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Tamaki is a fan of a sentai series called Blade Brave, and according to Yuji, considers herself a follower of justice. She helps the kendo club by fighting for their defense, and due to the fact that she’s been learning kendo sicne the age of four, is quite talented. Though her uniform is too big and she keeps tripping on it, she succeeds in winning the match, and also agrees to join the club. She eats lunch with the kendo club members and starts to become friendly with them. To further show her talent, she also effortlessly beats the coach, hurting his pride. Later, Tamiki thinks to herself about her plans for the next day to learn how to make sandwiches with the kendo club, and about the fact that she made friends.

This really isn’t too bad. At least as of yet, it hasn’t become nothing but kendo action, which I’m a bit afraid will happen eventually. This episode was mostly cuteness and fun. There was a major fight at the beginning, but that wasn’t too boring. It was cool to see how kick-butt Tamaki is. It also succeeded in keeping me in suspense, as I wasn’t certain Tamaki was going to win at a point. Despite that, this still manages to be a bit predictable, but not too much. I’d rather watch Blade Brave though. The dialogue was so cheesey and funny. It should be made into a real show. I loved how they had a chibi version of the evil monster narrating the next episode preview, though. Hope this continues. From the looks of it, next week one of the remaining two girls will appear, and the purple-haired girl (forget her name) is going to join the kendo club. She amuses me, so this should be fun to see.

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I’m still not sure whether to pick up Bamboo Blade, given that the fanbuzz has been relatively lukewarm but glad you’re blogging it so I can get another view on this series.

BTW sorry to ask this in your comments section (I couldn’t find your email contact), both hontou ni blogs have moved to a new domain. Would really appreciate it if you could amend the URLs on your blogroll please.

Comment by Zyl 10.09.07 @ 6:47 am

@Zyl- It’s not bad so far. I guess with all the big things airing like Clannad, Gundam 00, and the large amount of harem things, most people already have a lot else to watch before a sports anime. Personally, I know I’m watching way too much this season.

Fixed blogroll. It was frigtheningly out of date. There’s probably also some dead blogs on it that should be deleted, but I’ll get to that another time.

Comment by TL-chan 10.09.07 @ 2:13 pm

Thanks! Yeah, I feel sort of overwhelmed this season too.

Comment by Zyl 10.09.07 @ 3:30 pm

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