Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~
It didn’t give off a very good first impression. The weird thing is, this doesn’t seem like a terrible show or anything, but there’s some things that really turn me off about it. First and foremost, the nose of the cat. Seriously, it annoys me more than it probably should. Until it actually opened it’s mouth, I thought the nose was just a deformed mouth. Turns out it’s an annoyingly deformed nose. The ending theme almost made me cry, seeing how populated with those deformed cats it was. I also don’t like the character designs in general. Some of the characters aren’t too bad, but the main character is among the weirdest looking. There were actually a few funny moments, but a lot of the jokes were kinda boring. Also, what’s Aria doing here?

Bamboo Blade
It was decent, but nothing special. I’ve never seen an anime about kendo before (not to say there are none), so I definitely give this points for originality. The problem I had with this anime is that nothing really stood out, with the exception of that one quiet girl who kicks butt. She was cool, and I like the fact that she seems to be a key character. However, she didn’t do much in this episode. I dunno if it’s worth watching the show just for her though. I’ll probably give it at least one more episode, because a few of the characters haven’t been introduced yet, so maybe some of them will be interesting too. I also want to see the real OP, since the one this week mostly just used footage from the first episode.

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I give’em three episodes to catch my interests

Comment by shinigami 10.02.07 @ 12:04 am

@shinigami- I tend to give them two, but more if it’s something I was really looking forward to.

Comment by TL-chan 10.02.07 @ 6:21 am

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