Proof that I don’t update nearly enough anymore is the fact that I no longer feel guilty about combining entries.

Sola 11
Sola this week was amazing as usual. Each week it throws in something to surprise me. This time, Yorito, Matsuri and Aono are erased from existance. I feel terible for Koyori and especially for Mana. I could tell there would be tragedy for her when she was talking to her firend who had forgotten that Yorito even existed. The scene in which she told Yorito how she’d never forget him was touching. Then he disappeared and she was left to cry, but didn’t even know what she was crying about and why her tears wouldn’t stop. Now Sola is both shocking and heart wrenching. I probably give this sereis too much praise for what it is, but it’s been a while since I’ve been so excited by a series (Spider Riders excluded, because that was a long running series and I had time to become obsessed.) Anyway, my favorite part was still when Mayuko got Takeshi to hold her hand, then told him he sucked. She’s such a sweet girl. ^_-

Spider Riders ~Yomigaeru Taiyou~ 10 (36)
I actually had to go check my impressions on the English version to see which screenshots I initially used, so I didn’t repeat by accident. ^_^; I wanted to find at least one in which Igneous looked totally ridiculous, as the main point of this episode is to have him make a total fool of himself. Well, not really. It’s actually about the arrival in Nuuma, but that’s got to be the funniest part. I wonder if he’ll still recite poetry about Illuma, but we won’t get to see that for a few more weeks. In any case, his love won’t rhyme with Nuuma anymore, due to this week’s alterations. Most minor characters have gone through name changes for the dub, and apparently Solan and Illuma were minor enough. Originally, they were called Toure and Elma. Well, whatever their names are, I still ship them, solely for the point that their romance makes Igneous look even more ridiculous. No offense to him…
Actually though, they were pretty cute together.

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awesome caps tl-chan. hmmm… still no vicky:(

Comment by Michele 06.19.07 @ 5:01 pm

hi guys. i just drew another picture of corona. it’s really a shame i can’t show you. but i think it’s great. it’s way better than the first one i told you about. this one looks a lot more like the real thing. i’ll keep drawing sparkle and corona from now on. I keep getting better, i feel. if i keep this up, … i’ll think i’ll redo my first drawing and draw corona better.

the second drawing looks awesome to me. I’m impressed with myself right now. it’s corona wearing her usual outfit, only sprouting her wings. it almost looks like the real thing!

i’m going to sleep (it’s late where i live right now). i’ll have to get up early to study for the last half of my physics final or it’s ixnay on graduation day. okay, that was bad… good night!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 1:15 am

@Michele- Vicky’s around, in the episode 52 thread.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Cool. Good luck with your final.

Comment by TL-chan 06.21.07 @ 7:18 am

the final for physics has been delayed until tomorrow. so that’s a good thing. has anyone passed the new event in the spider riders game? i’m stuck…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 7:12 pm

i get it now. to help sparkle, you have to walk around the diffrent areas and find shiny colorful stones on the ground. so far, i found they come in pink, yellow and blue.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 7:35 pm

i just found a green stone, so the stone also comes in green.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 7:37 pm

green?! that’s my favourite colour. oh and i just got home from my grade 8 grad, it was awsome! i got an award the ‘hardest worker award’ it was the first award i ever got:)

Comment by Michele 06.21.07 @ 10:10 pm

congratulations Michele!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.21.07 @ 10:55 pm

thanks, princess sparkle & corona

Comment by Michele 06.22.07 @ 4:49 pm

hey, where’s tl-chan?

Comment by Michele 06.23.07 @ 10:00 pm

@Michele- I’m alive. Although, I don’t feel like it right now due to a splitting headache. I’m likely allergic to Sundays, because I constantly get sick on them.

Conratulations, by the way.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I haven’t really played the 2nd game and still haven’t beaten the first. It does sound like it’s more interesting.

Comment by TL-chan 06.24.07 @ 4:43 pm

yahoooooo tomorrow is the last day of school yipeeeeeee!!! but i guess i should be sad since it’s going to be my last year at athabasca because i’m going to high school next year… I’M SCARED!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 06.26.07 @ 8:57 am

@Michele- I actually prefer high school over Jr. high. There’s more work sometimes, but the students seem to be a lot more mature, so it’s less miserable. I’ve been on vacation for a while now (except for the fact that I’m taking drivers ed, which is a lot like school.)

Comment by TL-chan 06.26.07 @ 12:00 pm

hey have you heard about that new anime show MAR i’ve only seen a couple episodes but i think it’s pretty good:-)

Comment by Michele 06.26.07 @ 4:57 pm

@Michele- I watched an episode once out of boredom. It was okay. Don’t think it’s really that new, either, since it’s been out in Japan and the US for quite a while. Perhaps it just hasn’t aired in Canada until recently.

Comment by TL-chan 06.28.07 @ 12:30 pm

well it’s new in canada. *sigh* i am so bored:(

Comment by Michele 06.28.07 @ 3:07 pm

the spider riders site said something about new episodes. is that true?! and i just got my high school diploma today. funny how it looks a lot like me middle school one. it’s almost an exact copy!

p.s. i can’t believe that show “johnny test” is getting it’s own site…

oh, and hunter’s guild won the last event. yay!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 06.29.07 @ 8:41 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- It’s not true. They just never update that site.

Comment by TL-chan 06.30.07 @ 3:39 pm

wha?! princess sparkle & corona are you done high school?!

Comment by Michele 07.01.07 @ 11:10 am

@Michele-yep! all done with high school.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.01.07 @ 12:02 pm

you’re lucky i start next fall and very nervous hey what country are you in?

Comment by Michele 07.01.07 @ 1:09 pm

@Michele- in the U.S. California to be precise. try not to get to nervous. i’m sure you’ll see a few of your friends there (if you’re lucky). if you don’t know where anything is, you can ask someone,or look around. you’ll get use to it all after a while. i know i did!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.02.07 @ 12:08 am

i think everyone in my class exept 1 person is going to sheldon williams:)

Comment by Michele 07.02.07 @ 3:29 pm

i’m at my granpa’s house right now PLAYING the spider riders game on his computer!!! :)

Comment by Michele 07.03.07 @ 10:53 am

well i’m back at my house now. hey guys because there was an online game my dad asked me if there is a spider riders game for play station 2 or game boy advance sp

Comment by Michele 07.03.07 @ 1:31 pm

oh i forgot to put this down, is there a game of spider riders game like that somewhere?

Comment by Michele 07.03.07 @ 4:03 pm

@Michele- No. The only other Spider Riders game that I know of is a Japanese cell phone game.

Pics here:
Just click on: ニユス (news)

Comment by TL-chan 07.03.07 @ 4:19 pm

uh tl-chan that site is all japanense! i don’t know any japanense!! *a little anime sweatdrop apeers on my head*. :(

Comment by Michele 07.03.07 @ 4:42 pm

do you know japanese tl-chan? if you do, can you please teach us some of the basics, you know, stuff that would come up in a normal conversation. i’m sure we’d all appreciate it.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.03.07 @ 11:17 pm

hey, tl-chan you remember when you and vicky were saying that was stupid? well at least you can go to the website i can’t because we have to download a flash player:(

Comment by Michele 07.04.07 @ 10:24 am

*sad sigh*

Comment by Michele 07.04.07 @ 4:28 pm

“Spider Riders”

“Reign of the Soul Eater”


Peace had come to the Inner World for the first time in a thousand years. The Insector armies of Mantid had been defeated. Aqune, the banished Spider Rider, and ally of Mantid, saw her army of robot spiders destroyed. Mantid and Aqune were in hiding. The Spider Riders hunted diligently for the two enemy leaders vanquished at the Battle of Mantid’s Fortress, but no trace was found. The Spider Riders became indolent. In Arachna City, high atop their fortified plateau, the Turandot flourished, and their Spider Rider protectors were at ease. War was no longer a daily deed.
Deep beneath Arachna Palace, in the Sacred Sepulcher, the Shards of the Oracle had been reunited. The Oracle, again whole, embraced her children with good fortune.
Hunter Steele, the Earthen, the only Spider Rider born in the Outer World, sat on the fern covered banks of a wide river that wandered through this primeval place at the center of the earth. The mighty river joined all the mammoth lakes, each producing towering gravity-defying waterfalls that shot upwards in great white plumes and were sucked into wide cracks in the bedrock ceiling.
Shadow, Hunter’s three-ton battle spider, rested uncharacteristically on his belly, lounging beside his rider in the thick field of ferns. Shadow was usually more alert, up on his toes, as it were, standing tall in the spider ready-for-anything posture, infrared eyes searching.
But Shadow was without armor, and Hunter wore the Spider Riders’ loose-fitting, casual attire known as pedestrian mode. Both were living life leisurely.
“This is so cool,” Hunter sighed, lying back in the ferns, hands behind his head, watching the river flow.
“You are not fooling me,” Shadow said telepathically. “You miss combat, as do I. The need to prove our worth. This inexorable thirst for battle is what makes us warriors. Could you scratch my belly?”
“Sure,” Hunter laughed, and then watched in awe, still, as the colossal spider moved his multi-jointed, ingeniously cantilevered legs so that he turned his three ton, ten foot tall bulk over with ease to lie down in the ferns on his back. Hunter climbed up onto Shadow’s upturned belly, the spider’s eight gigantic legs splayed out under the harsh and constant Inner World sun — a sun that was the earth’s core.
“Yeah, I miss it,” Hunter shrugged as he got down on all fours and scratched at the huge spider’s belly with both hands. “But with patrols cut way back, and most of the Insectors cocooned, there’s time for — other things.”
“What are these other things of which you speak?” the spider asked, the essence of Shadow’s confusion evident to Hunter even more so than if the spider had actually spoken.
“That’s just it,” Hunter said. “You never know.”
“Is it food? Or perhaps a friendly joust that comes up unexpectedly?” Shadow telepathically wondered.
“No, it’s time to sit by the river and think of home, time to wonder about the future, time to get a good belly scratch!” Hunter explained, scratching even harder.
“A little to the left. No, your left! I have four lefts, remember?” the spider joked in mind talk, then he went on more seriously. “You think often of this home. These parents that daily haunt your mind. You have learned to shield most of these private thoughts from me, but I know they are there.”
“Don’t you ever…?” Hunter began, then he cut short the thought too late.
“…think of home?” Shadow said, finishing Hunter’s thought for him. “That would be a web long tattered by time. Parents? A father I never knew, and…” It was Shadow’s turn to stop transmitting in mid-thought.
“…and a mother that would eat her young if they didn’t leave the web the day they were hatched,” Hunter said aloud. “I know. Well, humans are different. We have…”
“Yes, emotions,” Shadow sighed. “I believe I sense one such emotion’s approach even as we speak.”
Hunter stood up on Shadow’s upturned belly and watched the approach of Corona on her spider, Venus. Both were in pedestrian mode and ambling across the fern-filled expanse between the edge of the jungle and the great river.
Shadow sensed in the boy a need to appear masculine before the female. This was a human flaw, yet familiar to a spider, though in spiders, masculine display was far more of an instinct. The big impish spider used Hunter’s moment of mindlessness at seeing the girl as his opportunity to flip himself adroitly back up onto his eight feet, causing Hunter to tumble sideways into the thick ferns and vanish with a “Yelp!” A moment, then Hunter popped up in the waist high ferns, acting like nothing at all ungainly had happened.
“Forgive us,” Corona smiled, as Venus and Shadow shared personal spider thoughts shielded from the humans. It wouldn’t have mattered, really, for the two humans’ minds were so occupied with thoughts of each other, they were not the least bit interested in listening in on spider talk. “Venus and I were just looking to have a swim,” the beautiful girl explained to the handsome boy.
“Oh, you don’t want to swim in the river,” Hunter said, “It’s muddy. Current’s too fast. More fun to swim in one of the lakes. You know, where the water’s calm. Crystal clear.”
“Is there one you prefer?” the girl asked.
“Well, Lake Arachna’s too busy. Fishermen, traders. Shadow and I like to go to Distant Lake,” the boy replied.
“Really? We’ve never swum there,” Corona smiled. “Will you show us?”
Hunter suddenly realized she was reading his mind, which she really wasn’t, for the humans could only read each other’s thoughts through their spiders, and only when the spiders wanted them to.
“Uh, sure! Love you — uh, love to!” the boy sputtered, climbing up Shadow’s offered mandibles and onto his back.
The spiders had learned long ago to avoid confusion by shielding personal thoughts between humans and, more importantly, shielding these human emotions from themselves.
Both spiders read their riders’ wishes and sped off through the ferns, leaping forward at incredible speed. All the while the spiders maintained flawlessly the private conversation they were having with each other.
The spiders reached the edge of the jungle in ten quick strides. Side-by-side, and in unison, they leaped up onto the top of the jungle canopy. Distributing their massive weight deftly on the tips of their eight great legs, the battle spiders raced across the canopy. They ran faster than even the fastest flying creatures of the Inner World could go. There were many flying creatures in the Inner World, most of them steadfast enemies of the Spider Riders.
Most inept of the winged Insectors was Dungobeet. He fluttered awkwardly over a dark and distant part of the jungle, wary at all times of any hungry meat eater or ruthless robber who might waylay his erratic flight. Finally, he saw the clearing at the base of the smoldering volcano that thrust up out of the endless green jungle like a fire-breathing sentinel. The little dung beetle circled awkwardly and landed with a stumble in the clearing.
Then it was a long march on foot through dense jungle until he came to the entrance hidden behind a huge slab of rock carved into the horrible face of Mantid. Dungobeet, after a resigned sigh, fluttered up in the air twenty feet and pressed the nose of the carving, triggering weights and pulleys that caused the slab to rumble up. Dungobeet hurried in, well aware that the slab of stone was going to slam back down instantly. It did. Dungobeet crossed a huge cavern filled with stalactites that looked like limestone teeth poised to bite him. Then, he hustled down a long dark tunnel in the opposite wall that led to Mantid’s den.
Mighty Mantid, once supreme leader of the Insectors, had abandoned his great fortress in the west after his defeat by the Spider Riders. From this secret jungle base, Mantid managed a network of spies and allies — allies determined to rise again. Dungobeet was Mantid’s messenger. Dungobeet worried that he would once more be called upon to meet face to fang with one deadly horde of Insectors or another. The little dung beetle just hoped it wouldn’t be the Centipedians — that vile collection of naturally armored warriors whose favorite food was beetle!
It was even more unnerving to have to await his master’s whim in a spooky ante-room just as he had to do when Mantid’s rule was absolute, and he had a fortress. Then, Dungobeet was never allowed into Mantid’s inner circle, those pompous ringleaders, the Big Four. Now, Stags was dead, Buguese, Beerain and Grasshop cocooned. Now Dungobeet found himself working for an exiled mad man who might, at any moment, decide he preferred Dungobeet as a meal, rather than a messenger!
Torches filled every corner of the dank ante-room with flickering shadows. Then, a group of the shadows coalesced producing the ominous silhouette of the mighty Mantid. He stepped into the light, his blazing red eye-pods and nervously twisting claws testament to his insanity.
“I want you to take a message to the Centipedians,” Mantid ordered, a tired lilting quality to his voice.
Dungobeet was too afraid to reveal the sinking of his heart at the thought of Centipedians, so he put a false smile upon it. “At your command, Lord Mantid.”
“The Centipedians are expert diggers. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. They are to begin a tunnel wide enough for an entire army to pass through. This tunnel is to go from the Centipedian Lair, under the desert, and up through the center of the Spider Riders’ plateau! We’ll come out right in their midst! Within their defense walls! Surprise them! Annihilate them!” It was obvious Mantid had become even more deranged than he was before his defeat.
“But your magnificence, won’t a project of that magnitude take — well, forever?” Dungobeet weakly grinned.
“You’ll do it quickly!” Mantid bellowed, “for my secret army is ready to strike!”
“Secret army?” Dungobeet blurted out. “What secret army?!” then he could have bit his tongue, if he had one.
“Seee-cret!” Mantid replied in the sing-song voice of the imbalanced.
Dungobeet just grinned sheepishly, as he always did, bowed as he always bowed, and backed as quickly as he could out of the room.

Comment by Hunter Steele 07.06.07 @ 10:51 am

that was sooooo cool!! i feel sorry for dungobeet;)

Comment by Michele 07.06.07 @ 4:00 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I’m afraid even that would be too complex and time consuming, but if you’d like to know how to say anything in particular, I’ll see if I can help.

@Michele- The flash player is used for a lot of things. It probably wouldn’t hurt your computer if you downloaded it (unless you’re really low on harddrive space or something.)

@Hunter Steele- Interesting. Poor Buguese. :(

Comment by TL-chan 07.08.07 @ 7:36 am

Uh…Hunter Steele, isn’t “Reign of the Soul Eater” the name of the third book?

Comment by Vicky 07.10.07 @ 2:17 pm

Hey, who cares, love the H/C!!! keep it goin’ fellow fan, keep it goin’!

Comment by Vicky 07.10.07 @ 2:20 pm

Yes, it is “Soul Eater” my original unedited first draft (Chapter One above). Thought you H/C fans might enjoy it because it has a lot more H/C moments than the published version. Can’t get enough? Here’s Chapter Two:


Calling All Spider Riders

The twin falls in the distance across the placid lake threw up such a mist, one couldn’t see the ceiling cracks into which they flowed. Hunter and Corona splashed each other like the kids they really were beneath the warrior. They laughed, and swam, watched over by the two colossal spiders sunning themselves on the shore. “I’m not much for swimming,” Shadow said in spider talk to Venus.
“Spiders are uncomfortable in water, but we manage,” she responded.
“Don’t get me wrong. I’m a great swimmer, when I need to be,” Shadow assured.
“I was with you at the Battle of Quagmiro,” she reminded him.
Quagmiro, Shadow thought, shielding his ruminations for just himself. It was the mission where the Spider Riders swam across the ocean to defeat the Fungus Brain, and Shadow overcame his fear of water.
“You swam, as the humans are want to say, like a fish,” Venus telepathically offered.
She noticed, Shadow thought! Then he felt embarrassed. It was a new sensation to any spider. This was a feeling he’d witnessed in Hunter many times. How did this bottomless empty feeling transfer itself into him?! He was spending entirely too much time with the boy!
In the most distant reaches of the Centipedian’s vast underground Lair, the excavation was well underway. Dungobeet had found that the Centipedians were more than willing to dig a tunnel under the desert and up into the plateau city. Revenge fired their resolve as they worked.
“The tunnel must be deep enough under the sand to keep it from collapsing,” Dungobeet ordered, trying not to notice that the captain of a full Centipedian warrior cohort, sent to guard the dig, was eyeing him hungrily.
“We use our unique saliva to cement the walls,” the captain grinned. “It solidifies like rock. We also use it to immobilize our prey,” he added, but on the word ‘prey’ he spit a great glop of saliva that landed with a splat on poor little Dungobeet, covering him from antenna to foot.
Dungobeet was thankful for the distraction when a startled shout from within the tunnel drew everyone’s attention. Dungobeet and the captain scurried into the wide mouth of the tunnel and after a short distance came to its end. There, between two panting Centipedian diggers with dirty claws and dripping maws, was an opening, a break in the wall into a buried underground chamber.
A pulsating multi-colored glow emanated from within, emitting a low, almost imperceptible, hum. Dungobeet swallowed hard and he and the captain entered. The hidden underground chamber was vast, a huge dome under the earth that housed — nothing. The glow came from five huge gems of different colors that pulsated down from half way up the curvature of the chamber’s dome. The Centipedians had broken through the wall just above the smooth flat dirt floor.
“What sort of place is this?” the Centipedian captain gasped as the multi-colored glow enveloped them, made them dizzy. Some dark power of which they were not aware reached out to manipulate them, to force the two intruders to help. Somehow, Dungobeet knew instantly what to do.
“Do nothing!” he ordered the Centipedian captain. “Post your most trusted warriors at the entrance to the tunnel. Let no one in until Mantid decides what should be done.”
“Tell your glorious Mantid that if there are riches to be had here, we Centipedians will share in them, or keep them for ourselves!” the captain threatened.
“Do you know what happens if you betray the mighty Mantid? I mean, they call him mighty! Make him angry and you’ll find no end to his wrath!” Dungobeet shouted.
“Just the same, tell Mantid we want our share!” the Centipedian captain called out defiantly as Dungobeet hurried off, wondering how he got away with being so bold.
The instant the Centipedians broke into the buried chamber, the Oracle awakened with a start. She had been in deep meditation, there in her dark and comforting Sacred Sepulcher. Still, when it awakened, she awakened. She sensed it. Already it reached out for her. An ancient evil about to again be unleashed upon the Inner World!
The Oracle forced her great mental powers to replace fear with calm. She sent out her telepathic call to every Spider Rider still manacled to the service, a message that traveled at light speed: “Calling all Spider Riders!”

Comment by Hunter Steele 07.11.07 @ 2:25 pm

one word: awesome!!!!

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 3:33 pm

*sigh* i kind of wish i had a spider riders book. it sounds really good.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.11.07 @ 10:25 pm

it is good!!!! See, i have all of them. Don’t they sell it in the US?? I got all three really easily. Hm…wait. Yes, i think in the 45-52ish posts i put a part in Chapter Two with all the H/C in it. But why didn’t you put the H/C in your Chapter 2 Hunter Steele? There’s a bunch when they are splashing and all.

Comment by Vicky 07.16.07 @ 3:33 pm

im from canada and i dont know if the voice actors for the characters you watch are then same as i watch but for canada my uncle does mantis’s voice

Comment by person 07.17.07 @ 8:45 pm

@Person- That’s pretty cool. As far as I know, the only dubs are the English and French ones, so if it’s in English, then it’s the same one I watch. I’m more partial to the Japanese version, but I’ll watch both.

Comment by TL-chan 07.18.07 @ 10:52 am

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