The Spider Riders worry about Buguese, but Quake warns them that ther’es no time to grieve and so they head to the citadel. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Buguese did survive the explosion, and that he caused serious damage to Mantid’s fortress. He wonders why Mantid kept him alive and asks once again for Manitd to restore the sun. Mantid refuses, and explains that he plans to destroy the Inner World for revenge, because the Oracle took the thing he loved most away from him. Buguese tries to fight him, but is quickly defeated and blasted away. Afterwards, Mantid warns his remaining soldiers that Buguese has betrayed them because of the Spider Riders. He secretly mocks them though, for remaining loyal to him because of their desperation. The Spider Riders travel through an underground cave that Grasshop knew about to avoid battle. Unfortunately for them, there’s a terrible stench in the cave. That becomes the least of their problems though when they’re stopped by an Invectid captain, who was ordered to stop them. However, the captain respects Grasshop and makes an excuse to let them through, Once inside, Grasshop hopes to return to his family and Sparkle offers to go with him. Lumen decides to come as well, to assure their safety. As the others continue, they’re stopped by more soldiers. Quake stops them temporarily with his sword of surrender. Magma and Igneous stay behind to continue fighting. Meanwhile, Grasshop’s kids are becoming very afraid. His wife assures them that Grasshop will come to save them if they believe he will. She herself is surprised though when Grasshop really does show up. The family is happy to be reunited. Meanwhile, Buguese thinks to himself that he doesn’t deserve to live, because of all the terrible things he did to the people he cares about. He gains a small bit of hope though after finding Mantid’s Oracle Keys, which still have a faint light. Back at the citadel, Mantid reveals to the Spider Riders that he’s really a human from the Outer World. He was once a Spider Rider, but came to hate the Oracle after the woman he loved was killed due to all the fighting. Hunter transforms to fight Mantid, but then the Oracle’s light is seen. Everyone becomes hopeful, until Mantid reveals that the light is his now. A ship appears, which he calls the Arc of Destiny.

Sorry for the lateness. I’ve been working on an AMV, and it took me 5 ½ hours. ^_^; In any case, this was better than I expected. What I expected, however, is something I will not be discussing, as it involves a certain female Invectid whom I dislike. I do expect this event will happen soon though, which makes me want to throw up but I’ll survive I guess. In any case, there was a super-tiny bit of Buguese/Aqune in this episode, which is awesome always. Mantid was the most interesting this week though, revealing what I already assumed due to the spoilers, but is still quite a revelation. Mantid is from Earth. What I didn’t know though is that he was once a Spider Rider. Very interesting. I almost feel bad for him. Now we also know more details about Loraine, the corpse in his closet. What I don’t like though is that they now have the potential to play Mantid out as a victim. I hope they don’t go that route, because he’s a very cool villain. It’s nice when villains have noble pasts, but I personally think Mantid went too far, claiming revenge on an entire world because of one death. Hopefully he’ll be defeated in the end, rather than redeemed. Hopefully the next episode won’t make me want to stab my eyes out, but I’ll be watching anyway.

53 Comments so far

First post once again. :P Yayness.

As I’ve already said over and over again… Aqune didn’t react to Buguese’s supposed death nearly enough. :/ Hunter reacted more than she did… but at least there was no Beerain.

Comment by Pherret 04.16.07 @ 8:14 pm

stop taking my spot!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!grrrrrrrrrrr!…so whats your amv about ttl-chan

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.16.07 @ 8:49 pm

grrr… pherret i LIKE beerain anywho on to buisnuss. i can’t beleive mantid is an earthen *GASP* could that mean my worst nightmaire about the show will come true!!!! THAT MANTID IS HUNTER’S GRANDFATHER???!!! i sure hope not *worried expression*. and do think flame will EVER talk? oh yeah did you guys hear about happened in vergina really creepy *shudders*.

Comment by Michele 04.16.07 @ 8:50 pm

Michele: Flame’s talked before, I think… in that episode with the ‘Ghost Spider’. I could be wrong.

And as for Mantid being an Earthen, I’ve thought that for quite a while now… partly because of the spoilers, but it was rather foreshadowed upon since Episode 1. Now all we have to do is see whether Buguese was really constructed by Mantid or not, as the spoilers also said.

Comment by Pherret 04.16.07 @ 9:05 pm

[…] daelite wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe Spider Riders worry about Buguese, but Quake warns them that ther’es no time to grieve and so they head to the citadel. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Buguese did survive the explosion, and that he caused serious damage to Mantid’s … […]

Pingback by films » Spider Riders 50 (Canada Version) 04.16.07 @ 9:50 pm

@Pherret- At least she reacted (and will hopefully react as well after finding out he’s alive.)
No Beerain = greatness

@bb/puppyface- Spider Riders (mostly because I have a lot of the episodes saved and easily accessible)

@Michele- I thought about the Mantid being Hunter’s grandfather thing. You could be right.

@Stupid Pingback thing- Normally I like Pingbacks, but this borders spam. You will die!

Comment by TL-chan 04.17.07 @ 5:22 am

i hope i’m NOT right about mantid besides as i’ve mentioned before hunter said that he died unless digger and mantid were brothers that would be cool. so did you guys here what happened yesterday in vergina? tl-chan you must of heard about it since you live in the U.S.. oh by the way i won’t be able to come here until later tonight. Later:)

Comment by Michele 04.17.07 @ 8:59 am

i heard about what happen, Michele but this is a blog on a tv show not a lace to discusse news (not trying to be unsestive, i heard and shudder about that news, CRAZY, i wonder what that boy was thinking when went on that killing rampage)

Oh i like how it has finally been confirmed that mantid is an earthen, I was hoppening he would be it is the only thing that makes sense i mean if he was from the inner world why would he want to kill his own people? Plus this way hunter isn’t the one in the prophecy where an earthen bring doom on the inner world, it’s mantid.

The girl in the clost must be Mantid dear one, i wonder if mantid will attempt to bring er back to life again with all his power. Or maybe he will use the ark of destiny to get to the outer world after he destroys the inner one, or try to do that any way.

But there must be another way to et back to the outer world then what mantid is trying to do. After all how did Hunters Grandad know about the inner world unless he had already been there and come back, which he apperently did without destroying the Inner world.

But i think it would be cool if the the two earthen in the inner world that we know about are actully related, maybe not grandson grandpa but realted some how.

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 1:11 pm

althugh most people don’t like beerain, i do, well at least hope that beerain and buguese thing works out. it is much beter then buguese and aqune. no offence meant.

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 1:13 pm

i know i collment way to much but i just thought of something. There is a really brief clip of mantid in one of the eps i am not sure which one i think is eleven or twelve not sure but it shows mantid trying to get oracles power and he is stoped by king arachna, i am assumeing that it is the king arachna the first, and if so that means that he was a spider rider when or shortly after king arachna the first was. but how long ago was that? Is quake that old?

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 1:29 pm

There is a really brief clip of mantid in one of the eps i am not sure which one i think is eleven or twelve not sure but it shows mantid trying to get oracles power and he is stoped by king arachna, i am assumeing that it is the king arachna the first, and if so that means that he was a spider rider when or shortly after king arachna the first was. but how long ago was that? Is quake that old?

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 1:35 pm

Hey everyone. Its time for Vicky’s weekly post. Looks like i’ve missed out a bit. About hunter’s grandpa, it could be that Mantid was his grandpa, and he went to the inner world, found a way back, told Hunter the stories, then went back to the inner world while everyone thought he passed away. It also fits in with Quake not saying anything. I bet Hunter would not believe it if Mantid said that he’s his grandpa. Now, let’s kick off my numbered ideas!

1. I’m pretty sure that the oracle keys that Buguese found will come in handy. I mean, Mantid is probably going to have his fight with Hunter, but Hunter doesn’t stand a chance, right? Buguese will probably save the day!!! I’ve grown to really like him these past episodes!

2. Again, Grasshop was funny. Lol, he’d hide in that cavern any time there was a battle or something. I think that that invectid soldier that helped Grasshop out, isn’t the only one that has lost faith in Mantid. I think the others aren’t too sure who they should be fighting for, and with the help of the Sword of Surrender, maybe the invectids will go against Mantid later on.

3. I bet Lumen just wanted to avoid the fighting, not just trying to protect Sparkle!! ;)

4. C’mon Corona, tell Aqune you’re her sister. I can’t wait anymore. Hopefully we’ll get a flashback of the two together when they were little kids, and maybe they will remember what happened a long time ago, because, i mean, you find you’re long lost sister, and its like, a MAGICAL MOMENT!!! So, yeah. I like little Corona and Aqune, so cute!

5. TL chan, what was the AMV you were talking about? Is it Spider Riders? IS IT HUNTER/CORONA!!!

6. I was right!! They’d shorten the spider riders till its only like hunter, and Corona. In this case, Aqune and Quake are coming along. Its ok with me, i just hope Aqune doesn’t join Corona when Corona screams HUNTER!!!

7. I feel so happy for Grasshop. Awww…what a beautiful reunion. Lucky for grasshop, his beautiful reunion wasn’t spoiled like corona and hunter’s was…stinkin’ Quake…grrrr

8. Yeah, i wasn’t that surprised about Mantid. It was mentioned before, but people were just like nahhh, that can’t be. Guess they’ve been proven wrong. I agree that Loraine or whatever her name is could be that girl that he lost. Wow, he made such a big deal out of it. Lol, imagine if Corona died and Hunter turned into an evil minion!!! or the other way around…wow…that would be freaky. So, how exactly did Mantid transform himself into the appearence he has now.

9. What the heck is going up in the Outer world right now? Are Hunter’s parents freaking out? Hunter hasn’t even thought ONCE about his family! In the books he has a burning desire to go home (which he doesn’t want to tell corona but ends up doing it thanks to shadow blurting it out, and Corona looks all sad, and hunter’s like, hey, i really like it here, and i really like you…and blah blah..).

My plans for the next episode

Alright. So, i’m guessing this next episode will have the entire fight with mantid in it. It’ll end in this episode, and the last episode will be like a happy ending and all, with everyone all happy, and probably some sort of party (i hope so! Hope its a dance party, so hunter and Corona can finish up the dancing they started before hotorla messed it up in the ghost spider episode)
It’ll also be Corona’s big chance to tell Hunter how she feels! I have three possibilities:

1) Hunter will feel the same way. YAHOO!!!!
2) Hunter will only like her as a friend…thats ok, since we got it in the books, i’ll be alright. Corona takes it in and might get together with another guy.
3) Hunter likes her as a friend, and then gets together with Aqune. Corona is super sad, sobbs, then maybe gets together with another guy. NOOOO!!!

Corona can also say her feelings in the next episode, if hunter is like really hurt and she blurts it out or something.

Anyways, i think Hunter will try to beat mantid, and get beaten up. Corona will tell Aqune that they’re sisters, and they’ll use their powers for Hunter. He’ll get the power of one or two oracle keys, but its still not enough. Buguese comes with the two fading keys, but its still not enough. The other spider riders catch up with them, and the oracle appears, and helps Hunter by giving him the power of all the keys and he beats Mantid. Another two possibilities:

1) Mantid dies.
2) Mantid turns into a human again and Loraine is introduced and turns alive again.

Now, the sun might still be out. More possibilities:

1)(if possibility 2 above works) Mantid will give the power back and the sun will be good.
2) (if possibility 1 above works) They will use the oracle keys to restore the sun.
3) (if possibility 1 above works) The oracle will use her new power to restore the sun.

Phew, i’m FINALLY done. WE can relaxe now.

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 4:05 pm

@Michele- Yeah, I’ve heard about that. It’s pretty horrible.

@Koolcat- It’s very possible.

@Su- Your right. I’d prefer if we kept all coments relevant.

Indeed, the prophecy was correct.

The girl is the same. If you look closely, you can tell by her dress. I have no idea if she can be bought back to life.

I’m sure there is a way out. Don’t know what though.

About the Beerain thing: Nooooooo!

Episode 12. I’m not sure how long ago it was, but mathematically, I’ve discovered that Quake is quite old, probably between 100-200. I’d assume Quint is at least 50-60. Since The Lost Mariner was his great great great grandfather, and Quake was around TLM’s age, that’s got to make him pretty old.

Comment by TL-chan 04.17.07 @ 5:12 pm

um…i kinda hope that hunter stays in the inner world, but hope that he can contact his family some how, and maybe (although i don’t know how he would do this) some how show all his friends what life is like in the outer world while he is there (that is in the outer world) and then he can come back to the inner world and get together with corona. YAaaaaaa.

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:15 pm

Ps. sorry for the double comment.

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:15 pm

i have though about that michele about quake being hunter grandfauther but i thought some one said that the prodcers them selves said that wasn’t right. but if it is true that is great and then hunter will find out that gelana or whatever her name is his grandmother because i am surtain that quake and gelana are married (plus if that is true gelana has hunters red hair it perfect sense)

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:20 pm

Mantid must die

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:20 pm

I have to watch ep.5 again to agree with you. How are you certain su? I mean, you can’t really be certain about anime, after my experience…

Comment by Vicky 04.17.07 @ 5:23 pm

ya get to the fighting already, i totaly agaree with you koolcat, plus i really wanted aqune to know that her sister was corona by know.

i understand a little distration might have sliped the mind but by know she would have said something. I mean it isn’t every day that you meet you lost sister who doesn’t even know your sister’s. and it is like corona even cares.

THe producers better put that in the next ep

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:24 pm

what experience Vicky?

Comment by su 04.17.07 @ 5:25 pm


1. The keys were glowing, which is probably a sign that they’ll have some use. It would be a nice twist for Buguese to help Hunter. Personally I always loved him (because it was clear that he was mostly putting up a facade and wasn’t as evil as he wanted everyone to think.)

2. Grasshop always comes in handy for comic relief. As well, he helped them out by conveniently knowing about this passage. Yeah, I have a feeling the other Invectids wil turn against Mantid. (Is still rooting for everyone vs. Mantid)

3. I had Lumen/Sparkle vibes, but of course Lumen would want to avoid the fight.

4. I hope they get to that soon (more because I’d love to know how they lost their memories in the first place.) I just hope they have time for more backstory.

5. Yes it’s Spider Riders. No pairings though.

6. Aqune’s had her fair share of “Hunter!”s already. She does care about Hunter, even if not in a romantic way, so it would probably be OOC for her not to join in.

7. Yeah, that was sweet. Maybe Hunter and Corona will get a hug in at some point before the end.

8. Not surprising. XD I came up with htis crack idea before about Hunter joining Mantid, but then it turns out that he was actually possessed. I’m tempted to do a fanfic.

9. Nobody knows about Hunter’s parents. I too am curious though.

I was also thinking that they might finish the fight in the next episode. A two episode fight would be boring, anyway. Either that or they can maybe defeat Mantid halfway through episode 52 and use the 2nd half for all the cuteness. In any case, all I’m waiiting for now is when Aqune gets to find out that Buguese is alive.

Seems unlikely that they’ll do a Hunter/Aqune ending. Hunter/Corona has been hinted at from day one and Aqune and Hunter didn’t even meet in a civilized manner until episode 10. I expect that Hunter and Corona will at least remain an implied pairing, even if they don’t officially become a couple.

I’m hoping that Mantid is killed, even though he’s cool, because redeeming him would be kind of dumb. I like cheesey, but I have my limits.

Comment by TL-chan 04.17.07 @ 5:27 pm

And so it begins…Hunter vs. Mantid. Less than six days to go.

Comment by (v-man) 04.17.07 @ 5:42 pm

I think Mantid is actually much too old to be Hunter’s grandfather… didn’t he say somewhere he waited for centuries until Quake would die? Unless time passes at a different pace.

Comment by Pherret 04.17.07 @ 6:06 pm

Maybe, if the Insectors lose faith in Mantid, they could pitch their allegiances for Buguese… who is, after all, the most dedicated to his race and the sunlight.

Comment by Pherret 04.17.07 @ 10:14 pm

VIcky, i like the books better for hunter wanting to go home. They didn’t even touch on it in the tv show but i think it was because it would be just another demention to put in, taking into acount that this is a children show. I mean what person in his right mind would not be home sick, unless he had a very violent and hateful home (which i am totaly positive is not the case)

I mwan considerin how long hunter has been gone, his family took for dead by now.

Comment by su 04.18.07 @ 12:14 am

about corona telling aqune that they’re sisters i think that she will tell her in the last episodes. ….. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO IS HUNTER’S GRANDFATHER IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 04.18.07 @ 9:17 am

i agree….ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! Trying to figure out how many more hours till the last episode where Corona will tell Hunter she loves him is driving me nuts too!!! ARRRRRRRRRRGH!! The tension never stops!

Comment by Vicky 04.18.07 @ 4:11 pm

actully vicky i said “trying to figure out who hunter’s grandfather is driving me crazy” not corona telling hunter that she likes him. however i do hope she’ll do it soon. cause i know that everyone who likes spider riders is dying to see that.

Comment by Michele 04.18.07 @ 5:28 pm

Hunter’s going to have a lot of explaining to do when/if he goes home.

Comment by Pherret 04.18.07 @ 6:01 pm

Yeah, but Michele, i totally agree, it is driving me nuts to learn the story about Hunter’s grandpa. The problem is, there are so many other stuff to be explained too, so its hard to keep my head from exploding!!!!

Comment by Vicky 04.18.07 @ 6:49 pm

that’s so true *sigh* i hope they explain everything next episode

Comment by Michele 04.18.07 @ 7:25 pm

thye have quite a bit to tell in the last two eps. I am surprised i didn’t think they would put that much in to them, i am very excited i can’t wait to see them.

I wonder when and if beerain is coming back, and if stags will have anything to do in the final battle (but it doesn’t look like he will fight)

Comment by su 04.18.07 @ 9:36 pm

hey guys! cant believe it! the week is actually over! Sunday here I come!

Comment by koolcat 04.20.07 @ 6:04 pm

2 days till new ep, 2 days till new ep, 2 DAYS TILL NEW EP! OH WHY WONT THIS DAY GO ANY FASTER?!

Comment by koolcat 04.20.07 @ 6:08 pm


Comment by koolcat 04.20.07 @ 6:16 pm

koolcat calm down and chill out the day will end soon enough. hey do you know aqune’s chat? if you do try saying it a few times i like saying it when i’m a bit stressed not at school of course. or do something that always calms you down:) oh by the way i have a majoir spoiler for the last episode. of course someone on said he heard about it from another website but he didn’t say what it was called so tell me if you do want to hear it.

Comment by Michele 04.21.07 @ 1:52 pm

uhhh…. you who anyone there….ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! *scared expression*

Comment by Michele 04.21.07 @ 10:33 pm

Ok, I’m getting so excited for the last two episodes of Spider Riders. Besides, I even wrote a fiction story between Hunter/Corona on and it’s called “A Strange Twist of Fate”. Go check it out!

Anyways, does anyone have any information regarding a second season of Spider Riders? What will be the answer? Yes or No? Because, if I were a betting man, the answer should really be “no”.

Apparently, there was suppose to say from the book itself that after they defeated Mantid, a new enemy who calls himself “The Soul Eater” wrecks havoc in the Inner World, thus turning friend against friend and Spider Rider against Spider Rider.

If you want to know more info from the Spider Riders books, check out for more Spider Riders details.

Until then, see you later (^_^)

Comment by Matthew 04.22.07 @ 1:50 am

@Matthew- Can you link to the story?’s search function isn’t working right now.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve also written a Hunter/Corona fic among my mass of Buguese/Aqune fics.

I don’t know if there will be a second season. The creator wants to make one, but Bee Train (the Japanese studio) will have the final say in that. If the 2nd half of the series gets good ratings in Japan, it will probably happen.

Comment by TL-chan 04.22.07 @ 7:35 am

Matthew: Hi i’m Vicky. I have the books at my house. I’ve added quotes from Hunter/Corona parts from the books around this website. They rule, don’t they? THe books are much different from the series, so, the “soul eater” probably won’t come.

Comment by Vicky 04.22.07 @ 7:54 am

TL chan…THAT WAS THE ROCKIN’ BEST HUNTER/CORONA STORY EVER!!!!!!!! Yes, i read it, and i thought it was PERFECT! It was exactly what i’ve been thinking about all this time. i was thinking that Aqune would help out Corona, and that Hunter would wanna kinda have a sorta date with her, and that Corona would just blurt it out, and yeah.

You shouldve really continued it! TL chan, you’re so talented, you should make an AMV about them!

Comment by Vicky 04.22.07 @ 8:02 am

Matthew: Sorry, its me, Vicky again. i checked out the site where your story was, but i couldn’t find it. I checked the catagories: Anime/Manga, TV show, and Cartoon, looking for Spider Riders, but i couldn’t find it.

Comment by Vicky 04.22.07 @ 8:05 am

Oops! Sorry TL Chan! The category for that story is under Misc. in the Anime Section on

Also, here’s the exact link for the story itself:

I hope that you’ll like my story so far!!

Later! (^_^)

Comment by Matthew 04.22.07 @ 10:54 am

i just saw the new ep. interesting stuff

Comment by (v-man) 04.22.07 @ 11:12 am

@All- Please do not comment on episode 51 until there is a post on it. Also, please don’t comment about why Buguese/Beerain is more canon than Buguese/Aqune. I’d rather not have people keep telling me this, because I don’t need to be reminded. If I’m in a bad enough mood, I will delete comments. And in fact, I am in a really bad mood now. Sorry and thank you for reading.

Comment by TL-chan 04.22.07 @ 11:34 am

sorry tl chan. I haven’t been on in like a week. so i didn’t know. either way sorry again.

Comment by (v-man) 04.22.07 @ 12:01 pm

@(v-man)- I didn’t mean that against your comment. I just meant in general, because sometimes I’ll check my comments and find the entire episode spoiled for me. I don’t mind spoilers when I’m looking for them, but if I don’t ask, I’d rather not see them. (I also want to minimilize the comments discussing the Buguese/Beerain interactions in 51, because I really don’t want to talk about it.)

Comment by TL-chan 04.22.07 @ 12:56 pm

tl-chan i know you’re in a bad mood but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! post up as fast as you can with a lot of caps. pleeeeeeeease i’m begging *making the puppy pout* i really need talk about this episode or i’ll never calm down!! i kept hyperventling and freaking out a few times that i got a headache:( oh by the way matthew awsome story about hunter and corona i give it a 10.00 a perfect ten

Comment by Michele 04.22.07 @ 1:04 pm

Matthew, i swear, that was awesome. Pure talent! I know, anything will please me, as long as in the end, the two get together. ^_^

Comment by Vicky 04.22.07 @ 7:11 pm

@Matthew- Thanks. Left you a review at

Comment by TL-chan 04.22.07 @ 7:27 pm

@Vicky- Glad you liked it. I would make a Hunter/Corona AMV, but I just haven’t found a song yet whcih fit them perfectly. I’m kinda picky with AMV songs. Haven’t even been able to find a good Buguese/Aqune song. -_-

Comment by TL-chan 04.22.07 @ 7:29 pm

The thing I liked about this episode is that how remorseful Buguese was. He was upset he had betrayed his friends, which were Beerain and Stags. They both cared about him, even though they did not show too much durung the earlier episodes. But Stags did show he cared for Buguese because of what he did in Episode 49. And Beerain had showed signs in ‘Lack of Trust’, when he turned her away.

But Buguese had abandoned them, just like he admitted in Episode 48. He even said in episode 38 he had no comrades. But this episode shows he has really changed, because of what he said. I am glad he made up with both of them in the end.

Comment by mayabelle 05.12.07 @ 12:00 pm

Aqune, you and I have a long journey ahead of us :D

Comment by Paul 07.13.07 @ 1:40 am

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