Maharu returns to Earth and attempts to get Yukinari back. She winds up wreaking havoc though and taking out anyone in her path, causing a big scare for Tomoka and meganekko Koyomi. She eventually returns to Seiren though. Maharu is such a fun character. It’s a shame she couldn’t have stayed for more episodes. I used to not like her, but this episode was great after two lesser episodes in a row. I like that we’re getting back to the main plot, which is poor Yukinari getting tortured by girls (not to say that mahjong tournaments and Cat’s Eye parodies can’t be amusing.) The preview for next weeks episode makes it look pretty funny. Miharu gets to lash out on Yukinari. Yep, he gets tortured even worse then Shiratori.

Wah?! Somehow, while transferring it, my first cap got destroyed, thus it’s been removed.

What's there to say about this cap? Please don't eat me I'm too cutified to die

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