The students are given an assignment to write about their dreams for the future, and most are very unenthusiastic. Kuro, however, knows that she wants to be with Rin. Rin’s dream is to be Daisuke’s wife, and she announces this in class. Later, Kuro expresses her unhappiness about what Rin is doing, but she says that it’s alright to tease someone she loves. The reason she doesn’t tease Kuro too is because the love of friends is different. Of course, hearing that she’s only a friend does not make Kuro happy. Later, Daisuke reads the assignments from his students, seeing the crazy things Rin, Kuro and Mimi wrote. He’s greeted with plenty of stress the next day in school, such as the fact that most of his students are doing poorly. There’s also the fact that Rin continues teasing him. She talks to him after school, trying to convince him to reward her if she does better on her tests in the future. Rin continues trying to help Daisuke, by getting the class to pay attention. Rin also gets a perfect grade on her next test, and so Daisuke decides to reward her now by carrying her home. To do this, he also turns down an offer to have dinner with Kyoko. On the way home, Rin manages to convince Daisuke to admit that he likes her. She tells Reiji about this later on. Meanwhile, Kyoko attempts to deal with rejection by getting drunk.

This show makes me wonder if third graders are really this troublesome. It’s been a while since I was that young, but I don’t think they were as bratty or dispassionate as most of Rins’ class. I know Rin, Kuro and Mimi are somewhat extreme, but in the case of the various unnamed students, they too seem fairly bratty. Who knows? I love overanalyzing. This was quite an interesting episode, especially towards the end. I seriously doubt that when Daisuke said he liked Rin, he meant it in a romantic way. It’s be too weird. If they ever do become a couple, then I think I’ll be able to see why everyone makes such a big deal over this title. Either way though, it’s still just entertainment. It’s not meant to be taken seriously or anything. Some people just can’t separate cartoons from reality, I think. Proof that this is meant to be silly entertainment can be further shown with Kuro this week. Her crush on Rin is cute I suppose, but some of her actions and fantasies are pretty over the top, especially counting in the OAV. Hopefully, Mimi gets some development soon, because she was my favorite in the OAV. She hasn’t really done much in the anime yet.

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