Well, I might as well. There is actually quite a lot that interests me here.
Edit: Dates and sites added.

Very Interested
10/2-Night Wizard the Animation- It looks really cool. Do not disappoint
10/3-Kodomo no Jikan- Controversial lolicon series. I’m looking for sure.
10/4-Clannad- if it’s anywhere near as good as Air or Kanon, I’m in.
10/6- ef- A Tale of Memories- The story shows potential. I also like the character designs. Very reminiscent of Sola.
10/6-Gundam 00- It has Gundam in the name. I tend to enjoy Gundam, although I tend to enjoy Gundam substantially less if it’s devoid of kick-butt female pilots. I see none in this show, but I’ll look at it anyway.
10/7-Maple Story- It’s the RPG thing that’s appealing. I still thought Ragnarok the Animation was really good and from what I watched of Master of Epic, it was pretty fun. Not to say that this will be at all like either of them, but it definitely deserves a look.
10/7-Prism Ark- Has potential to be awful in a good way (although probably won’t be something as awesome as Eikyuu Alice Rondo like I want it to be.)
10/9-Genshiken season 2- I liked the first season. Never got around to watching the OAV though. Anyway, I’m sue it’ll be good, but it’s the kinda thing I probably won’t blog about.

Somewhat Interested
10/1- Bamboo Blade- The plot seems to have potential to be something really unique. I’m not big on sports anime in general though.
10/2- Blue Drop: Tenchi-tachi no Gikyoku- Sounds rather epic, though I have really no expectations for it for some reason. It could be good.
10/2- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro-Being a Shonen Jump series means it gets a look, but this one doesn’t seem too promising
10/3- Dragonaut ~ The Resonance- Sorta interesting sounding and I like the character designs. Too bad I don’t like Gonzo much at all.
10/7-Rental Magica- Hmm… maybe.
10/18-Ghost Hound- Seems like it could be vaguely interesting and the character designs are appealing,

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Gundam would be a bit boring for me without the ladies in it ^^;

Comment by Danny Choo 08.31.07 @ 7:37 pm

@Danny Choo- I’m sure there will be female characters. In fact, I found bios of a few of them somewhere, and they’ve been on the trailers. Can’t remember where though.

Comment by TL-chan 09.01.07 @ 3:18 pm

Okay, a couple of things. First, a gif of the PPGZ Group transformation (thanks to TL-chan for the vid): http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb68/Corona2Sparkle/Demashitaa%20Powerpuff%20Girls%20Z/Transformations/ppgz_transformation.gif

And it’s a new month (my birthday’s coming ^^) so that means a new calendar, this month featuring the adorable Sparkle (and Hotarla): http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb68/Corona2Sparkle/Spider%20Riders/Calendars/2007/september07_sparkle_hotarla.jpg
As for me, I’m currently trying to deal with this unbearable heat we’re getting in L.A. *sweats*

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 09.01.07 @ 7:26 pm

@Princess Sparkle @ Corona- If it’s alright, let’s move to this post intead: http://tlchan.animeblogger.net/?p=563

I’m just trying to keep things semi on topic when it comes to comments.

Yay, Hotarla! The gif is cool too.

Comment by TL-chan 09.02.07 @ 7:23 am

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