Amano is crushing on Kikunosuke hard. Some of the Happy Seven are less then happy about this. Her crush is causing bigger problems too. When the bad guys find out about, they decide to take advantage of the fact by summoning monsters that transform into Kikunosuke. Luckilly, the Happy Seven sense this and head out to save Amano. Meanwhile, the real Kikunosuke is being scolded by a teacher, but he makes it out in time to join the battle too, which ends in victory.

Yes! Amano is an idiot but a loveable one. I’m still in love with the cuteness here so I’m still going to continue to watch and blog. I don’t plan to analyze it though. It’s not like this is a serious show. I really like some of the Happy Sevens powers. The two loli twins become incredibly kick butt, a great opposite from how they normally are. Also the girl with the fishing rod is cool. I hope to catch her name at some point, simply because I love her weapon. As expected, we get some stock transformation footage this week. I hope they get rid of that soon.

Stay away, Ecchi-dog I'm having the hardest time believing this is a girl Kick-butt loli You are officially cool

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