Button is so cute! He’s not as awesome as Potato, but I officially love the way Key designs animals. They’re just like little balls of pure fluff. *dies*

In other news, Kyou is attempting to compete with Tomoyo for who can do more awesome moves, and Fuko is gaining major favoritism points from me. Maybe it’s just because she’s so weird. I hope they get into some of the girl’s individual arcs soon, even though mostly crack episodes like this are fun, just so that she and everyone else can start making some sense. I think it took them until about the 4th or 5th episode in Kanon though, so I’ll be patient through what looked like more crack on the preview. Clannad is still an enteraining show.

This short post bought to you by one who has been very lazy this week. >_<

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A stuffed animal has been already made for him: http://www.cospa.com/detail/id/0000020660

So cute… A dango is fine, too.

Comment by Mei 10.20.07 @ 12:18 am

@Mei- That’s awesome. Hope I can find it somewhere where I can order it in English.

Comment by TL-chan 10.20.07 @ 10:57 am

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