I’d been losing passion for this blog for quite a while. It’s not the hobby of blogging myself that I’m tired of, because I often find myself wishing I had something worth blogging about. It’s more that I can’t find any anime that I want to write about anymore. I had strongly considered putting an end to More Shadows after the completion of Spider Riders, but I gave it a few weeks and discovered Sola soon after, temporarily restoring my enjoyment in a series. Then came the summer, and I can’t say I feel strongly enough toward any one series to want to actively write about or even follow them. I’ve even temporarily given up on most of the spring shows, save for El Cazador (and the Japanese, uncut version of Spider Riders, which can hardly be counted as something new.)

I don’t want to say something as conclusive as “I’m closing down this blog.” The fact of the matter is, I still don’t want to. I’m jst going to say that I’ll probably stop blogging for now. I hardly write anything anymore as it is. I may do a few upcoming episodes of SR by request, only because I already said I would, but aside from that, I’ll probably end up waiting around for a while. The best stuff always tends to premiere in the fall, so hopefully something there will really catch my attention and bring my passion back.

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It’s not you it’s the shows. I’ve been dropping things left & right because they’re just dragging on about nothing. Take a break enjoy life and come back when you’ve got something to say :D

Comment by Hinano 07.30.07 @ 8:26 am

i wont be online much…my comp is in repairs. My Wii, which is what I’m on now, is really slow…

goodbye for now…


Comment by Paul 08.07.07 @ 9:33 am

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