LA: R.I.P.

Okay, so I knew this was coming, but it was still sad to see the most awesome rabid stalker go. I expected Ellis or Rosenberg to kill him, so having Ricardo be the one was an interesting twist. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether Ricardo or LA would be the one to die when they went into battle, but I had a gut feeling that it was only going to end with one survivor. I’ve wondered for a while and still don’t really know if LA was meant to be a good or evil character. I certainly can’t excuse his frequent psychotic outbursts. Yet, there was something about him that made him very sympathetic. He definitely had a clear grasp on what he wanted in life, which was Ellis. Anyone who served as an obstacle to this, no matter who, was an enemy to him. So yes, that’s just added proof that he’d need to spend serious time in a mental institution if he were real. Still, there was evidence around that he wasn’t an all out evil person. There was the incident with the little girl selling flowers a few episodes back. Then there’s also the fact that he was being manipulated by Rosenberg. If not for what Rosenberg put him through, perhaps he might’ve become a more sane person. I think the strongest reason I sympathized with him, whether he was supposed to be a sympathetic character or not, was that he was constantly being rejected. Ellis had hated him from the start, so of course his pursuit of her was always going to be in vain. Then in the previous episode, the one time Ellis came to him, it didn’t end well either. However, he did get somewhat of a happy ending at least. Though it was actually Lilio, he thought it was Ellis that was smiling at him as he died, so I guess he can die believing that Ellis cared about him. I wonder exactly what that scene with Lilio meant anyway. It was probably just because LA was dying that he saw things differently, but it was weird that Lilio went up to him anyway. Lilio is still the most mysterious character in the show, so I hope in the last two episodes, they’ll at least explain something about her. Seems unlikely though, because Nadie and Ellis are the focus of course.

And there were so many revelations this week. Rosenberg’s motivations and plans were explained and it seems that Ellis did somehow kill the professor. Though probably, Rosenberg controlled her to do it. Wow, this guy’s more evil than I thought.

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