Don’t ask what the deal with the formatting of this post is. I’m totally bored right now and writing about a series I’ve already um… written about (albeit a different language version.)

ZOMG! It’s Buguese/Corona. ^_- If Hunter/Aqune ever became canon (and don’t worry, I don’t expect it to happen), I’d totally ship this.

Everyone has ganged up on Buguese and Aqune. Therefore, they are mean.

Well anyway, that was a bit different from the dubbed version, and Hunter/Corona fans should be pleased by it, because there was less Hunter/Aqune in it. The part where Hunter and Aqune were making promises to eachother wasn’t there.

Also, Aqune was less reluctant to return to the Insectors than in the English version. Buguese asked for not only the keys in exhange for Corona, but Aqune too. (Is that really a fair trade?) Aqune actually asks Hunter for the keys and goes to him (thus recieving her ever-scary 2nd mask.)

Oh, and new footage of Loraine.

And here’s some Hunter/Corona, for all the people I’ve scared. And TL-chan does not care that she linked to this Buguese/Aqune shot in her original post, as it didn’t become any less cute (and now there’s no Teletoon logo :P)

I’m not touching next week’s episode with a 10,000-foot-pole. Thank you and have a nice day.

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tl-chan whats all this? is this a japanese episode tl-chan?

Comment by Michele 06.06.07 @ 8:48 am

@Michele- Yes. I’ve been writing about the Japanese episodes from time to time out of boredom. It’s just the 2nd half (27-52) in Japanese. I’ve only bought up a few episodes so far (27, 28, 31, 33, 34.)

Comment by TL-chan 06.06.07 @ 1:22 pm

tl-chan, in the fanfic i think slate should have a part too. oh in spider rider have episodes 45, 46 and 47 aired in japan yet?

Comment by Michele 06.06.07 @ 10:52 pm

@Michele- Nope. 35 is next. My least favorite episode of course, so I won’t even bother to watch it. I only watched parts of it the first time as it is.

Comment by TL-chan 06.07.07 @ 5:13 am

no way! buguese got corona?!… that is so wrong… eew! poor corona! first grasshop and now this… eew!
anyway, i was playing my little sister’s file of the spider riders (she has few cards, so i was helping) and i was in the mountains, the part that leads to the top ledge and (i may be going overboard with this) but i found beerain and i beat her and won a card (like you do sometimes when winning) and the card was… the green oracle key! i was like “no way!” thing is my game file doesn’t have it, i haven’t told my little sister about it yet because she was asleep when i got it. she gets all the god cards before i do… but i have cards she doesn’t have. she’s extra lucky ’cause green is her favorite color. maybe i’ll find a blue oracle key for me… has anyone else gotten an oracle key card? oh, what does the green oracle key do? i haven’t actually used it (and probabbly never will until i get my own) but what it does (according to the card) it lets you combine two defensive equipment cards (if i remember correctly) if i get another key, i’ll tell you, there are lot more things in the game now: new cards, new areas, a major expansion of the mountains (it kinda looks like a temple in there or something, but you can only get to that part by going through the forest just past the area with the house.)
ps: i love playing the invasion mini-game. you get to be corona! sweet…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.07.07 @ 2:00 pm

did i say “god cards”?! i mean good cards…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.07.07 @ 2:02 pm

@Princess Sparkle and Corona- Actually, Buguese was using Corona as a hostage. I just like making up silly pairings. This was an earlier episode. If you haven’t seen yet, all 52 are on You Tube in English now.

I never made it that far in the game (this is the 2nd one, right?) The mini game sounds cool though.

Comment by TL-chan 06.07.07 @ 3:10 pm

i’m soooooooooooooo bored:(

Comment by Michele 06.07.07 @ 7:40 pm

@Tl-chan- yes, the invasion mini-game is really cool, especially if you’re a corona fan like me. you get to use her bow and arrow and shoot the invectids that are jumping all over the place. there are other mini-games, too. the whole game is pretty much the same (you still have your same name and everything) only it had a major upgrade. you get to do a lot more things now, and more characters have been added like beerain and i think i saw stags, i was about to fight him, but my computer lost the connection right at that moment (aww, man!) i’m actually playing right now, so, see ya!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.07.07 @ 7:58 pm

oh man! i just found stags! let’s see… oh, he’s got high stats! and, oh no… he’s got cards too! strong cards… aargh…!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.07.07 @ 8:44 pm

[after various, various attempts]
i did it! i did it you guys! i beat stags! phew! man that was hard! he had really good cards, some which i haven’t seen until now. phew!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.07.07 @ 9:53 pm

congrats!!!!! princess sparkle & corona:) tl-chan are the plots from episodes in spider riders in the japanese verison different than in the english verison?

Comment by Michele 06.07.07 @ 10:20 pm

@Michele- Sometimes. Generally, they’re the same, but there have been occasional changes. Any questionale content was removed from the english version (including Lumen’s implied crush on Sparkle, close-up shots of the corpse of Loraine, a close-up of Corona and Aqune in their swimsuts, and Scarab holding a sword up to Sparkle.)

There are also lots of dialogue changes, though most don’t have an effect on the plot. The biggest exception to this rule was in episode 23. The dub changed Buguese’s explanation about what the Oracle did to the Insectors so much that it actualy created a plothole when the truth came out. Originally, Buguese said that the oracle took the sun away because she favored the humans, and this was the cause of the death of all the plant life. Then he went off on this (hysterical) tangest of “Why? Why? Why?”

There were even a few notable differences in this episode, which I mentioned in the post.

Comment by TL-chan 06.08.07 @ 5:40 am

*gasp* that’s it!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 06.09.07 @ 12:13 pm

i just thought of an idea for a fan art:
sparkle laughing while riding piggy-back on lumen’s back (and lumen is smiling at her)…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.10.07 @ 11:04 pm

@Michele- Your story is finished. I just need to type the rest of it up.

To add to the list of alterations between versions, there’s some name changes of characters. Also, the background music is different, the text on the eyecatch is in Japanese (for the first 26 episodes) and the opening and ending themes are different.

Certain dialogue changes actually do affect the plot of individual episodes. They just aren’t that significant to the overall plot. For example, episode 13 was almost entirely rescripted in the English version. I think it got the same point across either way, but it sounded more dumbed down in the English version. *shrugs*

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- That would be cute, though I don’t think I could draw either of them well enough to do that. Lumen/Sparkle is a pretty popular ship, so there’s plenty of Japanese fanart of them.

Comment by TL-chan 06.11.07 @ 7:18 am

you guys i thought of a way for us to keep talking about spider riders:) tl-chan do you mean that the fanfic is done? …..yahoooooo!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 06.11.07 @ 9:00 am

do you know any links to spiderriders fanart, TL-chan? especially to ones that have corona and sparkle (for odvious reasons)…?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.11.07 @ 10:54 pm

@Michele- How? And yes, it’s done, just not typed much.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Read the comments to this post:
It contains recs for a few sites.

Comment by TL-chan 06.12.07 @ 5:29 am

oh, thanks TL-chan!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.12.07 @ 5:03 pm

okay here’s my idea, tl-chan put up japanese version episodes put up summery and some caps and we can discuss the conclusion of the japanese series, what do you think? oh and when do think the fanfic will be ready?

Comment by Michele 06.12.07 @ 7:29 pm

uhhhhh helloooooo? anybody there?

Comment by Michele 06.13.07 @ 6:44 pm

@Michele- I’m here. And here’s your fic:

I’ll do posts for some of the Japanese episodes, but only if I have something worth saying. Some of them have hardly any differences at all. We can still talk though, regardless.

Comment by TL-chan 06.13.07 @ 8:03 pm

speaking of fan fic, i made my own fan art! well, more like a drawing of corona, really. but… it’s actually pretty good, i think. to bad i can’t show you (it’s on paper…)
what i wanted to do was, well… for those who have played mortal kombat armagedon, you know how the background screen shows half a person’s face in the front and their rival standing in the back, right? i wanted to do something like for corona and aqune. i know they’re not really enemies or anything like that, but i thought it would be fun to try and draw corona for once. i like how corona turned out (as the half face on the front). her eyes are a bit diffrent in the drawing, though (less cartoony i guess you can say, and more realistic), and in the drawing, she looks a little serious. it’s like she staring straight at you, knowing what’s behind her (which i like ’cause it has the same effect the pictures of mortal kombat do). i already finished the corona half (all colored and everything), now i just need to draw aqune… which i don’t know how i’ll do that. i just got lucky corona turned out how i wanted, with the wing (half, remember?) the facial expression and the spider rider outfit and everything. i’ll see what i can do about aqune. i’ll try to put her in a sweet stance or pose or something. afterwards, … maybe i’ll draw sparkle.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.13.07 @ 8:55 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- If you can get a scanner, you should show us.

Actually, I like the idea of drawing Aqune vs. Corona pics for some reason.
I did this one, in which Aqune wins:

And this one, in which Corona is going to win in a minute, because Buguese will ensure that(and yes, I’m aware I drew him much too big):

Comment by TL-chan 06.14.07 @ 7:20 am

TL, did you have any other fanfics other than the Hunter-freeing one and the transport-gets-pulled-down ones that you posted on here?

Comment by Pherret 06.14.07 @ 5:28 pm

tl-chan promise me you will put up japanense episodes of: 45, 46 and 47please:) hey i’ve noticed that vicky hasn’t been here in a while.

Comment by Michele 06.14.07 @ 5:50 pm

i like the fanart you’ve made, TL-chan. it’s funny. you know, i still haven’t drawn aqune yet. i do have a scanner, but it won’t scan (even though that’s what they’re for!)
but corona looks quite difrrent in my drawing than yours, Tl-chan. it looks a little more realistic i think. aqune… i’ll have to put some thought into it. hopefully the scanner will work (but i doubt it) i can e-mail it to you when it’s done. …but little sister wrote on it. she wrote “corona vs. mileena” (there’s something wrong with that girl)… luckily, i had whiite-out, and she didn’t write on corona, just on the blank top of the paper, so it’s still ok. phew!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.14.07 @ 8:38 pm

@Pherret- Nope, but I’m not adverse to doing more, ultimately depending on how plausible a request I get.

@Michele- I’ll try. I wonder what else can be said about 47 though, because not much happened. Well, I am still curious about… something cracky.

@Princess Sparkle and Corona- Thanks. I tend to use a cartoony style, but a realistic style often looks pretty nice.
That was kinda mean of your sister. Good thing you had white-out.

Comment by TL-chan 06.15.07 @ 2:15 pm


Comment by Michele 06.15.07 @ 3:44 pm

i drew sparkle, a true fanart picture. it’s in black and white. oh yeah, she’s winking. i thought of many other pix i could draw:
-sparkle lying in bed wide awake and lumen’s reading her a bedtime story (aww…)
-something with aqune and buguese (how am i gonna draw buguese?!)
-come christmas time: corona and sparkle exchanging gifts (the gift boxes look alike, so they’re laughing) and in the background yelling “kyu kyu” trying to open a present by the christmas tree (i’ll have to get really good at drawing them)

… i can think up a lot of things…

i think if i keep drawing them i’ll get really good. aqune is still a no show, but i’ll definitely draw her tomorrow. hope she turns out really well.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.15.07 @ 11:47 pm

hi you guys! playing the spider riders game, i got another oracle key from beerain. it’s the red oracle key and it let’s you combine two weapons. i still don’t know how you use the keys though. i’ve activted them, but nothing happes…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.18.07 @ 12:14 am

you’re lucky, lately i’ve been unable to play as in the window it’s on stays black . be right back i’m going to try it again.

Comment by Michele 06.18.07 @ 8:54 am

the message came out twice?! … anyway, the black screen has also happened to me. good luck, Michele, those oracle keys are rare…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.18.07 @ 10:12 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Fixed the double post.

Comment by TL-chan 06.19.07 @ 7:30 am

thanks TL-chan!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 12:59 am

oh, i didn’t think important things were going in on in chat room! I like checking out the final episode one, because Tedd Anasti is there. Looks like he ships H/C too. Check it out. TL chan those pics are CUTE

Comment by Vicky 06.24.07 @ 10:53 am

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