Since my oldest SR thread is getting a bit lengthy, I think it’ time to start a fresh one, at least so I don’t end up with one with 100+ comments again. (Not that I don’t like comments. I love them, actually. I just fear for the loading time of various pages.)

So now we’ve reached the end of the 3rd quarter. You know the drill. Hunter fights Stags. Stags attempts suicide jumps from the castle and lives. Buguese an Aqune steal the Oracle Key. Nuuma castle starts to fall. Hunter and Corona save the castle. Unsurprisingly, it’s not very different from the dubbed version. There’s dialogue differences as usual, but none that vitally changed the plot. I’m pleased to say that there’s still subtle Buguese/Aqune subtext in 38. The biggest change (and this isn’t saying much) was made to the ending of 39. In the Japanese version, Stags went off on one of his psychotic moments, complete with overly drawn-out meniachal laughter. I remember he was acting pretty crazy in the dub, but the scene wasn’t nearly as ridiculous. I have a feeling that was edited because it was much too random. I don’t think I was meant to be laughing from amusement when the episode ended, since it was a rather serious episode.

Episode 12/38

Episode 13/39

Buguese looks so cute in the picture where he’s grabbing on to Portia. I was never under the impression that Buguese and Aqune could fly, so it’s amazing how they can suspend themselves in the air briefly.

I have taken notice that certain episodes just have an incredible amount of eye-candy. Even if the episodes aren’t that great, it’s hard to limit myself when screencapping. While on the subject of prettiness, here’s hoping for a new ED theme next week (especially if it has Buguese/Aqune looks cool.) It seems likely that there will be one, as each of the previous ones have lasted 13 episodes.

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You are so right on the Stagg’s laugh out. Too much for a serious episode. But eye-candy? Eye candy always strung together with a storyline. What’s wrong with eye candy? The Spider Riders all look like Tootsie Roll Pops, anyway! Keep bringing us those Japanese eps, TL. Even I don’t get to see their final cuts in Japan any other way. Thanks.

Comment by Hunter Steele 07.08.07 @ 11:11 am

@Hunter Steele- Nothing’s wrong with eye-candy, except that it makes it difficult to limit the number of screencaps I take. I don’t want to post the entire episode here.

I’ve only been writing so far about the ones I can actually think of something to say about. For some, I think I covered everything I wanted to say from my posts on the English version.

Comment by TL-chan 07.08.07 @ 11:52 am

cool! um…. if you don’t mind me asking, but…. what’s eye candy?

Comment by Michele 07.08.07 @ 2:29 pm

@Michele- Oh, it’s just a metaphor. In other words, it’s really appealing to the eyes, or pretty.

Comment by TL-chan 07.08.07 @ 2:41 pm

grrrrr i am so bored:(

Comment by Michele 07.09.07 @ 3:41 pm

@Michele- Hmm… so am I.

Comment by TL-chan 07.09.07 @ 6:32 pm

Count me into the bored club. I’M LOSING MY H/C POWERS!! HELP!

Comment by Vicky 07.10.07 @ 2:10 pm

Teletoon changed SR times! Instead of 4:00 for Mondays-Thursdays, that i can watch the instant i come home from school (look at me, already thinking of the end of the summer!), but now its 1:00!!!!! gr…this new show called “Iggy Arbuckle” (i know what you are thinking, and i agree) took the 4:00 spot!!!

Comment by Vicky 07.10.07 @ 2:13 pm

yaaaaaaaaay vicky’s here:) well here in regina it’s 2:00. as for your H/C powers… hmmmmm *gasp* i know! maybe our good friend tl-chan could write a fanfic about a H/C thing! what do say you 2?

Comment by Michele 07.10.07 @ 6:04 pm

oh ya tl-chan could you do faver please?

Comment by Michele 07.10.07 @ 6:08 pm

@Vicky- I’m sure they can be restored. Try watching episodes on youtube repetitively, or reading some of the fanfics out there.

@Michele- What kind of favor? I can’t say I can definitely do anything, but I might be able to.

Comment by TL-chan 07.10.07 @ 6:35 pm

Excuse me, TL. I thought you were BuguesexAqune who’s been putting all the latest Japanese eps on YouTube. You are so into the Buguese/Aqune ship, I just assumed it was you. Sorry.

Comment by Hunter Steele 07.10.07 @ 8:15 pm

well on spider riders episodes 46-51 are TBA and it’s starting to get annoying:( do you think you could put summaries in them? oh and maybe do reviews for episodes 45,46 and 47? i would exept for 2 things:

(1) i don’t know how put those down.

(2) and i think that only regestered people put stuff like that on, and i’m not registered mainly because my mom doesn’t really what me too:( so could you do that for me please tl-chan?

Comment by Michele 07.10.07 @ 10:04 pm

@Hunter Steele- Oh, I am. I thought you meant on my blog. On Youtube, I had to create a double account, because I was afraid it would get deleted for doing something kinda illegal, and I didn’t want my Soaker account to get deleted. I normally don’t tell people officially involved with a production if I’m going to distribute their work for free on youtube, because they’d probably get mad that it would reduce the amount of paying customers. Of course, there’s really no way to buy the Japanese episodes, unless you buy the R2 boxset, and that only holds 1-26. I plan to delete all episodes if there’s ever an uncut release in the US/Canada.

I haven’t updated all the episodes, technically. I know several of the earlier numbers are still missing (even counting the ones Big Daddy Garlic has up) and perhaps I left one out purposely. No names will be mentioned.

Comment by TL-chan 07.11.07 @ 5:53 am

@Michele- I had noticed that some episodes were still not summarized. I would consider writing some up. I don’t want to put the same summaries from here on it, because I kinda like having exclusive content, and I don’t want people to think I took mine from, as it’s a better known site. If you don’t mind shortened versions (as I can be rather wordy here) I’ll do at least some of them.

To submit a review, you have to register. To write a summary, you need to earn enough points to reach level 2 (which is conveniently the level I’m at exactly.)

Oh, and I should warn you that I can’t give 47 a positive review because I thought it was incredibly boring.

Comment by TL-chan 07.11.07 @ 5:59 am

thank you tl-chan

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 10:01 am

@Michele- I reviewed episodes 45 and 46.

Comment by TL-chan 07.11.07 @ 12:17 pm

Yes i think reading the books and watching my favorite H/C episodes (GO SEENA AND MEENA!!! YOU ROCK THE ORACLE SUN OUT OF THE SKY!) would boost me up. Actually, i’m fine with my powers for now. I just really need a NEW H/C episode for once. So, second season better come quick.

Comment by Vicky 07.11.07 @ 12:20 pm

For those of you who want another H/C moment or two, I’ve posted chapter one and (today) chapter two of the original “Soul Eater” novel on the old thread (Sola 11, Spider Riders 36). I didn’t want to fill this thread up with long postings. Many of the romantic moments were edited out. If you want to see more, let me know. This has never been published anywhere.

Comment by Hunter Steele 07.11.07 @ 2:35 pm

@Hunter Steele- That was interesting. I’ve been unnable to find the 3rd book anyway, so it’s cool to be able to read parts of it in its intended form.

Will the surviving members of the big four return (or at least Buguese, because I’d be happy if Beerain never returned again) either in this book or future books?

Comment by TL-chan 07.11.07 @ 3:22 pm

yeah that was good, are you going to write down all the chapters from the book hunter steele? oh, and thanks again tl-chan:)

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 4:49 pm

guys guess what i decided to try the spider riders game and……………………. IT WORKED!!! YAAAAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 5:02 pm

i’ve just beat corona!… uh i started a new game at my grandpa’s house.

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 6:55 pm

@Michele- … now i’m the one who’s getting the blank screen! … the game just doesn’t work on my computer anymore… it takes way too long (slow internet)to load. do you know what’s going on with the events?

i may not be able to play the game, but i can still get to the site. i’m upset with it now. i’ve been waiting for a corona calendar and it was corona last month in June, but it was blurry. May’s Sparkle calendar turned out a little blurry, but still clear. i believe the calendar for this month is hunter. unfortunantely, it’s also really blurry. they can’t even do that right… aargh!

oh, and, i won’t be here saturday. i’m going to seaworld san diego! it’s a two hour drive, but i’m sure it’ll be worth it. i can’t wait!

@tl-chan- is it just me, or are your screencaps getting better and better? … it’s great how they’re nice, bright and clear! keep it up!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.11.07 @ 10:20 pm

don’t worry i think it just takes a long time to load you would be suprised how slow my computer is, while i was playing the game some times the background music would kind of flicker and it gets very annoying after awhile

Comment by Michele 07.11.07 @ 10:52 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I think the raws are of a better video quality. The only problem I have is the stupid Main Concept logo that comes up on some of them. I know it’s there because it’s the codec I’m using to play them, but I wonder if I should try and get a better program to view them.

I wish they had an Aqune calender, but they seem to forget that she’s actually a character in the show.

@Michele- It’s good that you got it to work. Good luck with it.

Comment by TL-chan 07.12.07 @ 10:39 am

what are you two talking about? what calender?

Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 11:15 am

what’s this calendar thing you guys are talking about?

Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 11:21 am

@Michele- On the official site, there’s a calender that you can print out each month. They each have a different character on them(sometimes they have two.) They’ll never have Aqune though, since they don’t list her or Portia as characters on the site.

Comment by TL-chan 07.12.07 @ 12:31 pm

ohhhhh, okay.

Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 2:34 pm

uhhhhhh…… FINALLY!!!! i beat igneous:) he’ hard to beat.

Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 4:19 pm


Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 8:08 pm

*shrill screaming* to my last comment: never mind. i beat aqune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about so many comments tl-chan:(

Comment by Michele 07.12.07 @ 8:29 pm

you guys i need some help. it’s about the spider riders game. what is a guild and what’s arachna online? please help!

Comment by Michele 07.13.07 @ 5:25 pm

@Michele- i’ll tell you. a guild is sort of like a team you get to pick to be in. (i wish there was a corona guild, but it’s all guys)… oh, and arachna online is pretty much a newer version of the inner world. a lot of stuff has been added amd you get to see, trade cards, play mini-games, battle, and chat with other players. once in a while, the’ll be an event, which usually last about a week. in the event, you have to (or if you want to, rather) complete a mission. the more times you complete it, the more guild points you get, and that helps with your teams total. if you’re team (guild) wins, you get the prize. and that’s pretty much it, except my trip to seaworld has been delayed, that’ why i’m still here.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.14.07 @ 9:24 pm

who’s guild should i join i read the description for all of them and they all sound pretty good:( *sigh* what do you suggest princess sparkle & corona?

Comment by Michele 07.14.07 @ 10:45 pm

@Michele- me? well, i say join the one you like the most, or your favorite character. since there’s no corona guild, i just joined Hunter’s. Probbably because… he’s the main character i guess. Just join the one you like the most.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.15.07 @ 8:12 pm

yeah well that’s were my problem lies. i like them all the exact same *sigh* this is a tough desion:(

Comment by Michele 07.15.07 @ 8:31 pm

ooooh, tedd anasti mentioned that the old version of Soul Eater had too much H/C romance…heehee…where’d you get the story Hunter Steele?

Comment by Vicky 07.16.07 @ 3:27 pm

@Vicky- I think he is Tedd Anasti. At least, they have the same e-mail address.

Comment by TL-chan 07.16.07 @ 3:44 pm

Oh…wow…i never realised that…heh heh…i’m dumb

Comment by Vicky 07.20.07 @ 8:55 am

@Vicky- Well, only I can see the e-mali addresses of people who comment here, but if you think about it, he did have the original novel drafts. I’m certain they’re the same person.

Comment by TL-chan 07.20.07 @ 4:47 pm

I was just wondering if anyone has tried it yet and if so what did you think?

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