Proof that I’m not dead yet, but not to say that my hiatus is over (because it certainly isn’t,) there are still some things worth talking about.
Edit: I wonder if that made any sense. Run-on sentences are fun.

Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora DVD special 4
I’m probably not going to watch all of these 4 minute episodes, because they’re rather pointless, but when I heard this one had Tarutotte and Soujirou in it, I had to give it a look. It was a hot springs episode, so rather fanservicy, especially the parts with Kaon and Himiko. The part with Tarurotte was adorable as expected, seeing how she was as bratty as ever. I’m still not sure how Soujirou puts up with her. Anyway, I love those two together, so I’m glad to get more animation of them.

Spider Riders ~Yomigaeru Taiyou~ 19 (45)
As requested, I’ll talk a bit about this one. I might do 46-47, but probably together. This one was pretty much the same as it was an English. Not really a bad episode (in fact, there were some rather adorable bits I’d forgotten about) but not a favorite of mine either. Corona still screamed Hunter’s name a crazy amount of times. I was hoping that part would be the same, because it amused me. Then of course Ebony talks for the first time, scaring the heck out of everyone. The Lumen/Grasshop rivalry thing is pretty entertaining as well. Much as I don’t care for Beerain, the part where she’s talking with Grasshop in the beginning is disturbingly cute. Dunno why she’s still so obsessed with Buguese. Her obsession with him threw her into angst mode, but it’s Grasshop who can cheer her up. If he wasn’t already married, I’d probably ship them. Though, there’s also certain punishments I’d rather not wish on Grasshop. Besides, nothing will change my mind about Buguese and Aqune being the obvious choice for each other even violent threats of death. Then of course, there’s the ending where Hunter ends up meeting with Mantid. Unlike the last time I saw this, no suspense, but it’s still a great cliffhanger. Oh, and Mantid finally got to do the next episode preview, which included evil laughter. ^^

El Cazador 20
My LA obsession is probably obvious enough, so I enjoyed this episode enough that it needs to be talked about. Basically, LA has to deal with rejection now and it’s not pretty. Seeing Ellis and Nadie together really effected him, and now he’s rather upset. Though I still can’t be sure, I think he actually does love Ellis, considering that he was actually crying, besides doing his jealous rage thing. What I liked about the ending to this episode is that though it was sad, it was creepy and disturbing at the same time. I’ll admit briefly squeeing over the fact that LA was blowing bubbles (just like Ellis was earlier in the episode) naked but the fact that he was doing that is rather weird. He’s still totally insane, but that makes him fascinating. There are other things that I’m interested in besides him, of course. Lilio’s purpose must be explained. Or else. I’m still convinced she’s going to be the answer to everything or something. Do not pull what you did with Spider Riders and leave half the mysteries unexplained, Bee Train! *glares*

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