I’m back, and I had quite a lot of fun, especially when I was dressed up as Aqune from Spider Riders on Friday. I didn’t stay for the 3rd day, but oh well. The only thing negative I can say at the moment is that I had a strange case of the shakes. Occasionally, I would just start going into a shaking frenzy for no good reason. I hope I’m not getting sick, although that would never surprise me.

Things I watched
Kodocha 01-03- Too funny. It seemed like it had the potential to take a serious tone after seeing the end of the 3rd episode, which pleases me too. I’d like to continue with this one some time.
Suzuka 01- Saw the first episode a long time ago, though I don’t remember it much. Looks enjoyable enough.
Hitohira 01- Very different. It looks rather intriguing and I might pick up the next few subs to see where it goes.
El Cazador 01- I’m watching this now. Yes, of course I liked it. LA is <3!
Busou Renkin 01- Meh.


Fate/Stay Night Rin and Saber plushies

Fate/Stay Night cellphone strap set
Includes Saber, Rin, Illya, Sakura and Rider

Zoids Girls gashapon set
Includes Sweet, Fiine(Fiona), Re Mii, Kotona, Rinon(Leena) and Serika. I honestly don’t even know who Serika is, but I’ve been dying for this set for a while. Sweet is the best. ^^

Shuffle trading figure
I got Kaede. Yay, psychos!

Girls Bravo trading figure
I got Lisa.

Mai Otome Erstin trading figure
Bought her on her own, so no mystery involved.

Black Cat Train Keychain
I love Train much. Adorable!

Black Cat vol. 5
Leon kawaii yo!

Utawarerumono Aruruu PVC
Isn’t she looking as adorable as ever?

To Heart 2 Yuma PVC
Yep, I’m still collecting anything and everything To Heart.

Rozen Maiden Suigintou keychain
It’s the great psycho junk doll herself.

This magazine… which I’ve never heard of before but wanted it for all the free posters. Not that I have any space left on my walls. It also came with a free Konata pencil board.

6 cases of Diet Vanilla Pepsi
XD. Not anime, of course. Just unobtainable in NY.

And this I didn’t get at AN, but it came in the mail today, so I felt like picturing it too. Might do a full review in the future.
Spider Riders OP/ED single 2
Featuring the songs Brave Heart and Towards a Dream.

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so, what’s this one tl-chan? and is that last cap a spider riders soundtrack?

Comment by Michele 07.07.07 @ 9:00 pm

I was at this con as well. Did you go to the Anime and Manga in New York panel? They talked a little bit about blogs there, at the end.

Comment by DS 07.07.07 @ 9:41 pm

uh? who are you?

Comment by Michele 07.07.07 @ 11:24 pm

YOu shoulda stayed to chat with me a bit longer XD It was hard to hear so when you told me your name it took me a few minutes to process and by then you were poof!

Comment by Hinano 07.07.07 @ 11:32 pm

@Michele- It’s the quality merchandise junk I bought at an anime convention. Yep, it’s kinda like a soundtrack. That’s a single CD, which contains the 2nd OP and 3rd ED.

@DS- I popped in there briefly, but then I decided to go out and read my magazine for a while instead.

@Hinano- I should have. I was being rushed, because people were holding my spot for the line in the dealers room. It was cool seeing you there. ^^

Comment by TL-chan 07.08.07 @ 7:26 am

You got some cool stuff and a Konata pencil board(I wish I had something to do with lucky Star;_;)
I’ve seen Six ep of Hitohira and it rather good….did they show Hayate the Combat Butler where you went? Because the one I just went to did and even though I saw all the ep that were released I found myself watching it over again, because it’s such a great show.
I’m glad you had fun and I hope your not sick.

Comment by presidentpwn3r 07.08.07 @ 12:09 pm

@presidentpwn3r- I think they showed the first episode of Hayate, but I didn’t see it. Basically, they tend to show mostly licensed anime, but there is a sampler of various fansubbed titles. It’s quite an amusing series, but I’m way behind in it.

I don’t feel sick yet, thankfully. I wonder if I was allergic to something in the convention center, because I mostly felt weird while in there.

Comment by TL-chan 07.08.07 @ 1:45 pm

I just noticed. Tsukasa Hiiragi and Akari Kamigishi are the same.

Comment by Mary 10.04.07 @ 6:14 pm

@Mary- Yes, they’re like twins, only with a different hair color.

Comment by TL-chan 10.04.07 @ 6:28 pm

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