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Ah, it’s time for episode 28 now. Personally, this episode always amused me, even though the first time I watched it I thought it was boring. Then I realized that rather than being super-annoying, Quint was actually funny. This man is way too obsessed with his boats. Plus, I just might’ve seen slight Buguese/Aqune in this episode, but I read too much into things. At least they interact.

There weren’t really any major differences this week. Fushuwa is now called Fushie. I don’t see why they changed it for the dub, since it’s really not that different. There were also some slight dialogue alterations. Unfortunately, this included my favorite line. Rather than Buguese saying “So glad you could join us for Hunter’s funeral” which I think is an awesome quote, he just says something along the lines of “Hunter Steele is lost at sea.” Yeah, I could list all the minor dialogue changes like that, but they have no effect on the plot, so there’s no point. As for another change, Lumen wasn’t “homesick” but rather, he wanted to see Sparkle. ^_^ Lumen is so funny in this episode. I also found it amusing when Hunter said, after beating the Machine-sector “It’s alright… but, it’s not. The boat was destroyed.” Of course they had to do his constant “Kekka Orai/It’s alright” thing, but this time it came with a twist. <3. next time, more Sparkle cuteness. The preview was mind-numbingly adorable already.

And this should wrap up my weekly stream of SR posts. ^_^;

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can it be?! FIRST COMMENT?! OMGZ I think so!!!

Well…umm..I hate Beerain too…but I dont think Quake’s transformation was hot…seeing as how I’m a GUY!!

But hey, we all god our cup of tea. Just one more eppie left! (They’ve got 1 more episode left thats been recorded on order…that doesnt mean they’ll put more in)

*embarassed as to know if this is the first comment or not*

Comment by Paul 04.23.07 @ 7:22 am

@Paul- Yep. That’s first comment.

Comment by TL-chan 04.23.07 @ 4:51 pm

Paul… yes, first comment, but wrong blog post. xD

Comment by Pherret 04.23.07 @ 6:00 pm

i knew that Ferret, but I really really wanted the first comment, so I posted it on here :P

Comment by Paul 04.26.07 @ 11:55 am

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