While I’ve practically deconstructed the entire OP and ED, I have to call this a teaser, becaus the images are juts a horrendous quality. I haven’t found the raw for episode 27 yet, but I did find some low quality clips that I have cropped up for you all. ^_^

Guess what Hunter/Corona fans? They hold hands on the OP. There also seems to be soem spoilers in the OP, such as Hunter and Shadow’s four key transformation and a scene of young Quake (whom I assume I can safely call Brade now, since this is the Japanese version) fighting.

The ED has Magma x Brade <3!

Cut for length.

OP 2- Towards a Dream- Saeko Chiba (Corona)

ED 3- Brave Heart- Sanae Kobayashi(Venus and Aqune) and Takashi Kondo(Shadow)

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i have never watched the japanese version but i am really excited it looks way better then the english!!! oh and i like the pics of “fang and claw” oh hope they come back a bit more in the final couple of eps in english.

i love the pics. but tl-chan do you know where i can watch the japanese version. I live in canada but i just don’t know what chanel it might be on.

Comment by su 04.14.07 @ 11:40 am

they also show alot more of attention on the back round of aqune and corona!!! very nice.

One last question, do they have english subs on the japanese version? Because how do you understand it?

Comment by su 04.14.07 @ 11:41 am

@Su- I download the Japanese episodes. They’re not on tv, unless you live in Japan. The episodes are raw (menaing no subtitles.) I can understand some Japanese.

Comment by TL-chan 04.14.07 @ 11:49 am

Little Aqune… :3

Comment by Pherret 04.14.07 @ 11:53 am

well i tink i will watch the Japenese anyway, they look way better then english series, now i know why you complained when they SR was canceled.

Comment by su 04.14.07 @ 11:53 am

Let’s hope that Japan receives well the last eps of season 1 so that we may MAYBE get a season 2!!

Comment by Arnaiyus 04.14.07 @ 5:39 pm

ummm. . . . tl-chan what exactly is going on? could you tell me please.

Comment by Michele 04.14.07 @ 6:47 pm

@Pherret- Yay!

@Su- The two versions really aren’t that different. There’s just a few name changes, dialogue changes (the most notable in episode 23), and questionable moments cut out (including things related to the Lumen/Sparkle pairing, scenes deemed too violent, and the body in Mantid’s closet)

@Arnaiyus- Yep. Here’s hoping.

@Michele- These are just opening and ending themes, so essentially nothing is going on. In Japan, they just get real theme songs instead of “Calling All Spider Riders,” which is made up of stock footage from the show.

Comment by TL-chan 04.14.07 @ 7:42 pm

[…] Read my initial summary/impressions OP and ED screencaps […]

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lumen/sparkel pairing…what scenes were cut?

Comment by marii 04.16.07 @ 2:11 am

Awesome! They hold hands, how AWESOME!!!!!!!

Comment by Vicky 04.16.07 @ 6:00 pm

TL chan, can you try to post the OP and ED on Youtube so i can watch them? If you do, tell me if you did it, so i can check right away.

Comment by Vicky 04.16.07 @ 6:01 pm

And just to rub it in Aqune’s face…HUNTER WASN’T HOLDING YOUR HAND…HE WANTED CORONA’S HAND!!!!!! since i haven’t watched it though, Tl chan, can you tell me, in that scene, is it just like a way that Corona wants to help him stand, or, is it like something that COUNTS as holding hands in a in love type of way? ARGH!! I NEED TO WATCH IT!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET IT ON YOUTUBE TL CHAN, WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Vicky 04.16.07 @ 6:16 pm

@Vicky- Heh. No Hunter/Aqune in the new OP and ED. Corona is just helping Hunter up, but yeah.

I wasn’t the one who posted them up, but here are the clips.
OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5s5jWzBMu4
ED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ldz6zwwej4

@marii- The only cut in episode 27 was something concerning Grashsop’s wife, whcih I put in the main post for this episode.

Comment by TL-chan 04.16.07 @ 8:50 pm

tl chan i don’t think that the transformation’s in the OP have the four key transformation in it, i think it the one with three keys.

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 1:22 pm

yeah thats the three key transformation. In the episode ‘the confrontation’ hunter is in the form of the two keys, then Corona uses her power and the third one where Buguese and Aqune are stealing Nuuma’s oracle key, glows and Hunter turns into that transformation.

TL chan, thank you SO much for giving me the links. THOSE ARE THE BEST! The ED wasn’t that good though. I think that first, Corona is helping him up, but when he’s on his feet he is holding her hand and looking at her like he’s in love. :)

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 4:22 pm

at the end in that final pic, Hunter looks like he was thrown or something, and Corona looks like she just took her hand away from his, so i think she like, threw him or something, just as a way of fun. Girl power!

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 4:24 pm

@Su- You’re probably right. It does look like a three-key transformation.

@Vicky- You’re welcome. Personally, I like the ED better than the OP, because it’s so cute. The OP did have some good Hunter/Corona stuff though.

Comment by TL-chan 04.17.07 @ 5:02 pm

Today is April 17. The last episode will be aired on April 29th. ONLY 12 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!! That is so hard to believe! I won’t get bored of watching the old episodes every day though, i do it now, since Spider Riders is everyday here (YA!!) in Canada. *sigh* It will be sad though.

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 5:30 pm

Yeah i just watched it again, and Corona pushes Hunter just for fun. watch the OP again and at the end look at what Corona does closly.

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 5:35 pm

i know vicky, isn’t that cute. and if you notice aqune looks worried and igneuses is sighing (which i think is funny)

It is funny how aqune is so sweet and corona is more tough, they are totaly differnet, but some sisters are ike that.

Comment by su 04.18.07 @ 12:26 am

you can also notice if you watch the ED, that near the beginning there a is a sceen with little corona and a sihloete of her grown up. There is in the backround a pattern of a puzzle. one of the puzzle pieces is showing on corona but is then filled in as the shot continues, kinda like hunter heeled her hurt heart. Go look, please.

Comment by su 04.18.07 @ 12:31 am

All this sweetness makes me cry tears of joy….

Comment by Vicky 04.18.07 @ 4:16 pm

i saw it su! You’re right, it IS like hunter healed her hurt heart…*tears falling down cheek* so….BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The Japanese OP and ED are SO much better than the english. Rap? I mean c’mon, who wants rap for spider riders like in the english OP? And the ED is so booring, all they do is show the backround with a spider web then show the names of the people, thats it. Now, in the Japanese version, we get rockin’ AWESOME stuff. Plus, the OP actually has H/C

Comment by Vicky 04.18.07 @ 6:56 pm

i totaly agree with you vicky, why couldn’t the canadian one put a little more effort into the OP and ED, i don’t want it to be the same but at least something, plus it gives us something to taste for the upcoming eps.

Comment by su 04.18.07 @ 9:38 pm

@Vicky- ^_^ Corona pushing Hunter was kinda cute. I can’t stand rap, so I prefer the Japanese OPs and EDs a lot.

@Su- Didn’t think of the puzzle’s symbolism. That’s a neat idea. I think the reason that the English OP is the way it is is because the dubbers wanted to make something that kids in English speaking countries could relate to more. It’s commonly done in edited dubs of anime. Therefore, they picked a popular (albeit annoying) genre of song. Then they just picked scenes from the show because they probably didn’t have the resources to make a new animation. The old animation wouldn’t be choreographed to “Calling All Spider Riders” so they had to more-or-less make a music video.

Comment by TL-chan 04.19.07 @ 4:19 pm

NOO! For some reason, every time i want to see the OP and ED again, Youtube says : this video has been removed due to violation” NOO!! Try it.

Comment by Vicky 04.22.07 @ 7:50 am

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