Finally got a chance to catch up on Kodomo no Jikan. The censorship is still there and still annoying as ever, so I’m officially renaming this show. Episode 3 was particularly annoying. It was to be expected, seeing as the episode was mostly about Mimi needing to get a bra, but it’s still way too distracting for it’s own good. There were a couple cute moments, but all-in-all it just annoyed me in the end. I’d probably like it more if I could see half of what was going on. Episode 4 was better and finally added some dramatic elements to the show(though there was still annoying censoring). It was about Daisuke feeling guilty after learning about Rin’s family situation (parents divorced, mother dead, and living only with her guardian, who was adopted by Rin’s mother before her death) and trying to show he cares for her. I’m actually half convinced at this point that they’re somehow going to pair up Daisuke and Rin, despite the fact that it’d be way controversial. Daisuke is becoming much more comfortable around her and obviously cares about her. They’ve even actually kissed now, even if it only happened because Rin took him by surprise. He didn’t seem to hate it though, even though he was quite embarrassed and annoyed. If they don’t end up as a couple, I could see him at least becoming another father figure to Rin. For now, she has Reiji, but there’s something about him that I find suspicious. It’s not exactly in a bad way, but I feel he’s hiding some kind of secret. I remember him looking at pictures of Rin’s mother in the OAV. It could be as simple as him having been attracted to her before her death. I’m almost wondering if he has an interest in Rin too. Maybe that’s just crazy speculation on my part, but there is some logic behind it. A major point of this episode was that Daisuke thought that by knowing about the home’s and family of the students, he’d be able to know more about them as well. Rin is obviously attracted to older men, and seems to find it perfectly normal for men to like younger girls, so maybe Reiji is that type of man. I don’t want to villainize him though, because he seems to care about Rin very much. Though, just being attracted to her doesn’t mean he would make advances on her or anything. Anyway, for whatever the reason, he just is suspicious, so I’ll have to wait and see why. It’ll probably be much simpler than I think.

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