Phew! It’s over.
Behind the cut is 50 screenshots and a whole lot of text. Slow internet connections beware. This took me about 2 hours to do. >_<

Mantid thinks that he’s defeated the Spider Riders. He states that he was banished for many years but now his waiting are over. The Inner World will be destroyed. The Spider Riders survive, but knowing the despair of their situation, are beginning to lose hope. Grashop assures Sparkle that there’s one Spider who never gives up. Aqune and Corona know that this is Hunter. Corona says that she won’t give up because Hunter inspires her. She thinks that she can brave anything if she can see Hunter’s smile. Hunter gets up to fight Mantid, who fires at him with his arc of Destiny. However, he’s protected by the Oracle Keys. The Oracle is attempting to use the last of her power to save them. Hunter transforms with the two Oracle Keys, and attacks the Arc. Unfortunately, he’s sent flying by the barrier. Mantid fires a huge blast at Hunter. However, it’s deflected by the combined powers of Buguese, Stags and Beerain. The others react in surprise (Aqune to Buguese, Corona to Stags and Grasshop to Beerain.) Buguese gives Hunter the other two Oracle Keys. Hunter promises that he’ll bring back the Oracle sun. The Spirit Oracle awakens, and Mantid is shocked. All the Spider Rider’s manacles leave them and start to float. They form into the eight legs of a giant Spider in the sky. Aqune suggests to Corona that they should combine their powers. She somehow knows that Corona is her sister. With their help, Hunter and Shadow reach their final transformation. Quake comments that Hunter has finally become a champion. Hunter goes after Mantid once again. He begins to damage the arc. Mantid thinks that it’s taking away his power, but Hunter and Shadow argue that the power doesn’t belong to Mantid. It belongs to everyone. Corona and Aqune aren’t happy at what Hunter is doing though, because the Oracel’s power shouldn’t be used with hatred. Corona is afraid that Hunter will become like Mantid with this much power, unless he masters the evil within himself. She hopes for “her” Hunter to smile. The Oracle then appears, stopping Hunter’s attack. Mantid wonders why the Oracle is crying. He tells her that she was the cause of the loss of his love. Ever since then, he’s lived with emptiness. Hunter says that Mantid chose to let his tragedy darken his heart. Mantid replies that if Hunter loses something, like when he lost Loraine, life will cease to have meaning. (Ha! I already knew that was her name because of the Japanese version.) Then, Hunter will be just like him. Hunter denies this and attacks Manitd, but Corona calls his name. She and Aqune want him to stop. Hunter says that he’s just trying to protect the Inner World. However, he adds that he wants to protect everyone, even Mantid, and he puts his sword down. He tells Mantid that he’s not alone and they can help him. Mantid is surprised, obviously. He then offers Mantid his hand, who accepts. The Oracle turns Mantid back into a human, and he is reunited with Loraine in the restored Inner World. Then the Oracle disappears. Everyone in the Inner World is happy to have the sun back. Grasshop returns to his family, excited to be a hero now. Buguese, Stags and Beerain talk about how their world is now improved. The Spider Riders stand on a nearby cliff, and Hunter thanks Corona for stopping him from killing Mantid. Hunter says that together they make a great team, and they all yell “Arachna Power.” Quake returns to his old form and goes back with the Lost Mariner. He was a ghost all along. (So I was right!) He reveals to Hunter that he did know his grandfather before leaving though. He also asks Hunter whether Aqune or Corona will be his battle partner and he says it will be whichever one can catch him. The chase begins, and the girls tease him for being slow. The other Spider Riders join in too.Hunter syas that he wants everyone to come on his next big adventure, because with Arachna Power, they can do anything. Hunter and Shadow get into one last argument, and that’s the end. Well, aside form that bit offscreen where Aqune goes and finds Buguese and they kiss. But we can’t see that, unfortunately.

It wasn’t horrible, but it was still disappointing, not that I expected much from this episode. I guess I should be greatful for what I did get, but there was too much that still needed to be covered and as I expected, most of it wasn’t. Of course they left an open ending, which might be a good thing if there’s going to be a 2nd season, but at the time, chances of that are very low. I suppose my theory of no pairings actually being fulfilled was true (except Solan/Illuma XD. And Mantid/Loraine, but that was already established pre-series.) Even Hunter/Corona technically wasn’t shown in the end. (They did have a ton of moments in this episode though.) Buguese/Aqune actually got more coverage throughout the series than I thought when I initially came up with the theory, but again, no fulfillment. In the last episode though, there was at least non-romantic interaction between them(yay for sudden heroic rescues of everyone technically!), but also non-romantic interaction between Buguese and Beerain (bandaging is not romantic. I will not be convinced otherwise), which is sick in any case, just because. I seriously think it’s possible that Buguese/Aqune could work in the future (and Hunter/Corona too, but I’ll get to that later) because I doubt Aqune is just going to forget about the person who more or less raised her. Although she’s “with” the Spider Riders now, I wouldn’t doubt that she’ll still spend a fair amount of time with the Invectids. As for Hunter/Corona, there was the obvious attraction throughout the course of the series, so I’m sure when they get older, something will happen between them. They are still kids, technically. Another disappointment of course is the lack of history/backstory concerning Aqune and Corona. They never got their memories back, the exact way that they lost them was left unexplained, and apparently Aqune’s reaction to finding that Corona was her sister occurred off-screen. It was also pathetic that Mantid wasn’t killed. I didn’t expect them to kill him, but he seriously was unredeemably evil. He went too far, trying to destroy an entire world because of one loss in his life. While maybe not death, I think that Mantid at least deserved an unhappy ending. I liked his character, but still. As a whole, I’ve admittedly had very mixed feelings about Spider Riders. I didn’t care for it too much at first, but liked the characters enough to stick with it. The first half turned out excellent though, especially in Japanese. The sad part is, the second half wasn’t nearly as fun. I actually found much of the Nuuma arc to be painfully boring, and the pacing in this half was also terrible. It left them with too much to be explained and they didn’t have the time to do it all. I must say that I liked the original spoilers for the show much better, as they made a lot more sense at times and got everything covered. There were some episodes in the second half that were well done though, especially 49. *insert sparkly eyes here* My biggest gripe with Spider Riders, as you probably know, was the handling of Beerain’s character. Admittedly, I sometimes forgot she was even in the show, as she had such an insignificant role for more than half the series. I feel I was justifiably stunned when she randomly became whiney, the center of attention, and madly in love with Buguese. Well, scratch that last part. Buguese is hot and Beerain did seem to dislike Aqune, so maybe that was half-believable, but still idiotic, especially because that was the whole purpose for damaging her character and making her so despicable. In any case, there’s still the Japanese version, so Spider Riders doesn’t feel so over, and you can bet that I’ll keep churning out Buguese/Aqune fanfiction. If there ever is a second season, there had best be more cute moments between them.

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Ohhh, i get the first comment. that is a first. he he. any way that ep. was very disaponting. I expected that they wouldn’t wrap up every thing so they could have another season but they didn’t eplain anything or show anything remarkbly imortant. If aything i thought they could show a happy reunion of Corona and Aqune, and maybe there past.

I like alot about this show except the ending ep. and a few other things but this ep deffently brought it down.

Although, thanks to tl-chan i didn’t get as disaponted as i would of. You worned that it wouldn’t be that great. Thanks.

Comment by su 04.30.07 @ 9:43 am

oh but my prediction that quake would die did happen. He turned into a ghost when he traveled with the lost mariner.

Comment by su 04.30.07 @ 9:45 am

I became very hyped over the last episode of Spider Riders. But still, the episode was great in my view. Listen, I’m not sure if there might be a second season, even though there was an open ending at the conclusion of the episode itself.

Besides, if the Japanese version DOES get good ratings in Japan, then we might get a second season after all, if not, then we all be displeased.

Anyways, You did a fantastic job on your Spider Riders episode summaries, TL-Chan! You were awesome!! (^_^)

Let me know about an update for Spider Riders.

Until then, catch you later!

Comment by Matthew 04.30.07 @ 9:50 am

i love spider riders and i love the ending heh heh heh

Comment by tayler gallant 04.30.07 @ 10:04 am

Now that the series is over, I am here to say it was a great run. I am one of the writers of the books and one of the producers of the series. As the first Japan/Canada anime co-production, we pulled it off pretty well. Don’t know yet if there will be a second season, but if you have any other questions about Spider Riders, please post them here. Also, I have a new website with my latest novel on it, if you care to take a look.
It’s called teenovels on

Comment by Tedd Anasti 04.30.07 @ 11:41 am

@Su- At least you got first comment once before the end, which was kinda disappointing indeed. Quake becoming a ghost didn’t surprise me at all, but having him sorta die did. It’s fun to be right.
I wish they would’ve done soemthing with Aqune and Corona in the ending. Their history is still too mysterious.

@Matthew- Thanks. I don’t really know if the ratings are getting any better (and I somehow doubt it), but if so, then the series was left wide open.

@Tayler Gallant- Perhaps I was a bit too critical of the ending. Glad you liked it.

@Tedd Anasti- Wow! It feels like an honor to have a creator here on this fan site. I’ve checked out some of the new novel, actually (but only the first chapter so far.) It seems like it could be interesting.
Questions? Well if you did plan to make a second season, would there be more explanation about the backstory of Corona and Aqune? I’m also curious if Aqune would ever at least go to see Buguese again, because I would be sad if she just forgot about him.

Comment by TL-chan 04.30.07 @ 11:57 am

this episode was great!

Comment by koolcat 04.30.07 @ 12:57 pm

Hello there everyone. Vicky here. Sigh. This wasn’t the BEST ending, but i guess it’ll do. For Tedd Anasti, i love your books, i own them. I’ve posted some parts here on this site, because i am a SUPER hUnter/Corona fan. Please PLEASE PLEASE put it in the show!! YOU MUST! The books had it, right, so do it in the show please! eVeryone i know loves this couple, and everyone would love the show even more if it happened! Can someone please tell me where i can take a look at the new novel or whatever it was that Tedd Anasti was talking about! So, PLEASE put a Hunter and Corona ending! Everyone loves it, so if you didn’t put that, then everyone would go against you and Bee Train and Cookie jar entertainement! And if you can…please put it soon, maybe in the second season if you can!

Anyways, time for my last weekly post! What will we do without new episodes to talk about?

1. Alright. I was sure glad they didn’t show the entire battle where the SRs got beaten up by Mantid. Seriously, it would’ve wasted all the time, which was the least thing that anyone really wanted.

2. Oh, Oracle, you sure like to come when the tension is high huh?

3. About the new four key transformation. Looks alot like the three one doesn’t it? And the “blue wave” attack was used with the three keys in Nuuma to defeat Stags! All in all, i was freaked out by Shadow’s legs and arms….

4. Awww man, i would’ve loved to see Aqune’s face when she figured out Corona was her sis! I knew they’d combine their powers.

5. Seriously, i praticly forgot that Hunter wanted to be a champion. First it’s to prove he’s a good Spider Rider, then becoming a champion, then stopping the war…alot to catch up with!

6. Omg, “my hunter”!! corona sure made me CRY! I swear i was! So, is he really hers?……….Much more love than Aqune!

7. Hunter scares me! When he was becoming all evil and all, it was like his eyes were screwed up! Lots of pics TL chan, awesome!

8. AHA! Loraine, just like in Japan. So, wasn’t she supposed to be dead in Japan? Maybe the japanese version will have some more differences, including a different ending (hopefully) and more Hunter and Corona!!!!!!!!

9. Looks like Mantid is ugly, human or not.

10. GO SEENA AND MEENA!!!!!!!! We had a glimps of them here! They rule! Ever since episode 16, they are my idols! Everyone who hasn’t watched ep.16, watch it RIGHT AWAY!

11. What about Hunter’s grandpa? Ok, so quake knows him, but what the heck is his deal? Total cliffhanger!

12. There had better be a second season! OR ELSE!

13. Alright, now is time for my long argument of Hunter/Corona.

At first, i found it funny that Corona and Aqune were chasing him, but then it came to my attention that HUNTER IS A TWO-TIMER!!!!! He can’t chose between Corona or Aqune! Like, a second ago, you were complimenting C (i will use the first letter of their names now) about “how they make a good team” perfect reason to stay battle partners, huh? ARGH!!! If quake hadn’t opened his stinkin’ mouth, we wouldn’t have to worry about this! C was crying for you! WAY more love than A!!!! And you met her first! At first, Hunter was cool, now, he’s an idiot. Seriously, i’ve JUST figured out that hunter is kinda a loser! Like, i’m ok that H/C didn’t happen, cause it happens in the books, and i wasn’t expecting a whole romantic scene and all, but it reallllly didn’t have to have Hunter as a two timer. A lot like InuYasha now isn’t he?

14. What is Hunter’s “new adventure”? I say…FANFICTION TIME!!!! I love reading stories on this show, espciallly H/C ones! Everyone, feel free to write one!

15. I hope that now that Aqune is with the SRs, there won’t be alot of H/A in it, as much as H/C, boy, i don’t know which one!! Of course, i would love H/C, but you know, i think there was more between them because A was under the mask’s curse for practicly the whole time, so, i’m not sure!

Tears in my eyes! iTs the end! NOOOO!!! this was a good REGULAR episode, but a not so good ending episode. again, could someone tell me where i can read about Tedd Anasti’s new novel???


Comment by Vicky 04.30.07 @ 4:16 pm

just to add something…HURRY CORONA!!! THE FATE OF YOUR LOVE WITH HUNTER RESTS IN YOUR HANDS!! HOPE YOU’RE FASTER THAN AQUNE!!! Here i made a song, that should be sang in the rythm of “if i had a million dollars”

If i was a Spider Rider, if i was a spider rider,
I would buy a rope,
A really strong and sturdy rope,

If i was a spider rider, if i was a spider rider,
I would tie that rope,
Between two trees

If i was a spider rider, if i was a spider rider,
I would watch as Aqune and Portia trip,
Because of that rope of mine,

If i was a spider rider, if i was a spider rider,
I would cry with joy,
As Hunter and Corona got Together

How was it?

Comment by Vicky 04.30.07 @ 4:27 pm

@Koolcat- I didn’t think it was that good, but glad you enjoyed it.

@Vicky- I was wondering myself what to talk about now. *shrugs*

1. Yay! No boring drawn-out fight scenes.

2. She always manages to prevent death. Kinda wish she didn’t have to show up in 43 when Aqune was about to finish Beerain.

3. It did look a lot like the 3rd transformation. And Shadow was just plain creepy.

4. Another case of the interesting stuff taking place off-screen. It’s happened much too often.

5. Yep.

6. Of coruse he’s Corona’s. Aqune and Hunter always seemed more like friends to me.

7. Evil Hunter is <3! Last minute character development can be interesting.

8. I think she was dead, but just bought back to life. I’d love to see if there’s any differences though.

9. We could barely see his face. :(

10. They’re quite amusing. Hunter/Corona fangirls in canon. ^_^

11. More that should’ve been explained, but wasn’t. Second season material I guess.

12. Who knows?

13. I think Hunter likes Corona best. He probably didn’t see the chase in the sense that Corona and Aqune did, because he seems fairly dense when it coems to love. He probably wouldn’t have cared if he had a guy for a battle partner. I don’t think even Corona and Aqune were taking it seriously though, especially with their little comments.

14. If I had the slightest clue, I’d write something. Unfortunately, I don’t.

15. There was way more H/C than H/A, so I doubt that will change in the second season. Hunter and Corona can only grow closer. But if it’s just done for the sake of humor, then bring on the H/A. It’s a cute crack!ship for me. Not that it could ever replace B/A.

XD! That song was amusing. Poor Aqune and Portia. I must summon Buguese to save them, and then they can get together along with Hunter and Corona.

Comment by TL-chan 04.30.07 @ 5:30 pm

Shadow’s transformation’s long legs made him look like a frog. ::Random::

Comment by Pherret 04.30.07 @ 6:12 pm

wow… song…-_-…^-^

Comment by bb/puppyface 04.30.07 @ 6:14 pm

all and all this ep. wasn’t too bad. I kinda guessed that Mantid wouldn’t die. It was kinda obvious when he mentioned “his beloved”. either way this season in my opinion was pretty good. overall: 9 out of 10, considering I am being a little bit generous.

Comment by (v-man) 04.30.07 @ 6:36 pm

Was their transformation the 3 oracle keys transformation?? *curious* Cause he used Blue Wave…

Anyways..I’m depressed I didnt get first comment…

Comment by Paul 04.30.07 @ 9:44 pm

he he sorry paul, but that was my first time.

Ya a new book. I love the books. he he they are way better then the show although i like the show. Like vicky i have all the books. oh i have to read it!!

all and all, i like the series but i would have liked to find out who galena’s husband was? I mean if there is a second season they probley won’t say then so they should have answered that in this season somwhere.

Comment by su 05.01.07 @ 12:38 pm

the end of this ep was pretty funny. my fav parts were when the invectids went crazy because they were so happy to see the sun, and when all the spider riders froze at the end and hunter and shadow were fighting.

Comment by koolcat 05.01.07 @ 3:22 pm

when hunter and shadow transformed to defeat mantid, shadow looked strange. i mean, come on! he had hands! and feet! spiders DO NOT have hands and feet!

Comment by koolcat 05.01.07 @ 3:28 pm

Helloo? Can anyone give me the link for the new book written by Tedd Anasti? Its Spider Riders, right? Better be. I was SO glad when i figured out H/C was a BIG thing in the books. I never get tired of reading them!! The books were kinda better than the show, and so were the original plans.

Comment by Vicky 05.01.07 @ 4:30 pm

Koolcat i think that is the piont because when hunter first transformed with only two keys he discribed as feeling like him and shadow were one. i think the piont was that shawdow had part of unter and hunter had part of shadow.

Imean look at hunter what was that wired thing on his back? it made him look like he had eight limbs, creepy.

I don’t really know but that is what it looked like to me.

Comment by su 05.01.07 @ 4:31 pm

vicky it is not spider riders, it is something else but if you want the link, it is

Comment by su 05.01.07 @ 4:33 pm

“9. Looks like Mantid is ugly, human or not.”

O.o …… o.O….. What is WRONG with you? *hugz Mantid-sama* It’s okay…I still love you even if nobody else ever does. *snifflez…*

Yeah, I’m a Mantid-sama fangurl….so shoot me. (waits for somebody to post and say BANG or something stupid silly like that)

Comment by Grasshop 05.01.07 @ 8:11 pm

@Pherret- It did look frog-like.

@(v-man)- I knew Mantid wouldn’t die too, but it’s pretty darned cheesey.

@Paul- It was 4. Sorry about that. You need to be quick, because I usually have the first comment within an hour of my post being up.

@Su- Galena’s husband is just another thing that they left out. Like I said, too open ended. Maybe that will come up if there’s a 2nd season. I still higly doubt that it’s Quake though, considering how much older he is. Although, you never know.

@Koolcat- That was kind of amusing. I have a feeling the part with them arguing in mid-air won’t be in the Japanese version, because the dub tends to have a lot more dialogue, but it was clever.
I also have a feeling the hands and feet in the transformation were just to show that they were becoming one.

@Vicky- The link is what Su said. It’s not a Spider Rider’s book.

@Grasshop- Nothing weird about being a Mantid fangirl. He deserves love too.

Comment by TL-chan 05.02.07 @ 5:31 am

What are we going to chat about now? by the way, is anyone interested in writting a fanfic for what they think might happen in the second season (if there is one)? And TL Chan, how is that fanfic of yours coming along?

Comment by Vicky 05.02.07 @ 3:47 pm

*sighs* vicky’s right now that spider riders is over what are we going to talk about? the ending wasn’t what i was suspecting but it was funny:) hey heres a good question. what is your favourite spider riders episode? mine was “laberynth”

Comment by Michele 05.02.07 @ 11:13 pm

@Vicky- I’m trying to figure out how we can keep talking, actually. Haven’t thought of anything yet. I suppose there’s still much to say about SR in general. Who knows?
My fanfic is done, or as done as it’s going to get. It’s kinda inconclusive, but I don’t really have any ideas to contnue it, because I’m having a bit of a writers block. I’ve actually considered doing a second season fic, but I don’t have a ton of ideas. Perhaps some people here could help me and we could make one good 2nd season with a combination of ideas. I doubt it would be 52 episodes though. That much typing might kill me.

@Michele- My favorite was episode 49, “Welcome Back” followed by episode 12 “Keys to Destruction.”

Comment by TL-chan 05.03.07 @ 5:36 am

my favorite episode was 16 “Corona’s Homecoming” If you haven’t seen it, i suggest you see it NOW! I’m sure it’s completely obvious why i like it though.

TL Chan, can you send me the link for your fanfic? I’d like to read it! You have a great talent with words!

Comment by Vicky 05.03.07 @ 3:18 pm

does anyone know when the peach festival at longbeach is(for anime)???me and my friend want to go…but were clueless!!!!!!OR any festival at longbeach?????my friend has her costumes but i dont…..i dont know what i should go as.this episode was kinda disapointing.

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.03.07 @ 9:46 pm

i kinda hope the japanese version is beter!

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.03.07 @ 9:49 pm

hey, this last eppy was dispointing… but there were some good parts… hunter cute when his mad:)… hey im a hunter/corona biggest fan… i wonder if there will b a twist 2 it… aqune catches him and lets corona b his battle partner, because she realizes they like each other alot?(hunter/corona)… well this is a quick comment…
gotta go…

Comment by Marie:) 05.04.07 @ 1:09 pm

@Vicky- I’m probably not going to put that particular fic online, because I don’t know if I’ll ever come up with a real ending for it. it was more of an experiment than a fanfic. Anyway, if you’d like to see some of my other fics, you can cehck out my collection on
My fics there range in quality and pointlessness, especially because I wrote some when I still thought of the spoilers as canon, but regardless, I have quite a collection.

Yep, it’s very obvious why you like episode 16. It was an amusing episode.

@bb/puppyface- Unfortunately, I don’t know where it is. I recommend checking out, a site with a ton of information on anime conventions.
When it comes to cosplay, I always try and pick a character I like, even if I have to work a little harder to make myself look like them.
I doubt the japnese version will differ that much, but I guess we’ll find out in October when this episode will air.

@Marie- Yay! Evil Hunter was cute. ^_^
I think you’re going to have a ton of competition if you claim to be the biggest Hunter/Corona fan. Almost everyone seems to like them.
I bet Corona will catch Hunter, but we may never know.

Comment by TL-chan 05.04.07 @ 2:02 pm

i don’t think so. i think evil hunter is really creepy. hey do want to know how i heard the last episode was soppsed to turn out? you have answer before i tell you though. but it is a lot different than this one thats for sure:)

Comment by Michele 05.04.07 @ 9:12 pm

@Michele- I’ve heard. Hunter actually defeated Mantid, and he was given a chance to return to the Outer World. Of course, he didn’t though.
I was very much in love with the old spoilers. Too bad we never got to see them in animation, because they had the potential to be quite interesting.

Comment by TL-chan 05.04.07 @ 9:40 pm

My fav ep was the return of a friend with slate in it. I loved the ep. dont ask me why. while you can if you want.

Oh and if quake is not Gelans husband i think hunters grandpa is. Who ever his grandpa was.

Comment by su 05.06.07 @ 12:12 pm

@Su- Hunter’s grandfather being Galena’s husband seems like a very valid possibility.

Comment by TL-chan 05.06.07 @ 12:29 pm

Hey TL Chan, i read all your fanfics. They were pure awesome! By the way, in the one where Hunter and Corona are dancing, you said that “Corona somehow forced Hunter to dance with her”. Whats that supposed to mean!! In the episode “Ghost Spider” Hunter was fine with dancing with her. And when she said that they could’nt dance because of Hunter’s injury, he sat right back up and made sure that he could!! Well, you wrote this a while ago, so yeah, it makes sense.

Comment by Vicky 05.07.07 @ 3:53 pm

hey guys i have a question. okay you know wikipedia and that it has stuff on spider riders? well i’ve been on it a lot and i got a question about shadow. on his bio it said that he is a direct descendant of the ancestral lord of spiders. i mean what IS ancestral lord of spiders? can anyone tell me please?

Comment by Michele 05.07.07 @ 7:04 pm

uh hello… anybody there?

Comment by Michele 05.08.07 @ 4:54 pm

hey guys, i am so bored without new episodes. last Sunday i got up and the first thought that popped into my head was, OH MY GOSH! I AM GOING TO MISS THE NEW EPISODE OF SPIDER RIDERS! i rushed downstairs, turned on the tv, then i remembered there wasn’t going to be a new episode.

Comment by koolcat 05.08.07 @ 10:55 pm

@Koolcat- Sunday felt a bit weird.

@Michele- Yes, I’m here. There’s just not much to say anymore. :(

Comment by TL-chan 05.09.07 @ 12:59 pm

*sobs* Exact thing happened to me Koolkat. I got my pen and paper (how else do i remember all the things i talk about in my weekly post) and then the episode name was “The inner World”. For a sec i just stand there confused, then i realise the problem! Then i just stay there wondering what i’m going to do next!

So, i’m hoping Tedd Anasti will write a fourth Spider Riders book because they always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, because almost every page you go to you’ll find H/C!! The last episode is showing again today in one hour, so i’ll be watching it. Whats weird is my mom wants to see it cause she didn’t see it on Sunday. Yeah, when i first got into it, she was poking her eye around, then one day she asks me “So right now, do Corona and Aqune know they are sisters?” It was quite shocking :). And my dad got into it too…but he’s just weird now…he comes from work, sneaks up to me, and all i hear is someone singing “Calling all spider riders!!!” And my cousin got into it after i wouldn’t stop talking about H/C, so next time she comes over we will watch episode 16 and 21 together. They are my favorites, for obvious reasons. Incase anyone wants to know, i’ll order my fav episodes:
1. 16
2. 21
3. 43
4. 40
5. 45
6. 9
7. 52
8. 47
9. 15
10. 4

Lol, every one of these is my fav thanks to H/C!!!

Comment by Vicky 05.09.07 @ 2:00 pm

@Vicky- You take notes? XD That’s awesome. I actually have wondered how you have all this to say. I watch SR on the computer, so I can just skim through the episode to find things to talk about.

I got people in my household into Spider Riders too (and I think I literally spasmed for joy when I found out that my mom disliked Beerain.) I also think I convinced my dad that Buguese/Aqune was canon (even though he’s seen Beerain in episode 43). My brother is fully convinced that Quake is totally evil, and will eventually show his “true colors” if there’s a 2nd season. It’s kinda become uh… a bit of a twisted in-joke.

Not surprised to see that your favorites are all H/C.
My full list is 49, 12, 23, 48, 10, 26, 8, 13, 31 and 11. I’m sure my reasoning is fairly obvious.

Comment by TL-chan 05.09.07 @ 2:34 pm

ok i know none of you care but i need help!like i said im going to this anime friend convienced me to go as TenTen(yes…its from naruto)but i don’t know how to make the costume.i checked out sites(ebay!!)but the price is too high for me.can any one give me any tips on how to make it.*sad face*if you could id REALLY REALLY REALLY apriciate it!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.09.07 @ 6:44 pm

@bb/puppyface- The first step is to get several good pictures of the character from multiple angles, so you can see what her outfit looks like. Then, you’ll probably have to build the costume (which is usually what I do.) You buy clothes (sometimes you have to order it online) that look similar, even if they’re not precise. Then you can add onto a simple outfit to make it look more like siad character’s outfit.
For example, when I cosplayed as Rin from Fate/Stay Night, I obviously wasn’t able to get a replica of her shirt. Therefore, I bought a plain red shirt and then used felt to sew on the design.
Some parts of a costume can be ordered online, but usually, they have to be handmade.

Comment by TL-chan 05.09.07 @ 7:02 pm

but tl-chan what about my question? you know. thi one about who or what is a ancestral lord of spiders? (answer as soon as possible please)

Comment by Michele 05.09.07 @ 8:32 pm

@Michele- I’m not familiar enough with the books to provide a good answer.

Comment by TL-chan 05.10.07 @ 5:13 am

I saw episode one today, since yesterday was episode 52. I swear, the moment that Corona and Hunter meets, they were thinking love in their brains!! Hunter even said later on “She looked normal. I should’ve talked to her…played it cool!! Thats some Arachna Power you have there!” I’m sorry Hunter, but you’re not cool enough for Corona. yeah, she rules, cause she makes it plain obvious that she likes him!!

Comment by Vicky 05.10.07 @ 3:38 pm

so what i’m woundering about is in the books? alrighty then, vicky you read all the books do you know what ancestral lord of spiders is? (i won’t talk about anything else until i get my question answered and tl-chan i got an idea about a fanfic you can write BUT MY QUESTION HAS TO BE ANSWERED FIRST!!!!!)

Comment by Michele 05.10.07 @ 5:09 pm

Sorry, but it is not in the books Michele. I would help you out, but no, its not in the books. You learned this from where? But i think Darkness might’ve been “this ancestrial lord” because it seemed like everyone knew about him. You said that Shadow was the “descendant” of this guy, and Shadow was with Darkness, and Darkness was his mentor. “Ancestral” is supposed to be the adjectif for “Ancestor” so maybe it was like the first spider or whatever.

Comment by Vicky 05.11.07 @ 3:35 pm

vicky i got it from wikipedia. okay this was one of the worst days of my life and i’m NOT saying why *giving a grumpy look*

Comment by Michele 05.11.07 @ 7:21 pm

To me, I think Buguese and Beerain do like each other. The episode ‘Spies and Lies’ shows some signs. I thought that moment between them was quite tender. In ‘Lack of Trust’, she was very upset when Buguese rejected her. That shows she does care very much for him. Episode 51 showed a little bit more signs because along with Stags, she came back for him and even saved his life. That shows she cares for him enough to forgive him. I hope something happens between them in the second season, if they do give one.

As for the Buguese/Aqune pairing, I am not sure if it is romantic. For one thing Aqune is a human, not an Invectid. Another thing, she is way too young for Buguese since she is possibly the same age as her sister Corona, which is said to be maybe 11 or 13, even though she sounds older. I think Aqune is more like a daughter to Buguese.

Comment by mayabelle 05.12.07 @ 11:51 am

@mayabelle- I never denied the fact that Beerain was completely infatuated with Buguese. There’s a large amount of evidence of this throughout the show. I just don’t like the idea of them as a pairing.

It’s not so much the pairing I dislike but the way it was handled in the anime. It could’ve been interesting, but wasn’t to me, mostly due to the fact that they didn’t even begin to explore it until more than half-way through the series, and because they seemed to literally start in the middle of it, giving the impression that it came out of nowhere. I prefer gradual development. Though I could find evidence of Beerain’s interest in Buguese from as early as episode 4, Buguese showed little interest in anyone other than Aqune for a large amount of the series. Especially because of certain dialogue in the dub, he sometimes gave off the impression of having an obsession with her. Despite the creepiness though, he showed an unusual degree of care for her, that I just found simply fascinating, especially due to the fact that Aqune was like the embodiment of all things Buguese hates. Actually, I wrote a whole essay explaining why I ship Buguese/Aqune, but that’s another story.

Comment by TL-chan 05.12.07 @ 12:45 pm

the official Spider Riders website is ridiculous. I became a member of the fan club, and the poll hasn’t changed for like, ever. Plus, the quiz if u become a fan club member is even more ridiculous (here’s a question: Who is the leader of the invectids:
a) mantid
b)Hunter Steele
d)Prince Lumen.)

if you win the quiz, you get to watch a clip. There are like five clips that keep repeating eachother. Really, i expected more. Sorry, i’m in a bad mood today, so i just had to be mad at something, but don’t blame me, it really is ridiculous. Check it out ( Become a member too, and take the quizes (new one each friday, but the same questions are asked everytime really)

Comment by Vicky 05.12.07 @ 7:32 pm

Also, they say incorrect information about that characters, such as Ebony being very talkative.

Comment by Pherret 05.12.07 @ 7:52 pm

@Vicky- That site is really quite pathetic. They don’t even have Aqune listed as a character. I remember that I liked the clips at first though, because some of them I got to see before I saw the actual episodes, so it was a nice little teaser.

Comment by TL-chan 05.12.07 @ 8:44 pm

Hi, everyone. It’s been a while.
Aww… It’s over… What an ending! Kids’WB will probabbly never show this though. They’re airing the 3rd season of Xiaolin Showdown for like the 5th time! My God! NEXT SEASON, PLEASE!!!!
By the way, speaking of seasons, I have a feeling there will be another season of Spider Riders. And, I figured Hunter would go back home to the real world in the end. If there is another season, maybe it will explain one of my biggest questions about this show: How come Hunter’s grandfather knows about Arachna? (unless that was already explained in one of the many episodes I’ve missed)
Anyway, I really think there will be another season because I feel certain things haven’t been explained and because I can’t think of another show with only one, ’cause they usually have more. And Spider Riders has defenitely earned another season if I do say so myself. I mean, look at the other Kids’WB shows! If a ridiculous show like Johnny Test can get another season, why not a great show like Spider Riders?!
Well, see you guys soon. If I find out anything about of a season 2, I’ll tell you guys :)
By the way, it looks like a rumor I heard about Mantid was true: he really was a human!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 05.13.07 @ 8:28 pm

not just a human. princess sparkle & corona but a earthen

Comment by Michele 05.13.07 @ 9:26 pm

HxC all the way :D

Comment by Paul 05.15.07 @ 1:54 pm

Paul, you are so right. My friend’s drawing of it should be done soon! I can’t wait!

Princess Sparkle and Corona, i’ve seen your comments from before, i didn’t think you’d comment again, after all you’ve missed, but hey, you and i never really met, so, hi, i’m vicky!! Super H/C fan. Well, everyone is, but, yeah. My friend thinks that Hunter will go back, but she thinks he will return. I mean, you can’t keep Corona alone like that. You’d only get a bunch of tears (anyone who doesn’t agree, i need to hear your reasons!!!) I’m hoping he’ll take her with him (not Aqune!!). That would be pure awesomeness. Yeah, its weird, they left so much out, even if they are making another season, we still need to know these things. Like Hunter’s grandfather’s deal, more about Corona and Aqune’s past, and what the heck is happening in the outer world (i bet everyone thinks Hunter is dead or something) I have lots of doubts of Hunter going back and staying, because, what about his friends, and how is he supposed to come up to his family? How will he explain where he’s been (they’d probably think he’s crazy). I think that he’s just going to visit and tell his parents where he is and all, and his “duties” as a Spider Rider, and he’ll take Corona to show her his world (bet that’ll make me cry with joy). a

My other theary is that The Oracle will give Hunter ONE choice. Outer, or Inner World. Hunter will have a special amount of time (like two days or somethin) to chose. THAT is Corona’s big chance. So, she tells him how she feels, and that’s how he takes her blah blah blah, read above.

Phew, that wasn’t my longest, but it was still long

See you guys later (i’ve got a soccer game coming up in an hour!!! Wish me luck!)

Hey, my birthday is in 5 days! Hope May 20th comes sooner, cause i’ll be 11!!

Comment by Vicky 05.15.07 @ 4:14 pm

tl-chan i made a comment for episode 39 in fact it’s the only one there anyway could you answer it please so i can find out what you think


Comment by Michele 05.16.07 @ 9:09 pm

hey my comment reapeted itself *confused look* tl-chan explantion too please.

Comment by Michele 05.16.07 @ 9:13 pm

@Michele- I’ll go look. Actually, I would’ve figured that out, because I get e-mail notifications of comments.
*exercises abillity to delete accidental doublepost.*

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.07 @ 5:14 am

@Princess Sparkle and Corona- You live!
I also thought Hiunter would return, even before seeing the spoilers, so I’m kinda surprised tha he didn’t. Well, at least they broke a cliche.

The main reason that there’s no 2nd season of SR is it’s ties to Japan. While something like Johnny Test (which I’m never actually seen, but looks awful, by the way) was made in one country, Spider Riders is a product of multiple countries. Therefore, it needs success in both places, but didn’t get it in Japan. If nobody will watch it there then Bee Train will lose money by making a 2nd season. Therefore, it doesn’t seem possible. If SR was a little more successful in the US/Canada than they might take the risk anyway, but as far as I know, it’s not even popular enough here to have Kids WB air it all.

Hunter’s grandfather, Digger Steele, was in Arachna and was a former Spider Rider. This was explained in episode 47, although very few details were given.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.07 @ 5:29 am

@Paul- Agreed, and I’m sure most others will agree too.

@Vicky- Happy almost brithday. ^_^
You can be Super H/C fan, just because you’re the biggest fan I’ve seen so far. Anyone can still compete for the title though.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.07 @ 5:35 am

happy almost birthday vicky. hey tl-chan i have a good idea for a fanfic you can write about but you will have to tell me if you would like to hear it first.

Comment by Michele 05.17.07 @ 7:47 pm

@Michele- I’d love to hear it. I could always use inspiration.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.07 @ 8:21 pm

remember in episode 45 when hunter was captured and we were imagining what would happen in episode 46? remember? why not do that? you can put how you want him to be captured and have him locked up what i mean is take the stuff our disscuion. but do a different way for him to be captured you can your time and put a lot of detail in it DO IT!! DO IT!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!(oh and if you really really really want to you can put some buguese/aqune:) and hunter HAS TO BE RESCUED BY THE SPIDER RIDERS AT THE END PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE:) !!!!

Comment by Michele 05.17.07 @ 10:54 pm

@Michele- That just might work. I’ll see what I can come up with.

Comment by TL-chan 05.18.07 @ 5:30 am

yipeeeeeeeeeee yahooooooooooo wooooooooooohooooooooooo THANK YOU TL-CHAN!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! *running to my room and jumping on the bed still saying yipee,yahoo,woohoo now running back to the computer* when your done tell me what’s it called and give me the website,okay? thanks again tl-chan you’re the best:) yahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 05.18.07 @ 8:05 am

Hey TL Chan, with this new idea of yours, don’t forget H/C, ok? And thanks for thinking i’m the biggest H/C fan so far! That feels good.

2 days till my B-Day

Comment by Vicky 05.18.07 @ 3:55 pm

vicky it was MY IDEA.

Comment by Michele 05.18.07 @ 5:03 pm


Comment by Michele 05.18.07 @ 5:05 pm

@Michele- Fixed. And I’ve begun writing. Actually, I’m done with my first draft, but I’ve only gotten a little typed up, and I plan to change a few parts.

@Vicky- There’s H/C in it. In my edited version, there should be even more.

Comment by TL-chan 05.18.07 @ 5:13 pm

oooooooh i can’t wait!!!!:) WHEN DO THINK IT WILL BE READY??!!

Comment by Michele 05.18.07 @ 8:09 pm

one more day till your b-day vicky!!!!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.19.07 @ 11:38 am

well tl-chan, when will it be ready?

Comment by Michele 05.19.07 @ 8:21 pm

@Michele- Probably tomorrow, because I haven’t really had the chance to work on it today.

Comment by TL-chan 05.19.07 @ 8:31 pm

tomorrow?! are you serious!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee awsome! sorry i’m just really excited!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:) !!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 05.19.07 @ 9:16 pm

when tomorrow exactly tl-chan?

Comment by Michele 05.19.07 @ 9:19 pm

TL-Chan, I can’t wait to read it, either. Also, want to say your “Where Aqune Belongs” video is one of the best in Arachnia. Did you see the Random Anime Transformation video posted yesterday on YouTube? It’s got a Spider Rider sequence in it, and it is super. TL, you should do more videos. You have a talent for it.

Comment by Hunter Steele 05.20.07 @ 12:24 am

@Michele- Not sure yet, and I don’t want to make any promises.

@Hunter Steele- Thank you. I’m glad a lot of people liked that. I haven’t seen the transformation video, but I’ll check it out. I’ve watched pretty much all the SR videos on there, which sadly isn’t a lot. I’d love to do more videos, but I have a serious lack of ideas. I’m really picky with songs, so that makes it even harder.

Comment by TL-chan 05.20.07 @ 8:05 am

yaaaaaaay vicky!!! tomorrow is your birthday vicky yaaaaaaay!!!

Comment by Michele 05.20.07 @ 8:05 am

hey, what’s the title? or have you come up with one yet?

Comment by Michele 05.20.07 @ 8:09 am

Here’s the fic:

Sorry if the formatting is a bit annoying. Hope the actual thing is enjoyable.

Comment by TL-chan 05.20.07 @ 11:37 am

that was awsome tl-chan i loved it:) i give it a 10.00

Comment by Michele 05.20.07 @ 2:03 pm


Comment by bb/puppyface 05.20.07 @ 5:12 pm

@Vicky- Happy Birthday. ^_^

Comment by TL-chan 05.20.07 @ 6:08 pm

huh? vicky didn’t you say that your birthday was on victoria day? because if is that means it’s tomorrow.

Comment by Michele 05.20.07 @ 6:49 pm

well if it is your b-day, then *clears throt and starts to sing*


happy birthday vick, on my birthday you sang me a song so i decided to sing you one *yawns* well i’m tired i’m going to bed, see you guys in the mourning *yawns again* :O

Comment by Michele 05.20.07 @ 11:18 pm

Yeah, Happy Birthday, Vicky.

That Random Anime Transformations video link is

There’s a nice tribute to Spider Riders right in the middle.

Comment by Hunter Steele 05.21.07 @ 11:09 am

@Hunter Steele- That was pretty good, actually. Well choreographed. I used to be in love with Rockman.EXE, so seeing the Meiru and Roll transformation was quite awesome.

Comment by TL-chan 05.21.07 @ 1:09 pm

*crys* Thanks guys. Sorry i’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been celebrating with family!

Comment by Vicky 05.23.07 @ 3:59 pm

hwy guys i really really need some advice for something, please

Comment by Michele 05.23.07 @ 5:42 pm

what do you need help on

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.23.07 @ 5:46 pm

okay there are thease three girls that sit near me and they’re always picking on me. i try to ignore them but it doesn’t work. i even cried a couple times:( any ideas guys?

Comment by Michele 05.23.07 @ 6:45 pm

they sit near me on the school bus

Comment by Michele 05.23.07 @ 6:48 pm

Hang in there, Michele. I’m gonna try to get a Spider Rider mom to give you some advice this weekend.

Comment by Hunter Steele 05.24.07 @ 12:13 pm

hunter steele what do you mean by “spider rider mom”?

Comment by Michele 05.24.07 @ 5:12 pm

OMG!!!! okay you are not going to belive this i’m not sure if i do and i don’t know if it’s true, but i was looking at thease advertisements on and on the third one it was about spider riders and at the bottem on the right it said *takes a deep breath* NEW EPISODE!!!!! have a look for yourself if you don’t belive me!:) BTW do you guys relize we almost have 100 comments on here?!

Comment by Michele 05.24.07 @ 6:04 pm

@Michele- I don’t think there’ll be any new episodes, as other sources have no mention of it. The series was scheduled for 52 episodes only and Bee Train is working on a new project now, called El Cazador (which is quite good so far.) I wouldn’t get my hopes up. If there is, I might not get to see it right away, because I’m on vacation, so please tell me about it.

About your problem, I’m not sure what I can do, except say that I really sympathize. I’ve been through the same thing. Nothing worked for me, really, except waiting and trying not to let it bother me(which is a real emotional challenge). Sometimes, you just have to wait a long time. If it’s at all possibile though, my only suggestions are moving your seat or informing an adult (probably the driver) about this problem.

Comment by TL-chan 05.24.07 @ 7:55 pm

hey whoever, is a girl here i have a question for you. who is involed with the girl guides program? and after press the button “say it” there will be exactly 100 comments:) yaaaaaay!!!

Comment by Michele 05.24.07 @ 8:17 pm

i’m not involved with it. But, maybe you should pick on them !! Just kidding, that would be wrong. Tell your parents or something. And teach those girls a lesson. Tell them to back off otherwise your friend Vicky will take a plane to Saskatuwan (i know i spelled it wrong, but who cares) and kick them in the face with her arachna power. I’m not kidding guys, i really am a black belt in my karate lessons. I”M SERIOUS!!! And i have a bow (a LONG stick that you use to kill people) and i know how to do all the tricks and moves with it, so they’d better back off.

BEsides that, just tell them to back off in general.

Comment by Vicky 05.25.07 @ 3:29 pm

By the way Michele, there won’t be new episodes because they teletoon site doesn’t change their stuff very often, and if there WAS new episodes (which are always on Sundays) i wouldn’t be watching the episodes from the beginning ever since May 6th (when the first episode aired).

Comment by Vicky 05.25.07 @ 3:30 pm

thanks you guys are so sweet. oh by the way i won’t be here until sunday afternoon because i’m going on a pathfinders camp his weekend:)


Comment by Michele 05.25.07 @ 5:20 pm

well why do they pick on you?if you dont feel like telling im fine with that.people tease me sometimes.i know its kinda wronge not to tell,but when your in a middle school and about to go into 7th grade u dont want to be known to tell.people are known to do dosen’t matter to me cause i know people are there to support me….they also know not to mess with me vicky said…i’ll come down there too!i wont be here till going on a trip.mabey they will show a new season of spider riders…since so many questions weren’t answered!bye-bye*waves goodbye*

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.25.07 @ 10:19 pm

when the next season comes…I”LL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved the original plans more than how the show turned out. First of all, we learn about Hunter’s grandad, Corona tells Hunter her feelings, they don’t waste their time with mantid fighting, buguese does die…but saves Aqune (i think it was like that) and Hunter has a choice to stay in the Inner World or go home and he stays.

Comment by Vicky 05.26.07 @ 7:18 am

hey guys i’m back wheu what a weekend.

Comment by Michele 05.27.07 @ 11:15 pm

Hey guys.

Somewhere in this site i mentioned that my friend was drawing an H/C picture, so, i’d happily like to say, that she’s given it to me! It looks EXACTLY like them, identical! It is very cool, because Corona is wearing A Japanese traditional thing, and Hunter is too. He looks really different cause she made him taller than her (i know, in the show she’s wearing high heels). Hunter has one of his arms around her and the other is holding hers. Its so cute! She tried to scan it to send it to me, but it was too big!

Comment by Vicky 05.28.07 @ 4:09 pm

i know this has is totally random, but in the books, in one tiny part, Hunter gets jealous of Magma because, well, let me type it here for y’all. Yes, its been a while since Vicky’s Book Quotes!

Magma is injured from battle, Corona is taking care of him.

“Your going to be alright,” Corona said.
Magma cracked a pained half smile. “With you taking care of me, how could i not be?”
For some reason, Magma’s words made Hunter feel tight across his chest.

Awww…how adorable. What i can tell you is that Corona kisses Magma on the cheek. But thats because he saved Venus, ok! Venus is her best bud, i would do that too! So dont jump to conclusions. Reminds me of that part in Ep.34. Eww….freaky….

Here’s another part. Its near the beginning (these two quotes are from the second book). Hope you like it.

Corona took a deep breath and gazed very seriously at him.
“I’ve been reassigned,” she said.
Hunter’s jaw dropped.
“The prince has put me in command of Petra’s old squad.”
(they talk about Petra’s squad, i’ll skip that)
Corona nodded and smiled slightly. “I’ve been training with the squad since we got back. Prince Lumen asked me to keep it secret. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier.”
“Thats okay,” Hunter said. “I understand.
He looked earnestly at Corona. “I….I’ll miss you,” he said. “I kind of count on you protecting my back.”
“I count on you as well,” she replied. (more chatting, about how Igneus doesn’t like Hunter and Hunter wants to stop that. Igneus comes and interuppts out of a sudden)
“Corona,” igneous said, not appearing at all surprised to see her there, “shouldn’t you be readying your squad for their mission?”
“I was just about to,” she replied. “I came to say goodbye to Hunter, first.”
“Goodbye?” Hunter said, crestfallen.
“it may be a while before we see each other again,” she explained.
“How long?” he asked.
“That depends on how my mission turns out,” she said, “and how yours turns out as well.”

Comment by Vicky 05.28.07 @ 4:29 pm

@Vicky- Is the picture too big for her scanner, or too big of a file to send? Because if it’s too big to send, she could probably fix that with an image editing program like photoshop.

In any case, I wanted to see it. :(
Sounds like a really cute picture.

The quotes you included are amusing as always. I never thought the Corona/Magma thing was as torturous to H/C as that scene in 31 where Hunter was holding Aqune romantically. Now that is a prime example of how to make the fans squirm.
34 airs this Saturday in Japan. *is excited to see how the B/A is handled*

Comment by TL-chan 05.28.07 @ 4:46 pm

hey guys, guess what! today my school had our track meet today and for the first time i WON PLACE RIBBONS!!!(you know first,second and third ribbons) I GOT THIRD PLACE IN ‘SHOT PUT’ AND SECOND PLACE IN THE ‘200m RUN!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Comment by Michele 05.29.07 @ 5:23 pm

you do track too!!!!!!!!!!i go t 1st in finalls in the 800 meters and we 8th in 4 by 400!!!!!!!!(out of 12 teams/ wasnt bad..i mean its finalls.schools out 4 me in2 days!!!)i also got medals for those and ribbons.we had finalls last thursday! u go to wilson c riles middle school?

Comment by bb/puppyface 05.29.07 @ 11:31 pm

Our track and field starts soon. Last year i got second in the 800m run. It was awesome!

And Tl chan, its too big of a picture as in its to LONG and WIDE, not like its a big file. I”m hoping she’ll draw another and make it SMALLER. Corona/Magma worried me when i first saw 34 and was waiting for the next one, cause i was thinking that maybe COrona gave up on Hunter cause she thought he liked Aqune. But, i was proven wrong. Thank goodness! That scene in 31 was my LEAST fav episode, then 10. Man, it was the only time i felt like i was gonna be sick. I think i almost ripped part of the couch off while i was squeezing the fabric with anger!

Comment by Vicky 05.30.07 @ 4:11 pm

@Michele- Congratulations. ^_^

You all sound really good. I wish I had any athletic talent at all. I’m a good hockey goalie, and I’m pretty good at badminton, but that’s my limit.

@Vicky- 31 is an evil episode. And yet, it really amuses me for some reason. I’m just weird like that. I also liked 10 because it had a lot of Buguese/Aqune.
XD! Poor couch. After I saw 35, I seriously considered throwing my computer out the 2nd story window for like a second. Then I realized my computer was too important.

Comment by TL-chan 05.30.07 @ 6:22 pm

bb/puppyface actully i go to Athabasca School i’ve been going there since Kindergarden:)

Comment by Michele 05.30.07 @ 6:49 pm

hey guys! sorry i havn’t been on very often. anything happen while i was off?

Comment by koolcat 05.31.07 @ 8:36 pm

@Koolcat- Not really. Conveniently though, all the old comments are still here, so you could still read them if interested. I wrote a new fanfic somewhere up there.

Comment by TL-chan 06.01.07 @ 5:45 am

koolcat u should read it. it was my idea and it’s our verison of episode 46. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 06.01.07 @ 6:57 pm

oh, wow, it’s june. yes! i’m gonna graduating by the end of this month (28th to be precise)…
it kinda sucks ’cause everyone has to come back the next day for their diploma…
anyway, i wish spider riders was more popular so then maybe it’ll mean a 2nd season. maybe they could do something where something happened in the outer world and everyone goes or something… i still can’t believe corona and aqune are sisters. my little sister was all like “Whaaaaat????”
oh, i also saw the screencaps with the concious pixies of corona. they look cute and funny, especially the evil one ’cause you can see a little tooth and everything. it’s so funny!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.01.07 @ 10:09 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Lucky. I still have a year left before I graduate.

It’s really hard to believe that Corona and Aqune are sisters. I think in the orginal version, they weren’t related. The Corona pixies were great.

Comment by TL-chan 06.03.07 @ 4:26 pm

hey tl-chan can you do another fanfic about hunter being captured by the invectids exept an entirly diffrent verison with mantid ordering buguese to kidnap just hunter while he and shadow are on patrol and still gets locked up:) sorry if being picky but i sometimes imagne what it whould be like but i can’t picture it right please i promise i won’t give anymore ideas like this one again if you do it cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye! again sorry about being sooooooooo picky:(

Comment by Michele 06.03.07 @ 7:15 pm

@Michele- I could probably do it, but it’s a little vague. Got any more specifications, such as when it should take place and what other characters should do?

Actually, I had fun writing the first one, so I don’t mind doing these, so long as I have the time and it’s a plausible concept.

Comment by TL-chan 06.04.07 @ 5:30 am

just make sure to put H/C

Comment by Vicky 06.04.07 @ 3:31 pm

well i was thinking that first mantid will order buguese to bring hunter to him or have buguese coming into mantid’s room asking mantid what he wants and mantid just smiles and does small evil laugh… *looks at the clock* oh got to go spider riders is going to come on next tell you the rest after.

P.S. you are THE best tl-chan

Comment by Michele 06.04.07 @ 5:58 pm

ahem as i was saying, then we see hunter and shadow patroling when corona calls him asking how his patrol is going, hunter says it’s fine until a giant blast of energy comes and hits them and the impact is so great hunter’s manicle falls off and the oracle keys slide under a bush and just for you vicky, corona keeps calling his name asking whats going on but gets no respondse then the the enhance solders grabs hunter, shadow tries to rescue him but gets blasted by a ball of energy hunter calls to asking if he’s alright but gets no answer then buguese comes and does something to him to knock him out (whatever you like) and takes him away. *catchs my breath and continues* then sometime after corona, igneous, magma, prince lumen, princess sparkle and grasshop arives to investegate and search for there friend, but finds hunter’s manicle, an injured shadow and the two oracle keys shadow regains consiness from the blast he got and tells them what happened they then take shadow to aracna castle to recover and to think of a plan rescue hunter from the invectids. and then you can take care of the rest tl-chan and to my last comment go with second idea right after the word “or”. sooooo what do you think?

Comment by Michele 06.04.07 @ 7:17 pm

@Michele- I could probably make it work. I’m guessing this would be around episode 41. What I’m not sure about is how such a thing would be resolved. *curses random writers block* I have a couple ideas though, so don’t worry. Now I just have to figure out what I can make Aqune do, since she’d be in zombie-mode at this point. *Also has a semi-idea for that*

I have another fic that I have to finish, but I’ll try and get to this one shortly. As I’ll soon be on Summer vacation, I’ll have plenty of time. Might even be done before then.

@Vicky- Of course there will be H/C. I’ll probably throw in some B/A for me, and I’ll try not to have any H/A.

Comment by TL-chan 06.04.07 @ 7:41 pm

whats your other fanfic about tl-chan?

Comment by Michele 06.05.07 @ 8:33 am

good question, Michele! I’d like to know too!

Hey, and Michele, you should try writting your own fanfic! I’m sure all your ideas would come to use, and i bet you’re a good writer. As for me, i love writting stories (future career: author, or director, or Nintendo Imployee. yes i’m a big fan of the legend of zelda, which is japanese anime as well!) so i would write a H/c fanfic, except, i’ve got so many ideas i can’t chose. I can’t remember all of them either. I prefere reading people’s, because it seems more “real” to me. confusing huh?

Comment by Vicky 06.05.07 @ 3:59 pm

@Michele- It’s kinda… a secret just because it’d be awkward to explain the plot concept. I can say that it’s very AU and would require at least a PG-13 rating. I’m mostly writing it because someone else did it first (and poorly, I might add) and so I wanted to see if I could do it better.

@Vicky- Actually, your logic makes a lot of sense. Seeing someone else’s fanworks has a greater impact than just reading your own. I get the awesome feeling that someone else wants to see the same things happen as I do (and they can sometimes express it much better than me too.) Plus, it’s as if there was new material released about something I like, even if technically it’s unofficial stuff.

I want to be a writer, myself (particularly of cartoons.) I’ve been writing fan and original fiction for years.

Comment by TL-chan 06.05.07 @ 5:27 pm

well at school it’s really hard for me to come up with ideas but sometimes even when i have an idea i can’t get anything down. besides all of my ideas for writing class is about animals because i’m a big animal lover:) besides i’d rather read fanfics. oh yeah tl-chan i just got another idea: hunter being tiedup with rope after being captured by buguese. how about that?

Comment by Michele 06.05.07 @ 6:55 pm

oh and to add to my last comment i don’t really know how to do one.

Comment by Michele 06.05.07 @ 7:00 pm

@Michele- It’s not too difficult to write a fanfic. The hardest part is thinking of ideas for them. All you need to do is study the characters enough that you can write them in a way where they’ll act like they did in the original story. If you can write any story you can do a fanfic.

The problem is that a lot of people (myself included to an extent) are picky critics when it comes to fanfiction. Fics need to be gramatically correct, and they need to be believable. Usually, you can take more liberties with alternate universe/what if? fics, but even those still need to be done with care. Actually, I love AUs, so I’m especially picky with those.

And… yeah, tying up will work. I haven’t started yet, so I still have room for ideas.

Comment by TL-chan 06.05.07 @ 7:22 pm

I love to hear you all talking about writing. My wife and I have made our living improving the blank page. We’ve been animation writers and producers for over 20 years on dozens of shows like “Timon and Pumbaa” and “Beetlejuice” (got to work with Tim Burton for 3 years). That said, we feel “Spider Riders” is the best animated show — ever. No show we’ve ever worked deserved a second season more than “Spider Riders.” Sure, we’d make a few bucks (our kids appreciate the groceries), but they’d give up food for a year to see more SR eps. They are 10 and 11, and half way through the season they said to me, “Dad, when you told us about your show, we thought it was going to be lame. Instead, it’s the best show on tv — including live action!”

But it isn’t my show. It’s a team effort. All credit, of course, goes to the brilliant Japanese anime writer Yosuke Kuroda and the staffs at BeeTrain and Cookie Jar. My wife and I wrote the books with Steve Sullivan and we serve as producers on the series. It’s a shame there isn’t more buzz on this show, and better ratings. Maybe it’s because it’s event tv. You have to see almost every ep to fully appreciate the character development and plot flow. So, keep writing, Spider Rider fans. Kuroda-san is a good guiding light to follow.

Soaker, your review of ep 49 on was articulate and flattering. Thanks. You might want to see our tribute to your Aqune video at our website:

Comment by Tedd Anasti 06.09.07 @ 1:01 pm

@Tedd Anasti- I’m really impressed. I’ve always wanted to work on TV shows (or write an original one of my own.)

I’ve tried to figure out exactly why Spider Riders has gone very unnoticed. As an active participate in the general anime fandom, I’ve seen that a lot of people don’t even want to give it a chance. The concept is certainly unusual, so most people think that it’s going to be like Pokemon and just ignore it. At the same time, those who enjoy watching Japanese children’s shows tend to dislike Spider Riders, because it ultimately isn’t as kiddy as it seems. I was very impressed when Spider Riders started becoming darker, because from the first few episodes, I expected it would be a generic adventure show for 5-year-old boys. However, Spider Riders doesn’t follow the usual cliches. The villains are well-developed and aren’t just evil for the sake of being evil. The girls are actually competent, and don’t just sit on the side being cheerleaders (a huge pet peeve of mine). Also, the jokes are actually funny for the most part. Kiddy shows tend to have the most annoying running gags.
Another thing that turns people off from it are that a large amount of anime fans are sub-only purists. (Generally, I prefer to get my anime in Japanese, but I enjoy dubs too.) Spider Riders was never fansubbed, and the raw release stopped at episode 17, skipping episodes along the way. I still get them off of P2P anf give them to those who are interested, but most people probably don’t even know this.

Thanks. I don’t know what to say, except that I’m enormously flattered that my work was recognized.

Comment by TL-chan 06.09.07 @ 2:38 pm


Comment by Vicky 06.11.07 @ 3:50 pm

I agree, Vicky. If it was up to me, I’d run the show daily and do five more seasons. But factors beyond my control, like people who slam the show without grasping the complex storylines and unique character relationships, make it hard. I think Spider Rider detractors are just small thinkers with too much time on their hands. I’m doing all I can to promote the show, but it’s all really up to its success in the Japanese market. Thank you for your loyalty to Spider Riders.

Comment by Tedd Anasti 06.12.07 @ 12:11 pm

@Tedd Anasti- It’s silly that people bash it. I obviously don’t enjoy everything that’s on TV, but I certainly don’t go bashing shows just because they’re not my thing. I try to respect the fans.

At least there’s enough support in Japan that they’re finally having DVD and CD releases. I even pre-ordered the new OP and ED single. No clue where the money for that goes, but I hope it supports Spider Riders somehow. I would’ve bought the DVD boxset too, but I don’t have a player which supports R2s.

*cough*Make more Buguese/Aqune*cough* And I’m aware of all the complications that would probably bring.

Comment by TL-chan 06.12.07 @ 4:53 pm

Why does everyone keep saying that there is a romance between Aqune and Buguese, especially whoever wrote the comment paragraph?!! I think it should be considered by all of you that their relationship is more like a daughter and father relationship. Aqune is WAY too young for Buguese. Buguese is an adult, a lot older than she is. Aqune is OBVIOUSLY the same age as Corona, around 11, 12 or 13, even though she sounds a lot more like 15. Also she is a human, not an invectid. Why would they have an adult invectid in love with a young human girl? That is more of a thing that could be censored by adults who see the show to me. It is inappropriate. That is why Beerain is more perfect for Buguese, even though signs showing a romance between those two started in Episode 35. I also appreciate that Aqune and Buguese have a daughter and father relationship. You should too.

I also hope Beerain starts to like Aqune in the second season, if they give one. If Buguese likes Aqune, I bet Beerain would too. I do not think she hates humans anymore because along with Stags and Buguese, she saved Hunter from Mantid’s attack. In the Labyrinth episode, she said she was too well trained to change her mind about humans overnight. I bet she now will, in the future, change her mind now about humans because of what happened in this episode. Despite her training, I bet she has really changed now to this point.

Comment by mayabelle 06.12.07 @ 8:40 pm

@Mayabelle- I’m aware of the age difference. That’s why I said there would be complications. I am perfectly content with them having a father/daughter relationship. I just like the idea of them as a pairing as well. I liked it a long time before I saw episode 35 and a long time after. I definitely don’t see anything wrong with inter-species relationships though. Besides, some Invectids are rather humanoid, and this includes Buguese. I actually find the concept rather beautiful, since it shows that all things could happen due to the powers of love, and I’ve liked it long before Spider Riders existed. Cheesey, I know…
Besides, I never much liked Beerain. I think I’m allowed to not like the idea of pairing my least favorite character with one of my favorite characters on principle. Besides, no pairings actually happened, so I see no point of arguing over shipping. I act on the principle that everyone should be able to like what they like and respect other’s interests.

Comment by TL-chan 06.13.07 @ 7:26 am

I believe they should make a second season. There is still a lot more issues to resolved,

1. What did Hunter’s grandfather do in the Inner World? It is only said that Quake knew him. But did Digger Steele do anything for the Inner World? How did he even get back to the Outer

2. Aqune and Corona’s past. They figured out that they visited Nuuma, that they are Oracle Handmaids and sisters. But they need to figure out where were they originally from, who their parents are, and if they are alive, where are they? It also needs to be revealed about how they were chosen by the Oracle to be Handmaids and how they came to be Spider Riders.

3. How will Hunter get back home? He cannot stay in the Inner World since it is not his home and he is a child and obviously has a family. Maybe if he figures out how his grandfather got back to the Outer World, he will maybe get back the same way.

I do not think the Invectids will be the enemies anymore. They were very happy that they got their sun back. I don’t think they have a reason now to get rid of humans. I am not sure though if the Invectids will be trusted easily by humans, especially Magma and Slate, who had hard times with Invectids in the past.

I wonder what the former members of the Big Four will do now. I bet Grasshop will live on with his wife and kids. If they do get trusted by humans, maybe they could move to Arachna to be closer to the Spider Riders, especially Princess Sparkle. I hope Buguese and Beerain get together. It seemed that by what happened during last episode and this episode that they really do like each other. I hope Stags doesn’t decide to move on. He should remain with the Invectids. I believe he and Buguese are now best friends. Hope those two start to get along better with Grasshop. Beerain and Grasshop already seemed to be getting along with each other since Episodes 44 and 45.

Wierd the way these four have changed. Even though Grasshop is still dishonest and cowardly, he really is friends with the Spider Riders. Buguese is now more caring, heartful, and realizing what is more important. He seems to really care very much for Aqune now as if she were his daughter. Toward his comrades, he really does love Beerain more than a friend and like I said earlier, seems to be much close to Stags alomst like a brother. Beerain is no longer cold, wicked, and uncaring. Stags, even without his warrior spirit, seems to be more noble, wise, kind, and caring.

Also I have a feeling Buguese will tell Corona and Aqune about the time when the buzzrays attacked the airship from Corona’s flashback in Episode 40. That is the incident in which it might have been the possible cause of Corona and Aqune becoming separated and losing their memories. That same incident was in Buguese’s flasback in Episode 49, when he was deciding to free Aqune from her mask. I have a feeling Buguese and Mantid might have been the ones who ordered the buzzrays to attack the plane. They must have done it in order to get Corona and Aqune since they are Oracle Handmaids, the ones in which only you can get through the power of the Oracle. That raises a lot more questions. How did they even know they were Oracle Handmaids? How come they only got Aqune and not Corona? Did they even know that Corona was a Handmaid? If they did, they would have captured her too, unless they needed only one Oracle Handmaid. Could Buguese also know who their parents are? These questions have to be answered in the second season.

Comment by mayabelle 06.15.07 @ 6:40 pm

I forgot to say this, will Princess Sparkle also give nicknames to Stags and Buguese? She calls Grasshop Uncle Hop and Beerain (Only in Episode 44) Auntie Bee. I bet Sparkle will call Stags and Buguese Uncle something.

Comment by mayabelle 06.15.07 @ 6:44 pm

@mayabelle- I’ll agree with most of the things you said. The ending to Spider Riders was very vague and inconclusive, so I’d hope that most of those things are covered more in the 2nd season. However, I wouldn’t even want to watch it if there’s a lot of B/B. I just don’t like the pairing that much and for numerous reasons. I’d feel immature needing to list them all(becasue I’m not a fan of ship bashing and it might come out that way), but I’m not going to change my mind.

I enjoy reading other people’s comments and opinions (yours included) as they help me to determine what I’m doing wrong and what to cover in the future but above all, this is a personal blog, meant for me to rant about my honest opinions on anime.

Comment by TL-chan 06.16.07 @ 7:34 am

Hey, when i saw mayabell’s comment, i thought it was mine!! Chunks of writting, totally Vicky style!! ^_^

Comment by Vicky 06.16.07 @ 5:15 pm

We very much enjoy seeing our’s/Kuroda-san’s characters stir emotion in and discussion by our fans. Beerain first appeared in a demo maintitle reel from Japan. We said, “What is that?” BeeTrain then sent us the specs and models on her. Kuroda sent us the character arcs and purposes for her. He also noted that her name was a tribute to BeeTrain. We figured that if the writer felt such respect for the studio, who were we to disagree? We have always believed having a female among the “bad guys” brings a balance to the cast, anyway. She’s turned into a most dynamic and emotionally star-crossed character. We are amused and curious about TL’s reasons for detesting the B/B pairing so much, but TL has as much right to conceal his inner feelings as does Buguese. We don’t know where this B on B relationship is going. Only Kuroda-san has an inkling, but we fear he won’t really put his talent to it until a second season is ordered. Pray to the Oracle.

Comment by Tedd and Patsy Anasti 06.17.07 @ 12:35 pm

@Tedd and Patsy Anasti- Well if you’re curious, my reasoning for disliking the pairing is mostly because I felt it came completely out of nowhere. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT because I fanatically shipped Buguese/Aqune for months before I had seen episode 35. I’ve actually been known for liking multiple pairings concerning the same person and probably would’ve enjoyed Buguese/Beerain if it was handled better, but I felt that it wasn’t. It could’ve been at least hinted at somewhere before what was jumped into in episode 35, which was more than halfway into the series. Also, I don’t like the way that Beerain’s character became completely lovesick and dependant. I was never a fan of her, because I thought she was boring and underdeveloped, but at least she seemed to be a capable female villain and was occasionally funny. There were entire episodes in which she just seemed to do nothing but whine, which was more than a little bit annoying in the English version.

I will ackowledge that my utter fascination with Buguese/Aqune did influence this a little bit. It just opens so many amazing possibilities, and the amount of fanfiction I’ve been inspired to write shows this. Sure, it would be an odd pairing given the age difference, but in anime, I’m used to these things and didn’t think twice about it at first. I know Buguese’s love for Aqune is meant to be platonic, but in that case, it makes some of the things about their relationship a bit odd, such as Buguese practically being a stalker to Aqune in some of the early episodes, and the major amount of drama in episode 49. Also, the argument about Buguese and Aqune being two different species never even made sense to me, because the same probably applies to Buguese and Beerain. While I’ve yet to figure out what kind of bug Buguese was meant to be, there’s no indication that he’s a bee.
Edit: Fascination leads me to writing things like this:

Finally, I’m also fairly annoyed with B/B fans constantly telling me that I’m wrong for liking something. I’m a stubborn person and I don’t change my interests because I’m told to.

Edit: Oh, and I’m a girl, by the way.

Comment by TL-chan 06.17.07 @ 2:59 pm

I have a feeling I know why not many people like the Buguese/Beerain pairing. It is because they only started showing signs since episode 35. Buguese also was seen mainly with Aqune than with Beerain. I bet it is also because Beerain was somtimes so cold toward Aqune while Buguese cared for her. You would never think that Buguese could ever love Beerain because of their opposite feelings toward Aqune. Beerain and Buguese never really did show any signs of having a liking for one another during most of the series.

But I believe that Buguese and Beerain do really care for one another. Episode 35, 44, 45, 51, and this episode really proves it. Besides, I think their romance makes the series more interesting since they show it almost openly. Their romance is even more interesting than Hunter/Corona (Even though Hunter and Corona’s romance was shown in most of the series.) to me. I love the paring and all of you should too.

Comment by mayabelle 06.17.07 @ 9:35 pm

I forgot to say this. Because of this episode, I have a feeling that Beerain will maybe become very much friendly toward Aqune. It was not Aqune’s fault that Beerain’s wings are damaged. Aqune had her mask on that time when she damaged Beerain’s wings and Aqune was ordered by Mantid to attack Beerain. By the way Beerain is now, I do not think she has any revenge toward Aqune.

Comment by mayabelle 06.17.07 @ 9:55 pm

Sorry, TL, about miss reading your gender. Your work gives little indication of it, which serves to show just how even and balanced your reporting is. We read your manifesto, and were very impressed. You’ve brought points to light even we had never considered. Thanks.

Comment by Tedd and Patsy Anasti 06.17.07 @ 10:26 pm

@mayabelle- I probably come off as too hostile toward Buguese/Beerain. I certainly think people can ship it if they want to. I just won’t.

I would be interested in seeing Beerain and Aqune become friendlier next season. I wonder if there would be any complications due to the fact that Aqune is responsible for Beerain’s injuries, even if she didn’t do it on purpose.

@Tedd and Patsy Anasti- Thank you. I was afraid to show my manifesto, because I thought it might’ve been stretching things too much. I actually wanted to go more in-depth, but I had a 5000 word limit.

Comment by TL-chan 06.18.07 @ 12:09 pm

@TL-chan- Like I said already, Aqune had her mask on when she damaged Beerain’s wings. I am sure Beerain can never be mad at Aqune since Aqune was being controlled by Mantid that time.

Comment by mayabelle 06.18.07 @ 2:25 pm

Tedd Anasti, i have read your books, and i love your show! Can you give us all any hints about Hunter/Corona, as we are all really curious what you have planned on one of our favorite couples in the show!?

Comment by Vicky 06.19.07 @ 3:18 pm

Vicky, As you can tell from my books, Aqune does not play a big part in a love triangle coming between Hunter and Corona. In fact, in the original versions of the books (most of it edited out I guess because it was too romantic) Hunter and Corona’s relationship blossomed quite meteorically, causing both problems in battle. While I am for pushing the envelope in that direction in the tv series, it’s all up to Yosuke Kuroda’s vision for a second season. As far as I’m concerned, just getting picked up for another season would make me very happy. We (my wife and I as co-authors and producers) feel this ground breaking series deserves another season. We shall see. Pray to the Oracle.

Comment by Tedd Anasti 06.20.07 @ 11:23 am

@Tedd Anasti- I was curious if you plan to write any more books and if so, if you have any plans for what Aqune and the Insectors will do in them. I’ve only gotten a chance to read one of the books myself (the 2nd) but the evil Aqune was cool.

Unrelated, (and probably a very random question) but I’ve also been trying to figure out for the longest time just what Aqune and Buguese were doing in their breif appearance in episode 42, “Bad Omen.” There’s probably no real explanation for this, but there didn’t seem to be any reason for them to be walking through Mantid’s fortress. It was cute though.

Comment by TL-chan 06.20.07 @ 2:40 pm


Comment by Michele 06.21.07 @ 5:17 pm

mantid should have gotten killed because it is an action/adventure. if he is so eivl just kiii him wasn`t that what we waited for all SEASON!!!!!!

Comment by goku 07.08.07 @ 10:01 pm

@goku- Yes, I agree. I also don’t think they should have tried to please Mantid in the end, even if they let him live, because he was completely insane. You can’t try to destroy an entire world just because one person you cared about died and get away without punishment.

I deleted your multiple comments, but please be careful to only click once, even if it takes a while to load.

Comment by TL-chan 07.09.07 @ 5:21 am

@TL-chan-I believe that they didn’t have Mantid killed because they wanted to make Spider Riders unique. They can’t always kill the enemy in the end, at least certain enemies. That always happens in most anime shows. I believe this season finale is very fantastic because of Mantid’s fate. Maybe what he was given that was what he needed the whole time. By how Hunter showed him kindness and the Oracle granting his wish to be reunited with his love, I think that helped Mantid see the error of his ways. I believe this might his final appearance, unless something happens in the future. He might not be seen, but he could be mentioned.

Even though it is ironic the way his fate was. I was thinking because of the past episodes that he did indeed deserve to die. He was the reason the invectids lost their sun in the first place. He was the reason why the invectids did a lot of evil things, including Grasshop, Beerain, Stags, and most of all, Buguese. It was a little bit his fault why Buguese betrayed Beerain and Stags, even though it was Buguese’s own fault for making the decisions. He had also began to control Aqune, making her almost kill Beerain, only to end up damaging her wings and turning her against Buguese. He even tried to kill the humans and Spider Riders. After all he had done, maybe he didn’t deserve what he got. But because of the Oracle’s reaction and what Corona and Aqune said to Hunter when he almost killed Mantid, maybe he really did.

About Mantid being an Earthen, I was shocked because he never showed any sign about having come from the Outer World. I bet anyone who saw Episode 50 when that information was revealed was shocked. I remember Shadow in the first episode saying that an Earthen would cause danger for the Inner World. Mantid did what Shadow said an Earthen would do and that was to cause trouble. If Mantid is an Earthen and he caused trouble, what if Hunter does the same thing? Hunter is an Earthen and something might happen that could make him do something evil. It might be what his grandfather did since he was an Earthen. His grandfather might have caused some danger too. We will have to wait for another season and find out what will happen.

Comment by mayabelle 07.14.07 @ 10:36 am

I forgot to say the word “revealed” between “be” and “what” in the last paragraph in the comment above. Keep that in mind whoever reads my comment.

Comment by mayabelle 07.14.07 @ 10:43 am

@mayabelle- I believe in redemption very much and Mantid didn’t have to die to make a good ending. However, even you pointed out all the terrible things that Mantid caused, either directly or indirectly. I tend to look at things from the perspective of a writer, as an aspiring one myself. Having a character who has done only evil and who has the mental instabillity to want to destory an entire world after one person they loved died is usually the type of character that can’t be redeemed very easily. Perhaps with a gradual process, it might work, but SR tried to pull it off in less than one episode. This just made it seem random.

In general, a major flaw I had with Spider Riders is that they pulled too many things out of nowhere. I love it when anime can shock me, by making something unexpected occur, but it has to be something that makes sense. A great example of this is the recent sereis, Sola, which through out a major, pivotal revelation in almost every episode. Spider Riders succeeded at this at times, by having Quake turn out to actually be dead and having Mantid really be a human, but sparing Mantid’s life didn’t work for me.

I knew Mantid’s secret, only because I had found the original “spoilers” for an earlier version of the series. Much of these spoilers were changed, and only the first 26 episodes made it into the final project.

Comment by TL-chan 07.14.07 @ 11:59 am

If they have a second season, I hope there will be an episode when Corona brings Aqune to Araja Village and introduces her to Sina and Mina, her adopted sisters. Sina and Mina have to know about Corona’s real sister. I bet Corona is also going to tell them what she figured out about some of her past. I have a feeling that if it does happen, Sina and Mina are going to be downright shocked that Corona has a biological sister and of her being a Handmaid to the Oracle.

Comment by mayabelle 09.12.07 @ 11:31 pm

hiziez!!!^^i havnt been here for wat it seemed like forever……do any of u go on!!=3i hope theres a second season!!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.02.07 @ 10:04 pm

@mayabelle- That would probably turn out funny.

@bb/puppyface- Heard of it. It’s a download site, right? I prefer using, because I watch mostly raws.

Most people don’t check this thread anymroe, so you might want to try posting in a more recent SR thread.

Comment by TL-chan 10.03.07 @ 6:59 am

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