Note: I do NOT plan to blog this show on a regular basis (it’s way too cheesey), unless something really interesting happens again, so don’t ask.

I really wonder how I went from reviewing ecchi lolicon-fodder in my last entry to something like this. I really have strange taste. Ugh, hurry up and start, Fall season!
A boy named Tsuyoshi is quickly defeated in a fight by another boy, Koichi, and thinks afterwards that sometimes he hates Bakugan. Meanwhile, Dan and the others return home and somewhat normal life resumes. Runo continues her job as a waitress, but because Alice didn’t come into work, she’s rather annoyed that she has to do everything by herself. Alice happens to notice Tsuyoshi trying to throw his Bakugan into a pond. While trying to make him stop, she accidentally knocks him into the water. After drying him off, she learns of his dislike for Bakugan. She tries to teach him some things about the game. Tsuyoshi still doesn’t want to play again, hating to always lose, and tries to get Alice to do it in his place, but she says that he has to be the one. She adds that he should believe in his own Bakugan. In the meantime, Dan and Drago take a bath. Dan thinks that he’s forgetting about something important. Tsuyoshi is ready for a rematch with Koichi. He holds Alice’s hand, to take her into the field as well, but something strange happens. Much to Tsuyoshi’s distress, Alice doesn’t get to go inside. Instead, she stays in the regular world, but is able to move while the rest of time is frozen. Alice is concerned about this, but is more worried about Tsuyoshi. However, she realizes that she can still hear the battle and they can hear her. She tries to talk Tsuyoshi through it from the outside. Eventually, time starts moving again and Alice loses contact with Tsuyoshi. He’s able to remember Alice’s advice from before, and when he starts to believe in his Bakugan, he turtle-like creature, Juggernaut, speaks to him. Then he’s able to make a comeback. When the fight is over, Koichi is impressed by Tsuyoshi’s skill and wants to challenge him again. Tsuyoshi, who’s able to play on his own now, accepts this. Meanwhile, Dan remembers what he forgot… to eat. Runo, however, remembers something much more important. If Joe wasn’t the spy among their group for Masquerade, then somebody else is. She looks at a photo of her friends, wondering who.

Forgive me, sane people of the world. I just had the urge to review this episode. I’m so bored and sick. I still think this show reaches new levels of ridiculous, mostly due to the cheese factor and crazy amount of out-of-place angst in it, but it’s like a really bad drug. I’ve wondered for a while just what Alice’s purpose in the show was. I mean, she’s never played Bakugan, even though she found a card just like everyone else, and even though she seems to know the game very well. I suppose her knowledge of the game probably exists because of who she chooses to hang out with, but I still find it interesting. There was always something unusual about her and this episode just exemplifies it. I know she’s watches battles before, so it’s not like she can’t enter the fields. I just find it weird that in this instance, she stayed in the normal world. She found it weird too, so I’m guessing it’s the first time something like this has happened. The question is, why? It was interesting to see on the eyecatch this week that she was pictured with the white rabbit. It could just be an Alice in Wonderland reference, but maybe it means something more. Perhaps she has some kind of weird powers concerning time. There are definitely some very supernatural things in this show, such as the magic light that can revive the dead, so it’s not that out of the question that Alice could also possess a supernatural power. Another thing in this episode that really made it interesting was the realization in the end about the spy. I wonder if it really is one of Dan’s friends. I think Dan and Runo can easily be ruled out of the suspects, which leaves Marucho, Julie, Alice, Shun, or someone else entirely. I really can’t see why Marucho would work for Masquerade. He’s way too innocent, so I’d definitely rule him out. Julie is an interesting possibility, because she does seem to be obsessed with Dan. Maybe she had a reason to try and get close to him. Either way, I don’t want to pin it on her, because she definitely opposes Masquerade due to what happened with Billy. Shun has always been dark and mysterious, so with him, nobody knows. And as for Alice, she sometimes is all broody. Maybe there’s a reason for this. Unrelated to the rest of the rant, but Tsuyoshi is so cute. Hope this isn’t the last we see of him, but I bet he’s just a one-shot character.

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