Unfortunately, there was no new ED like I hoped, not even a slight alteration to either theme’s animation. However, there was new footage and some new BGMs. If not new, they were at least less-used ones, because I don’t recall them. I especially died over the BGM used during the scene with Buguese and Aqune. It was so pretty. Now if only they were actually doing something romantic, so I could obsess over it. Let’s exclude the fact that for once Aqune is actually joining Buguese in staring out his favorite window, and I’m deluded enough to squee over that.

The BGMs in general were really great for this episode. I remember I thought it was a rather dissapointing episode when I watched it dubbed, especially considering the major revelation about Aqune and Corona. However, the Japanese version was more enjoyable. I especially liked how they played the instrumental version of Koi no Keshiki (the 2nd ED). It was really fitting for this episode.

Sadly, Igneous is no longer spouting hysterical poetry, but he is speaking in Engrish, so I win either way.

New footage of Loraine. I think this is the most we’ve seen of her ever, even counting episode 52. I wonder what the line going down her face is supposed to be. A tear?

>_< I took all the good screencaps on my orignal post.

Don’t expect a post for 41, because it’s too boring and plotless to write about more than once.

198 Comments so far

tl-chan you will do episodes 45,46, and 47 right?

Comment by Michele 07.15.07 @ 8:36 pm

@Michele- I already said I would, although I feel it will be a pain to find decent screencaps that I haven’t already used for some of those.

Comment by TL-chan 07.16.07 @ 5:41 am

I love this episode. Surprises, Corona’s past, and best of all, you guessed it, Super H/C!! Wow, THATS LORAINE!!!!?? She looks alot different….meh who cares i’m not a big fan of her

Comment by Vicky 07.16.07 @ 3:22 pm

@Vicky- There’s lots of H/C here, indeed.

I don’t think anyone is a Loraine fan in particular, since she’s hardly in the show. I’m just excited over new footage because it’s new.

Comment by TL-chan 07.16.07 @ 3:42 pm


Comment by Michele 07.16.07 @ 4:50 pm

@Michele- You could always watch it on Youtube.
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIZB-_S07bA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90vCNfVTlN0

Comment by TL-chan 07.16.07 @ 4:52 pm

trust me, if i could i would, but i can’t i have to download another one of those flash players things GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! CURSE YOU, FLASH PLAYERS THINGIES!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! man, those things are annoying:(

Comment by Michele 07.16.07 @ 10:04 pm

oh yeah i forgot, tl-chan what that show Sola about?

Comment by Michele 07.17.07 @ 4:47 pm

@Michele- It’s a bit of a strantge show, so it’ll be hard to explain. It’s about a boy named Yorito who’s obsessed with the sky and constantly taking pictures of it. Then he meets a strange girl named Matsuri, who turns out to not be a human, but a “yaka” (a woe of the night.) Baiscially, she’ll burn up and die if she ever goes out into the sun. It’s interesting though, because it starts off as an incredibly slow paced show, but then a twist happens at the end of the first episode, and everything gets pretty crazy after that, especially when Yorito’s sister Aono leaves the hospital.

Anyway, unless you can download anime, it’s pretty hard to get, because it’s new and unlicensed outside of Japan.

Comment by TL-chan 07.17.07 @ 5:42 pm

oh by the way i won’t be here from the july 20th too july 28th. because me and few other girls from my pathfinder group are going to B.C. it’s going to be awesome:) booyah we’re flying there so it’s going to be my first plane ride Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 07.17.07 @ 11:21 pm

oops! i forgot to mention this:… IT’S AN INTERNATIONAL CAMP!!!!!!!!! even people from japan are going to be there!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Comment by Michele 07.17.07 @ 11:26 pm

@Michele- Sounds like fun. I used to go on vacations in July, but this year I’m stuck at home taking drivers ed.

I don’t like airplanes, since I’m afraid they’ll crash, but I’ve had to go on a few. *hides*

Comment by TL-chan 07.18.07 @ 10:56 am

please don’t say things like that or you’ll make me scared too:( and i’ve always wanted to go in one!:(

Comment by Michele 07.18.07 @ 4:49 pm

@Michele- Sorry. -_-;

For anyone who wants to try it, I made a “What Spider Riders Character Are You?” Quiz.

Take it here: http://www.quizilla.com/users/Soaker87/quizzes/What%20Spider%20Riders%20Character%20Are%20You?/
I got Corona, if anyone’s curious.

Comment by TL-chan 07.18.07 @ 7:37 pm

i just took the test and i’m corona how cool is that:)

Comment by Michele 07.18.07 @ 8:00 pm

…dude! i took the quiz and got.. igneous?!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.18.07 @ 10:14 pm

… i took it again and got aqune.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.18.07 @ 10:17 pm

*takes quiz a 3rd time*
i got corona!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.18.07 @ 10:19 pm


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.18.07 @ 10:21 pm

*laughs out loud*

Comment by Michele 07.18.07 @ 10:57 pm

oooh i’m going to take it again yo see who my oppisate (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 8:09 am

oooh i’m going to take it again to see who is my oppisaite.

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 8:15 am

my oppisaite is beerain!

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 8:22 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- So you’re actually everyone, it seems.

@Michele- Opposite.
XD. Cool idea. I tried that and got Igneous as my opposite.

Comment by TL-chan 07.19.07 @ 9:33 am

cool:) Eeeeeeeee my trip is tomorrow!:) just remember i won’t be here until July 28th.

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 11:26 am

and i will be leaving in the mourning:)

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 11:31 am

hey guys, while taking the quiz multible times i found out i’m both corona and aqune because i wanted to see what the others said. the only ones i couldn’t see were magma and grasshop:( anyway the reason, i’m like corona is because i kinda want to be an ordaniary girl(not going to explain why). and i’m like aqune because i like to help others and be kind to everyone unless they really get on my nerves.

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 5:57 pm

i took the quiz again to see my opposite, and i got… mantid XD
but you know, maybe i am a little bit of everyone. afterall, Hunter’s not the only who’d like 5 more minutes of sleep! XD

um, tl-chan, how how’d you like to work on a little project with me? this may be a little difficult, but hear me out: if you take a lot of screenshots of a transformation scene of any spider rider and name them in order, like 1,2,3,etc. and e-mail them to me, i could recreate their scenes by turning the screenshots into animated gifs, then e-mailing them back to you so you can show everyone. it would be like watching a spider rider transformaion amv, only without any sound. it will be hard, but it will be great in the end as long as you can number them in the file name and take enough shots and as long as i time it right. so what do you say? we don’t have to do everyone, just the three main girls: corona, aqune, and sparkle. :)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.19.07 @ 8:42 pm

cool!! hey out of those three girls who do you like best? (i know i won’t be here for a week but answer anyway). i like corona:) tl-chan i’m going to take a very wild guess and say you like aqune the best;) i better go to bed i have (here in Regina) 6:25 in the mourning *sighs and sniffs* well see you next week i think i’ll get back home about 9:15 on the 28th:)

see next week:)

Comment by Michele 07.19.07 @ 11:23 pm

hey guys, i thought i’d say goodbye before i go:( werid; at first i was so exited but now i’m totally nervous well got to go

goodbye see ya next week:)

p.s. and don’t worry i’ll have fun:)

Comment by Michele 07.20.07 @ 8:38 am

Ok wow i missed alot.
1. I’ve taken A LOT of plane rides but yes, i hate them cause i’m disgusted to go the bathroom, i can’t sleep, and i’m afraid to crash.
2. I took the quiz and got…Hunter. I don’t think anyone here did…aw man i’m the oddball..as usual!

Comment by Vicky 07.20.07 @ 8:53 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I can try. I was working on Sparkle’s, but I’ve been at it for about 3 hours and I still have a couple hundred more cells to cap, fix the file extension of, and upload.

I wish I knew how to do that, because there’s a couple scenes I’d like to make for myself (such as the scene in episode 12 where Buguese wraps Aqune in his cape.)

@Michele- Yep, Aqune’s my favorite girl. Have fun!

@Vicky- Nobody else got him that I know of. Cool, though.

Comment by TL-chan 07.20.07 @ 11:24 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Here is Sparkle’s transfomation, all 844 cells of it. I may have missed a cell here and there by accident, but it should be enough: http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb232/srtransformations/Sparkle/

Since it took about 6 hours and I need a break, it will be a while until I get more for you.

Comment by TL-chan 07.20.07 @ 2:35 pm

@Michele- have fun!
@Vicky- i got Hunter too, I just forgot to mention that…

@tl-chan- awesome! thanks! wait until you see the result (it will take a while) oh, and, do you have adobe photoshop and adobe imageready? because if you do, i can show you how to make animates gifs. :)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.20.07 @ 3:57 pm

argh! i forgot (the most important thing to!)

tl-chan, what’s your e-mail adress again? i need to e-mail you the gifs…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.20.07 @ 4:01 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Yes, I have both programs. I’d like to learn how to do it.

I’m Soaker87@aol.com

Comment by TL-chan 07.20.07 @ 4:11 pm

@tl-chan- alright tl-chan. so far i’ve put together the first 32 shots. when i’m done, i’ll show you how :)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.20.07 @ 4:59 pm

64 shots are done. this is going to take a long time, but it looks excellent so far. i should be done by monday (i’m going to seaworld sunday). it will take a lot time because there a lot of screeshots, but it will be worth the work in the end. don’t worry, it’ll be done… eventually…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.20.07 @ 5:46 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Sounds good.

Here’s Aqune’s. Her scene was much shorter than Sparkle’s, thankfully. http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb232/srtransformations/Aqune/

Comment by TL-chan 07.20.07 @ 9:06 pm

oh, you have aqune’s shots done *feels bad for not even being halfway done with sparkle* you might have to wait a bit longer for it… :(

i have 225 shots done of sparkle’s. and yes, aqune’s is much shorter, so it’ll be much easier. um, if you want to see what i have so far, let me know.

here’s how you make animated gifs:
1. start with photoshop. copy your very first image and go to photoshop and start a new file and then paste it on. then copy/paste your other images on as well(in order, of course. they will cover your previous image, but it’s alright). as you paste, make sure each image has it’s own layer, because the layers will represent an animation scene, as you’ll soon see in imageready. when your done pasting, you should see the very last image of the animation in front of you, and your first in layer 1. when you’re done pasting… (see 2)

2.look to the left of the screen. you should see the panel with all the tools and stuff. on the very bottom of it, you should see a button that has a sheet with an arrow pointing to an imageready icon. click on it. it’ll transfer what you’ve done so far to imageready. once in imageready… (see 3)

3. you’re almost done! you should see you’re photoshop work. look at the lower left of the screen for a panel that says animation on it. don’t see it? no problem! go to the top of imagereasy where it says “window” click it and then click animation. you should see the animation panel now. okay, now go to that panel. see the bluish button with the triangle pointing right? click on it and click on where it says “make frames from layers” and… ta-dah! you’ve made an animation sequence! go to the lower part of the animation panel and press play to watch the animation. and here’s something for future references: above the play button, you’ll see numbers (0 sec) (default) under each frame. what are they? the numbers represent how long to show that particular frame in the animation. also, where it says “forever” or “once”, it refers to the animation, whether you want it to show your animation forever or just once. time to save what you’ve done… (see 4)

4. what you’ve been waiting for: look to the left of the screen for the panel with the tools. on the lower part of it, you’ll see the internet explorer icon, click it. it will open internet exlorer and will show your gif image. right click and click save as. you’re officially done!

about animated gifs on iexplorer: it may not show the animation smoothly when it comes to a gif with large dimensions (it works well with gifs of smaller dimensions). don’t worry! imageready will always display your animation very well.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 10:10 am

uh-oh… tl-chan, the file size is getting big, and i’m not even halfway done, and i might not be able to send it to you or anything… unless i make the image much smaller…

hmmm… what should i do…?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 6:30 pm

i’m almost halfway done, but…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 6:32 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I don’t mind if you make it smaller. I just sent you the default-sized images my Intervideo program took.

Thanks for the tutorial, by the way.

Comment by TL-chan 07.21.07 @ 6:38 pm

@TL-chan- well, i will have to make it smaller. maybe half the size of the original. i’m going to send you a preview in a few minutes, containing the first 381 images. wait until you see it! oh, and, it’ll look better if you save it and open it with imageready.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 7:08 pm

did you get the image, tl-chan?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 7:57 pm

never mind the e-mail, i put the preview in photobucket, it’s here:


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 8:27 pm

tl-chan, if the link doesn’t work, try this one:


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 9:46 pm

*double checks the links*
the second one works. use the second link.

*wonders where TL-chan is*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.21.07 @ 10:04 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I got to see it now. That looks really goood so far!

I just wasn’t online when you sent it. I was busy trying to come up with fanfic ideas. Then I wen to sleep, guess, because I’m a few timezones away from you.

Comment by TL-chan 07.22.07 @ 7:15 am

@TL-chan- I’m glad you like it so far.:) right now, it’s just past the halfway point, just before Hotarla appears in the background. I’ll put it up when it’s completely finished.

oh, and I was going to ask if you are going to do Aqune. I just thought since she was your favorite character, you’d like to do it.

oh, i forgot to say that you can save what as you go along in photoshop. just go to file, save as and the most important thing: save it in photoshop format (it’s already on by default). the first time you save it, it will ask you something about maximizing compatability. I suggest you keep it on and then click ok.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.22.07 @ 1:05 pm

Sparkle’s transformation is just about done! i’d say 3/4, maybe. but there’s still 200+ images to go -_-;

i think i should be done with it some time tommorrow, most likely in the afternoon/evening, but i’m not sure…

as for aqune, do you want me to do her’s or would you like to do it yourself, tl-chan? i’m just asking because i know she’s you’re fav and all…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.22.07 @ 9:32 pm

@Princess Sprakle & Corona- You can do Aqune. I’m rather braindead now, and have a lot I need to get done. I’ll try and start capping Corona after drivers ed. I also have to make time today to split and upload episode 41 in Japanese to Youtube, once it finishes downloading. That process usually takes at least an hour.

Comment by TL-chan 07.23.07 @ 5:11 am

@TL-chan- okay, i’ll do Aqune. It’ll be done much sooner than Sparkle’s. Speaking of Sparkle, i’m at the final scenes, in the middle of the little twirl she does. I may finish later today, hopefully.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.23.07 @ 11:16 am

Nice picture, Tl-chan!

I finally finished animating Sparkle’s transformation, all 844 parts! I’m going to upload it now…

*tries uploading but an error occurs*


… it says it can’t upload because there are too many frames (844)!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

TL-chan, I think I’ll have to delete certain parts… Man, all that work… What parts do you think I should cut out? Oh… MAN!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.23.07 @ 11:34 pm

Oh, I forgot to mention I started on Aqune’s. Please help me with Sparkle’s! Well, actually, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have to sort of speed up her transformation, and I just thought maybe I can trim the beginning parts of the boot scene and the glove parts and skip to the middle of those scenes and the part with the rotating spheres, I’ll just skip to the part where Hotarla shows up in the background (it’s too cute to pass up).

Ugh! I really dont what to cut out stuff like that after working so hard, but it’s the only way I can upload it. It’ll take me a little while to edit out what I said, but it will be up tomorrow for sure.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.23.07 @ 11:44 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Hmm… I was going to suggest cutting out Hotarla, but yeah, she is pretty cute. Maybe the beginning should get cut out.

I started capping Corona (only did the first 90 or so) and it’s probably going to be huge. I even found a shortened version of her transformation and it looks like it could be longer than Sparkle’s.

Comment by TL-chan 07.24.07 @ 7:12 am

@TL-chan- WAIT! WAIT! Get the longest version of Corona, it’ll will be no problem! I thought of something last night: if it can’t be all in one image, why not split it into seperate images?! I should do that with Sparkle’s, so that way you can see how all the screencaps got animated and nothing will get cut off. I don’t care how long Corona’s turns out, I’ll just make a three, maybe four part thing or something. Don’t worry! No screencap will go to waste! But before I split it into two or three parts, i’ll try to find out what the limit is.

… Please do the longest version of Corona (if you can and don’t mind). If it’s even longer than Sparkle’s, just take you’re time with it (I konw you’re busy). I’ll divide it into 5 parts if necessary!

But for now, I’ll find out what the limit is, so I know how to divide it.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.24.07 @ 2:01 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- It’s Corona’s normal transformation. It’s just that I noticed that in episode 2, she has a more drawn out one, but the animation is actually different. I got up to about 200-something now. I’m doing it in segments so it doesn’t take me forever.

Comment by TL-chan 07.24.07 @ 3:19 pm

@TL-chan- Corona’s transformation is diffrent in ep 2? I didn’t notice that… Hmm… I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! (Then again, I haven’t even seen Spider Riders in quite a while)

Anyway, I was finally able to upload Sparkle’s transformation! It’s here:


You’ll see that I divided it into 3 parts (in order to upload). I tried to divide her transformation by dividing it as clean as possible, trying to make it so the cut-off isn’t as noticeable, in a way.

Part 1- Contains the very begining of Sparkle’s transformation as well as the actual transformation parts.

Part 2- Contains the scene where Hotarla comes out in the background (Kyute! Get it?! Kyu kyu cute?!) he-hem…

Part 3- Has the final parts, from Sparkle smiling at the screen with her yo-yo ball up to the end.

I had to divide it, but luckily no scene or screencap was left unused or cut up (I think it’s better that way). You’ll find thst if you save them to your computer and look at their properties and look for the frame count for each of them and add them up, it’s 844 (all the screencaps you took) :)

I’ll continue working on Aqune’s now. Luckily, she was nice enough to have a much shorter transformation scene, so it’ll be all in one image and I won’t have to divide it or anything.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.24.07 @ 7:33 pm

*Gasp* Oh, phew! I got scared for a sec. I was looking at the page of the link I gave you, and I thought something was wrong with Part 3, since it look like the last half was cut off or something. I think if you go to the image by clicking it, it will show the complete version of that part. I’ll post the link again for you.


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.24.07 @ 7:58 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Yay! Those cam out so cute. Thank you. Corona’s is done. Actually, it was a bit shorter than Sparkles, but longer than Aqune’s.
Here: http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb232/srtransformations/Corona%20/

Comment by TL-chan 07.25.07 @ 9:27 am

@TL-chan- they are cute, aren’t they?! If you liked how they turned out, wait until I finish Aqune’s! And I can’t wait to get started on Corona’s, after finishing Aqune. (you’re shots are great as always :) )

Anyway, it’ll take a while. You won’t hear from me until I finish Aqune (hopefully before Friday).

As for Corona… I don’t know when it’ll get done, but you might have to wait until next week… See ya!
*Goes off to work*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.25.07 @ 6:07 pm

YAY! Good news! I just finished Aqune’s transformation (much sooner than I thouht!)
You’ll find it here (along with Sparkle’s):


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.25.07 @ 11:49 pm

*Sigh* Corona’s transformation is going to take me a while. Even though she is my favorite Spider Rider and all, I think I’m getting a case of laziness. :( But it will get done, eventually…

In the meantime, have fun with these (I had to do one of them by memory):

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.26.07 @ 11:15 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I love Aqune’s. ^^ Thanks again.

The icons you made are adorable, with the little chibis. I read the site where they came from much too often. -_-;

Comment by TL-chan 07.27.07 @ 7:21 am

@TL-chan- Glad you like them. I have lots of ideas for icons. I’m still working on Corona’s transformation. You did see Aqune’s transformation, right?

Hmm… Oh, that’s right! Today the Simpsons Movie is out! I wish I could go see it, but I bet the theaters are packed.

Say, isn’t Michele coming back tomorrow? I wonder if she’ll tell us about her trip…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.27.07 @ 6:49 pm

I know this is a bit off topic (you’ll see why I’m asking in a little bit) but how do you spell Corona’s hometown? Is it Araja or Araaja or something else?…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.27.07 @ 8:38 pm

@Princess Sprakle & Corona- Yes. Aqune’s transformation turned out really cool.

I’ve made some icons myself (none of which are animated and all of which are Aqune or B/A.) I’d like to see more of yours.

I usually don’t have to worry about theatres being overcrowded, since there’s a lot near where I live, the closest being unpopular and having hardly any people there at all. There were less than 10 people in the movie I was in when I went once.

Yeah, I think Michele is coming back.

Not sure if the spelling for Corona’s hometown was ever stated in any official sites. I’ve seen it spelled as Araaja before, so I’ll go with that one for consistency.

Comment by TL-chan 07.28.07 @ 7:24 am

@Tl-chan- I think you’re right, it’s araaja. But the reason I was asking is that wikipedia spells it with one a: Araja. I still think it’s Araaja though. Oh, and I did make a bunch more icons, mainly of Sparkle and some Corona:


I’ll get back to Corona’s transformation now…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.28.07 @ 9:29 am

i’m back so what’s new? and yes i will tell you about my trip but i’ll do it tomorrow. i’m both really tired and sore *does a big yawn* see ya in the mourning:)

Comment by Michele 07.28.07 @ 11:46 pm

@Michele- Welcome back, I don’t think you missed a lot. Well, Princess Sparkle & Corona made a lot of animations and things, which can all be found above.

Comment by TL-chan 07.30.07 @ 6:05 am


Comment by Michele 07.30.07 @ 12:32 pm

Hey you guys.

@Michele- Welcome back! :D

@TL-chan- No, I’m still not finished with Corona’s transformation… But it looks like it’s going to be a 3-parter like Sparkle’s. Part 1 is up now:


Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 07.31.07 @ 10:45 am

um… tl-chan i think you need to put up another post

Comment by Michele 08.01.07 @ 6:15 pm

@Princess Sprakle & Corona- Corona’s looks nice so far.

@Michele- Technically, but I’m on a semi-hiatus.

Comment by TL-chan 08.01.07 @ 6:28 pm

Yes! I’m really close to finishing Corona’s transformation! I only need about 50 screenscaps.
Oh, and I found a way to upload the calendars from the official site *shh* ;)
This month is Ebony and Lumen:

I feel upset right now… I think the reason June’s calendar (the Corona one) came out all blotchy is because my computer must have compressed it, reducing the quality. Aargh! NOW I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!?!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.01.07 @ 10:25 pm

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention a couple of things. I made the calendar wallpaper size (1023×768) so it can be used for your destop background. They actually turn out nicely.
Oh yeah, part 2 is up and you should find next to part 1 (duh!)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.01.07 @ 10:31 pm

did I say 1023×768?! *sighs in frustration* I odviously meant 1024×768…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.01.07 @ 10:37 pm

@Princess Sprakle & Corona- Good job on the transformstions as usual.

The calenders are alright, but I still wish they’d make an Aqune one (or Aqune and Buguese :P)

Comment by TL-chan 08.02.07 @ 7:24 am

Well, everyone, I finally completed part 3 of Corona’s transformation, completing Corona’s transformation and concluding what we where working on:

Thanks TL-chan! This wouldn’t have been possible without your screencaps! Feel free to use the animations, icons, and everything else anyway you want! That’s what there for…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.02.07 @ 9:35 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Congratulations on finishing.

I might take some icons for my Live Journal (as if I didn’t have enough already.) Thanks.

Comment by TL-chan 08.03.07 @ 7:39 am

tl-chan what’s a live journal?

Comment by Michele 08.03.07 @ 12:07 pm

@Michele- It’s one of numerous websites created for blogging. Unlike this blog, my Live Journal is used as a personal blog, in which I talk about real life.

Mine is: http://Soaker87.livejournal.com

Comment by TL-chan 08.03.07 @ 1:05 pm

thats so cool i also like how you put pictures of aqune and/or buguese to show your moods:) say can you enlarge the first picture of aqune on it?because i think i see something on her hand but i can’t see it so well because the picture is small:(

Comment by Michele 08.03.07 @ 3:53 pm

Thanks. It’s actually a custom made mood set.

You mean this picture? It’s a Hunter x Aqune cake she made. Was from Corona’s dream in episode 21.

Comment by TL-chan 08.03.07 @ 4:04 pm

@TL-chan- I see it… The cake has aqune and hunter on it. Ha ha! I don’t know why I think that’s so funny…
*Sigh* I feel bored. I’ve been feeling bored for a long time… What to do, what to do…
Oh, about the icons. I can make more, but I’m sort of running out of ideas… I can take request, if you’d guys like. Just tell me what you want it to be about, what text you want me to add (if any), and color or pattern to add to the background to decorate the image in the background.
… I’M BORED!!!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.03.07 @ 5:00 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- It is funny. I guess because it’s random. Then again, that whole episode was pretty funny.

Hmm… As for requests, I can never have enough Buguese/Aqune icons. I’m not good at coming up with text for icons, but I would like it to say something, if possible.

Comment by TL-chan 08.03.07 @ 5:58 pm

@TL-chan- B/A, huh? Hmm… Yeah, I think I can pull it off. I’ll get to it tomorrow, since…

I MADE A BUNCH OF ICONS! I think these may be the last I make that feature Corona and Sparkle, at least for the time being since I’ve made so many and I’m out of ideas for them. Plus I want to work on other characters.

I think the latest are my best turn-out so far, since I remembered the gradient tool, which really helps (in my opinion) make the background stand out. Oh, and some of my new icons do feature a little anxiety I feel.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.03.07 @ 10:46 pm

@TL-chan- I just made and uploaded a few icons featuring B/A. I tried to make them as B/A as possible ^^;

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.04.07 @ 11:12 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Thanks. I’m saving them all and using a few, because they’re cute. ^^

Comment by TL-chan 08.04.07 @ 12:04 pm

hey, who want’s to join the “bored club” with me?

Comment by Michele 08.06.07 @ 10:10 pm

@Michele- Me, I guess… I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by making icons and looking back at the SR summaries (things are starting to make sense to me now). Too bad there’s no summary for episode 16 though. Oh, and I did make a couple of icons, same place as always. I also uploaded the little chibis from lamcat, of course, giving credit to them (or tried/intended to).



I hope something fun happens soon. It’s sucks being bored. Even Saturdays feel like a total blah to me! The only thing I even look foward to that day is at 8:00 a.m. when Winx Club is on and I only watch it because my little sister loves it. >_

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.09.07 @ 8:58 pm

Hmm… I guess the links got messed up. Let me fix that:



It looks like the last part of my post got cut-off… No matter. It’s too boring anyway. BBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!

Tomorrow’s Friday ^^
Maybe something fun/intersting will happen, but then again, maybe not… *sigh*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.09.07 @ 9:14 pm

I just made more SR stuff. A couple of wallpapers this time:

They’re alright I suppose, considering what I had to work with…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 1:18 am

@Michele- I’ll join.

@Prncess Sparkle & Corona- I don’t have 16 because I didn’t see that episode until much later. The same applies for every other episode I didn’t do (9,12,18,19,20. I did 18 later though, because I was bored.). The group who was releasing the episodes was really inconsistant and only put out select episodes. Luckilly, I discovered Winny and was able to get them for myself.
…and my old summaries are really, really pathetic. Not only does it show that I’m horrid with remembering names (both of ficitonal characters and real people) I was having trouble figuring out the raws. Now my Japanese has gotten so much better.

Nice graphics, as ususal. The wallpapers look better than the ones on the official site (which I think are pretty boring, personally.) Lamcat’s chibis are also cool. I made a set for myself awhile ago, though mine didn’t come out nearly as good. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v670/Soaker87/Sprites_reorganized/

Comment by TL-chan 08.10.07 @ 7:37 am

what are chibis exactly? i don’t get it:( anyway they look soooooo cute:)……HEY! i have an idea! lets play a game:)

Comment by Michele 08.10.07 @ 11:26 am

@Michele- Chibi is a Japanese term (it means little or kid), but the word is so commonly used that it’s come to mean other things. The things I made are technically called sprites.

What kind of game?

Comment by TL-chan 08.10.07 @ 12:01 pm

@TL-chan- Hehe! I like your sprites! Hmm… I was looking back at things and I didn’t know about the 8th Spider Rider (I, like Hunter, only counted 7). How does their spider look like and what’s it’s name?

Oh, about the wallpapers, I’ve re-done them since I noticed I screwed up on little on them (especially sparkle’s). It’s pretty much the same as before, except I fix the part where I took of a little from Corona’s boot and made Sparkle smaller in the picture so as to match her actual height compared to Corona (Yeah, I’m weird –; )

@Michele- Hmm… Sounds good, but what kind of game?

Speaking of games, that Spider Riders online game… I was thinking it would make a good game for Nintendo DS Lite. Since you can connect wireless with others, I think you can do the same thing as the actual game. That and people like me (with slow computers) won’t be stuck waiting for hours just to login! (Told ya mine’s is slow…)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 3:54 pm

getting a nintendo DS lite soon:) but i’m not sure what color i should(pink, black or white)

anyway okay here’s the game, you know how in the spider riders online game you make spider? well we are going to do that with much more detail:) i’ll start: okay my spider is a girl. her name is mercury. she looks a lot like shadow exept for color she is a very dark blue color and purple she has awesome strength and can do six web abilitys(normal,water,fire,earth,air and electricty. cool huh? go ahead try it:)

Comment by Michele 08.10.07 @ 5:13 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- According to Wikipedia, Quake’s spider is named Dagger. I didn’t remember that myself, so I had to look it up. I only have one picture of it: http://tlchan.animeblogger.net/wp-images/oped2/OP222.jpg
I can’t get anymore, because I deleted that episode. It was awful.

I guessed that he was a Spider Rider (but than I also guessed that he was a ghost and would be able to transform into his younger form. Perhaps I’m psychic.)

Comment by TL-chan 08.10.07 @ 5:20 pm

@Michele- Hmm… well I’d want a really cute Spider like Hotarla. As for coloring, maybe red and green. Christmas colors. :P
It would have the abillity to generate fanfics for me at whim (just because I’ve always wished I could do that.)
I’ll name it Doomsday, because that’s an awesome name and it’d be ironic considering how cute it is.

Comment by TL-chan 08.10.07 @ 5:25 pm

@Michele- I have a Pink DS Lite. Then I found out about the blue one >_

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 7:30 pm

i think there are only three colors where i live:(
pink, black, and white if there was a green one i’d so get that one.

Comment by Michele 08.10.07 @ 8:48 pm

my last post was cut-off.sorry about that. isp glitch.

@Michele- those colors are also advailable where i am. it’s just that I found out about this bluegreen looking one called ice blue (or something like it) and saw someone with it once. i like blue but i prefer the pink one because (it’s cute) and the first and only game i got for it is super princess peach (and i’m a peach fan!)

as for what my spider… She’d look a lot Venus (of course) only light blue instead of pink and she’d have all kinds of web/water/ice attacks. Her name would be… I know! Sapphire!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 9:24 pm

I almost forgot!
@TL-chan- the other shows you did blogs on: El Cazador de la Bruja and Sola, they’re titles are spanish!

I have no idea if my translations are significant to the shows or not, but:

El Cazador de la Bruja in spanish means The Hunter of the Witch (not to be confused with Hunter Steele) and Sola is a spanish word for alone (sola for when referring to a girl, solo for a guy). Weird, huh?!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 9:40 pm

@TL-chan- so that’s Dagger… (i forgot to mention it earlier) thanks! Now I know what he looks like!
oh yeah, 3 new icons have been made/uploaded by yours truly (I especially like the Corona one):

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.10.07 @ 10:33 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Your translation for El Cazador is correct. It is significant, since the main character is a girl with witch-blood and a lot of bounty hunters are trying to catch her.

I think Sola, however, is actually a pun on the Japanese word “Sora” meaning sky.

Comment by TL-chan 08.11.07 @ 7:24 am

oh i soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish that ice blue was here:( anyway good idea for a spider i love the name:) my favourite gems are Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubys:) their all so pretty!!!!

Comment by Michele 08.11.07 @ 2:03 pm

It took a long time to load, but I saw the first part of “Fly No Longer”. The pixies where cute/funny. And Aqune felt strange to me! She seemed almost evil until the Oracle showed up.

Seeing the opening again, I remembered the scene of Corona’s transformation. I remembered it was diffrent than the one she has later in the show. Then I remembered she really does have a diffrent transformation in ep 2, it’s just that I forgot about it.

TL-chan, do you think that maybe, if it’s possible and you’re not busy or anything, could you please take a few screencaps of Corona’s transformation from ep 2? Not a lot, just maybe 3 or 4 so I can refresh my memory and do sort of a comparison. Thanks.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.12.07 @ 9:02 pm

what are you talking about princess sparkle & corona? oh, guess what tonight in Regina we are having a meteor shower at 3:00a.m. and i’ve never seen on before *excited squel*

Comment by Michele 08.12.07 @ 11:31 pm

@Michele- Corona has a diffrent transformation in episode 2. They’ve then changed it into the transformation she has now, and I want to see it in a few screencaps since the only other way I can see it is on youtube and that takes me hours.

You’re lucky. I’ve never seen a meteor shower before either. Hope you stay awake for it, ’cause it’s so one of those rare things that doesn’t occur everyday, you know.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.13.07 @ 12:25 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- The pixies are adorable.

Though I’d like to think it’s because she wants Beerain slaughtered as much as I do, Aqune was acting that evil because Mantid was controlling her as opposed to Buguese. Mantid has her do worse things, because he’s more evil.

I’ll take some screencaps when I get the chance.

@Michele- That sounds cool. I’m not sure when that is in my timezone, but I’d probably never be able to get up in the middle of the night/very early morning for one. I like to sleep.

Comment by TL-chan 08.13.07 @ 6:16 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I took a couple screencaps here: http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb232/srtransformations/Corona2/

Comment by TL-chan 08.13.07 @ 9:48 am

@TL-chan- Thank you! You’re awesome ^_^ Her transformation is completely diffrent in ep 2. Maybe it was an early test version or something.

As for Aqune, it sucks how Mantid was controlling her like that. It kinda makes me made seeing a character as nice and kind as Aqune go are controled by evil. It was kinda fun watching her beat Beerain without a scratch. Never really liked her either. Aqune proved herself again to be a powerful Spider Rider, always giving her opponent a hard time. Sometimes I wonder if she’s more powerful than Hunter. Maybe she got all the fighting skills/spirit in the family since Corona doesn’t really like to fight, even though she has too ^^;

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.13.07 @ 7:22 pm

*sigh* well i got some bad news and some good news about the meteor shower: the bad news is it was too cloudy too see them:( but the good news is that my mom said that the meteor shower happens every night in Augest and it’s been clear all day which also means tonight:)

oh yeah, my mom and i went shopping and i got a Nentendo DS lite:) i got a black one:)

Comment by Michele 08.13.07 @ 7:30 pm

@Michele- Cool! The black Nintendo DS Lite is good because it won’t easily get dirty like say the white one.

For TL-chan:

You could use it if you want to decorate the site a little. I wanted to make it Aqune themed but I don’t have a picture of Aqune to use in the front like those of Sparkle and Corona -sorry.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.13.07 @ 11:36 pm

oh, that is so pretty princess sparkle & corona:) guess what my mom, dad and i went outside and we saw shooting stars!!!!!!!! there like lights zooming across the sky:)

Comment by Michele 08.14.07 @ 12:50 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I find mind control amusing for some reason. I guess because it’s interesting to see what good characters would be like as evil ones.
I sometimes think Aqune is the strongest Spider Rider. She can usually dominate in 3-on-1 fights, at least until her mask breaks. Corona is also pretty powerful, but not nearly as much. Neither like to fight though.

The banner is really pretty. I don’t think I can use it, however. I’ve tried to put up a banner before (even following a step-by-step tutorial), but It looks like this layout doesn’t support it. I might change the layout in the future though, especially because I’ve had this one for almost two years.

Comment by TL-chan 08.14.07 @ 7:36 am

Oh wow! You guys think the banner is pretty? Cool! Well then if you like the banner then I’m sure you’ll like these 2 new wallpaper I made:



They’re themed to their transformations.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.14.07 @ 9:48 pm

ii don’t like them………. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! there are only 2 words to describe them: awesome and beautiful:)

Comment by Michele 08.14.07 @ 10:10 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Yes, I do like them.

I need to make some new graphics myself, but I’m feeling rather uninspired. -_-

Comment by TL-chan 08.15.07 @ 12:34 pm

@Michele- thanks ^^ I’m actually using the Corona one on my computer and it looks great ^^

@TL-chan- uninspired, huh? I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

Lately I’ve been thinking about drawing. Then I got a fun idea for a couple of drawings: corona, aqune, and sparkle in cosplay as three of my favorite mortal kombat characters: kitana, mileena, and ashrah (respectively. XD
I haven’t drawn anything yet, but I may soon. I wonder how they’ll will turn out. I think I’ll draw Sparkle wearing Ashrah’s alternate costume because of the hair. That and because I like Ashrah’s boots. ^^;

I’ll draw on paper and then try to do it on paint so I can show you. Though I think I can draw better on paper.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.15.07 @ 5:48 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- That should be interesting to see. Drawing on paint is a pain, but I’ve ben getting pretty good at it lately.

I’ve played with the idea of cosplay drawings myself. I did Buguese and Aqune as Domon and Rain from G-Gundam. They didn’t come out that great, but I also did it without a guide and in about 10 minutes, so I didn’t expect quality.

Comment by TL-chan 08.15.07 @ 7:04 pm

@TL-chan- Hmm… I don’t think I’ll use paint anymore. I can’t draw anything, unless it’s on paper. I may be able to show you if my mom let’s me use the digital camera.

For those who don’t know, this is Ashrah:
I just drew Sparkle as Ashrah (almost done). Of course I changed the outfit a little because Sparkle is just a little girl.

This is Mileena:

And this is Kitana (my fav, but I wish I could have found a better pic):

The last 2 will be complicated, I feel. Sparkle’s almost done, but I need to finisj the back part and then color it. It’s cute in a twisted sort of way.
You may be wondering why I chose to draw Sparkle as Ashrah, Corona as Kitana, and Aqune as Mileena:
It’s all about the charaters’ past. Ashrah used to be a demon, but as she kept slayes evil creatures with her weapon: the Kriss, she becomes purer and purer and since Sparkle is an innocent little child… Well, you get the idea.
As for Corona/Kitana and Aqune/Mileena: Mileena and Kitana are sisters. Well, sort of. Mileena is actually an evil clone of Kitana. Since Aqune was sort of evil for a while, I want to draw her a Mileena. Corona, well, fav as fav. And well that’s the story. I may be able to show you the drawings. Maybe…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.15.07 @ 10:31 pm

I just finished drawing Aqune as Mileena and finished the drawing of Sparkle as Ashrah yesterday. You’ll find them here (yay!):

They don’t look as good as the original drawings I have since the colors sort of got bleached out by the digital camera, but at least you can see them, right?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.16.07 @ 9:16 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Those came out nice. I wouldn’t have even noticed they were photos as opposed to scans.

Comment by TL-chan 08.17.07 @ 9:47 am

awesome:) you know on the show i can see sparkle in the outfit bot NOT with a knife *shudders*

guess what tomorrow we’re setting up a brand new computer!!!!! i can’t wait:)

Comment by Michele 08.17.07 @ 5:32 pm

@Michele- I agree, I can see Sparkle in that outfit. If you look closely and compare it to Ashrah’s actual outfit, you’ll notice I modified it a bit to suit Sparkle better. As for the knife… I agree too. That’s why I said it was cute in a twisted sort of way. It’s creepy. That’s why I don’t like Chucky *shudders*.

That knife is actually Ashrah’s Kriss (or a ridiculous version of it) –;

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.17.07 @ 9:40 pm

sorry i haven’t been on for while i think 3 days ago i got my first DS game Pokemon Diamond:) you should get it you guys it’s soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and i’m on our brand new computer:)!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 08.21.07 @ 10:13 am

@Michele- I haven’t beem on either. I was working on a couple of gifs (both not SR related): one of Winx Club, featuring my little sister’s favorite fairy’s transformation and the other featuring the crossfusion of Maylu and Roll (they’re awesome!) from Megaman Exe (or Rockman Exe for Japanese viewers.) I miss that series! They only showed the first two seasons on Kids’WB…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.21.07 @ 6:44 pm

@Michele- (again) Pokemon Diamond? … I was thinking about getting Pearl, but I sort of lost interest in Pokemon ever since Misty went bye-bye, since she was my fav character. I don’t know if I’ll get Pearl (since Dawn/ Hikari annoys me by just looking at her for some reason), but I’m starting to think there are too many Pokemon and they should have ended the series a while ago. For me, without Misty it’s pointless. That and they’ve changed the voice actors (apparently) and it stopped airing in Kids WB after so many years of being the main show.

Everything I like came from Kids’WB! :(
All I have now is stinking Winx Club from 4kids, since Kids’WB’S only good show left (in my opinion) is Xiaolin Showdown and for months have been showing endless re-runs of old episodes. I think there’s supposed to be another season for it, but it’s a no-show.
… I’m actually starting to think Winx Club is alright. 0_o;
I guess it is alright if you ignore the whole fashion/ mushy boyfriend stuff. *sigh* I don’t get to watch anything I like anymore. *sigh*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.21.07 @ 7:32 pm

@Michele- The Pokemon games are awesome. I don’t have a DS though, so I can’t exactly get them. Though there are some games I want, I don’t buy/play them often enough to make a DS worth the money. Of course, I’m still tempted to play the newest Paper Mario, but I doubt I’ll get a Wii either.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I loved Rockman.EXE so much when it first came out. I never watched the later seasons, (except maybe an episode or two in each of them just for the fun of it) but it was a great series. Roll was my favorite. I have a really cute plushie of her.
With the English version of that show, I can’t even feel justified in saying anything bad about the SR dub. It was sliced up so badly, and I remember they cut out whole episodes that I really wanted to see. :( Either version of the anime was better than the manga though. I hated how they made Roll into practically a damsel in distress.

I lost interest in Pokemon long before any of the original cast left. Pikachu was my favorite (well, aside from the baby wild pikachu who was only in one episode) and I got tired of seeing him/her/it get kidnapped in every episode. Sense a pattern? I used to be really sensitive when bad things happened to characters I really liked.

I used to live off Kids WB. Especially X-men Evolution, Jackie Chan and of course Superman TAS. There’s hardly anything on TV these days. I watch Smallville and Lost, but as for cartoons, the only one I really care about is Avatar (*cough*Zutara FTW*cough*) and Skyland is interesting sometimes. And I like to hear the SR characters in it. I mostly just watch Japanese TV, which has been going way down in quality too as of late. At least I still have El Cazador.

Comment by TL-chan 08.22.07 @ 7:41 am

well i still like pokemon and sure i miss misty but the new characters are cool and i kinda like team rocket cause there funny but i think their motto is very very annoying even if they do change it. i can’t choose a name for my character: here they are Dawn, Sabrina, Alice, Misty or Runo(got thisname from a new show that i like called Bakugan)

Comment by Michele 08.22.07 @ 9:47 am

@Michele- Runo. :D
I’ve actually watched some of that show. I’ve only seen up to episode 14 though. It’s kinda dumb, but it can be entertaining.

Comment by TL-chan 08.22.07 @ 11:10 am

good idea i’ll use that name and you know the girl character in the game does sort of look like Runo and in the game she/he has a best friend a boy who is very impainet i can call him Dan:)

Comment by Michele 08.22.07 @ 12:36 pm


Comment by Michele 08.23.07 @ 5:34 pm

@Michele- I don’t know who Runo is, but what Pokemon did you start with (just off curiosity)?
I may get Pearl, since Vaporeon (one of my personal favorites, along with Starmie and many others) is avaidlable.

@TL-chan- Yeah, Team Rocket always tries to get poor Pikachu. I don’t think they even remember why exactly they want Pikachu. Didn’t their boss Giovanni dissapear or something? My guess is he wanted Pikachu to power up some machine or something…
I would so like a Roll plush. You’re lucky!
As for the Exe series, I never realized that I was watching a lousy version of it until a while back when I saw the episode summaries from this site: http://rockman-exe.com/
It’s a great site for Exe stuff. I was so thrilled when I got to download Maylu’s crossfusion in this page (she’s fights alongside Lan/Netto against Videoman and some guy I thought at first was a girl XD ): http://www.rockman-exe.com/rockman/media/3/cf.html
I was so happy to finally hear/see Maylu crossfuse with Roll for real! (unlike the dream I heard about) The clip is in Japanese, but it has subtitles to my convinience, since I don’t know it. I used it along with the program Power DVD that I just realized can take snapshots to make this:
It was a bit of a pain making it, since I had to click to for each spanpshot, often missing something. I think it turned out pretty well with that in mind. I think it’s safe to say I got practically all of it, though. ^^

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.23.07 @ 7:43 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona

Cool clip. I’d heard about the crossfusion but never got to see the actual episode. Wish I could. I found that site a very long time ago. It surprised me too how different the two versions were.

Oh and: Runo

Comment by TL-chan 08.23.07 @ 8:00 pm

@TL-chan- So that’s Runo… Her face does look a bit like Dawn’s.

I never saw the episode where they Crossfuse for real either. I just have a clip. I did, however see the one of her dream on Youtube (in Japanese without subtitles). I had no idea what anyone was saying, but I still liked watching it. You can sort of tell what’s going on by just looking. I found the episode sort of funny in a cute way…

As for the Crossfusion gif… I realized there’s a tiny glitch –; But I fixed it, but I’ll upload it later…
I wonder if they’ll ever air the later seasons of EXE will air here…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.24.07 @ 2:32 am

i started with turtwig the grass pokemon:) which one are you starting with?

Comment by Michele 08.24.07 @ 10:54 am

i’ve started a new game and got chimchar:)

Comment by Michele 08.24.07 @ 5:02 pm

@Michele- Chimchar? Oh yeah, the little fire monkey ^^. I don’t have Pearl or anything, but I might get it. I’d start with the little penguin (I forgot it’s name: Plipup or something) since I like cute water Pokemon, like Mudkip and Squirtle. ^^ Not so much Totodile, since I prefer Chikorita over it.

As for the little animation glitch, it was minor. 2 of the frames during the P.E.T flash just before the crossfusion were exactly the same and it was bugging me. Anyway, I fixed it, so here she is (once again) crossfusion roll: http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb68/Corona2Sparkle/Megaman%20EXE/Maylu%20and%20Roll/crossfusion_roll.gif

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.24.07 @ 8:08 pm

yup that the name of the water pokemon: Piplup:)

Comment by Michele 08.24.07 @ 10:14 pm

@Michele- That’s it! Piplup.

Aargh! I messed up again. I caught the missing screenshots to Crossfusion Roll, and there where quite a few, nearly 20! Anyway, it took a while, but I added the missing parts to the GIF, so now it should be complete, so here’s the complete final version of Crossfusion Roll: http://s209.photobucket.com/albums/bb68/Corona2Sparkle/Megaman%20EXE/Maylu%20and%20Roll/

One last thing, I may finally decide to watch this espisode of Spider Riders on Youtube.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.25.07 @ 10:05 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Out of curiosity, have you seen all the episodes yet and if not, which ones have you seen?

Comment by TL-chan 08.26.07 @ 8:15 am

hey, tl-chan where did you get that cap of Runo?

Comment by Michele 08.26.07 @ 1:05 pm

@Michele- I screencapped it the same way I get my SR images.

Comment by TL-chan 08.26.07 @ 2:33 pm

cool. say, do you have a favourite character from Bakugan? hmmmm i wondor where vicky is:(

Comment by Michele 08.26.07 @ 2:46 pm

@TL-chan- No I haven’t seen all the episodes. The last episodes I remember seeing on tv were 1-16. I did, however see 26 and the first part of 42 on Youtube. I would watch all the other episodes too, but it’s takes way too long for my computer to load movies there, even short ones!

@Michele- Lately, it’s only been TL-chan, you, and me here. I have no clue where everyone else is.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.26.07 @ 3:34 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- That must be a pain. Actually, I haven’t technically watched all the episodes. I only skimmed through 35, because I didn’t want to subject myself to it. Saw more than I needed to though…

@Michele- I haven’t put much thought into it, actually. Runo and Julie I guess.

I wish Vicky was still around.

Comment by TL-chan 08.26.07 @ 4:25 pm

i like… Runo,Alice and Marucho:) i’m going to the transformers movie. yes!!!!!

Comment by Michele 08.26.07 @ 6:56 pm

You always seem to be doing something interesting, Michele ^^

Oh wait, did I say I saw the first part of 42?! My bad! I meant the first part of 43, you know, the one with the pixies and where Aqune beats Beerain…
I’m off to see 40 right now. I want to learn about the past of Corona and Aqune, and see how exactly they where seperated…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.26.07 @ 7:32 pm

*Sighs* It took all this time, but I just finished seeing the first part to this episode. I sort of have mixed feelings about this episode.

The beggining was funny, with the whole Igneous thing. It was funny when he was asking himeself “What rhymes with Igneous?” and then when he thought Illuma was running towards him. I almost laughed when I saw he was still outside at night, since he apparently hasn’t moved and was still wearing his armor.

Then, when Illuma tells Corona about her past… It was sad *cries*. The flashback Corona goes through right after she’s told Aqune’s her sister was sad. Seeing her cry also got to me *sniff*
I’ll see the last part maybe tomorrow or something. After that, I’ll finish watching the last part of 43.

Poor Corona! *Sniff*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.26.07 @ 10:26 pm

@Michele- I thought the Transformers movie was pretty good, though some of the fights were hard to follow. I blame it on having never watched the original Transformers cartoon, despite being a huge Beast Wars/Beasties fan.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I loved Igneous in that episode and it was nice to finally see some of Corona’s past. Unfortunately, the rest of it I found somewhat boring. I think they were much too vague. Aside from this episode, we never find out anything about Corona or Aqune except for from Buguese’s really short flashback in episode 49.

Comment by TL-chan 08.27.07 @ 7:27 am

ok yesterday was awesome!!!!!!!!! thanks to the new computer we got i’ve went on youtube and i can watch stuff on it:) BOOHAH!!!!!

Comment by Michele 08.27.07 @ 10:02 am

Oh wow… I probbably should have mentioned this a while ago, but I’m a big fan of the Powerpuff Girls! I never got to see all the episodes, but I liked it, especially Bubbles!

I just saw the transformations of the new Powerpuff Girls Z (each seperately on youtube) and I liked them! Now I want to download them. Do you know where I can download them TL-chan?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.27.07 @ 8:59 pm

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you guys i need advice tomorrow it’s going to be my first day of school!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!

Comment by Michele 08.28.07 @ 9:55 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- *shrug* I have no idea where you could find them. I’ve watched the show (or most of it anyway. I have to make time to finish it evenntually) but I haven’t seen any downloadable clips around.

@Michele- I’m not sure. I dread school myself (but I don’t start until September at least) so I’m not quite sure how to make it less painful.

Comment by TL-chan 08.28.07 @ 10:56 am

@TL-chan- *sigh* Oh well… At least I can still watch it. Maybe If I keep doing searches for them I’ll find something.

Oh yeah, last night there was a full moon, then the news said there was going be a lunar eclipse. Sure enough, a 3:00 a.m the moon was red. I think it would have looked better if it wasn’t for all the city lights…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.28.07 @ 7:16 pm

aw, dang it!!! read a little bit about it on the internet and i totally forgot about it:(

Comment by Michele 08.28.07 @ 7:59 pm

@Michele- You heard about the eclipse too? Cool.

I feel a bit frustrated right now. I’ve spend hours searching for the PPGZ transformations and all I found where broken links… At least I got the background music to their group transformation. That and I found a few pics.
If anyone has the clips of the PPGZ transformations, please put them up. Or if anyone finds a place where I can download them, please let me know.
I want to make gifs out of them ^^; –;

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.29.07 @ 12:25 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I found an episode on my harddrive, so I made a clip myself: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1mk02m

Comment by TL-chan 08.29.07 @ 7:25 am

@TL-chan- It’s the group transformation! Cool! I’m not exactly sure what they say in the end, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Just wish I had the ones where they transform by themselves. Ah well. I’ll try to make a gif out of this the way I did with crossfusion roll. It might be tricky though, since the transformations go pretty fast.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.29.07 @ 8:54 pm

hey guys, on youtube i’m watching episode 45 in japanense:)

Comment by Michele 08.29.07 @ 10:01 pm

@Michele- I’d watch SR in Japanese, but I don’t really know it.

TL-chan, I watched the group transformation I found on youtube again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe6pkQXKQX0
and I noticed that the background (except in the end) was diffrent than in the one you put up. Is it supposed to be diffrent?
I took a few snapshots of the one you put up for a closer comparison…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.29.07 @ 11:36 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- This was the only one I had. The group transformation is used more commonly than the individuals. It’s also possible that there’s two different versions of it.
At the end, they’re actually speaking in English (or more rather, engrish, which is what Japanese mispronounced English is referred to). They said “Powerpuff Girls Z.”

@Michele- I put it there. ^^ I plan to put up all the Japanese episodes, excluding the ones BigDaddyGarlic has already.

Comment by TL-chan 08.30.07 @ 7:23 am

awesome!!!! :) whew second day of high school. i like elementry school better LOL;)

Comment by Michele 08.30.07 @ 4:48 pm

@TL-chan- Of Course! Powerpuff Girls Z! I should’ve known that’s what they said…
I took a lot of screenshots, and I think I got it, or mostly all of it. It should make a nice gif, I feel. Maybe there are 2 difrent versions of the group transformation… Still wish I had the ones by themselves though. The music is diffrent for each of them.

Oh, and, maybe it’s time to start posting on another thread, since this one is really full.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 08.30.07 @ 7:33 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Sure. You can switch threads. That’s what I put up new ones for. There is a more recent SR-related post than this one.

Comment by TL-chan 08.30.07 @ 7:37 pm

Sooooo…… tired-_-

Comment by Michele 08.31.07 @ 4:58 pm

*huge shrill scream then hyperventateling* GUYS!!!!!!! i… i…. i don’t think their showing spider riders on teletoon anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Michele 09.04.07 @ 6:04 pm

@Michele- :(
My guess is that they got tired of showing reruns and wanted to use the timeslot for new programming. At least they showed all the episodes though, unlike stupid Kids WB.

Comment by TL-chan 09.04.07 @ 6:23 pm

@TL-chan- So True.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.04.07 @ 7:14 pm

i guess so….

Comment by Michele 09.04.07 @ 8:24 pm

*Sigh* Now what do I do? I’m bored. I’m going to end up at home by myself since everybody’s going back to school, still can’t find the PPGZ solo transformations, or even the opening/ending themes or anything and the only SR thing (media wise) I have is that mp3 version of that opening, you know, “calling all spider riders…”. I don’t even have the transformations of Corona or Sparkle (just the nice gifs)… Aah…!

And it takes me too long to watch anything on youtube… Oh I’M BORED! I’ve got nothing but a huge case of… Blah.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.04.07 @ 9:44 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I’m going back tomorrow.

If you’d like some SR media, I have a ton. For starters, I can give you all the Japanese OP and ED themes, since I have them uploaded for other purposes.
OP 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W5OXU97S
ED 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T6MFVMH6
ED 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1FLVI7OL
OP 2/ED 3 single: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BYGVOBDG

I don’t have clips of any SR transformations, just some of the episodes themselves. When I get the time I can make some though. Other things I have lying around are the manga raws, a ton of screenshots and fanart(some my own and some that I found online,) the AMVs I made, and a few subtitle scripts. Soon, I will also have the first DVD. ^^

Comment by TL-chan 09.05.07 @ 7:25 am

actully i think i found one go to: vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.indiVidual&videoID=13623600

Comment by Michele 09.05.07 @ 5:52 pm

uh let me try that again: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.indiVidual&videoID=13623600

Comment by Michele 09.05.07 @ 6:02 pm

@TL-chan- Cool! I’m sure to entertain myself with the songs for a while, expecially since I only saw the opening clip to the first one in the SR site, and liked how it sounded (i said sounded because, well, you know, I don’t know Japanese.) and now I get to hear it whenever I want ^^

@Michele- It appears to be an AMV remix to Sailor Moon, or at least that’s what it says. I’ve been looking for the clip of the opening, but I think I may have found something…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.05.07 @ 6:58 pm

Aw, man! I feel so ripped off right now! I found some PPGZ episodes on Megaupload, right? But I can’t download it because I’d have to wait over 33 hrs for one o_0; and I found a textless version of the opening and 2 endings (i think) but it just takes too long! I need a faster internet connection… Much Faster!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.05.07 @ 7:22 pm

Aargh… Lousy Megaupload! I missed getting the songs. It says switched servers or something when I tried downloading them just now. I would have been able to get them if I was able to use the internet earlier, but I can only use it in the evening. I guess I wouldn’t have been able to get the PPGZ stuff anyway. Oh well.
What to do now…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.05.07 @ 7:54 pm

well do you like i sure do:)

okay i’m serisly mad at my friend jenny!

Comment by Michele 09.06.07 @ 6:52 pm

I’m still bored, but much less than before ^^
So what’s everybody doing?
Me, well, not much. I did however found a song I’ve wanted to download for a long time: Chemical X by Cherish!
I miss the original PPG…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.07.07 @ 11:47 pm

@Michele- What for?

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- I’ve been so busy since school started, so not much.

Comment by TL-chan 09.11.07 @ 2:28 pm

never mind it’s cool now:) oh yeah. guess what i have MSN now:)

Comment by Michele 09.11.07 @ 4:58 pm

@TL-chan- Don’t worry. You’ll find yourself busy now, but then the next thing you know you’re waking across the stage at your graduation ^^

It’s been a bit if a pain for me the last couple of days, since I couldn’t get to the internet or anything… But that’s all over now, and I’m back.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.11.07 @ 8:26 pm


Comment by Michele 09.12.07 @ 6:44 pm

I’m working on making a 2008 Spider Riders calendar. It totally beats the calendars from the official site. If possible, I’ll make it available for other people to print out and use. The pictures are as follows (and I bet it’s easy to guess which month my birthday falls in):

January- Hunter and Shadow
February- Hunter and Corona
March- Magma and Quake
April- Lumen, Sparkle and Hotarla
May- Buguese, Stags and Beerain
June- Igneous and Slate
July- Corona and Aqune
August- Grasshop
September- Hunter and Buguese
October- Hunter, Corona, Aqune, Lumen, Sparkle, Magma and Igneous
November- Mantid
December- Buguese and Aqune

Comment by TL-chan 09.13.07 @ 9:37 pm

@Michele- Yeah, homework sucks. But it has to get done… On the bright side, you do learn from it though.

@TL-chan- I love December (Christmas). Sounds good, except Hunter and Buguese for September? It feels a little weird for me since my birthday’s on September, but I don’t mind at all. Oh yeah, it’s coming up. Once Monday hits, oh man. 18!

It’s quite clever/cute how you’ll make one featuring HxC for February. HxC fans will love that.
Personally, I’m looking foward to seeing the calendars for April, July (especially), and October. I can’t wait to see the rest as well.

Oh, and I got the textless opening for PPGZ as well as textless endings 1 and 2 for it, so I’m happy about that. At this rate, I may just find the solo transformations soon ^^;

Oh yeah, I never did put up the drawing of Corona as Kitana, huh? Yeah, I should put that up. Of course I’ll have to draw it first (I’m lazy). I think I’ll also put up the ones I talked about a long time ago. I can’t believe I never drew Aqune on the first pic. I ‘ll have to get to that. I don’t know when I can put it all up though, since I’ll be quite busy after Monday. That, and I’ll have to get my hands on the camera…

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.13.07 @ 11:20 pm

@Michele- I hate homework too.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Look here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v670/Soaker87/Calendar/

Also, if you see any major errors (such as mispelled months or dates out of order) feel free to point them out so I can re-do them.

I have no idea why I chose that picture for September. I just wanted to do one picture somewhere of Hunter with Buguese, because I’m a fan of their rivalry. The only ones I really did on purpose were the February, July and December.

When you finish with your pictures, I’d like to see them.

Comment by TL-chan 09.14.07 @ 8:34 am

@TL-chan- Nicely done! I especially like the one for October, probably because it has everyone in it.
I don’t think I saw any spelling errors, but if I do I’ll tell you.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.14.07 @ 6:56 pm

those are totally awesome tl-chan!!!:)

*sad sigh*:(

Comment by Michele 09.15.07 @ 7:49 pm

Something wrong, Michele?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.16.07 @ 9:59 pm

i just totally miss good ol vicky. i mean when was the last time she was here and talked to us?:(

Comment by Michele 09.18.07 @ 4:40 pm

@Michele- I miss Vicky too. I wish she’d post here more often, and everyone else who used to talk here, for that matter. It’s be fun.

Comment by TL-chan 09.18.07 @ 6:41 pm

guys lets talk on the new post you just put up.

Comment by Michele 09.18.07 @ 7:05 pm

PrURDB hi! nice site!

Comment by zibex 01.22.09 @ 3:35 am

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