In order to help Sana and Nanaka, Syusuke and Syuri come up with the idea of going on a trip to a spa. Later, at school, Sana accidentally breaks Nanaka’s mirror, but surprisingly, she isn’t angry, saying that it wasn’t expensive. Nanaka later sees Sana shopping, but notices that Asami is with him too. It turns out that he was buying her a new mirror. Nanaka looks at it later and reminisces about her childhood. Soon, it’s time to live for the trip, but to everyone’s surprise, Sana wants to invite Asami too. On the bus, Syuri notices that Asami has the same mirror as Nanaka. She says that Sana bought it for her while they were shopping. Unfortunately, Nanaka sees it too. They stop for a while and go fishing, and despite Syusuke’s boasting, he catches nothing. Aoi ends up catching her dress and Sana manages to get one fish. While Aoi and Asami prepare dinner, Sana sees a bloody knife and seems traumatized by it. While he goes away for a while, he notices a pink rock in the water and takes it. Syuri calls him back for the barbeque. Afterwards, it’s time for dessert, and Nanaka goes to get the cookies she made, but Asami reveals her cake first. At the spa, after everyone’s changed into bathing suits, they enjoy the water. Once it’s time to go, they part ways, leaving Sana, Nanaka and Aoi alone. Sana and Aoi remember the time when Nanaka made them cookies. She says that she made them again. When Sana gets to taste them, he comments that they’re delicious, just like in the past, and he and Aoi devour them all. Then, Sana gives Nanaka the rock, making her very happy.

That was really sweet. Now I think I’m actually kinda glad that Nanaka isn’t mad at Sana anymore. It was even kinda painful to see that the mirror he bought for Nanaka wasn’t a gift just for her, and that he gave Asami the same. I’m glad he gave her the rock at the end. I felt bad for Nanaka throughout a lot of this episode, especially when Asami also beat her to giving the dessert. Aside from the love drama, another interesting thing came up here, with Sana and the knife. His fear of blood is probably going to be important later. Exactly what it means I don’t know, but I’m guessing it has something to do with why he left. Besides the serious stuff, there was also a lot of fun things this episode. Aoi’s fishing was rather amusing, as was her reaction to the water slide. Also, Syuri finally did something other than exist. She seems to be very concerned about letting Sana and Nanaka become close again, and she also seemed to be concerned for Sana when she saw that he had went off by himself. I wonder if she knows about his trauma, or if it was just the fact that he left that made her worry. Next week, the last girl is being introduced (who, Like Aoi, probably won’t be competition, since she’s not on the ED.)

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Sana is traumatized by the blood on the knife. *Maybe he is actually Mokoto of School Days reincarnated and remember the day he was stab and killed by Sekai.* Hehe another joke, I really appreciate what happened though Asami seems always 1st at everything before Nanaka. Seems the other character in the story will be introduced next episode.

Comment by arigatou 10.16.07 @ 6:27 pm

@arigatou- XD I haven’t even watched School Days, yet it immediately came to mind.

Comment by TL-chan 10.16.07 @ 6:46 pm

I’m guessing he tried to kill himself in the past. They hinted something when he wouldn’t take his watch off. Cut marks maybe?

Comment by sorael 10.17.07 @ 12:25 am

@Sorael- Maybe. That would make sense.

Comment by TL-chan 10.17.07 @ 6:34 am

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