Mantid gains enough power from the Oracle Keys to change into a more powerful form. He returns to the location of the Spider Riders, where he begins to demonstrate his new abilities on them. Psychically, he lifts them into the air and then smashes Quake and Corona to the ground. He creates an opening in the Earth, which he sends Lumen and Magma falling into. The Spiders save them with their threads. Angered by Mantid, Igneous tries to attack him, but is also hurt. Mantid decides to spare him, but Igneous is now aware that Mantid’s power is absolute, and that the Spider Riders are helpless for now. Mantid insists that the Spider Riders bow before him, but they refuse. Grasshop then goes up to face Mantid. Magma wonders if he’s betraying them, but Hunter has confidence. Grasshop pleads to Mantid to spare the Spider Riders, because they’re really not so bad. He says that Mantid can do whatever he likes to him. Taking Grasshop up on this offer, Mantid lifts him from the ground and contemplates how to torture him, as Sparkle and the others are forced to watch. However, Buguese interferes. While he doesn’t care what Mantid does to Grasshop, he wants Mantid to fulfill his promise. Mantid mocks Buguese for continuing to be loyal to him and refuses, but does give Buguese the powerless Oracle Keys. Buguese is infuriated. He tries to attack Mantid with Dark Opal, but Mantid stops his attack with one finger. Dark Opal then begins to break. Worried about Aqune, Buguese calls out to her, but finds that she isn’t there. Buguese is ejected from Dark Opal and knocked unconscious. Mantid then unleashes Aqune on the Spider Riders before leaving, stating that he has worlds to destroy. He gives Aqune some of his Oracle power. Aqune starts to attack the Spider Riders. Meanwhile, Stags returns to help Buguese. Because of what he did to Stags in Nuuma, Buguese is surprised by this. However, Stags believes that he, Buguese and Beerain were all doing what needed to be done. Stags asks if Buguese will face Mantid, but Buguese says that he has one other thing to do first. As Magma is attacked by Aqune, Sparkle wonders if Quake can use the sword of surrender to stop her. He says that it won’t work, because Aqune is pure. She’s just being manipulated. Aqune then starts to attack Hunter. However, Hunter is saved by Buguese who holds Aqune back. Buguese thinks to himself that he always used Aqune, ever since he found her, but that she changed him and she came to be something precious to him. He tells Aqune that her light can shine wherever she wants it to from now on. Then he removes her mask. Aqune looks at him in surprise but then passes out. Buguese catches her and puts her down, going back to dark Opal. He takes her mask, believing that it still has some of the Oracle’s power inside it. Hunter and Corona go up to Aqune, who recovers and is happy to be back with them. They see what Buguese is attempting and Aqune tries to get him to stop, but he’s already set on doing this. He flies in Dark Opal to Mantid’s castle, attempting to destroy it. He’s stopped by wires which wrap around him and zap him, but she still survives, much to Mantid’s surprise. Then, there’s an explosion. Hunter believes that Buguese is dead.

That was so great! I like to joke about how when I first began this blog, every dumb prediction I made would be wrong on so many levels. I’ve improved so much at figuring anime out, even of the confusing Bee Train variety. I always said that Buguese liked Aqune, even though a large portion of the fandom thought otherwise. Well, now we know the truth, and the Buguese/Aqune scene was so great. It was really sad, especially on Buguese’s part, because he seemed almost reluctant to do what he had to. Sure, he could’ve continued to keep Aqune against her will, but he’s not as evil as they wanted you to think. He wanted her to be happy, so therefore, he let her go. It was so awesome to watch though, especially because we got to see chibi Aqune for a second. I also LOVE the twist that the Spider Riders never got to save Aqune, as they’ve been going on and on about for the past 37 or so episodes. Buguese got to it first. ^_^ And now, the fate of Buguese is really in question. Is he dead or not? Well there was a big explosion and Hunter seemed to think so. However, there’s also that rule in which if there’s no body, they’re not dead. However, it would also be a really neat plot twist if he did die. And in the most silly, hypocritical statement ever, no Buguese means no Buguese/Beerain. Sure, it also means no Buguese/Aqune, but I said I was being hypocritical. Instead of that though, let me go back to being gleeful. This episode was cool! Mantid was also cool. Now he’s even more psycho. Just how bad can he get? If they make him even stronger I won’t be surprised, but I’ll probably be afraid of the extent of his evil.

 /> <img src=

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::Moment of retarded egotasticalness:: I rock.

Anyways, seeee, I told you it was good. :D
And you need to get on chat, GL is seducing Buguese. Don’t you just hate me and my dares?

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 6:43 pm

@Pherret- That’s awesome. And I knew you’d get first comment. ^_^

Comment by TL-chan 04.08.07 @ 6:50 pm

……-_- Pherret….don’t say these random things on public blog pages. -_- I’m likely to kill you ^^ In any case, more Mantid-sama in this episode means yay for me. I have a few screenshots that I call Aqune/Mantid-sama just because I’m strange like that. And I still luvs Grasshop….he’s so cute, and brave XD

Comment by Grasshop 04.08.07 @ 8:39 pm

Sorry GL, I’m already dead. :P

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 8:41 pm

… actually, you’re going to have to line up behind all the other people who’re trying to kill me…

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 8:41 pm

@Grasshop- If you want, I can edit that before any potential damage is done.

Comment by TL-chan 04.08.07 @ 8:43 pm

lol No it’s okay ^^ I was just warning teh Ferret XD

Comment by Grasshop 04.08.07 @ 8:50 pm

Sowwee. ::Gives Max a flower both to make him happy and to make up for the comment::

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 8:53 pm

… I’m not scared of virtual flowers, thankfully.

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 8:53 pm

hey tl-chan happy easter. why won’t anyone say thatback to me? i’ve said it three times now. umm tl-chan what do think will happen next? and do think buguese is really . . . . . gone? :( you know what? if you what my opinon buguese is the last person i’d suspect to save hunter but you know i liked him in this episode he really showed his kindness in this episode oh and tl-chan i think that the aqune/buguese thing is more of a guardian/child bond.

Comment by Michele 04.08.07 @ 8:54 pm

@Michele- Happy Easter. Do I think Buguese is dead? Really, I’m not 100% sure on either side, but for the time I’ll say yes because of a bet. Yes, I know what the Buguese/Aqune relationship really is. However, Buguese really does “love” Aqune, regardless of what kind of love it is. That’s just super cute. ^^

Comment by TL-chan 04.08.07 @ 8:59 pm

TL: On the bright side, if Buguese is dead, we get two B/A fics from Paul and suitable angsty material to write about.

Comment by Pherret 04.08.07 @ 9:02 pm

i am with michele on this one, buguese does love aqune (that is great, at least someone liked her in her poor pitable life) but it is a parent/gaurdian thing. oh and i have a feeling that we will see buguese again. maybe just as he is dying or something but see him again we will.

Comment by su 04.08.07 @ 10:01 pm

as i said before on the ep 48 blog. I liked this epidose but it didn’t blow me away. Exery thing that i expected to happen (like stages coming back and bugese showing his true good colours and mantid becoming all powerful) but i liked buguese the best in this ep. I have always liked buguese but he was great, i mean all angry and emotional and unreasonable it was crazy. if i had no expectations about this ep i would have down right fell in love with it.

Comment by su 04.08.07 @ 10:05 pm

Mantid = lightbulb and it gave me a good lol!

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.08.07 @ 11:05 pm

uh . . . pherret about your last comment WHAT IN ORACLES NAME ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! oh guess what after seeing sooo many episodes of aqune chanting that i’ve totally memorized it;) but i can’t remember if she says “light brings knowledge, knowledge brings compassion” two times or three times. do any of YOU know?

Comment by Michele 04.08.07 @ 11:15 pm

arnaiyus what does lol mean? i’m not really sure what things like mean exactly. GRRRRRR NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 04.08.07 @ 11:19 pm

lol = laugh out loud. Say hello to the internet slang ;)

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.09.07 @ 2:06 am

Btw (by the way ;D), we now know for certain that Aqune was with Corona in the ship that was shot down by buzzrays. They got seperated there. I found that nifty hint pretty cool.

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.09.07 @ 2:08 am

@Su- True. Even if Buguese dies, we’ll porbably at least get to dsee that as confirmation. He was great in this episode! It’s been awhile since the last time Buguese did something nice.

@Pherret- I didn’t even think of the potential angst yet (probably as a result of being too busy being happy.) Hmm…

@Arnaiyus- Mantid was kinda funny. Some of his lines made me laugh, anyway. I also noticed that hint and thought it was interesting. I wonder if anymore about Aqune and Corona’s past will be told or if that’s as much as we’re going to get. I still want to know how they lost their memories.

@Michele- I don’t remember how many times she says it. At the moment, I’m thinking 3, but I’m not positive.

Comment by TL-chan 04.09.07 @ 7:27 am

One thing i didn’t expect in this ep. is that Aqune still doesnt know that Corona is her sister! :o like come on people. Oh and beerain still hasn’t come back. I thought those two things would happen but they haven’t yet. Can’t wait untill ep 50!!!

OH and i really hope that stags does something more then stand there. but i thought that the thing he was whereing (I forget the name of it) was funny (I wonder where he got it)

Comment by su 04.09.07 @ 9:02 am

all and all id say it was a good ep. overall. Even a week before this ep. I sorta guessed what would happen next in 49 and my guesses were like half right.

Comment by (v-man) 04.09.07 @ 9:53 am

i really liked this episode. i always hoped mantid would go really crazy if got total control.oh well maby episode 50.i guess im just crazy like that.:P

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.09.07 @ 10:29 am

Heeeeeeelooo people!! ITs me, Vicky! Aww…i’ve missed out a little, haven’t i? Well, i watched that episode early in Sunday morning, as i’m guessing Michele might’ve done. After it, all i could think of was how much TL chan would like it! Well, anyways, let’s start my post!

1. Alright, i’m sure many people have already noticed this, but Mantid is one big jerk. He scared me with his lightbulb look. Liked him better before….

2. Looks like the sun’s black again. Before it was too, but it turned back to normal again, right? Well, i don’t think it’ll turn normal this time, since Mantid used the FOUR oracle keys’ power. Well, the SR better hurry up, huh?

3. Don’t know if anyone noticed, but there was some new backround music in the beginning of the episode. I’m glad, because the same old songs get, well, old.

4. I wasn’t blown away when i saw Buguese trying to kill Mantid. I mean, like, he’s been waiting for this for a long time. I was kinda planning that Hunter would verse him and all, but i’m sure glad that Buguese had a chance to show off his awesome RAGE!!!!!

5. the series is really serious now, isn’t it? Like, i don’t mind it and all, but i’m hoping we’ll get one of those barely fighting funny episodes in the end.

6. Once again, NO hunter/Corona. I mean, Hunter didn’t even get worried when he saw Corona get slammed on the ground! Corona didn’t do anything either, which is a shock, since she always finds a way to scream his name, lol! But, i’m ok with it, since its like the final battle and everything, so you wouldn’t expect that.

7. Grasshop is So nice!! And brave!! He almost died, didn’t he? Phew, i mean, who can live without Grasshop? Mantid was right about one thing, Grasshop is definatly funny!

8. Can’t believe Mantid called Buguese a PET! And insignificant!!! HOW RUDE!!! Buguese did not diserve that!

9. AWESOME! Stags is back! Wonder if he’ll help out some how, i mean, he hasn’t really played his part for like 15 episodes. Beerain should be coming back too, right? I mean, not that i want that, its just that i’ve been thinking she went to wherever Stags went ever since she left.

10. Hey, the other guys didn’t get much screentime did they? I mean, Hunter barely said anything. Buguese got it all this time, with Mantid, and WOOHOO for that. After all this time, i knew Buguese would have a big part in the part against mantid. Good for him!

11. HUH!! Is buguese..dead? I’ve expected that as the only possible death besides Mantid. I’ve been thinking he’d want to save Aqune or maybe even Hunter. But, i really can’t see that he’s dead!! Everyone thought Hunter was dead at the end of episode 37, and he wasn’t, but thats Hunter though and we know he can’t die that soon. I think everyone will think Buguese is dead, but he’ll show up again later.

12. Let’s just pray that Aqune won’t cause Hunter/Aqune for the rest of the episodes…..

What i think will happen in the next episode

Alright, anyone noticed that we’ve got all eight spider riders now? Well, i’ve got three possibilities here:

1. The oracle will show up now and give Hunter his powers back. With the oracle keys’ powers again in his possesion, he’ll defeat mantid, and then will sacrifice the oracle keys’ power to restore the sun. Or, she could come in the point of the battle that the spider riders are like about to be doomed, and help out there.
2. The oracle won’t help with mantid, but will restore the sun with her power.
3. Maybe she’ll do all that stuff!

I’m hoping Aqune won’t cause Hunter/Aqune, but i think that Corona will tell Aqune that she is not only an oracle maiden, but her sister too. We might get some flash back things of when the two were playing together or something.

Well, i also think that they will make their way to Mantid now. He seems to be in his big tower type room right?

Ok then, its time to kick off my post! Sadly, there are no book quotes since i’ve already posted them all!


Comment by Vicky 04.09.07 @ 2:00 pm

i’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired:o mydog escaped from the yard me and someone who found him all morning:( MY LEG ARE KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!!!:( he dosen’t listen at all. my parents say that he only has 2 working brain cells and after today i think they’re right but don’t worry he’s home now. and isn’t anyone woundering why i said “GRRRRRR NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”?

Comment by Michele 04.09.07 @ 2:01 pm

yes…im wondering:jumps up and down with hand in the air:*o*i’m glad your dogs ok!!!!!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.09.07 @ 2:10 pm

nobody talks to me anymore!!!!….ok…SOME people do.grrrr…….i think i died:(….x_X

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.09.07 @ 2:16 pm

what i ment to say is me and megan who found him that we were chaseing and looking for all mourning. vicky finally you are the reason i said ” GRRRRRR NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because it seemed that you disappered and i hate it when you do that because i get worried:( so no more disappering ok pretty please with chocolate on top.

Comment by Michele 04.09.07 @ 2:22 pm

that makes sense.

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.09.07 @ 2:57 pm

@Su- There’s still 3 episodes left, so there’s time for all those things to happen.

@(v-man)- Yes. It was a good episode indeed! My new favorite.

@bb/puppyface- I thought Mantid was really cool with this much power. If he gets even crazier, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

Comment by TL-chan 04.09.07 @ 3:32 pm


1. He’s quite scary looking now. I loved it when he got the big firey aura though.

2. I don’t think it ever turned normal, but it wasn’t nearly this bad. The Spider Riders definitely need to hurry.

3. Yeah. I did notice some new background music. I don’t like many of the BGMs though, so it doesn’t make a big difference for me. (On the other hand, the opera BGMs in the japanese version rule)

4. Yeah, I expected that he’d want to fight Mantid. It’s been his plan for a while. He was so cool while doing it though.

5. I wouldn’t expect much more comedy, until maybe the last episode, after Mantid is beaten. Maybe they’ll have a cute epilogue or something.

6. I was surprised too by the lack of Hunter/Corona. There was the fact that they were in the same cell a few times, but that’s stretching it. Oh my gosh, a whole episode where Corona didn’t say Hunter? What is this world coming too?

7. Grasshop was great in this episode, as were Mantid’s comments about him.

8. Mantid is just evil like that.

9. Stags doesn’t get nearly enough screentime. He’ll probably do something in the final battle though. My predictions about Beerain are that she’ll probably come back in the next episode, angst over what happened to Buguese, and generally get me annoyed for being whiney again. Hope I’m wrong though, but it seems like a probability.

10. Yay! I loved seeing Buguese get so much screentime. Mantid got a lot too this week.

11. Don’t know, but we’ll probably find out next week.

12. I don’t think there’ll be much Hunter/Aqune. They’re too involved now in a battle for love drama. I’m betting that Aqune and Corona will become closer though in the upcoming episodes, especially after Aqune learns that she’s Corona’s sister and they’ll probably have to work together with their powers to help Hunter defeat Mantid.

In the next episode, I predict the Spider Riders will go to Mantid’s castle and fight against him there. Or maybe, that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but it would make for great scenery. Becasue they’re all together, the Oracle will probably show up.

In my more idealized version, if Buguese dies, Aqune will angst about it.

Comment by TL-chan 04.09.07 @ 3:44 pm

i keep thinking that this episode 50….guess i can’t wait.thanks for actualy talking to me tl-chan!!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.09.07 @ 4:04 pm

TL: If Buguese dies, do you think Aqune will angst about it at all in the episode? Would any of them even -mention- it again?

Comment by Pherret 04.09.07 @ 5:14 pm

@bb/puppyface- No problem.

@Pherret- I hope they’d at least mention it. It would be pretty stupid not to. I think Aqune would at least be a little upset, considering her reaction before Buguese went and carried out his attack.

Comment by TL-chan 04.09.07 @ 5:40 pm

Pherret: buguese practicly raised aqune, if he is dead i am sure that aqune would be very upset, like corona would be if her step sisters died

Comment by su 04.09.07 @ 7:20 pm

okay in: “grasshop’s misforetuns” my favourite part is at the end when hunter says “shadow don’t make me come in there” ha ha ha that always makes me know what would make good episode if the other spider riders tell us how they met their spiders i mean we know how hunter+shadow and magma+brutis met but we DON’T know how corona+venus, igneous+flame, prince lumen+ebony princess sparkle+hotatla and aqune+portia(she’d probably remember now).

Comment by Michele 04.09.07 @ 7:31 pm

Su: Yes, she would be to be in character, but I’m wondering if the creators would put it in.

Comment by Pherret 04.09.07 @ 8:05 pm

Pherret: oh i get it. that makes sense, but i think that would be stupid to leave that in the air about buguese being dead or not

michele: hey that is intersting. I wonder how they did meet.

Comment by su 04.09.07 @ 8:38 pm

Hey Michele, i promise not to scare you anymore! LOL, don’t worry so much about me! Not that its a bad thing (i seriously think its an honor to have friends that i haven’t met yet!!), its just sometimes we all have days we can’t get to the computer! Yeah, and i am wondering how they met, and, how on earth do they get their manacles? I mean, Corona and Aqune had it since they were kids, and they were oracle maidens so i think they get handed manacles or something, and hunter’s just chose him (or fell on him, whichever way you prefer) but how did Magma and the others get theirs? Oh, and i’m glad you got your dog back. What type is he?

Hey bb/puppyface, i’m sorry if you think i don’t talk to you! When i send my comments, i’m basically talking to everyone!! you and TL chan were like the only people besides me who commented alot (i guess TL chan just HAS to) so when i came you guys were like my first anime-buds! Then michele came, su came, and everyone else!

Comment by Vicky 04.10.07 @ 4:32 pm

Just to add on to how PURE SAD i am that there wasn’t any Hunter/Corona AT ALL these past two or three episodes (especially since Corona didn’t even yell HUNTER!! which is an outrage) at least they were standing BESIDE eachother. Thats really all i could think of. ANd Hunter you are an idiot not worrying for Corona when she got SMASHED ONTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, its like he doesn’t appreciate that she gets so worried about him, and that SHE KEPT SAVING HIS LIFE WITH THAT ORACLE POWER!! YOU WOULD’VE BEEN DEAD BY NOW HUNTER!!! Ok, Hunter, just get this through your head: Corona loves you, and more importantly YOU LOVE HER TOO!!! NOT AQUNE, CORONA, THE PRETTY, SMART, BRAVE, AND ATTRACTIVE GIRL THAT WAS YOUR FIRST BUD!!!!!!!!

i’m sorry, no hunter/Corona makes me so ANGRY!! USED TO BE SAD, THEN I REALIZED WHAT A JERK HUNTER CAN BE AND I GOT MAD!!!!

Comment by Vicky 04.10.07 @ 4:37 pm

(chuckling) don’t worry, i think the reason that hunter didn’t worry about corona is because everyone was being smashed into the ground too, it just would have been corny if they showed a close up of every one falling. oh and the focus of the last two ep’s have not been on hunter (finally he is such a camra hog) don’t worry if hunter doesn’t love corona i will personlly destroy my computer (that does not count if the producers leave the couple hanging after ep 52)

Comment by su 04.10.07 @ 5:22 pm

it’s ok vicky i’m just complaining way to much.(im sure some people agree with me!!)thanks im glad to be one of your anime buds!!!!im happy everyone else is too. I think it would be cool if they didn’t sa if bugesse died or not and he comes back in the second season.of course everyone would want to know!!(thats if they make a second season)

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.11.07 @ 9:45 pm

i hope they make a second season do you know if they are going to?

Comment by su 04.12.07 @ 7:57 am

hey, if you look at ep 5, they show a siloette of gelena’s husband, and it looks exacly like quake when he was younger. They must e married. Awww that is so cute.

Comment by su 04.12.07 @ 9:30 am

Hey nice looking out!! You’ve got eagle eyes su, i had like NO idea about that. Remember in episode 20, Corona was playing as Quake’s “love” or something, maybe she was playing galena or something if they are really married, i know her name wasn’t galena but who knows she could’ve changed her name.

About that second season thing, i’d really like another season, but there are a few things i don’t want to happen in them. First, i want HUNTER AND CORONA TO GET TOGETHER IN THIS SEASON, I CAN’T WAIT NO LONGER THAN THAT!!!! Second, people are saying that Hunter will get a new battle partner, but i really dont like that. As much as i LOVE to see Corona jealous, i’d fall apart seeing Hunter have another battle partner! Don’t you guys get it? That means that Hunter probably doesn’t like her and oh boy that girl battle partner just might be AQUNE!!!!!!

I’m doubting another season just because i can’t think of any other type of evil person, because it seems like mantid will be defeated in this one. The original plans said he’d lose in this season right? They also said that Corona would tell hunter her feelings. So, i’m guessing there will be only one season.

You guys, i’m kinda depressed. Believe it or not, Spider Riders isn’t something alot of people like…. Let’s start of with like, the time Spider Riders started. I saw the comercial, which ABSOULOUTLY DOESN’T DESCRIBE THE SHOW PROPERLY, and i was like “nah, that doesn’t seem like my show” But, i didn’t make fun of it either. I don’t make fun of shows unless i see them. Then in September, there is nothing else on TV so i see it. I only see the first half though. i think its OK. I see it more and more everyday, and i start to understand it, then i obsess over it. Then, i want to test my best friend Julia to see if she likes it too. I say “Hey Julia, have you heard of this show called “Spider Riders?” and she starts making fun of it! So i know i’m not going to tell her. I decide not to tell anyone, except my dearest friend Veronica, who doesn’t make fun of it because she says she hasn’t seen it yet. Then, i tell my other anime-bud rosemary, because she loves anime and InuYasha. She starts watching it and we talk about it everyday now. We call it “SR” so julia and the others don’t find out what we’re saying. THen, i trust my friend Alanna, who says the same as Veronica. But today, it looks like Julia has reminded everyone about it. Suddenly, half the people in my class start making fun of it! This dumb kid who likes Naruto starts singing “Calling all spider riders” in a mocking way. Julia tells me to give my ideas, but i keep my mouth shut, like i do every other time they make fun of it. THis dumb kid named Emily starts saying how dumb it is. And i bet that half those kids haven’t ever SEEN the show!! This other kid just starts saying how dumb the name “Hunter STEELE” is. Alanna and Veronica tell me to ignore it, but i feel like shouting out to everyone that they’ve probably never seen it and that me and tons of other people think its a good show so you should shut up, but i keep it in. At home, today, i feel really depressed!

Comment by Vicky 04.12.07 @ 4:23 pm

@Su- The creator wants to make a second season, but the Japanese animation studio will have the final say in that. Since Spider Riders got poor ratings in Japan, I wouldn’t count on it. However, the 2nd half starts in Japan in two days, so we should all hope that it gets more attention. (And I for one can’t wait! I plan to blog the Japanese version too ^_^)

About the Quake thing in episode 5, I’ll have to re-watch that now, because I never noticed. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence though, because I thought Quake was much older. He was supposed to be about the same age as the Lost Mariner, who is Quint’s great great great grandfather.

Comment by TL-chan 04.12.07 @ 4:35 pm

@Vicky- You know, people are jerks for making fun of what they haven’t seen. Spider Riders admittedly looks dumb, but actually watching it, I can say my opinion has changed about it very much. Studio Bee Train is brilliant. They may make fun of Spider Riders, but at least the people you know have heard of it. I don’t know anyone in real life who has.

Also, that thing about a new battle partner is probably just a rumor, because I haven’t heard anything about it.

Comment by TL-chan 04.12.07 @ 4:39 pm

i didn’t start watching spider riders untill way past the middle of the show, by acident, i at first thought the entire idea sounded stupid, but it got intersting after i gave it a second chance. to bad, i good show and people don’t watch it because of the first apperence at first glance.

NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT”S COVER OR A TV SHOW!!!! sorry for getting carried away people, but that has been on my mind for a while.

Comment by su 04.12.07 @ 8:51 pm

@Koolcat- You can still watch Spider Riders without You Tube, if you don’t mind direct downloads. (Plus, as you said, you get it on TV. Lucky. -_-)Episode downloads are available here:

A second season is possible, but it will probably depend a lot on the ratings that the 2nd half gets in Japan.

Comment by TL-chan 04.13.07 @ 5:37 am

hi koolcat i’m michele nice to meet you. hey guys i have a question i don’t get why FRIDAY THE 13TH is a bad luck day i mean why is it unlucky? can anyone tell me. oh and koolcat i think you’ll enjoy talking on this blog;)

Comment by Michele 04.13.07 @ 9:21 am

i’ll tell you why friday the 13th is bad!today someone tried to burn down our middle school!!!!!!nobody was hurt though.people think bad things happen on that day….i don’t have ANY anime friends..well of course you guys.hi tv dude.

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.13.07 @ 3:54 pm

i’ll be your friend

Comment by tv.dude 04.13.07 @ 5:01 pm

i’ll be your friend, bb/puppyface

Comment by tv.dude 04.13.07 @ 5:02 pm

… If Friday the 13th is bad, does that mean I’m bad, since my birthday goes by it once in a while? xD

Comment by Pherret 04.13.07 @ 6:07 pm

I don’t know why Friday the 13th is supposed to be a bad day. Koolkat and tv.dude, welcome!!!! Name’s Vicky, and i’m another commenter here. I usually send my comments in huge chunks, and you can see them in almost every Spider Rider chat room! I’ve sent quotes from the spider riders books that i’ve picked out, and you can read those if you find them. The main thing about me, is that i love Hunter/Corona, and i hope you do too. NO AQUNE AND HUNTER LOVERS OK? The quotes i sent are about them, because in the books they practicly say they like eachother!

Till i comment again, which will be soon,

Comment by Vicky 04.14.07 @ 8:17 am

hey, Koolkat and tv.dude, i am su, i am a rather recent to this bloging sight, as you will see as you go around the web page.
i normaly try and find some crazy plot pradictions and find other conections, i am with vicky on Hunter/Corona thing. oh and my newest pradiction (almost all of them are wrong) is Quake is going to die in the fight and the girl that in the clost is actully really good but is held captive by mantid and she is going to become a spider rider.

I also had a crazy day dream that the girl in the clost is actully the princess of numa and she is the daugter of Queen Iluma . Which is why Iluma didn’t want to except the spider riders help because they reminded her of her daugter who she is still grieving for. Crazy i know but my imagination always runs away with itself.

Comment by su 04.14.07 @ 11:51 am

i’ll be your friend too tv.dude.yours too koolkat if you let names puppyface(yes its a weird name)ive been on this chatroom since around episode 20!…or 30.i usually just chat about whats going could say im kinda boring but i have a wide imagination.i root for corona/hunter all the way!!!do you?

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.14.07 @ 2:49 pm

goodness, i really want the next ep. I can’t wait untill tomorrow

Comment by su 04.14.07 @ 5:42 pm

He’s not dead yet… :D
And is being somewhat of a suicidal idiot. >.o Oh well.

Comment by Pherret 04.15.07 @ 9:14 am

So, koolkat and tv.dude, you guys Hunter/Corona fans…or not? You know what answer i’m looking for…

Comment by Vicky 04.16.07 @ 6:23 pm

Better question. Do either of you like Buguese/Aqune?

Comment by TL-chan 04.16.07 @ 8:47 pm

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