you guys or anything, i just think that it would be better not to spoil it!

Comment by Vicky 04.09.07 @ 2:16 pm

finally someone close to age with me.gooooooo vicky!!!!!i just turned 12!

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.13.07 @ 3:56 pm

oh, i’m glad there is someone my age too! Wow, i honestly thought you were much older than that! goooooo bb/puppyface! Oh, and if you just turned twelve, happy birthday.

Comment by Vicky 04.14.07 @ 8:20 am

thanks….almost happy birthday to you too!!!!i guess you didn’t see that i was complaining on how everyone else was older than me in other chat rooms!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.14.07 @ 2:53 pm

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