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Da Capo 2 07

Okay. Koko wins. Nanaka, despite her feelings for Yoshiyuki, decided to give up on him and let Koko have him. The episode was really done in a dramatic way, making it look like she was going to confess, but in the end, she didn’t even go that far. I hope someone else at least goes as far as to confess, even though they’ll still lose to Koko, because it’ll add in some more angst and drama. Also, unless they get any development soon, I’m going to be really stumped as to why they even bothered putting Yume and Otome in this show, especially Otome. They do absolutely nothing. Even Anzu and Akane get more screentime than them.

Myself;Yourself 07

From the preview, I was expecting (and hoping) this episode to be more about Syuri and Syusuke, but what we got was pretty good anyway. It’s god to see Syuri finally getting some development, because I honestly had little care for her before now. I feel bad for her, because her father is a bit of a jerk, although I also have to wonder if she’s wrong as well. Her stepmother didn’t seem as terrible as she thinks, and she’s obviously having trouble letting go of the memories of her old mother, seeing how she wanted to protect the park from her childhood. Although, none of that really excuses her father from hitting her. There was also some Nanaka/Sana/Asami drama, which will probably set things back in Sana and Nanaka’s relationship, unless it gets cleared up soon that he wasn’t really doing anything with Asami. Finally, the animal sacrificing lady is creepy. First the bird and now the cat. Eww… I hope she doesn’t show up again.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers 33

Had to mention this one, due to more freakiness more cute shouta, and more development for Alice. Finally, a little reason for why she never battles is given. Apparently, she gets a bad feeling about it, and she doesn’t really understand herself yet. Well, I guess if she doesn’t know what her deal is, that’s probably why viewers like me are confused too. It was really cute though to see Tsuyoshi take care of her, and bring her up to his clubhouse. I’m starting to wonder if Tusyoshi might like her. He’s probably way too young, but I can see them in a brother/sister-type relationship. It’d be really sweet. And also, seeing Joe and the Infinity Core/Wyvern thing was interesting. It’s taken the form of his Bakugan now, granting him his wish of being able to fight to help his friends. Of course, the first person to challenge him was Masquerade, so I don’t know how much help he’ll be able to provide. All the excitement in the real world made Dan’s fight less interesting, although there was a great twist at the end.

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