Nanaka practices a special dance for the upcoming Sakura festival. Because she’s busy practicing, she has to turn down an invitation to go out with Sana and the others. She feels like she has to do this for her uncle. Later, Sana goes shopping with Asami at a pet store. While she doesn’t own a cat, she’s buying a collar for one at a nursing home where she volunteers. She invites Sana to come with her, who agrees. The two are spotted by Nanaka, who immediately becomes jealous. She decides that she can come with them too, instead of practicing. They all go there one day, and find that Syuri is working there too. While there, Sana plays fighting games with one of the residents and Nanaka investigates the disappearance of a pet bird. She also asks about another resident, Kaiji, who she learns has been sick lately. Apparently, she’s been acting strangely since the death of her grandchild. When they visit her, she mistakes Nanaka for her grandchild, Makoto. After calming down, she asks for Nanaka to play the violin for her, but Nanaka gets a strange flashback and apologizes because she’s unable to right now. Eventually, it’s time for the festival. While there, Sana wins a plushie of the yeti that Hinako likes. He plans to give it to Nanaka, but Hinako sees it first and wants it, so she gets it instead. This makes Nanaka jealous. Soon, everyone watches Nanaka perform her dance. Afterwards, Sana goes to talk to her, and comments about how pretty she looked. While they talk, something runs by, scaring Nanaka. She clings onto Sana. They soon realize that it was just a raccoon and become embarrassed. Their time together is cut short when Hinako finds them. Later, Kaiji is seen again looking creepy.

Interesting, though I have no idea what that last scene was supposed to be about. Nanaka seems to have some kind of mysterious past too. I wonder if the flames she saw have anything to do with Sana and the knife thing. Anyway, I hope this is explained eventually. Regardless of what it was supposed to mean, I doubt she’s really Kaiji’s granddaughter. She’s not dead and they have different names. Maybe they were just trying to do a freaky thing for Halloween. Next week they seem to be doing another Hinako episode, which seems a bit out of place. Since she’s not even a part of Sana’s harem, it would make sense for them to keep focusing on Nanaka and Asami. Although, it’s possible that Hinako could switch over. She did manage to get Nanaka jealous this week. Did she even realize she was getting jealous over a ten-year-old? It’d be quite an interesting plot twist though if Sana actually did pick Hinako on the end. I don’t think the series is going to take that wild a twist though. Still, I’m kinda hoping that they’ll pull something surprising in the future. Maybe that’ll happen when Sana’s (and/or Nanaka’s) past comes out.

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