Hiiragi is forced to become a student in Elis’s class. Elis remembers back to what happened when she spoke with Anzelotte. She explained to them that monsters have existed throughout history and are known as Emulators. Only Wizards can fight them. Because of Elis’ bracelet, she’s now a wizard, and since the jewels in her bracelet are so special, she’s the only one who can save the world. She requests that Elis join and gives her the option “hai or yes.” So of course, Elis accepts. Even though yes was her only option, she was willing to take the responsibility anyway. When she returns home, both Hiiragi and Kureha will be living with her. Kureha insists that Hiiragi sleep outside though, and brings him dog food for dinner. However, Elis made a real dinner and they all eat while having a party in honor of saving the world. The next day, Elis’s powers are improving, and later the three are taken back to see Anzelotte. Apparently, another party is being thrown for Elis, but in a legendary place. While they seem to just be in the arctic, Elis notices a castle. Meanwhile, the evil loli is planning something new, and sends out another woman to attack, as well as a golem. Kureha and Hiiragi try to fight the golem, but fail. They’re saved by the red-haired girl, Akari. However, then more golems are summoned.

It was kinda just an average episode, so I’m not sure exactly what to say. It wasn’t as funny as the first episode (though it had it’s moments.) All the explanations were helpful and at least now that they’re out of the way, the story can continue. Elis probably has a lot of development in store for her. For someone who’s apparently the only person who can save the world, she’s fairly useless now. Not completely so, but she still needs Hiiragi and Kureha to defend her. Of course, she is still new to this, so it wouldn’t make sense if she was the best right away. I guess I’m just used to the dumb cliché of the main character in an action show automatically being the best at whatever it is they do. This series seems to be doing a great job of avoiding clichés, actually. Usually, heroes are more reluctant at first, but Elis was fine with taking her responsibility. There is the case of Hiiragi, but I think he’s just more of a slacker. I can definitely see this series remaining fun. With this, Prism Ark and Shugo Chara, this season is great so far for fulfilling my fantasy needs. Oh, and there’s a real OP this week. Yay!

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Hey, TL…when you see your friend BuguesexAqune, tell her thanks for putting all the Spider Rider eps on YouTube, not just the wonderful Japanese versions, but also re-posting the English ones over the last few days. Keep up the good work. Is it true Japan has not seen the last ep yet? Hope it gets monster ratings and a second season. Keep hope alive.

Comment by Hunter Steele 10.10.07 @ 8:58 pm

@Hunter Steele- Well you can thank me, because actually I did it I was kinda keeping it a subtle secret, because I didn’t want to get my account with all my AMVs deleted. As proven, Youtube likes to take off episodes of tv series, simply because putting them up is illegal in the first place. I’m not exactly proud of having a criminal record now, but I just like to help out. Problem is, I don’t have most of the English episodes(except for the B/A heavy ones and a couple others), so I was trying to dig them up myself.

The last episode will be on Saturday. If there ever is a second season, I’ve always been a bit concerned that it will be terrible. Kinda had a bad experience in the past of a sequel ruining one of my most favorite anime ever, Gundam Seed. But my main reasoning for disliking that was the horrible warping of the personalities of my two favorite characters from the original. I would hope that in a Spider Riders 2, everyone would still be the same.

Comment by TL-chan 10.11.07 @ 6:42 am

Speaking of being taken off YouTube, your excellent video “Where Aqune Belongs” is no longer on. It was my little girl’s absolute favorite video, and now it’s gone forever… unless you have some way of getting me a copy this elusive amv. E-mail it to me? Can’t. Over 10mb. How would you do it? Do you have it on a personal site somewhere? It’s Arachna Powerful!

Comment by Hunter Steele 10.12.07 @ 7:50 pm

@Hunter Steele- You posted this twice, so in case you go to check here, I replied over in the other thread: http://tlchan.animeblogger.net/?p=590

Also, I have a semi-recent SR thread here: http://tlchan.animeblogger.net/?p=568
Maybe I’ll make another one over the weekend after I dig up the last episode, but It depends on a couple factors.

Comment by TL-chan 10.12.07 @ 8:12 pm

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