I’ve been lazy/Stressed/etc., but I must try and catch up with anime. Wouldn’t want to fall too far behind.

ef- a tale of memories 03
I’m trying to figure out exactly why I’m still following this show. Despite the good things it has going for it (some really fascinating characters and an interesting story) it also bothers me somewhat. Normally, it takes both of the above qualities to sell me on a show (especially the first) but there’s something here that’s still missing. I’m not even sure if I can blame it on the bizarre directing. While I still find that weird, I’m getting much more used to it. I think at least part of the problem is that the show just feels so loosely assembled. It’s almost like what I’d expect from a slice-of-life anime, that doesn’t need much to connect things together. However, this isn’t as much a slice-of-life series as it is a drama/confusing weird things type. I’m starting to understand how the various sub-stories are intertwined, but unless they tie themselves up a bit more soon, it seems more like I’m watching three different mini-shows in one, that keep jumping from show to show without warning. Studying it closer, I’m thinking the main connections between stories will probably rely on Yuuko (whoever/whatever the heck she is) and the twins. Anyway, about this actual episode, there were some interesting things. I was right about Chihiro writing to remember things. She seems to have such a terrible life, that I can’t help but wish she’ll find some way to be cured of her memory problem. Mizuki’s presence throws yet another character into the mess. I have no idea if she’ll be recurring though. Since she’s Kei’s friend, and already had some significance, I’d say she has her chances.

Bamboo Blade 04
MiyaMiya pretty much makes this show, just because of her crazy side. Apparently, now she’s sadistic too, seeing how she enjoyed hitting Kirino repetitively. There’s just a surprising amount of fun things in this show, that I wouldn’t have expected when I first learned of the concept. This week, basically, Sayako rejoined the kendo club (and was immediately labeled as “blue,” despite having no idea why) and MiyaMiya had to hide her identity from her, because of the past incident between them. When she finally did decide to apologize, it was funny to see just how terrified Sayako was to be confronted by Miyamiya again. Speaking of her, I hope we still get to see more of her black side in the future. The pink, sparkly MiyaMiya is cute, as is her relationship with Dan, which seems to bring it out, but I like the psychotic one better. I wonder when the last girl is going to be introduced. I figured they’d get to it next, but she wasn’t on the preview. I see this is going to be 26 episodes, so they still have time. I’m just trying to figure out what route this series will take in the future, having so many episodes to work with. I’d prefer it if they kept it fun and cute for as long as possible, and not made it all fighting. If they do, at least put MiyaMiya in action often, so I can see her smash at people again.

Da Capo II 04
How on earth is Koko still winning?! That makes no sense. No matter what, they keep getting closer. They may be doing so at a very slow pace, but it’s way more than I ever expected. And I’ve got nothing wrong with Koko, really, but the other girls could at least try. Nanaka may have some interest in Yoshiyuki, but I doubt they’ll even get together temporarily now, at the rate this is going. I’m guessing that either it’ll be Koko all the way, or half way through, he’ll switch to Yume, the only other girl who might be interested in him at all. But anyway, on the topic of this episode, it was quite entertaining. Suginami and Anzu in particular did some interesting things for the sake of creating fanservice. I also liked how in that one borrowing relay that every paper Minatsu took said “banana” on it. Poor robot. ^_^; Yume’s borrowing of Yoshiyuki’s pants was also quite strange. So basically, I guess that was just a near-pointless fanservice episode. At least it was fun.

Myself;Yourself 04
It’s like Kodomo no Jikan, only not as controversial. Okay, not really, but it did contain a loli hitting on an older guy. Syusuke helps a 10-year-old girl named Hinako, who falls in love with him and starts to become his stalker. For whatever reason, she seemed like she could be annoying from the preview, but I actually like her a lot. She’s cute. Also, I don’t think I realized just how young she was. Regardless of age, she doesn’t have a chance with Syusuke, because she fails at having what he most wants in a woman, big breasts and the ability to cook. Of course, she’s still young, so she could improve on these things in the future. She uses Aoi as a coach to help her (who happens to possess both these assets) but still can’t change herself. Anyway, I have to root for her now (unless of course, she’s moved on to Sana). I’m actually not sure how old Syusuke is, but since he’s still in school, the age difference can’t be that bad. Or, maybe it is, but I’ve seen worse. It doesn’t look good for Hinako though. I’m starting to think Syusuke has a thing for Syuri. O.o

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haha i like it!

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