-So Alice can brawl. Her element seems to be dark, but that just could be because she was being aided by the dark guardian. It’s actually kinda fitting for her, though. She claims to not know herself why she has to fight against Masquerade, but she’s still doing it, and she’s still winning… for now. Masquerade seems to have some kind of strategy. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of this brawl, but hopefully it’ll continue next week.
-On his way to fight Shun, Dan meets with Runo, who informs him of Alice’s disappearance. Dan decides to fight Runo before Shun. Just as with the Marucho and Julie battles from last week, Dan wins.
-Wyvern gets some background. Apparently, she’s actually half of Naga. The evil half is essentially her older brother. She also seems to like Drago. They’re just too adorable together, but I doubt it’ll work out, seeing how she’s actually only part of a larger being.

97 Comments so far

Alice using the Darkus!? Wow! I was expecting her to just be a non-Bakugan player throughout the series.

Hell, you all better believe what I say! Or I’ll kick yo’ a–… You know what? Just read it.

Comment by Mary 12.09.07 @ 7:01 pm

Hi TL!!! I never knew you blogged for this show! I happened to have started from episode 9 or so when i turned on the tv. I haven’t been watching it for quite awhile, probably because i can sleep in now on weekday (it shows in the morning on weekdays when i have to go to school.)

I agree, it’s quite boring at times. Just like S.R, i decided to keep wwatching because of…..a couple. Yes i know kiddy shows don’t really care, but what the heck. Can you guess what couple i’m shipping (although i don’t think it’ll happen.) Y

Couple Shipper.

Comment by Vicky 12.29.07 @ 7:18 pm

oh yeah and i’d have to say only Runo and Shun are cool in this show….sorry.

Comment by Vicky 12.29.07 @ 7:22 pm

@Vicky- Well, I only blog about it when I feel like it. Anyway, I’m up to episode 39 now, and some of the recent plot twists have been great.

I’m not sure what you’re shipping, but I’d like to know. I’m shipping something that’s… bizarre to say the least. It has absolutely no chance of ever happening, even though I want it to. At least now, because of a recent spoiler, it’s maybe a little less weird… or maybe a little more.
Runo/Alice or Runo/Masquerade, because Masquerade and Alice share the same body. In this episode, Masquerade was fighting against a fake Alice.
I like the normal pairings too though, all of them.

Comment by TL-chan 12.29.07 @ 7:46 pm

@Vicky- I might add that I take crack pairing jokes too far, because I usually end up shipping them like I am now. I’ve liked weirder, though.

Comment by TL-chan 12.29.07 @ 7:55 pm

Well, i only ship the simple ones, i suppose ^_^ I need an excuse to be happy after i see an episode of something. I just list the things that happened between the two people and it makes my day. Well, ok, i’ll say it then. It really doesn’t seem to work, but Runo/Dan in my case. BUT I HAVE EVIDENCE!!!!!!! The OFFICIAL Bakugan website says that Runo likes Dan, so it is an OFFICIAL crush. And you can kinda tell cause they argue alot and she gets jealous of Julie (who likes Dan, but probably likes Billy better.). As for dan, like Hunter, too busy fighting to realize. Maybe he’ll soften up later. Geez! All the girls reveal their feelings!

Comment by Vicky 12.30.07 @ 9:28 am

oh and i’ve realized the same voice actor of Magma acts as Masquerade.

Comment by Vicky 12.30.07 @ 9:30 am

@Vicky- In episode 32, Runo admits to liking Dan and hearts fly all around the screen. He’s not around to hear it, but still.

I’ve only watched a few snippets of it in English. Hearing Magma as evil would be amusing. Also, that one little kid who was with the five people that Masquerade was using(I forget his name) had the same voice as Hunter.

Comment by TL-chan 12.30.07 @ 10:22 am

YEAH! I was just going on your blog to say that! How, i can’t wait to watch 32!! I bet near the end they’ll put Dan in there for a romantic scene!!! YAY!!! This is better than S. R because Corona never actually said that she loved hunter and hearts never floated anyway…….

I’m a little disapointed that it’s spoiled, but whatever. :)


Comment by Vicky 12.30.07 @ 12:27 pm

ahhh i’m watching episode 21 right now on part 2 IT IS THE BEST!!! WAHHH!!! I’m attached! There are apoligies, blushing, embarrasement, and the mention of romance! AHHHH!


Comment by Vicky 12.30.07 @ 12:30 pm

@Vicky- If you can download, there’s a Megaupload link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UKVSM890
It’s raw only though.

*doesn’t remember what episode 21 was, because I don’t really follow this as obsessively as SR and some other anime*

Sorry about the spoilers. It’s been out for a while, so I didn’t even think of it as a spoiler.

Corona never said straight out that she loved Hunter but in the Japanese version of episode 21, she hoped that Hunter would be her “true love” as opposed to “battle partner.” Then at the end of 52, the question was who Hunter would choose as his love.

Comment by TL-chan 12.30.07 @ 12:39 pm

Ok i have a problem TL

The person who uploads bakugan on YouTube won’t be able to upload ep.23 and up for a while, so i was wonderng where you see all your episodes? Actually, i don’t really need to know, because the show airs here anyways, but if you could tell me where i could see the rest of the english episodes, or japanese with subtitles, that would rock.

Comment by Vicky 12.30.07 @ 1:02 pm

@Vicky- From what I’ve heard, new English episodes aren’t being aired at the moment, so that’s why they can’t get anymore on Yotube. Can’t confrim that though.

There’s no subtitled version that I know of, but I’ve been uploading the raws here each week for direct download only: http://www.vestroia.com/viewforum.php?f=15
The person who runs the site plans to make them available to be watched online eventually, but he hasn’t gotten to yet.

Comment by TL-chan 12.30.07 @ 1:15 pm

Well Canada shows new episodes every Sunday at 10:30, just like S.R was Sundays at 10:00! Sniff sniff, brings back the memories. I’m still able to see episodes before i go to School, and i’ll watch the new ones on Sundays.

Do you think the part in ep.32 you were talking about will be in the english version too? Something like that should be in there. because i know for a fact that in SR there are parts in the Japanese version, for example, Hunter’s “true love” at the end and stuff like that, aren’t in the English version. Oh well, i’m sure we’ll get lots of Dan/Runo in the future.

Comment by Vicky 12.31.07 @ 10:17 am

Oh TL i love fanfiction. Do you suggest any good Bakugan fanfiction i should read? I poked around vestroia.com, is there anything good on Dan/Runo? Sorry for all the questions!


Comment by Vicky 12.31.07 @ 10:23 am

@Vicky- I don’t know whether the dub will be the same or not, just because I’m not really watching it. I have no idea how consistent it’s been thus far. Spider Riders had a lot of inconsistencies, but stayed true to the original story (except in episodes 23 and 34) and since the shows are being broadcasted on the same network and aimed at the same audience, I’d guess that they’re doing similar things with the dubbing.

There’s no Bakugan fanfiction that I know of, except for fanfics about people’s original characters where the canon characters don’t show up. In fact, there’s quite a lot of those.

Comment by TL-chan 12.31.07 @ 10:45 am

AH! I went on Wikipedia and it said in the Japanese Version of the Show, episode 38, Masquerade takes off his mask, and is revealed as….Alice! Is that true?????

Comment by Vicky 01.05.08 @ 10:24 am

@Vicky- It’s true. Masquerade is a seperate consciousness inside of her. She can change into him with the mask. The Alice that he/she fought against in this episode was actually fake.

Comment by TL-chan 01.05.08 @ 12:41 pm

i’m watching episode 38 in japanese right now….

Comment by Vicky 01.06.08 @ 11:53 am

What do you mean by “raws?” I’m not an Internet expert, so i really don’t know. I really want to download episode 32, but i really don’t get how to download at that site. Could you please explain TL? Sorry for the trouble!

Comment by Vicky 01.06.08 @ 12:06 pm

@Vicky- A raw is an unsubtitled Japanese episode. To download form Megaupload, you need to type the three letter code that’s in the top-right part of the page. Then, you have to wait for about 45 seconds. Then you can click to download. If you have popup blocking software, it may be more difficult.

Comment by TL-chan 01.06.08 @ 12:31 pm

Thanks TL!!! Anyways, i have bad news for myself. Apparantly, Teletoon really DOESN’T show any new episodes. I was waiting desperatly for Sunday, to see a new episode, but i found myself watching Episode 2. Not only that, but this morning i found out that the weekday showing of the show went to episode 5! Although i have to rate Ep.5 my favorite, then 21. The two had the BEST Runo/Dan, but i’m expecting better from ep.32.

Comment by Vicky 01.07.08 @ 5:03 pm

Wow! i saw episode 27, it was extremely wonderful at the end! I loved how much Runo likes Dan now!! Episode 26’s ending was cute too…the rest of the gang was commenting on how the two were a great couple, and the two got super pissed off!

Comment by Vicky 01.08.08 @ 7:17 pm

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I feel like I’ve never posted here for the year! Nice, it rhymes!

So, anyone know the link for Bakugan Episode 36?

Comment by Mary 01.13.08 @ 1:48 pm

@Mary- I’m so sorry for taking an eternity to reply.

Um… wait. This is 36. It’s also the last one I’ve done. I haven’t been blogging lately, because I’ve had way too much on my mind. In fact, I’m kinda thinking of stopping, because I’ve been doing this for a couple years now. But… I don’t know yet.

Comment by TL-chan 01.24.08 @ 10:19 pm

TL, i just saw episode 32. It was AWESOME! There was a flashback on all the cool D/R parts too! What more could i ask for?

Ok, could you please just BRIEFLY explain what happened in this episode? Please? I’m just wondering how there could be a younger version of Dan, if they met eachother in episode 5, and what they were talking about when they were tiny (cute!) and all the other stuff that was important. Thanks!

Comment by Vicky 01.25.08 @ 6:42 pm

@Vicky- Basically, in this arc, each of the brawlers had to fight someone of significance to them. Julie fought her sister, Shun fought his mother, Marucho fought his past self, Masquerade fought himself (as Alice) and Runo’s opponenet was Dan. However, it was a younger version of him, that she didn’t recognize as the Dan she knew at first. They had played together when they were really little. During the fight, she admitted that she liked Dan, and that helped Tigrerra evolve, I think. I watched it a while ago, so that’s as much as I remember. The Dan she fought wasn’t real, but was just created by her actual opponent.

Comment by TL-chan 01.25.08 @ 7:04 pm

Cool! They were meant to be! sniff sniff

Comment by Vicky 01.26.08 @ 11:03 am

i’m obsessed with the ED 2 from bakugan now! GEEZ! I read somewhere it’s by “Yoshihito Onda & Za-bon” or something. ARGH i wanna download it so badly but i can’t find it! I’m sorry if i’m being off-topic. :)

Comment by Vicky 01.29.08 @ 5:10 pm

But I wanna see 36 and 38! I don’t care if they’re raw!

Comment by Mary 01.30.08 @ 6:45 pm

@Vicky- It’s not really off topic. I like the song, thoguh I like the 2nd OP better. And it’s not avaliable for download anywhere that I know of.

@Mary- You can download them at vestroia.com

Comment by TL-chan 01.30.08 @ 6:51 pm

Also, this isn’t Bakugan related, but I’ve been trying to promote it, and I thought some of you might be interested:


Comment by TL-chan 01.30.08 @ 9:18 pm

mary if u wanna see bakugan episode 38 that in youtube but that in japanese . go to youtube and wach the 39 that explain all and all the brawler want alice back.in episode 42 alice gonna help dan see the part 3. i think that joe and alice gonna be boy and girl friend oooooooooooooooooooh i can wait.

Comment by melipop 02.02.08 @ 8:52 pm


Comment by melipop 02.02.08 @ 8:56 pm

http://tlchan.animeblogger.net/?cat=64 go wach episode 37 on youtube i talking about bakugan.thaaaaaaaaaaaa

Comment by melipop 02.02.08 @ 8:57 pm

@melipop- Alice and Joe? Hmm… outside of the ending theme I can’t see it. If anything, I think Shun/Alice makes more sense. Or there’s my epic crack-ship, but that will never work. Not that I have any serious OTPs in Bakugan, because this is one fandom where I ship virtually anything.

Comment by TL-chan 02.02.08 @ 9:12 pm

me too i was seeing shun and alice togerther.sorry if can not write thing right because i talk a little bit english and talk french,

Comment by melipop 02.03.08 @ 9:42 am

@melipop- That’s fine. I can figure out what you’re saying well enough.

Comment by TL-chan 02.03.08 @ 4:07 pm

thank u are so cool

Comment by melipop 02.04.08 @ 4:16 pm

I’M WRITING A DAN/RUNO FANFIC RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! and i’m tellin you its good….i still got a long way to go though…
oh yeah the shun/alice thing? no freakin way. shun/julie makes more sense.

Comment by danXruno 02.06.08 @ 1:16 pm

@danXruno- Are you gonna post it online, because I’d like to read it? I wrote a fic myself. It had slight Dan/Runo in it, but it was mostly about Runo and Alice. I think it came out too OOC though, so I never typed it up.

I like all the pairings. I could see Shun/Julie too, though I tend to prefer Julie with Billy. They’re cute together.

Comment by TL-chan 02.06.08 @ 2:39 pm

@TL-chan- k i finished it!!!!!! its on vestroia.com
go to forums
then fanfictions
then Dan and Drago’s Lost Adventure//The Brawlers’ Sorrow
the ending is unexpected and funny!!!

Comment by danXruno 02.06.08 @ 4:51 pm

also if u play runescape–any of u–my guy is uchiha7744

Comment by danXruno 02.06.08 @ 4:54 pm

@danXruno- From the honesty of a grammar freak and person who wants to be a professional writer, it was a bit hard to follow what was going on. I had to re-read some parts that just made no sense. As for the actual story, it was cute though, especially the ending. Dan/Runo is a fun pairing, and there’s close to no Bakugan fanfic featuring the canon characters, so it’s nice to have something to read.

And, I don’t play Runescape.

Comment by TL-chan 02.06.08 @ 5:20 pm

@TL-chan- could you give me the parts that u said u had to reread and made no sense so i can edit them?

Comment by danXruno 02.06.08 @ 6:21 pm

@danXruno- Okay, first off, the tense. I suppose a story could be written in the present tense, but past tense is the norm. It just sounds kind of awkward.
Next, the dialogue. Usually, when a new person speaks, it’s done in a new paragraph, or at least in a new line. Also, while it doesn’t have to be done in every sentence, it’s easier to follow if you format it someting like this random example:

“Hello,” Dan said.
“Hi,” Runo replied.

There were a few points where I couldn’t tell who was talking at first glance, because you didn’t specify.

So, I hope that helps a little.

Comment by TL-chan 02.06.08 @ 7:23 pm

I fixed the dialogue somewhat, by putting lines between the characters’ sentences.
The thing u said when a new person speaks its in a new line, i did that when i was writing, but the site rearranged the entire thing, taking away all the indents

Comment by danXruno 02.06.08 @ 7:37 pm

That was useful. But anyone know the link to download Bakugan Episode 36?

Comment by Mary 02.09.08 @ 6:12 pm

@Mary- Right here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7V9NEZHA

Comment by TL-chan 02.09.08 @ 9:12 pm

TL CHAN JOE AS FEELING FOR ALICE LOOK-Joe/ Web Master Joe: The site manager of the bakugan battle brawlers. He first appeared in Episode 16 in a hospital bed. He also brawls. His attribute is Haos. He joins the Brawlers in episode 23, and also claims to have found the Infinity Core, that resides within the bakugan “Wayvern”. Joe was in the hospital for low blood sugar and was later released on the same episode. Shun thought that Joe was Masquerade, but wasn’t. Joe begins to show feelings for Alice after seeing her stradegies. BAKUGAN: WAYVERN, ATTRIBUTES: HAOS AND INFINITUS. In Season II, Joe is seen with the brawlers as an official member.
IF U DONT TRUST ME LOOK- AT THAT SITE-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakugan_Battle_Brawlers

Comment by MELIPOP 02.10.08 @ 6:16 pm

We know, MELIPOP. Now stop posting SPAM things like that.

Comment by Mary 02.10.08 @ 10:05 pm

@Melipop- Since anyone can edit Wikipedia, unless it’s from an official source, I can’t take it as canon. But… interesting. I’ll have to look into that.

Comment by TL-chan 02.11.08 @ 7:44 am

I was just starting to like that Masquerade… But I still can’t believe Alice is him!

Comment by Mary 02.15.08 @ 10:30 pm

so went u gonna put more episode i am waithing

Comment by melipop 02.16.08 @ 6:41 pm

i’m a really big fan of Bakugan but why do you get so far and then go right back to showing what happened in the begging? I’ve seen as far as maskerade taking chanlee’s and combas and billys and the other two peoples Bakugan and then you went back to the begging. Whats up with that?! I want to see even more of Bakugan and I hate it when you start at the begging again.
the epsode that i’m looking forward to is when Dans and ronos and mrochcos and shunes and julies Bakugan evolve. i’m seen pitchurs of them in there ball form and i want to see them in there original form!!!!!!! :)

Comment by lee 02.17.08 @ 12:37 am

Alice is masquerade!!!! i didnt now that!! but how could she if shes a girl and masquerade is a boy? i’m confused. that comment by Mary must be rong. she might have thought that when her grandfather mikele crossed over she might of thought that alice was some how conected!
if it’s true i need to see it for my self. you guys should play that one some time. bye! :)

Comment by lee 02.17.08 @ 12:47 am

@Melipop- I probably won’t, because this blog is pretty dead now and the series is almost over in Japan.

@Lee- I guess Teletoon didn’t want to show new episodes all the way through. I can’t see why not, because I’m pretty sure they’ve all been made. Because you seem to think so, I have no affiliation with the TV network. In fact, I don’t even live in Canada. I just download the Japanese episodes and watch them on my computer.

Yes, Alice actually is Masquerade. While I feel like I’ve explained this 100 times in multiple places, Masquerade is a separate entity. He doesn’t really exist as an actual person, but because of an accident, another consciousness (him) ended up inside of Alice. With the mask, Alice switches into him. While she’s upset about this at first, she becomes dependent on him, because as Masquerade, she has the power to brawl and help her friends. However, she eventually lets Masquerade leave her, and he gives her Hydranoid.

Comment by TL-chan 02.17.08 @ 8:24 am

wow i didn`t ever think alice would ever play bakugan but tthat is awsome P.S. i have a evolved drago myself

Comment by ty 02.17.08 @ 9:51 pm

hey, i was just reading some of your conversation i agree alice is ok but when i heard from one of you that alic was a fake i couldnt belive it, one of my favourite is runo and her bakugan Haos Tigrerra.


Comment by curtis 02.19.08 @ 4:51 pm

Whoa, I had a weird dream last night! Masquerade returned, only he wasn’t a consciousness inside Alice. And I think I did see a MasqueradexAlice moment.

Hmm… MasqueradexAlice. I like that!

Comment by Mary 02.23.08 @ 11:24 am

Umm…does n e one have the all episodes? O_O. My lil bro would like to watch it. if anyone has them, could they so kindly send them to canadian_girl20@live.ca? thxx to ppl if they do.

ps. Chan Li is the koolest! and u noe it! [=

Comment by Canadian Girl 02.25.08 @ 6:11 pm

everyone knows shun and skyress kick a–. but tigrerra is so totally awesome!! i think sirenoid is damn kewl…

Comment by Canadian Girl 02.25.08 @ 6:16 pm

if n e one reads dis, i agree with some person named lee. bakugan rules is its just retarted it hasta go bak to da beginning. im looking forward to seeing what happens after masquerade destroys comba’s, chan’s, billy’s, hoolio’s, and Klaus’s bakugans. masquerade said sumthin’ about the brawlers next to be killed (meaning their bakugans). btw, like i said b4 in one of my other msgs/postings, if anyone knows where to watch the bakugan tv episodes english version, send it to my email canadian_girl20@live.ca . remember that. it would be greatly appreciated. thx to ppl if they send me the vids. plz sumone, my lil bros are such big fans of bakugans and me as their sis just wanna make em’ happy.

Comment by Stargirl 02.25.08 @ 6:24 pm

@Stargirl/Canadian Girl- So far, only 26 episodes have aired in Canada, only 1 in the US, and only 46 in Japan, so there’s no way to see the full series. Most of the raw (unsubtitled) episodes are available on Youtube, and I think some of the dubbed ones were, but they got deleted. I’d also recommend checking veoh.com.

Chan Li was kinda cool, though my fave character is Alice, followed by Tsuyohsi, Runo, Klaus, Wyvern and Sirenoid.

Comment by TL-chan 02.25.08 @ 7:51 pm

Tsuyoshi. And you’re right. Chan Lee is cool. I liked how Dan asked if she’s going out with Joe.

Don’t worry, Lee! Chan LeexJoe will not become Canon! Alright, Favorite chars… I guess Masquerade and Alice, because the guy doesn’t seem so bad. Hey TL, know any Bakugan couples you like or know?

Comment by Mary 02.25.08 @ 9:56 pm

@Mary- Tsuyoshi is Christopher. I haven’t really touched the dub (more due to lack of time. Aside from changing Tigrerra into a girl, it seems alright), but that’s what I’ve been told.

So far, the only official couple is Julie and Billy (pretty much canonized in episode 46.) As of episode 32, Runo’s love for Dan is canon, but it’s unkown yet if her feels the same for her. Probably.

Because of a complete joke, I’ve been convicned Runo/Alice is canon for a long time, even though it’s complete nonsense. The idea has just gotten stuck in my brain.

Seriously, I’m pretty much open to any pairing. They’re all cute to me, and there’s no characters I really dislike (well, maybe Doroa and the two annoying brothers from the beginning.) I guess my favorites (in no particular order) are Drago/Wyvern, Klaus/Sirenoid (even if it’s kinda weird,) Dan/Runo, Masquerade/Alice, Shun/Alice, Billy/Julie, and Marucho/Julie.

Comment by TL-chan 02.26.08 @ 7:34 am

Huh. Well, the couples I already know of is DanxRuno and MasqueradexAlice.

And the MxA stuff kinda reminds me of BxA.

Comment by Mary 02.26.08 @ 7:41 pm

@Mary- You’re right. I guess it does.

What surprises me is that there actually is official pairings in this show. The characters seem to be even younger than the SR characters (who were aged down two years in the dub) yet they never had anything canonized, just hinted on. Though, I guess that’s partially because there was supposed to be a second season, which never happened.

Comment by TL-chan 02.26.08 @ 8:17 pm

You’re right. They do look younger… kinda.

And for some reason, the way Komba sounds is like Hunter.

Comment by Mary 02.27.08 @ 8:58 am

@Mary- Same voice actor. Also, I heard the person who did Hunter also did the voice of Runo, though you can’t tell at all.

Comment by TL-chan 02.27.08 @ 2:29 pm

whenever new episodes do play, some message me!!!

Comment by CanadianGirl 02.27.08 @ 6:04 pm

whenever new episodes do play, someone message me!!!

Comment by CanadianGirl 02.27.08 @ 6:05 pm

CanadianGirl- JUST WAIT, IDIOT!

TL-Chan- …Really?

Comment by Mary 02.28.08 @ 11:06 am

@CanadianGirl- If I hear that they’re on, I’ll mention it.

@Mary- Yep, at least according to Anime News Network. They’re not always accurate, but generally, they’re a good source. At least better than Wikipedia.

Comment by TL-chan 02.28.08 @ 3:34 pm

Mary - I suggest you choose nicer words next time…

TL-Chan - Thanks!

Comment by CanadianGirl 02.28.08 @ 4:58 pm

CanadianGirl- >_>

TL-Chan- So the News Network also keeps track of the low rated Animes? Wow.

I saw on Wikipedia that the TVTokyo was originally going to show all 52 Episodes of SR, but they had a problem. With english, they had no problem at all. What’s up with that?

Comment by Mary 02.28.08 @ 10:33 pm

@Mary- it’s just a huge archive. It has plenty of anime I’ve never heard of. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com

In Japan, the ratings were even worse than in the west (where I think limited advertising is the main reason it suffered). It’s almost like people didn’t even want to give it a chance, since even the first episode had close to no one watching it. Since TV Tokyo didn’t want to lose ratings, they decided to cancel it. Fortunately, Kids Station picked it up. They just played through the first 26 episodes again before showing new ones, so that’s why it took so long for the 2nd half to air in Japan.

Comment by TL-chan 02.29.08 @ 7:41 am

TL-Chan- … But shouldn’t it be english to cancel it?

People say the dubs suck(bitches!), and the JAP is better.

Comment by Mary 02.29.08 @ 9:49 pm

hi wery good site

Comment by jizstr 03.01.08 @ 3:52 am

@Mary- Not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I don’t think so.

In the case of SR, I like the Japanese better because I saw it first (and I’m still bitter that they completely rescripted one of my favorite scenes) but the dub has its own merits. A lot of people are purists.

Comment by TL-chan 03.01.08 @ 8:16 am

TL-Chan- And lesbians, jewish, and stupid!… Sorry.

Comment by Mary 03.01.08 @ 5:21 pm

@Mary- Okay, just be careful you don’t offend anyone.

Still, purism is annoying. I can understand disliking some dubs though. For example, anything done by 4Kids usually edits the original to death (ie: Yu-gi-oh, Tokyo Mew Mew, One Piece.)

Comment by TL-chan 03.01.08 @ 5:40 pm

TL-Chan- Well, chyeah.

Comment by Mary 03.02.08 @ 10:24 pm

alice enak di ewe2 wakakakak

Comment by sukimaya 03.13.08 @ 10:25 am

sukimaya- ??

Comment by CanadianGirl 03.13.08 @ 4:09 pm

sukimaya- Dude, WE ARE NOT SWEDISH!

Comment by Mary 03.14.08 @ 4:59 pm

sukimaya- swedish? O_O n e ways i got no idea whatcha talkin’ about …

Comment by CanadianGirl 03.16.08 @ 4:05 pm

does anyone know the link to bakugan episode 34?

Comment by CanadianGirl 03.16.08 @ 4:18 pm

i wana ci bakugan epicod 30 - 37 but i dono wer to lok. can sumone tell mi the link? sori if yu canot reed wat i spel i don much speek inglish.

Comment by Shadow♥ 03.17.08 @ 4:11 pm

Shadow- Here, I’ll show you how to spell this right.

“i wanna see bakugan episodes 30-37 but i don’t know where to look. can someone tell me the link? sorry if you cannot read what i say i don’t speak much english.”

Comment by Mary 03.17.08 @ 7:42 pm

Mary- Thenk you!

eniwase do you no where i can downlood the bakugan episodes 30 - 37? i cannot seem to find it eniwer. (sorry if i stil cannot say eniting rit. i tryed to chenge some of the words you show me0

Comment by Shadow♥ 03.18.08 @ 3:38 pm

heyy does anyone no where i can watch episode 34 of bakugan?

Shadow- its okay if you cant say anything right, i can understand what you want to say pretty well.

Comment by CanadianGirl 03.19.08 @ 3:25 pm

Amazing ending to Bakugan! Yes, i just watched episode 51. Really sad how all the bakugan left, but i really loved the Dan/Runo thing at the end! I just wish that SR had a ending like that for Hunter and Corona!

Comment by Vicky 04.12.08 @ 8:26 am

@Vicky- It was a cute ending. I heard they cut out the confession scene in the dub of 32, so I wonder if they’ll keep that scene of Dan and Runo. Hope so.

Comment by TL-chan 04.13.08 @ 6:47 pm

it seems like i havent been here for a LONG time. Finally the English episodes of bakugan are playing but does n e one which epsiode is the last?

Comment by Canadian Girl 04.26.08 @ 8:31 pm

aw man, they changed “i love you dan” to “we’re best friends forever, dan”

AH!! I hate how Japanese anime has more romance than Canadian! I think it’s cause younger kids watch it so they don’t put things like that in…

Comment by Vicky 05.15.08 @ 4:36 pm

@Canadian Girl- Sorry I’m late to reply. There’s 52 episode. Only 51 were shown in Japan, but there’s another episode between 39 and 40.

@Vicky- I saw that. It was so stupid. They’re obviously afraid that 5-year-old boys won’t watch it if there’s icky romance in it. I wonder what they’ll do about the last episode. They can probably get away with just changing the dialogue again.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.08 @ 7:43 am

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